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Bristol Palin Talks Teen Motherhood

Bristol Palin Talks Teen Motherhood

Bristol Palin stands with Dr. Drew Pinsky at a town hall meeting held at Lighthouse International Conference Center in New York City on Wednesday (May 5).

The 19-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin spoke at “The Harsh Truth: Teen Moms Tell All,” sponsored by The Candie’s Foundation.

Last month, Bristol‘s PSA for the foundation was released – check it out here if you missed it!

Also pictured inside: Bristol at the Candies’ Foundation Event to Prevent!

15+ pictures inside of Bristol Palin at a town hall meeting…

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bristol palin teen moms tell all event to prevent 03
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Credit: Astrid Stawiarz ; Photos: Getty
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  • Stan

    What a joke. The Harsh Truth: Teen Moms Tell All? She made a choice. She was a loose teen, got herself pregnant, made it look intentional when her mom joined the presidential race, and now is trying to show she’s a good mother. I’m not buying it.

  • Jane

    Bristol Palin needs to give up already. We had been through this last year. I thought it was a temporary move. I guess not.

    Also, she looks heavier than the 2008 and 2009 photos. Too much babysitting finally got her or what? Apparently she only goes to college “whenever I can through night classes”. Maybe that’s why.


    I think gabourey sidibe looks far more hotter than this girl


    Yes Gabby is such a natural beauty.she is more beautiful than angelina


    I love monster gabby.she is has a sexy hairy legs

  • Joan

    She actually resembles the pig her mother is.

  • Amanda K

    I am really surprised at people for bashing her. How ridiculous. She is actually trying to do something good and use her mistake as an example to encourage others not to follow in her steps. That takes a lot of courage in my opinion. Have you ever seen Paris Hilton tell people not to drink and drive? Do public service announcements? NO. Has Lindsanity ever told anyone not to do drugs? NO. For someone that is a “pig” and trying to show people she is a good mother and is fat… what ridiculous claims. At least she is TRYING to do something productive unlike some other moron *cough* Levi *cough*

    As far as who her mother is people don’t judge you because of who your parents are so why should be any different? From the comments on the post though it sounds like your parents all did STELLAR jobs…. *eyeroll*

  • happy girl

    Go ahead and milk your teen pregnancy for all ya got. The Palins: Hypocrisy with a smile. Ridiculous.

  • lylian

    I believe her message to teenagers about sex is the same as the message adults tell teenagers about drugs:
    Just say NO.
    Problem is, when you are a horny 16 year old teenager, you can say no and do it anyway.
    God MADE teenagers to be horny at 16 and go forth and multiply.

  • April

    She is a stupid pathetic fool. Sarah and Bristol are the biggest Hippocrates every.
    Lol during the campaign they latched Levi to this clown as if that was going to make her being knocked up better lol. This whole family is a big joke. You could tell by how fast She and Levi broke up it was all for show.
    Wonder why Sarah Palin’s husband is never with her. Guess men are just tools for Sarah and Bristol Palin to use.

  • miss infamous

    Both of them are a joke!

  • Whamo

    # 10 April @ 05/06/2010 at 6:11 am
    You’re so right, Sarha was willing to basically force her daughter marry Levi even though she new the didn’t love each other soley for the purpose of making her look good for the election. If a mother is willing to pimp out her daughter what other compromises is she capable of? This is why you have to shake your head at people who think she’d make a good president. Her own DAUGHTER for god sake. If there was ever a poster child for opportunism you need only to look at this family. Pathetic.

  • CD

    what a joke she is. i hope her daughter does the same thing. she is NOT a role model for anyone. apparently her own mother was too busy in her career to take notice of her own daughter

  • tick tock

    Bristol, your 15 minutes are up. Time to quit fame-hoing and looking for a gig.

  • tick tock

    Mama Sarah Palin should have taught her daughter to use protection like she didn’t as a young woman, she didn’t just elope to save money you know. She was knocked up.

  • lUCY

    Is there anyone who has any shred of dignity anymore? What message does this send? Get knocked up and go on some sort of speaking tour and have your 15 minutes of fame? Why is it that young people only get publicity when they make stupid decisions, act like whores, publicly humiliate themselves, etc…

  • Maia

    “Daughter like creepy mother” who didn’t use protection herself or fully embrace the family’s radical religious beliefs. It is time for this tribe to take leave of the lower 48 States.

