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Shia LaBeouf: Silverado Gas Guzzler

Shia LaBeouf: Silverado Gas Guzzler

Shia LaBeouf is still looking to bulk up!

The 23-year-old Transformers actor was spotted gulping down another bottle of chocolate-flavored Muscle Milk. Exactly three weeks ago, he was spotted with another bottle of the same protein-enhanced formula.

Shia was also seen filling up his Chevrolet Silverado pick-up truck at a local gas station. When he spotted a photographer in the distance, he seemed very upset.

FYI: Shia is wearing his favorite Menard t-shirt and PF Flyers Number 5 Sneakers.

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  • sally

    not an attractive look

  • Marianne

    Wow…that is some beard.

  • lolol

    he looks funny with a beard because he still looks so young. Full beards are for old men.

  • WW

    what is it with the really skinny jeans?

  • ewwww

    soooooo ugly
    and even uglier because he doesn’t care about the environment
    you don’t NEED a truck in LA you moron

  • Celia

    WOW! And they say Brad Pitt’s beard is bad. At least Brad keeps his a little tidy, Shia’s is way out of control. He looks like a bum.

  • yuck

    @sally: @Marianne: @lolol: @ewwww: @Celia:
    shia is just nasty now, thanks carey for changing shia you stupid bitch!

  • Mal la la

    At least he’s buying American and supporting the economy people!

  • raggedyanni

    Shia often looks disheveled when he’s not filming a movie. Why on earth would Carey be to blame?

  • michelle


    have you ever even been to la? every other car on the road is a truck or suv. we dont need them, but its a car culture and people here just happen to LIKE them.

    people just hate on him because he doesn’t act or look like all the other celebrities on this site–who drive audis and wear designer clothes. with that said, a shave would be really nice at this point!!

  • Trucks R 4 Men

    Stick 2 yo prius…

  • Melissa

    He must have back acne

  • Yes

    He is uglying it up for the photographers, his slobness is epic. He wants less pictures taken of him, less girls, and boys, screaming out how cute and/or how hot he is. He wants to be left alone. So let the boy live his life I say.


    I don’t get how few think he is hot.Even that ugly monkey dev patel looks much better him

  • hello

    In case you didn’t know….America produces fuel efficient cars as well, not just trucks.
    well, then, since EVERYONE is wasting our energy resources, then CERTAINLY someone in the public eye should ALSO waste every drop of fuel that he can, too!
    And don’t give me the “car culture” garbage. California is a leader in emission control standards and fuel economy, so your argument is ridiculous.
    If you don’t NEED a truck, you shouldn’t DRIVE a truck. It’s that simple.
    And just for the record…Audi makes hybrid vehicles, which stars like Orlando Bloom drive. I would rather that Shia be MORE like them, instead of LESS like them.

  • @13

    He’s ugly even when he is clean. What’s his excuse then?

  • Celia


    I’m sure Carey doesn’t tell him what to do. He’s his own man. I feel bad for her, because she has to kiss him with that crap on his face.

  • jdub


  • Stacy

    did he do the brazilian

  • Jen

    Love you shia. SHAVE PLEASE
    i miss your Gorgeous Face

  • Jen

    Love you shia. SHAVE PLEASE
    i miss your Gorgeous Face

  • Shy

    Poor Carey… Imagine she has to kiss and make sex with THIS? I lost my interest in him long time ago. I hate it when male celebrities look hot when they are filming movie and then look like a homeless persons between the shootings. You can take the white trash from trailer park but you can take the white trash from person.

  • Huh

    I agree with you that Shia is hiding his good looking face but why do you keep on calling him white trash what is your reasoning?

  • dee

    i agree..he’s just normal like us.. like other american, why he should be like other celebrities, he’s an actor and he is living his life as Shia on everyday life.. duh .. people.. he doesn’t need to be glamour, he can do what ever he’s his life.

  • dee

    oh cut the crap.. celebrities is BS, they have money, they can buy the whole hybird, green house whatever they want.. and you look up to them, they always on media attention, of course they have to do that.. go with the trend.. why we always have to focus on celebrities, just do balance in your life. Not every celebrity needs to be a Hero !!

  • i hate vain sluts

    i likeee!…..makes him look smwat sinister

  • sayuri

    LoveU Shiaa!

  • Katie

    Love him

  • @25

    “Not every celebrity needs to be a Hero !!”
    But they should be willing to set a good example.
    If he really DOESN’T care about the environment, then he is a vey selfish and self centered person. he should be better than that.
    And like you said, celebs have money. They have NO EXCUSE for not investing in more fuel efficient means of transportation.
    he has no excuse for driving that gas guzzler.