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Leighton Meester: Real Madrid!

Leighton Meester: Real Madrid!

Leighton Meester is looking gorgeous as she launches the new line of hair cosmetics from Herbal Essences on Wednesday (May 5) in Madrid, Spain.

It was announced last month that the 24-year-old Gossip Girl actress was named the Herbal Essences Global Ambassador.

Leighton and her co-star Sebastian Stan are still dating, exclusively reportedly earlier this week. The couple was spotted making out in a car prior to one of the MET Ball after-parties in New York City.

FYI: Leighton is wearing an Herve Leger dress and Pierre Hardy sandals.

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Credit: G Tres; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jason

    shame her personality dont match her looks

  • L

    She looks pretty.

  • ikr

    She is a proper rude diva in real life.

  • woow

    I know that she’s conceited and arrogant in person, but she’s super pretty.

  • mimi

    I wish i could own one like that.
    Although i have to say I wouldn’t have match this dress with those shoes.

  • Sophie

    So over her.

    She thinks she’s all that just because she’s on some TV show that realistically has BOMBED in the ratings over recent months.

    I predict GG will end and she’ll hopefully fall off the radar pretty soon after!

    I swear some of these bitches need to get some manners and grace and realise how lucky they are to be so well paid and adored by little girls globally. Really bad example.

  • Janey

    She’s super sweet in real life. Met her once at a convenience store and she was incredibly down to earth and nice.

  • oh ?

    @Janey: Met her in LA in January and she dismissed a young girl who asked for her autograph saying “I’ve already signed sweetie” (she HADN’T), the girl went back to her mom looking GUTTED, and what did Leighton do? Start posing for the cameras on the carpet. She is stunning in person,her skin GLOWS, but she came across so bad. A lot of people have had bad experiences with her. How many bad days does one have?

  • happy girl

    love that dress but i don’t get her.

  • leila

    Honestly, she thinks she’s some queen in person. So gorgeous however.

  • Janey

    @oh ?: I’ve also spoken to a lot of people with good experiences with her. I’ve worked some of those events and there are certain time slots dedicated for signing/meet & greets etc and time slots for photog time. This isn’t uncommon.

  • EJ

    All the people starting rumors/embellishing things about her are out of line. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting her on two different occasions and she’s a sweetheart.

    Celebrities don’t always have time to sign or take pictures, they have busy schedules and should be respected.

  • Sophie


    But they should also appreciate how they got to fame in the first place … the fans.

    Signing an autograph takes 5 seconds and it’s back breaking labour.

  • sara

    agreed EJ, just cause someones famous doesn’t mean they have to sign autographs/ take pictures with EVERYONE that asks- they deserve their space.

    she looks amazing!

  • Kar

    she needs to dump sebastian stan

  • Blanca

    Love the dress, wish she would’ve gone with fun color!

  • yei

    She looks really pretty… lástima que sea sólo una corta visita

  • EJ

    Celebrities are on strict schedules, especially when they are at press events. They’re not only swarmed with fans, but publicists and handlers. These people pull them away from fans if they don’t do it themselves, because of the time crunch. When “Oh?” explained it, it sounded like Leighton was more than sweet about the situation.

    There are hundreds upon hundreds of photos of her with fans posted on the internet.

    Does THIS or THIS look like somebody who doesn’t appreciate her fans?

  • yei

    @oh ?:
    For how many times you repeat the same story … always!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks pretty (as always) – love the dress!

  • Alexi

    No one else is reporting they got back together?

  • .

    She is very pretty. That’s all she has going for her.

  • D

    I love Leighton and think that she carries herself extremely well….she is super down to earth and people need to stop hating for no reason… One off experience should not give a person such a bad rep..