  • John M

    Nailin palin sucks

  • mac

    I understand potentially positive influence of a teen mother “telling all,” but only after she tries hard to make her living while spending as much time as possible with her baby/child. Otherwise, what does she have to tell? Just “use a condom”? It would not be persuasive if becoming a teen mother gives you a fame and spotlight…

  • @amanda K

    I read her interview on other sites. She whined and complained about how hard it is to be a single mother. She lives on her own. Is financially responsible for trip with no help from her parents. She works all day and is tired all the time. She has to buy expensive things like formula, diapers etc.
    Well, you know Amanda K, I was a single parent and I was much older than this twit. Yes, in the first few months you are tired, but after that you sort of get with the program. Tell me how this twit as a teenager doesn’t have the energy I had at 33 to raise a child? I too worked all day and had to buy those very expensive diapers and formula, but you know what–I chose to have my child not for religious reasons but because I WANTED him. No matter if I was tired, there was so much joy to be found in him when I was home.
    This child twit needs to stop complaining and find some joy in her baby or else she is going to raise one unhappy kid.
    And I understand Levi just handed her a check for $20k and two months of child support equaling something like $3500. AND SHE CAN’T LIVE ON THIS?

  • Lucky Charm


    Whamo, I don’t normally agree with you, but this time I really do. Opportunity to futher their own agenda at any cost is this family’s motto, regardless of who gets thrown by the wayside after they are no longer useful.

  • Whamo

    @Luck Charm
    See, I’m not a total whack job.LOL!

  • Wasilla killa

    Amanda K, Bristol will need to stop lying before she can do anything good. Take a trip to Alaska and find out what teen pregnancy is all about.

  • Just sayin’

    Just sayin’
    How did she get that bloated? I think she is on contraception or she does the morning after pill. Check out her huge gut and ankels. That happened to a friend of mine that went on hormones.

    Trigg is two years old and she said he is still on formula. How does she explain that one?

  • she is rollin’ in the mulah

    Bristol Palin makes almost 2 Gs a month from her baby daddy for one baby. The state she lives in pays her and all the babies that she claims money each and every year, that is another few Gs. She is the CEO of a corporation and I would hope her mother pays her for all the work she does for her business. Bristol Palin is not poor. Her baby daddy will baby sit for free. Her church is free and all her relatives baby sit for free.
    She needs to come clean and stop the lies.

  • LibsAreSick

    Sick comments from the liberals. Is this the “tolerance” and “compassion” they keep preaching about? Liberals are full of hate. It is sick that they hate Palin so much that they resort to calling her daughter disgusting names. All of you need to stop obsessing over the Palin family and get a life.

  • don’t fear the truth

    You might want to check the Alaskan Dispatch, “Bristol does it by herself” May 6, 2010, to learn more about what is happening with Bristol’s career. She is working for the media consulting firm: BSMP LLC.

    The truth will set you free.

  • adyar
  • AE

    It must really suck to have such a beautiful mother as Sarah Palin and then end up being quite ugly. Bristol looks nothing like her mother.

  • kath

    that kid is going to hate her when he grows up and finds out all the campaigning she has done against teen pregnancy. he is going to feel like a huge mistake. she might be doing a good thing, but she is a hypocrit

  • Ron Paul rules

    I don’t have time for compassion or tolerance. Bristol Palin is an adult living an independent life. She can do what she wants when she wants. I don’t care if she is a liar or not. I am annoyed with anyone who tries to pass her off as a role model for teens. If she was not a celebrity no one would care how fat she gets or if her kid is too old for formula. She is free to sell encyclopedias if she wants but if she looks like a pig no one will buy. She is full of it when it comes to teens and sex.

  • Lucky Charm

    @she is rollin’ in the mulah:

    And, since she and her son get free medical for Native Alaskan’s, she didn’t want Levi to pay for medical insurance. She wanted him to give her that $300 in child support instead, in addition to what she was already getting. I’m pretty sure they could live quite comfortably on that income, not to mention all the money she made from her magazine and tv appearances. She has is so rough, give me a break. She has no idea…

  • revirgined again

    The Palins lie all over the internet and you can check it out for yourself. Bristol is just getting started. She has already told a few whoppers. She might be jailed for perjury since she lied under oath and can be charged with the crime. If you believe her then help her prove she lived in the boondocks with no phones or Secret Service.

    Thanx for the palingates, they rock. It is an award winning blog and their research is the best. They back up what they do.

  • Amber-louise

    Sorry, just had to say that the floral dress she’s wearing is sooo gross and makes her look like a sausage:(

  • Ben


    A sausage in a flower casing, ROTFLMSAO!!!!! Her stylist sucks!!

    Update: Bristol Palin’s so called “roommate” has been named and it will be explosive when the facts are revealed. I can’t wait for the photos!