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Orlando Bloom Lands in London

Orlando Bloom Lands in London

Orlando Bloom lands in London at Heathrow Airport on Wednesday (April 14).

The 33-year-old actor pushed some pretty hefty bags through the terminal – looks like Orly‘s going to be overseas for a while!

Orlando‘s girlfriend, Miranda Kerr, recently teamed up with Australia’s Daily Telegraph for their I Promise road safety campaign, supporting responsible driving.

“I lost a loved one in a car accident and it is something that has shaped the way I appreciate life and how quickly it can be taken away,” Miranda said. “Every time we get in the car we are risking our lives but life is for living and I try my best to not live in fear.”

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  • Rob

    looks like a little pale!

  • mika_says_hi

    miranda is talking about her boyfriend that died in a car crash in high school or something like that.

  • Nothing New

    I would rather hear about what Orlando is doing while in London than about what the stanky stupormodull has to exploit yet again.

  • Say I not

    @Nothing New:
    I’ll go along with that!

  • @3

    How DARE she do something as selfish as urge people to be safe on the road!!
    What a horrible person she must be!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sara

    He looks a bit tired, and a little scruffier around the neck than I prefer, but he still looks damn good!
    LOVE his hair like this!!!
    I wonder if the scruff is for a new role?

  • YAY!!

    LOVE HIM!!!

  • Jayne

    I think he look’s good but i alway think he look’s good im glad he’s back .

  • ?

    He’s in london yea!

  • Nothing New

    @@3: She’s a self promoting lunatic. I dont care what she has to say.

  • Tay

    He is so sexy! Love him.

  • @10

    Why would ANYONE use their celebrity to promote a worthwile cause that hits close to home in their own life experience!!!
    WHO DOES THAT?????

  • cathy

    He is in London,I’m assuming, because he is supposed to start filming Albert Nobbs in Ireland in a few weeks. By the way DAMN HE LOOKS GOOD

  • susan

    Orlando i love you! He is so hot and sexy. I’m glad he’s back in London to visit his family instead of in Oz visiting Miranda. Always great to see Orlando. He can land on me anytime. KEEP POSTING ORLANDO PICS, jARED!


    He is looking good here – I prefer the scruff and the green shirt is flattering, and I, too, would rather hear about his project rather than from the mouth of She.

  • who am i

    Orlando alway go 2 Oz 2 see miranda, she does not come 2 the uk that much 2 see Orlando why is that?

  • @16

    She’s been in the UK with him several times. What are you going on about?
    She’s met his family, and hung out with them.
    They don’t go more often, because Orlando hasn’t been home that often. It’s simple, really.
    And @15
    Then stop talking about her.
    Again, something that should be simple.
    All you had to do was comment on him. Bringing her up at all only adds attention where you supposedly don’t want it.

  • YAY!

    Love that beautiful man!!!

  • who am i

    Im happy miranda is not there because i love seeing him more than her. But what’s miranda doing this time that is stoping her from being with him?

  • .

    The only ones who say they don’t care about Miranda are the only ones who seem to care about her.
    Who cares what she’s doing now? Fortunately nowadays women can have their own life and space apart from the life they share with their man.

  • Hot Hottie

    Please just ignore the comments of the haters that are trying to bait you and discuss the beauty that is Orlando Bloom.

    He is looking gorgeous! Love the hair and the beard and I don’t care what’s on his neck he’s just simply the most beautiful man! In my humble opinion, that is. You don’t have to agree but wow, I can’t get enough of this wonderful, kind and sexy man.

  • Jayne

    I agree with u Orlando Bloom is GORGEOUS, WONDERFUL AND KIND,SEXY MAN who looks good every time i see him. If he was in my life i would be a lucky WOMEN.

  • Jayne

    i mean if he was in my life i would be a lucky WOMAN

  • ?

    i feel lucky just looking at orlando WOW we need more and more pics of him.

  • holy moly

    What a cutie pie! Yummy.
    Hope to see more pics of him in London.

  • @20

    I LOVE scruffy Orlando!!!

  • scruffy Orlando

    Scruffy Orlando is a good thing, as Martha says. :-)

  • Nothing New

    @@16: “Bringing her up at all only adds attention where you supposedly don’t want it”

    Are you thick or something? Just Jared wrote about her with a set of pics that is all Orlando, she’s not even there, and to our dismay we still have to here about her. She sucks.

    “Fortunately nowadays women can have their own life and space apart from the life they share with their man.”

