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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Coastal Couple

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Coastal Couple

Rachel Bilson runs errands in Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 8).

The 28-year-old actress and Sunglass Hut style director picked up a few items from Toys ‘R’ Us and took home lunch to go!

Meanwhile, Rachel‘s fiance, Hayden Christensen, was spotted getting into a waiting car in New York City today. Sources tell that he was shooting a Vogue spread today with a certain Twilight star. No confirmation yet, but stay tuned!

FYI: Rachel is wearing James “Twiggy” Jeans in Karma and a Costa Blanca button down shirt.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen out and about on the East and West Coast…

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rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 01
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 02
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 03
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 04
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 05
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 06
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 07
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 08
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 09
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 10
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 11
rachel bilson errands hayden christensen new york 12

Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • jamie

    I Love Hayden but I HATE Rachel

  • Sian

    Course you do.

  • jessica

    Couple? Really Jared? LOL

  • Who Cares

    @jessica: Totally. They’re on different sides of the country.

    BTW, DNW.

  • leimore

    Sheeez pimping JJ… they’re are not even on the SAME place!
    So this is a man (?!) who cant wait to get married but staying off w/ his mini-fiancee for almost ALL THE TIME (working or not working) – yeah right!

  • Tia

    I’m amazed that he can get a Vogue spread, yet the try hard “style icon” Rachel Bilson can’t even buy a spread in a major fashion magazine.

  • jae

    which twilight star? any ideas?

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Pictures can’t lie but PEOPLE CAN LIE! Their relationship with you all know whom is a complete sham. Either to cover up something that extremely needs for secrecy and/or pressing out themselves personally when they cant get it on a professional level coz both careers are continually tanking. The PR strategy is pretty simple. They get photographed together once/twice in every couple of months but now looking more & more on a quarterly basis. Un-named sources (their publicists) drop a quick story about how cute they are to their “patronized” internet tabloids (i.e. JJ – no one else!). RINSE AND REPEAT. The end.

  • Vogue

    Hayden was seen “chit-chatting” with Mario Testino at the CFDA awards. It would be sweet if Testino did the Vogue shoot.

  • naydena

    @#1 – jamie
    My sentiment exactly!!! Hayden is sooo HOT!!! And Rachel is just an ugly, stupid, spoiled fame wh***!!!

  • sammi

    Looks like the engagement ring is off again…

  • Viper

    Well whomever said that she was in NYC b/c someone claimed to have seen her there was dreaming big time not only is she not there but, he is in NYC alone and damn if he isn’t all smiles knowing she isn’t up his crawl. Ring can stay off for all anyone truly cares..for a woman who claims to want to be learning how to cook she sure as shyt can’t cook she eats take out all the time.

  • waswrong

    I was wrong looks like the sightings of Rachel in NY were false unlike some I am big enough to admit when I am wrong

    Hope they stay apart they look much happier away from each other has to be said

    Why dont you ask her why she still isnt wearing the ring JJ

  • @Viper

    You know…. These amazing new inventions can now fly people from NYC to LA in 5 hours. I know…hard to believe, huh?

    The twitter sighting was at 3:00 pm on Monday. With the time difference, Rachel could have been back in LA as early as 9:00 pm Monday night.

  • sand

    hahahaha i love award seasons cause we NEVER see her here. cause shes NEVER invited haha!!! loser bilson.

    all you ever see her do is walk around like a homeless person. ahaha LOSER!!

  • Cindy

    @ 11

    Ring: Listen, I don’t like to post here, but, it seems to me that if RB was seriously displeased with Hayden then she would move her things of his Los Feliz home. Tsk, tsk!

  • waswrong

    @Viper true but why not stay & go to the event with Hayden, just seems weird but there was other recent sightings of her in NY that turned out to be false as she was papped in LA couple of hrs later

  • Cindy

    @ Jared, shouldn’t your headline read “bi-coastal couple”? The way you have it worded makes it seem like they are in the same place…

  • waswrong

    she isnt displeased with him, she just wants people to think that as the ring keeps coming on and off, it was on for 2 days last week then off for 2 days and off again, soon as she is asked about it the ring will be back on same as last time

  • @waswrong

    Here’s a theory….

