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Gabourey Sidibe - BAFTA Awards 2010

Gabourey Sidibe - BAFTA Awards 2010

Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe attends the 2010 Orange British Academy Film Awards 2010 at the Royal Opera House in London, England on Sunday (February 21).

Also pictured below is the 26-year-old New York City-born actress leaving the BBC Radio 1 studios on Saturday (February 20).

Gabby recently responded to not being put on the cover of the latest Young Hollywood Vanity Fair issue, saying, “At first I thought, ‘Hmm, should I be there? Then I very quickly got over it. I think if I were a part of that shoot I would have felt a little left out anyway.”

10+ pictures inside of Gabourey Sidibe at the 2010 BAFTA Awards…

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Photos: Ian Gavan/Getty/WENN, INFDaily
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  • yikes

    This girl is so unhealthy looking! She probably won’t make it to 40! Not saying you have to be skinny but come on now, this can’t be good for anyone.

  • lola

    Please lose weight, Gab. :( She’s such a cute girl.

  • http://justjared deke

    She has an awesome stylist.

  • Ilia

    Every time I see a photo of this chic, it becomes hard for me to breathe.

  • lesly

    i am not rude or anything ,but she looks realy unhealthy.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l


  • Liz

    To be honest I think she’s way more talented then any of the other girls on the VF cover so it’s a shame she wasn’t on it. But whatever at least she’s not upset about it.

  • ck_always


  • Mona

    I say this in all kindness: Gabby, if you want a career as an actress, you will have to lose weight and be at your best!

    She needs to be able to portray a normal-sized woman too,because unfortunately, there are virtually no roles in film or on TV for someone like her. She is limiting herself, shutting herself out. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s the reality of Hollywood as I see it.

    I sincerely wish her the very best!

  • meh

    aw lovely. i wish she’d been on that VF cover. but you know hollywood. white and skinny always reigns.

  • Marieme

    Pure sunshine!

  • Liza

    Such a sweet girl. I wish for the sake of her health, she loses some weight.

  • jj

    Worry bout yourself bytches before you call someone else unhealthy. Karmas ugly also.

  • jj

    btw she looks fabulous. and i hope she wins that oscar

  • tim

    i love her nd i am so happy for her success but she needs to loose some weight. its nt about hollywood anymore its about her HEALTH

  • ****

    Looks like she swallowed to small children.

  • Eva

    Omg she has no wrists :O

  • Celia

    I love her!! She’s BIG and BEAUTIFUL!!

  • ken

    I’m not surprised she wasn’t on VF cover – she would tak HALF of the picture !
    She’s a great actress but obesity impairs not only her career possibilities but her health as well.

  • Sarafina

    I agree with the weight issue for health reasons. The VF cover pathetic,there are plenty young women of various ethenic origins that could have and should have been on that cover.
    Shame on you Hollywood racisim still exist.

  • Roar

    Her Tadashi Shoji dress is amazing, but would be better with sleeves.
    The blue outfit is perfect! She must have a great stylist!
    I believe her health is not our business.
    Maybe her weight will make it harder for her to find roles, but do you really think this never crossed her mind?

  • pop86

    I think Gabby is losing weight but in slow healthy way. She looks a little smaller in these pictures than in early photos.

  • Orchid

    She looks like she has gained weight! She seems bigger here than in the previous thread about her.
    Well, she looks happy, which is the important thing. It must be nice to be able to have a second helping of dessert without a thought about weight.

  • kizbit

    She looks like the skin on her face is so tight it’s going to bust open. I don’t know how she can breathe. I would imagine it’s hard for her to walk or climb stairs without becoming breathless. I hope her “handlers” are encouraging a healthy lifestyle and weightloss.

  • ComeOnNow

    If you are going to levy an insult, please use spell check – IDIOT!

  • smiley

    oh baloney…..stop using the boring, tiresome excuse…..racism card!

    It’s probably cuz her massive body would not fit on the magazine cover!

    Plus…no one would probably waste money buying that magazine with her on it!

  • LeviKlein

    Props to her stylist. She always dresses perfectly for this occasion, not matter her shape. I agree that she should lose some weight, not to become a hungry b*tch but simply to stay healthy and enjoy life. But the sister is happy, smart and she can act. I hope that she has a long and successful career :)

    Represent Africa! :D

  • genuine lady

    Her attitude is what makes her attractive

  • @#7

    The cover is for young actresses that Vanity Fair believes have a bright future in acting ahead of them. With Gabby’s size she is far too limited to what she can play. What is she working on now? I haven’t heard anything. Maybe she can get a sitcom.

  • JustMe

    She has to lose weight. She has no wrists, her face is huge and she can’t walk a flight of stairs without passing out. This is not a good example for young girls. I don’t want her super Hollywood skinny, but until she can climb stairs without seeing stars, she needs to lose weight. America is fat, and its good to see a fat person get a good role, but she could also be a good example by losing weight the right way, now that she has the money for a trainer and a chef. I’m just saying, if she sat next to me on a flight, I would want a new seat. Now she can afford to fly first class, but the plane will still need extra gas to carry all that weight. Her face is so fat, you can’t even see her eyes when she smiles!

  • adrianna


    OMG you’re right !!!

  • Status quo

    She’s beautiful; however, I hate to agree with some of you, but lets face the facts. She is OBESE and its not healthy. She’s putting herself at risk for type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and more. She is an extremely talented beautiful woman, but she needs to loose weight. Not for vanity reasons, but for health reasons.