    @20 Everyone except Miranda Kerr who cant climb a rung of the ladder without a push from the hot Orlando Bloom’s name.

  • @28

    You just can’t help it, can you.
    Just because jared mentioned her, doesn’t mean that you have to. You complain about having to “here” about her (BTW, It’s ‘hear), then proceed to talk about her some more.
    It’s pretty damned ridiculius.
    Oh, and since YOU BROUGHT IT UP…..Miranda was a successful model BEFORE she and Orlando got together.
    Did you want to discuss her some more in Orlando’s thread?????

  • LoveHim

    Ignore, ignore, ignore! Seriously, how can you care to talk about anything but how hot Orlando looks in these pictures? He looks tired, which is understandable coming off an international flight. But doesn’t he look amazing? I can’t wait to see him in his costume for his next role. He always transforms into character so well.

    If you ignore them, they will get bored and go elsewhere ; )

  • wow!!!!

    My goodness, he is looking good!
    Love scruffy-sleepy Orlando!
    Wonder how long he will be able to stay in London?

  • Jayne

    i hope he say along time.

  • Melody

    He’s the sexiest, hottest thing that’s ever come out of England….why can’t men from where I live look like that? Lol.

  • @33


  • Jayne

    Just want 2 aks all of the orlando lover’s if u could meet up with Orlando Bloom 4 the day what would u say 2 him or aks him?

  • Melody

    @Jayne: I’d probably be too nervous and stuttery to say anything!

  • gah!

    Sooo beautiful!

  • Jayne

    @ Melody: when i went 2 see Orlando on stage he was amazing and when i meet Orlando he was so nice. I was going 2 aks him so many thing’s but i said i saw your play a couple of week’s ago and i thought u were amazing. Than he smile at me and said thank u, so i get what you are saying.

  • anywho

    Wow, just wow. After all this time people are still going on about the 2 of them. You’d think they would get tired of it. I’m just surprised its STILL going on. Its been months and months sine I last been on JJ and when I did I just lurked around the Alex Skarsgard threads. Idk, its their life, if they choose to keep on with this they can, they can hate on MK and OB all they want but its really a silly worthless thing. If they are happy together and have been for the past few years so be it, if they’re going to split in the next month so be it. Its up to THEM and it’s their lives.

    It was around this time last year that I changed my mind about Miranda and Orlando and decided that if they are a couple then that’s that, they are not fake, they dont hate each other there’s no schemes or plans going on like fake setups. To tell the truth here, I feel a lot better and more free feeling leaving this fandom and worrying about MK and they are just two people that date each other.

  • Melody

    @Jayne: so you saw him at that “In Celebration” play he did in London three yrs ago? I’d been hoping to run into Orlando in Durham last year when my sister in law and me went to North Carolina but they’d already wrapped “Main Street” and left by the time we got there. I’m hoping to still get my five seconds with him to say “Hi, how’re you doing?” and hand him a stuffed animal or something as a gift. Lol, yeah, I’ve got it planned out.

  • @39

    Well said!
    But you aren’t clear of the crazies yet.
    Just visit a thread that has Alex being seen with a woman. Any woman. But it got especially bad whe he was rumored to be with Kate Bosworth. He got a double whammy of lunatic fans…his own, and the Orlando “fans” who still can’t let Kate live in peace. It made these threads look like Sesame Street.
    I guess that it’s pretty much the same in any handsome male fandom. Any woman that they are seen with automatically becomes a famewhore/slut/b!tch. It never changes.

  • anywho

    @@39: I know about it and its just tiring. -_- I really don’t feel like going through the crap talk about Kate again, this is like when she used to date OB back in the days, she got picked on then and still today. Actually I left that fandom about 2 months ago because to many people on LJ comm. where talking about her being a bitch and other untrue things.

    Its the same as whats going on now. I’m just tired of the arguing from fans about the celebs now, its like this is their life, they can date whoever they want and whatever you do ad say wont change it. I mean has it so far? Its strange I have a new outlook on celebs and celeb culture now and I’m just staying away from it more and more. I have more important things in my life like college and friends/family.

  • @42

    Good girl.
    Sounds like you have your priorities straight.
    I still visit gossip sites, just to keep up with the latest news. I have been Orlando’s fan since he dismounted that horse in Rivendell, and I will continue to be his fan no matter who he dates/marries. I just really don’t care about who he is involved with. That is his decision, and his alone. I just don’t care.
    I’m HIS fan, not hers, but I don’t have any ill feelings toward her either. If she makes him happy, then that’s all I can ask.
    If he has found love in this crazy world, then more power to him (them).
    Plus the fact that he really needs to breed.
    Not only to pass on that amazing gene pool, but from what we have seen through his work for UNICEF, he would make a great daddy.
    If he feels that Miranda is the girl for him, who are we to disagree?
    I just don’t understand the haters who think that they know what’s good for him better than he, himself does.