    The disappearing ring…not being seen together, in fact, going out of their way to being seen without the other.

    Could it be that the wedding is coming soon and they are trying to throw everyone off the scent? Did they want the rumors swirling that they had broken up so that no one expects it? Did the rumors of a summer wedding in Canada scare them a little that the gossip sites were getting too close to the truth?

  • @20

    Interesting thought-right now I’m surprised neither Perez or Ted has made a comment about HC being at the fashion show with a guy who thanked him during the acceptance speech for being his “date” LOL..

    Both of them(HC/RB)have managed to keep most of the relationship on the down low-almost never seen blah blah, so it is possible that they are trying to throw the paps off—Hayden HATES the paps.

  • Both Losers

    Has everyone forgotten that they BOTH played press games about their relationship for 3 years. Are they dating or not? Are they engaged or married or not? Is she pregnant or not? They’re both laughing at you idiots that follow them because their careers are being kept alive by you when they should have slid down the toilet from Hollywood’s rectum long ago. But whether its sh*t on JJ or sh*t on the screen its still sh*t from the rock bottom worst actors in the business, who the only thing they can do pretty well is having their pictures taken. They are both playing you for attention while he tries to generate some interest in his career and she just walks the streets of LA begging for a job by being snapped endlessly by papparazzi.

    I bet the Twilight star he was in Vogue with was Kellan Lutz who is almost as desperate to lauch his career with papparazzi photo ops and endorsements as Hayden is.

  • unreechy

    HC(sic) badly needs a “lot of hype” these days as his upcoming movie that’s full of con if not d-lister co-stars; is already a “laughing stock” even if they’re only seen the trailer LOL


    The more ppl try to play conspiracy theory here the more absurd it sounds. She wasn’t in NYC at all and the idea of her flying out asap why be in NYC in the first place if she wasn’t going to attend anything. she was seen in LA all week long and also didn’t chose to go to NY or anywhere but stay close to home. It’s plain stupid to think she would fly to NY for a day or less and then return home without even the press (whom this woman lives for not get at least 1 shot of them PLEASE!!!). Also you assume this woman is that intelligent to plan and plot some game for some hush hush wedding. HC is clearly not ready for the marriage and the man lies like a tile on a floor in damn near every article or interview he does. I think he is allergic to the truth.

  • You can’t be serious

    @ 20 & 21

    I usually just read the comments but now I have to say something. Are you delusional? Why would they throw the scent off of anything? Hayden and Rachel are not that popular in mainstream media and you’re kidding yourself if you think they are. Even her fans think she tips off the paparazzi, so the only person they would have to worry about is Rachel tipping someone off. They’ve kept the relationship on the down low? In what universe dear? They’re always on here, and Rachel is on here more than people who are actually doing something. No one is going to show up at the wedding unless they are invited. And if they wanted privacy, they would do it. And I’m sorry, you don’t walk around NOT wearing your engagement ring and then another time sitting a ring in front of it to throw people off. Seriously? And who thinks they broke up? You? Because the media doesn’t seem to give a care if they have or not. She hasn’t worn the ring for a while now, and no one seems to care. So if the media is “getting too close” and it scared them off so now she’s playing games, they both must be narcissists and think way too highly of themselves in regards to the grand scheme of celebrity.

  • Cindy

    @ 20

    Ring/Wedding. I could care less what these two do.

  • cort

    I think it’s Dakota Fanning that he did a photo shoot with. She’s in New York and was spotted in the same area. :)

  • Katrina

    @ 16

    That’s not his home in Los Feliz. It’s hers.