  • Marieme

    It’s a real indication of the sloppy hatefulness in our culture that people not only have these kinds of thoughts (hey, we all have shameful thoughts), but to proceed to type them out and post them is a different kind of rot altogether. Whatever you jerks do in life (albeit cowardly and anonymously) just don’t breed. Spare us – spare them!

  • MollyMakeout

    i think shes cute

  • MollyMakeout

    or well she would be if she lost weight
    which it looks like she has

  • tiffany

    why would she be on the vf cover? she has been in one film (that i’ve heard of anyway). some of the girls on that have been in much more lately… amanda seyfried (or however you spell it) seems to have been in everything this past year. it was supposed to be about the future of hollywood.
    i really hope all her success though will encourage her to drop some weight. it is unfortunate to see someone with a lot of potential in such poor physical health. thats just as bad a role model as someone who is abnormally thin…


    She looks better when her arms are covered. The blue dress with cardigan show her best features: for someone obese she actually has rather fine ankles and even legs.

    The pink dress however is a disaster. She is top heavy and the drape seems to simply pull all the bits up to her neck and arms which, I am sad to say, really are not flattering… Also, someone should tell her not to pose that way: it doesn’t have the effect it has on Victoria Beckham…


    One movie, why would she be on VF?
    Style wise, she looks better when her arms are covered. The blue dress with cardigan show her best features: for someone obese she actually has rather fine ankles and even legs.

    The pink dress however is a disaster. She is top heavy and the drape seems to simply pull all the bits up to her neck and arms which, I am sad to say, really are not flattering… Also, someone should tell her not to pose that way: it doesn’t have the effect it has on Victoria Beckham… lol.

  • Bev

    All of these people moaning about her size, justifying it as “concern” for her health, her HEALTH is between her and her doctor.

  • Shy

    Why do people keep referring to VF cover? And bring racism? That was about future of Hollywood. She has no future in there. When Oscar will finish in 2 weeks we will never hear or see her again. She will come to some events… But no one will care. That what happens to one-movie wonders. See Dev Patel and Freida Pinto. They basically vanished. They scored some movie roles due to their 15-minute fame… Those movies will come out and in one week after release they will vanish forever.

    It’s clearly that Gabi will not star in any big movie ever again. That means no money. She is not even trying. See Quenn Latifa or Oprah – overweight but not too much. But Gabourey Sidibe just keeps destroying herself. This is so unhealthy. Her arms… Why eat so f.. much? In the movie they made it look like it wasn’t her fault – her bad mother keeps feeding her so she would look ugly. Well… in real life she doesn’t nave bad mother. What’s her excuse?

  • Ginger

    Aren’t the other girls that are on the VF covers done more movies than Gabby has? Sure Gabby did one drama movie that was loved by many… But she hasn’t done enough to be on the cover…
    Amanda did five six movies, she has the right to be up there. Kristen Stewart did more than just Twilight… She had other movies as well. Some of them have done more than one movie and a few were also nominated for awards….

    But the one person that SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THAT COVER was ZOE SALDANA!!! That girl has made hit movies after hit movies!! So I’m disappointed that they didn’t put Zoe on the cover!!!!!

  • Jill T

    Gabey needs to lose some weight, stat! She needs to take some of that money and get her stomach staple. As a black women, it’s embrassing that two black overweight, and one obese is going to the oscars.

  • Annie

    Please! The girl has been in ONE movie. She did not deserve to be on the cover of the magazine…And is it possible that she has actually put on MORE weight since this movie?? As someone who has always battled with my weight I totally sympathize and I laud Hollywood whenever they can cast less “hollywood-like waifs” in their movies but come on…this girl is going to die an untimely death if she is not careful. At the very least, hypertension, diabetes and dialysis are in her future if she doesn’t lose at least 50….

  • asunkee

    =[ I just threw up my mouth a little bit. She is waaaayyyyyyy too big.

  • dating-doctors

    She is so pretty

  • Hareega

    For those worrying about her weight, she’ll be OK. Don;t worry, she’ll outlive most celebrities living these days on drugs and smoking. And stop being judgemental for God’s sake, what a bunch of losers

  • Sarah

    OK, seriously, obesity has warped people’s perception of what is healthy and what is unhealthy. Sadly, this girl is probably considered a normal weight in some peoples’ eyes! This girl is not only obese, but morbidly so. As one poster has already commented, she will likely not make it to 40.

    No one is saying that one needs to be rail-thin. But, come on, this is ridiculous. There is really no excuse for anyone to not be in the regular size line of clothing (0-16). Even a size 16 is pretty big, but still considered “normal” sized clothing. I do not understand why people can’t be AT LEAST that size. It is almost always due to sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits, so I don’t want to hear that genetic excuse. People were NOT THIS BIG 300 years ago – or even 100 years ago – so please explain to me exactly WHERE this obesity “gene” came from??? Is this some new gene that has just entered the human DNA strand in the past 50 years?! Please, it is just an excuse.

    I do believe that some people may be prone to being SLIGHTLY bigger than others, just how some people are genetically engineered to be more on the petite side. But all that means is that if you are one of the unfortunate people that is like that, you need to exercise more and eat less than most to maintain a normal physique. But an actual OBESITY gene? In which one is born fat and left with no choice but to be obese the rest of their life, no matter what they do in terms of eating or exercise??? Come on, people. Get some common sense!