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Sienna Miller: Humanitarian Work is More Satisfying Than Acting

Sienna Miller: Humanitarian Work is More Satisfying Than Acting

Sienna Miller and her mother Jo Miller pass through Gare du Nord terminal station on Wednesday (June 2) in Paris, France.

The 28-year-old British actress was recently asked what she prefers — acting in theater or film or doing charity work like what she’s doing with Haiti?

“All three,” Sienna responded. “There’s something great about theater with the live nature of it. There’s something very exciting about the adrenaline rush. Film is extremely challenging but there’s something more deeply satisfying about humanitarian work.”

Watch Sienna‘s latest interview with CNN below!

FYI: Sienna‘s Louis Vuitton luggage is monogrammed with her initials!

Sienna Miller’s Interview with CNN
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# 1

I totally love her style. She should be labled the fashion icon. She is so pretty with her grown out. More on Sienna and others that count!

# 2

I hope she did not go to HAITI for charity work with those LOUIS VuiTTON bags, cos that will be a shame.

# 3

I’m in LOVE with that LV bag and that red purse! I want.

# 4

Its more satisfying because she cant act worth a damn. Bet she has no real true passion for the art…. as u can see in her ‘performances’

# 5

@LOLWTF?: I know right? She’s been in the industry for quite some ‘effing time. Some thing else comes to mind. She’s also been on the (once) prestigious vogue 4X? Well hahaha l’m stupid for ever purchasing that phony magazine. No value.

# 6

I like her hair much better with the bangs and it looks healthier.

# 7

It’s just self-marketing, as everything in the showbiz! Do you really think she cares about Haiti? Only the price of her bag is higher than the Haitian GDP…

# 8

she will never ever be famous for anything else than f***ing famous men, behaving like the s**t that she is and talking about humanitarian help to promote her own sorry a*s. How many times can you use the word selfish in such a short interview? Such an idiot of a woman, a disgrace to all hard working actresses out there.

# 9

Call me cynical but I reckon if Sienna actually had a successful film career, she wouldn’t give two sh*ts about doing humanitarian work. It’s only because she has a bad homewrecking reputation and is jobless that she’s trying to make us think acting is no biggie to her. Nice try Sienna.

Love her and shes doing nice things for the world lovely.

of course she is going to say that she finds Humanitarian work more satisfying than acting. Imagine people’s reactions if she didn’t.

I doubt she doing either in Paris. Probably a shopping trip.

Like she’s done any acting lately so she could remember. She hasn’t worked in ages

Bish, pls, she wouldn’t even care one bit about Haiti if her career weren’t dead. She’s been there like three days, and all she does is cry and point for the cameras.

Gets herself busy. Life is hard without a job. White Trash.
But looking at her sh!tty life now a days, it must be true – there IS God.
Looking at her unemployed sorry arrse now a days, it must be true – there IS God.
Looking at how her married lover dumped her sorry arrse and went back to his wife, it really must be true – there IS God.
Looking at how her 28 years old face is looking like she is 36 years old, it must be true – there IS God.

It’s sad that regular, non-famous people can do humanitarian work and get praise and respect, but the minute an actor or someone well-known tries to do it, they get criticized and ridiculed and accused of doing it just for publicity! Except of course the GODS Brangelina, they can do no wrong, right? Sooo stupid and hypocritical. If this Sienna Miller wants to do her part to help Haiti, who are we to judge? I’ll bet most of the negative comments are coming from people who never lift a finger to volunteer or donate to causes. So how about being happy that there is one more person to HELP Haiti instead of whining and criticizing.

@D: How many days she spent on Haiti? 3? or 4?
Now, tell me how many days she’s spent on her vacations just in the past 6 months, you idiot?
I’ll HELP YOU! Barbados, Japan, Laos, Los Angeles, New York.
Now pour some STFU in your glass and go sit and whine in the corner.

She’s pretty and a decent actress. Nothing less, nothing more.

Amber-louise @ 06/03/2010 at 7:03 pm

@D: So true and people bash Sienna when Angelina was f*cking Brad while he was still married to Jen.

@Amber-louise: First of all, Sienna wasn’t f*cking just a married guy, she was f*cking a married father of four little kids(Getty) when the fourth kid was only 8 months old.
Secondly, this is not a Brangelina forum. So, go pour some STFU in your glass too.

luisaonline @ 06/03/2010 at 8:52 pm

she should shut up about that, because i didn’t understand what she really did besides taking photos with people in bad conditions. I’m sure she is more interested in shopping and trying to get a job.



I like her hair! It was time for a change.

@What?: Wow, for being such a hater of Sienna you sure know a lot about where she spends her vacations and who she has affairs with. And those weren’t ‘days’, they were locations. *eyeroll*

I don’t really care about this actress as far as her personal life goes, I’ve never even seen any of her movies. All I know is that when someone tries (yes, even if it’s just a feeble attempt) to help others or to bring attention to people in need, it is NEVER something to be criticized. So take a chill pill.

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