    @ 20 and 21

    You have too much time on your hands. Just face the facts that something really might have happened to them this time. You don’t play games with your ring like that and there are ways to be private and still have a wedding. Like someone said, the only person they would have to worry about is Rachel tipping someone off because the mainstream media isn’t really interested. She pretty much forces herself on everyone in the first place. So is she protecting them and their “wedding” from herself? And like someone just said, no one has really even cared that she has had the ring off. It has just been comments in these posts mainly. Your whole scenario just doesn’t make any sense for two actors of their caliber. This isn’t Brad and Jen, and they’re not even remotely close to being America’s sweethearts and the ultimate couple loved by the media. American or Canadian. It sounds to me as if you’re looking for an excuse because you know something bad has probably happened.

  • Links

    Are you guys serious? You think these two would go to those lengths to throw off, what? Rachel’s handful of maybe 3 or 4 paps? Why? When she calls them out on a daily basis to follow her around aimlessly while she does absolutely nothing but “shop,” even though she actually seems to buy very little? Really? Please. If and when Rachel ever does get married, no matter to whom, the paparazzi crush will rival a royal wedding, all at her behest and some poor schmuck’s dime. They’ll flock because they’re being paid. That girl doesn’t have a private cell in her body. Rachel Bilson is a fame wh*ore to rival no other in HW or anywhere else. If it weren’t so transparent and pathetic, it might actually make for a decent and humorous reality show. As long as she’s in it for herself and leaves Hayden and his family out of it that is.

  • Tia

    Why would they throw anything off? God, you would think they were Brangelina, lol. These conspiracies are going to be fun. The conspiracies of them not really dating and not really being engaged were a hoot. And now that they MIGHT have broken up, here come more theories. lol irl.

    @ 27

    I think it’s Dakota as well. We’ll see. But considering the fact that JJ reports things wrong all the time, including Richard Chai losing last night, who even knows if he really even has a spread in Vogue with a Twilight star

  • Holly

    It seems the Raydens cannot accept that their idea of a picture-perfect Hollywood couple might be coming to an end. These two have NEVER appeared to be all that into each other and all Rachel has done is prove herself to be a pathetic, pitiful, shameless famewh*re while Hayden looks like a dolt along for the ride. This coupling has done absolutely nothing positive for either one of their careers, no matter what Rachel may think. There is such a thing as too much coverage. She doesn’t seem to get that and has now irritated people with the constant “candids” to the point that it’s laughable to see her on here. The ring trick got old long ago, they’ve been engaged for what, two years? If they really wanted to be married to each other, they would be by now. They have the time and the means. This is all a big joke at this point. Put us, and them, out of the misery. Just end it. Issue a statement and move on.

  • brightside

    Gosh, Takers looks old and it’s not even out yet. All the acting is abysmal apart from Zoe Saldana and she’s just take-your-breath-away beautiful. I’ll end up watching it for Zoe, I guess.
    Really, who gives a **** if HC/RB are getting married or not. They have no personality and no on-screen charisma, they are the HW industry equivalent of tinned macaroni cheese, bland, insipid and uninspiring.

  • Brenda

    People who want to throw others off actually lay low or go ahead and do it. They don’t walk around being photographed almost everyday NOT wearing their ring. Or they don’t wear it one day than take it off the next. I think that either she’s playing games with her ring again, like she has done before. He’ll forgive her and they’ll go on being engaged. OR there’s a possibility that they might be done. But throwing people off a wedding? Not likely. Someone needs to come to the realization that this girl loves the press that she gets and courts it. If they were any close to being married she would be all over the place letting us know and enjoying it every step of the way. It would be on JJ everyday. I don’t hate the woman, but it’s obvious she likes attention and plays media games just as much as any hungry starlet. There’s no “down low” about her at all. Just because she says it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • Isabella


    That could be possible…

  • dido

    I want her eyes & skin, they’re so radiant!

  • Jax

    That’s called air brushing. When you see HQ’s of candids, that’s just a greasy, zitty mess.

  • brightside

    So puffy eyed and spotty is your idea of radiant!
    Zoe Saldana is radiant…..RB just looks like death warmed over without her facepaint.

  • Loser Couple

    Who cares if they were in NYC or not? Who cares if he is in NYC and she is in LA? They both are parasites and they both are major sellouts and hang on to each other for publicity or Rachel’s PR is making damn sure Hayden is mentioned in every thread in JJ reguardless, if she is with Hayden on not.