  • @43

    “I just don’t understand the haters who think that they know what’s good for him better than he, himself does.”

    If he knows what is so good for him, how come there has not been any real commitment made other than saying that they are “enjoying hanging out together.”

    That telethon for Australia seemed quite a while ago where he “proclaimed his love for her.”

    Never heard her proclaim her love for him other than her saying that she is grateful to have him in her life.

    If I remember correctly Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend seemed to have the same type of romance going on and they are no longer together.

    Like with all things time will tell. By the time these two split up it could be another 5 to 10 years from now, or within the next few months.

    But if I remember correctly having such busy schedules is what broke up Orlando and Kate, not the “fans” saying bad things about Kate.

    I no longer consider myself of Orlando simply because he is too ordinary to me. I’ve known too many guys like him. Saying how busy he is and then only calling the one he supposedly loves so much every now and then.

    Seems to me that he is just using her the way I do believe she used him at the beginning. Why I do not know.

    But I will never believe that the feelings they have for each other are real. I’m not sure what they are to tell you the truth. But I do know love when I see it. And this is not it.

    I do not care how much PDAs they do, it still does not change anything.

    If there was any loving feelings between them. I’d say they “Lost that Loving Feeling” a long time ago. If they ever had it all.

    If he was honest with himself then he would either be trying to get her pregnant or actually be proposing to her. So far neither situation seems to be happening. At least not as fact, only rumor every now and then.

    That’s just my opinion. I do not care what you label me as.

    I do not hate anyone. I just call them as I see them. Usually too many PDAs mean that they are trying to cover up what they are really feeling for each other. Which as far as I can tell is not much.

    I do not care if they get married. I just hope they are being honest with each other if they do.

    Lots of couples kiss, say “I love you” then say goodbye….or they try to drag out a bad situation as long as possible because they are too afraid of being alone.

    To me it seems that fear of being alone is the only thing keeping them together now. Not love.

  • @44

    So you admit to believing that you know what’s good for him better than he, himself does?
    That’s amazing.
    Unbelievably idiotic, delusional and arrogant, but still amazing.

  • @45

    I never said that I knew what was good for him.

    I was just questioning whether or not he knows what is good for him.

  • @47

    Well, you claim to be able to read his mind, so I guess that you would be the expert.

  • dang it!

    I hate it when someone’s comment gets deleted. It messes up the numbers.
    That last *rollseyes* was meant for the psychic from #44 and #46.

  • @44

    First, the only good reason to get someone pregnant is if you truly wish to have children and you’re ready to become a parent.
    There are married couples that hate each other or marry for wrong reasons, so being married doesn’t mean anything either.
    The level of commitment between two people is something that only those two people know about, and they don’t have to proclaim it to the world or marry or have children to prove it. And if two people bring a new life to the world to prove to others or to themselves that they love each other, they’re making a terrible, terrible mistake and it’ll be the poor child the one that will pay for it.
    Second, it’s impossible for you to know how often he calls her.
    Third, I know it’s not just you but everybody who thinks the same as you who say this, but suggesting that you can “see love” or lack of it in two people you’ve never met just watching them grab a coffee or going for a walk on a bike is not only ridiculous but also a trivialization -and idealization- of a love relationship between adults.
    And this is just my opinion but I believe they’re too young, beautiful and cheerful to be desperate to be with someone as long as they’re not alone. They’d have many offers if they were single.
    I suppose you must be really young, but the world doesn’t work the way you see it.

  • Jayne

    @ Melody: yes that’s the 1 “in celebration” he was so good i loved it, i would love it if Orlando did another play. I saw it more than once and he was soooooooooooooo good looking in person Orlando was every think i thought and more. I even got 2 see he’s dog because it walked by me when i was waiting 4 Orlando. Sorry you did’nt get 2 meet Orlando in Durham last year may be next time you will be lucky, i hope you get 2 meet him 2 say what you want and give him your stuffed animal or somethink gift Lol. Don’t give up keep trying because i waited a long time 2 meet Orlando and it was so good. I had it all planned out 2 but it did’nt happen that way but it was all good in the end, when i first saw Orlando on stage and meet him face 2 face i was like WOW.