  • Mike

    @D: It wasn’t a one-off, that’s the thing. Lea Michelle, SMG, and Leighton Meester all have inside reputations as bitc.hy divas. The site Blind Gossip reported this about Lea Michelle & all the whole I kept reading it, it reminded me of Leighton. No one is saying the girl is horrid, but that she has quite the ego and can be unfriendly and come across entitled often, whether or not she is aware of it idk. She is f*ing hot though obviously.

  • Mike

    ‘whole’ should read ‘while’, typo..

  • sara

    looks gorgeous!

  • alinyc10

    my friend works for a retail store and was lucky enough to meet leighton when she was shopping. she said she was really sweet and polite. :)

  • mandy

    OMG she is so lovely.. i envy her so much, i want her hair.. her face.. everything !

  • Isabelle

    Was she one of the popular girls in Highschool? Usually, those girls remain bit.chy. That is not to say she can’t be sweet. But she does come across overly entitled and a little shallow. I’d love to look like her though, gosh! This look is perfect.

  • Khloé

    so so so so so pretty ! i want her hair, smile, skin, wardrobe, i adore those shoes and the dress.

  • Iven

    Seb need dump her ,she is ugly and old

  • Iven

    @Isabelle: no,she wast popular in HS,she said her classmates disliked her ,and she looked average in HS. I never think she is pretty ,she is cute at the best.She looked so ugly at MET

  • Amber-louise

    she’s pretty but looked better with dark hair. not feeling the gold tones on her.

  • Ally

    She looks beautiful. And her hair is gorgeous. And if I were bothered by total strangers wanting this and that from me, I’d ignore them too. That’s kind. Considering some other celebrities who beat up fans. We love/hate their charcters on tv / in movies but that doen’t mean we know them. Besides, EVERYONE’S space and privacy should be respected. It’d be the same thing as total strangers coming up to you and asking to peek at your watch for the time multiplied by 100,

    Love her as Blair Waldorf. Good music. Love her public appearances outfits. Don’t presume to “know” her. We are ALL flawed, so don’t judge.

  • miumiu

    i just love everything about this look! i am so surprised some people cannot stop bitching about her same old lame stories. she surely does not deserve all these bad comments and this bad reputation some people on the internet are working hard to push it on our throats. she is lovely and she has is extremely talented she is going places! so stop hating on her! for every person bitching there are may more that appreciate and LOVE her!
    btw. she looked so cute and the met gala. did you see those pictures with her and marc jacobs? everybody who matters likes her :D

  • miumiu

    she did not look ugly! this is not even possible. she was just tired :)
    just a sweet amazing dress

  • miumiu

    totally agree with this one. darker hair is so much better for her :)

  • mindy

    i love her in blonde.. i love her in brunette… i love everything from her. she is so funny in all kind of interview. and nice also. =)

  • K

    Wow, what a bunch of whiny immature tweens who’ve watched too much of GG that they actually think thats how these actors act in real life. Stop the animosity since you don’t have any real reason to be calling her names or saying she’s this and that if you’ve never even spoken to her. She acts for a living, its her job, give her a break. I also sense SO much jealousy. Its quite funny. Please grow up sometime soon kids or continue to entertain the rest of us with your stupidity. I’m sure there’s a dozen other young actresses you’d love to hate on because you’re so insecure. I’m getting the feeling that these negative comments are being posted by the same little girl & people who pretend like don’t like her but have the time to look at her pictures and care how she looks and what she wearing. LOL. You people should make a show. It’ll be a good reality TV show! LOL!

  • lea

    @Iven: “she looked average” wait, did she actually say that? or are you saying she looked ave? because if she did LOL. it’s one thing to say you were unpopular or an ugly duckling kid, it’s another to say “I looked average” meaning she knows she is above average and hot loll

  • bella lui

    i think each artist has this kind of gossip
    but they cant be proved

  • gg fan

    she is an angel

  • gg fan

    leight is perfect at all but seb looks so old uh!awful couple by the way she hadn’t botox

  • Josh

    This girl probably has the worlds biggest collection of ugly shoes…!