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Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli celebrates the launch of Belvedere Pink Grapefruit alongside 1,000+ guests in New York City on Thursday night (May 13).

The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel mingled with celebs like Ashley Olsen, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Osbourne and Estelle.

In celebration of the new Belvedere flavor, Matthew Williamson designed a limited edition kaftan, whicih was worn by MisShapes member Leigh Lezark, who spun tunes all night.

15+ pictures inside of Belvedere babe Bar Refaeli

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bar refaeli belvedere 01
bar refaeli belvedere 02
bar refaeli belvedere 03
bar refaeli belvedere 04
bar refaeli belvedere 05
bar refaeli belvedere 06
bar refaeli belvedere 07
bar refaeli belvedere 08
bar refaeli belvedere 09
bar refaeli belvedere 10
bar refaeli belvedere 11
bar refaeli belvedere 12
bar refaeli belvedere 13
bar refaeli belvedere 14
bar refaeli belvedere 15

Credit: Marion Curtis; Photos: StarPics, Startraksphoto
Posted to: Ashley Olsen, Bar Refaeli, Chelsea Handler, Estelle, Kelly Osbourne, Leigh Lezark, Matthew Williamson

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  • James

    There should be a photo of this girl next to te definition of “beauty” in the Dictionary.

  • Amy

    I have an irrational hatred for Estelle.

  • melanie

    her eyes and skin are so beautiful

  • Ryan

    this was LEIGH and MATTHEW’S party yet there are more pictures of the guests…lame

  • Free

    Bar is really ugly.

  • Aron

    @James: she is perfect. skin glows healthy curves. godess


    @Free: From all the people that are actually ugly – Estelle, Ashley Olsen etc, you pick on the prettiest girl. Your jealousy is showing.

  • JJ

    Leigh is the prettiest girl here mate, I don’t give a crap about Leo either. Bar is rough

  • Genn

    Leigh is stunning but pompous, totally full of it. Annoying hipster.

  • hannah

    @JJ: i agree. she’s ignorant though

  • jso

    bar is sometimes cute and gorgeous but she looks like a dude in wig here :P

  • Ryan

    @Genn: not even, sweetest girl in the world.

  • WTF

    I hate all this crap JJ has on the page now, can we disable the toolbar at the bottom?

  • Mirable

    Ashley Olsen look very hot !

  • Jaye

    Leave Leo Bar. He’s going to use you up and then dump. You should think better of yourself. On again off again relationships, don’t work and don’t get better after marriage. Run while you can Boo Boo! lol like she will read this lmao. sheesh!


    Jared STOP calling her supermodel for crying out loud!!! she ain’t..its an insult to REAL superModels who do REAL Work, campaigns, COVERS, CATWALK blah blah blah…this chick is a model for nuthin!! grrrrrrrr! :-D people ‘jealous’, gimme a break, I give props where props are due..& she ain’t due no props!!! wish I could meet someone famous so I could prance about at openings without any real credentials! what a hard life! & no I’m not hating, just over this chick already! Leo should dump her & free himself to meet some one new!!B.O.R.I.N.G…he’s got no taste, she looks a state! a hot mess!!! sorry but its truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lol

  • twilight

    Man! Barf looks like broke down palace!!! No wonder she has no modeling gigs!!!

  • twilight

    @Jaye: she might read this because she’s lame like that!!!

  • Bar Ref


  • just me

    `Her skin is glowing.` Really? Of what? She looks rough and either she doesn`t have any style of fashion or any mirrors. Wasn`t she heading to the hideous boot convention? Yuck! Leo, seriously that`s all you need as a girlfriend?

  • mad woman goes to party

    Tell the truth guys..doesnt barfie look like a mad woman here?!?! She looks like a mad woman who got run over with a gold cart and got right back up just in time for the party! What a hot mess!!

  • nope

    I know girls way prettier than Bar, with more style, guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, she’s not sexy to me

  • Sarah

    @just me: no he needs more in a girlfriend which she isnt….that’s all he needs in a bedwarmer!!! Someone that you can drop and easily cut stings with if she steps out of line.

  • Bar Ref


    Supermodels have real campaigns for fashion labels we know or heard of..Bar models for labels no one ever heard high end fashion labels, her biggest was .Notorious cologne P She is never in any fashion weeks runway..sorry unless yu count Turkey which was an opening celeb personality basically cause they thought Leo would show up…and to be a supermodel you gotta make the SUPER MONEY…Which Bar clearly does not…This is from FORBES….

    Gisele raked in a massive $25 million in the past year. Heidi Klum $16 million and Kate Moss $9 million. Bar $500,000…not bad I agree. very respected for a girlfriend of Leo. that shows her underwear and bathing suit all over.. Check out the full list at!

    Read more:

  • freshmen

    wow, she looks absolutely horrible. no fashion sense, what so ever! ugh.