    Both are vile, lousy at acting, and major sellouts. The two deserve each other! Both are yuck!

  • dido

    Ooops sorry, I commented on the WRONG post.

  • dido

    Just awfully mistook her for… REAL celebs like Rachel Weisz, Rachel MacAdams or Rachel McNichols, Rachel Taylor… LOL

  • brightside

    Ok, you’re forgiven for commenting on the wrong post….but you are so not forgiven for confusing her with a real celebrity ; )
    LOL, there’s really no comparison between the two : )

  • Alias

    @40 – you must be the biggest idiot in the world, it’s Rachel McAdams not MacAdams, it Rachel Nichols not McNichols and it’s Rachael Taylor

    I guess people awfully mistake you for a person who can read LMAO

  • Alias

    @32 – based on some people who have actually SEEN the movie, it may be better than you think, moron!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! It’s become obvious that her PR people pay JJ to keep her in the “news”. JJ you should ask for a raise then maybe you could afford to get some more white space on this messy board.
    I can’t believe she’s not hanging on to him for dear life. Here he is doing the TV show rounds, at these high profile events with talented actors like Goopy Paltrow and doing a Vogue spread and she’s at Toys R Us!! LOL!! She should be at acting class!!!
    Alias – love the fact that all you have is grammar to complain about. At least you know the girl has no skills you can speak of!!! LOL!!!
    I can’t believe any of you think Twitter is some sort of reliable source of info!!!

  • searlus

    Whoa some RANDOM RT critics and TaNkers would really be now vindicated here – major applause to that (cue s-a-r-c-a-s-m)!!!

  • Alias

    @44 lexyhatesherface – love the fact all you have is RB to complain about. At least I know you have no life to speak of LOL!!!

    And funny how the same people who post links to Rotten Tomatoes to bash a certain actress now disregard it . Fking hypocrites!

  • Alias

    @45 – no links to people who’ve actually seen the movie???Keep googling LOL! Unlike maybe Natalie Portman’s upcoming movie disaster with Kutcher, you don’t have to see it to know it’s going to be sh!t! Bwhahahahaha!!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Blah, blah, blah…don’t hate on Natalie b/c she’s fabulous & constantly getting ACTING jobs and REAL endorsement deals!!! BTW, Kutcher must be doing SOMETHING right – he’s a bigger box office draw than Bilson and he was a household name even before Demi! Oh yeah and that’s him doing those Canon commercials!!! Maybe Rachel should ask him for some tips on how to be a “loser” like he is b/c he’s 10x more successful than her!!
    Sweetie Takers hasn’t been released yet – so who do you think did reviewed the movie??? Could it be the folks who produced the movie hoping to generate some buzz (other than Chris Brown is a woman beater)??? Or the actors in the movie’s PR people?? Test market screenings – which were SOOO positive the movie was constantly delayed??? LOL!! What’s next – you’ll post links to Twitter or an article where Hayden’s mom says what a great movie it is!!! LMAO!!! I give you credit – you’re good for an early morning laugh!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    My bad…that’s Nikon Ashton does TV and print ads for…

  • Alias

    @ 48 lexyhatesherface – LOL, I wouldn’t know or even care what camera Kutcher is pitching either let alone a so called fan of his like yourself!

    He and RB have the same score but Kutcher is the one you defend LMAO. Nice consistency! Poor Katherine Heigl, she hopes her career survives working with the Kutcher which brings me to Natalie, her career must really be going downward to work with someone like this. Will you stick up for Kutcher if he destroys your precious Natalie’s good name with that 100% guaranteed stinker of a film they’re working on together?

    As for Takers, you don’t have a problem with Nat supporting a pedophile, why should you be offended by something like Chris Brown being a woman beater. And Takers cost 20m to make compared to 75m for Killers, you think Killers will break even, Takers may or may not be great, but it’s got a better chance of making money than Killers. And I can’t wait to see how much money they’ll lose in that Portman/Kutcher film. LOL I give you credit you’re always good for a laugh, period!