  • brian

    the girl is drop dead gorgeous in every way youre all jealous

  • nope

    dropdead gorgeous?? are you serious? she hasn’t got any sex appeal. whatsoever. Sexy women can pull off this ‘throw on whateva’ look. She doesnt look good here & she’s average looking, nothing striking or interesting. There isn’t anything to be jealous of. She’s supposed to be in fashion but she’s got no syle.

  • oh well

    Who cares?? she’s no gisele, I’m sure she AND leo know this hehehe

  • happy girl

    she is perfect this woman. just perfect.

  • @29

    god…I bet you think lindsay lohans perfect too

  • lol

    Jared, 1,000+ guests and you made the post about the ( again ) underdressed, least interesting and roughest looking guest? Barf looks horrible. So this is what 24-year-old `supermodels` do nowadays? Hosting and showing up at parties? That`s all it takes? Leo lowered his standards way too much with her…


    Where is Leo? He can’t be bothered with certain events I guess.

    She wore her pretend wedding ring and looks drunk here.

    If Leo has a heart he will end it with her instead of stringing her along. I am not a Bar fan but no one deserves to be srung along like that. He is not serious and should move the eff on so she can too.

  • JT&T

    @POOCHIE: Yes, Leo can’t be bothered to follow her ANYWHERE! Thats how its always been…she plays the puppy dog role…leo doesnt love her…just strings her along like a puppy on a leash

  • JT&T

    @POOCHIE: Yes, Leo can’t be bothered to follow her ANYWHERE! Thats how its always been…she plays the puppy dog role…leo doesnt love her…just strings her along like a puppy on a leash till

  • JT&T

    @POOCHIE: Yes, Leo can’t be bothered to follow her ANYWHERE! Thats how its always been…she plays the puppy dog role…leo doesnt love her…just strings her along like a puppy on a leash till she

  • JT&T

    gets dumped! wow jarred you must like what I have to say that you can’t wait till I’m finished typing! haha Ok I’m done now!

  • Kite High

    wow, she looks like she’s on something…she’s looking like she’s high as a kite or something….or drunk!

  • proud

    aww ‘ther’s an article prasing leo its called “leo doesn’t play while his lady is away” it is sooo true. leo is a good boyfriend.. plus there’s sightings of him with ridley scott, edward norton watching robin hood. also of him at boa steakhouse with norton. it’s good leo and bar support there friends.

    This party that bar went to was hosted by her designer friend matthew williamson she went to another of his get togethers last year in april for h&m. lol its good she could fit these appearances/ obigations all together she’s also presenting at the world music awards this tuesday in monte carlo. Also there was a sighting of bar at this party that said she was low key and was just talking to friends on the dance floor. she sounds just like leo lol.

  • queenbee

    i love bar’s shirt. its refreshing to see a model who looks like she eats and does not have a weight obsession, girls like that are anoying but she seems real cool.

  • ienergy

    bar look beatifull nice too see pictures

  • mimi

    Does Bar even have a job?
    Her main job seems to be trying to get into events and use Leo’s name to get into places.
    So who even hires her? She doesn’t seem to get any work at all. Unless Leo pays her…

  • Barf

    @proud: just because it wasnt printed doesnt mean that he wasnt playing. I’ve heard from people who actually know that leo has cheated on barf numerous times and it aint stopping there, one incident was at a club which will remain unnamed! lol But it doesnt even matter if he doesnt cheat on her or not! Because she’s just a bedwarmer not a real gf so it can’t be classified as cheating either way! Thats like saying he’s cheating on his mistress!!

  • yippy

    @proud: presenting awards in Monte Carlo! Wow, more great modeling work. Nice to see that she’s getting so much work lately! lol From hostest to presenter…what next??!? QVC?? Her life has like no meaning.

  • freshmen

    @Barf: true, you can’t cheat on a bedwarmer.

  • Kelsee

    I love her body

  • brightside

    Next to Bar, the Olsen looks like a gremlin! Some kind of space toad! Beautiful Bar and the weird kind of Olsen thing….I’ll be having nightmares about the Olsen thing!

  • french

    She looks horrible. She is a shame for Israel, for Leo and for herself

  • GOSH

    Gosh Bar sort it out, you should be more stylish than that by now

  • wow

    It does look like she is high as a kite… lol Just like `proud` it seems like Barf is on something.
    I saw a comment on a different site and the I couldn`t agree more with the first part.
    `It isn´t a big deal that Leo does ignore the ladys. He even ignored them last summer in London clubs sometimes, although he was single last summer, and the next day he was flirting with them. That means nothing.` Btw there was another Leo club sighting with Edward Norton the other night so he is definitely not sitting at home waiting for her to return…

  • yippy

    @wow: what a pathetic “relationship”! lol