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Shirtless Zac Efron Has Better Situation

Shirtless Zac Efron Has Better Situation

Zac Efron gives The Situation a run for his money, showing off his perfect six pack abs while enjoying the beach in Maui, Hawaii on Sunday (June 13).

The 22-year-old shirtless actor was accompanied by his younger brother Dylan. (See pictures of Zac & Dylan on the beach together.)

Lookin’ hot hot hot!

Zac, who has starred in the High School Musical franchise and 17 Again, is in town to receive the Maui Film Festival’s Shining Star Award during the opening night tribute at the Celestial Cinema.

FYI: Zac‘s new movie, Charle St. Cloud, opens on July 30!

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Credit: Dave; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Malia

    Kudos to Zac for getting the Maui Film Festival’s Shining Star Award.

  • rockstar

    Mm, break me off a piece of that. Vanessa is one lucky girl.


    Well, slap me twice and call me woman! He could have nothing “hiding” below the belt and I’d still have an O just looking at him.
    Welcome to manhood, Mr. Efron. Don’t lose it!!!!!

  • huh

    very short + very muscular combo = soooooooo weird

  • 108asteri

    My sweet baby Jesus! o_O

  • Juana Dra´p

    He’s so hot!!!

  • orne

    damn he’s hawt :)
    Jared, you’re gay aren’t you?

  • Marco

    OMG when did he get that big?? hot!!!

  • athena

    Well, the Situation ain’t got NUTHIN’ on Zac! Zac’s got it all, height, looks, the body, sexy girlfriend and Dollas….so, whew….Zac is HOT!

  • Vanny

    h o t t i e

  • mimi


  • Tiptoes

    he looks very fit and toned….

  • istar


  • Jokergurl

    I still look at him and think High School Musical singing dude, maybe it’s my age demographic, nice six pack though. Although it looks like he’s taken some protein shakes and a bit of creatine.

  • Dee

    I usually find him so hot but he looks kind of strange. He looks like Ken Barbie, too perfect. lol Maybe I’m just weird. He’s still gorgeous but it’s too much for me.

  • Malia

    The best role Zac has done to date is that of Richard in “Me and Orson Welles.” Wish the movie would come out in the US on DVD soon. I’d love to watch it again.

  • emma

    jared, next time crop out zac’s head. otherwise, niiiice

  • Adriana

    WOW!!!!!!!!! Zac is the best looking man I have ever seen.

  • Karen

    Oh, good, now some of you have something NEW to complain about when it comes to Zac! Now you can talk about how you are turned off because his body is too perfect or that he isn’t allowed to have that toned of a body if he isn’t 6 foot tall, etc. Well, at least you people who want to complain have some new material to use here… You people are STILL pathetic even with the new material and quite frankly it shows even more just how desperate you are to be ugly sorry human beings. For the life of me I don’t understand what people get out of that kind of talk.

  • Ian Bar

    OMG i like his chocolate abs. He is definitely an eyecandy

  • LOL


  • ty

    @emma: lol!!

  • gaybob

    dammmmn: he fina dan a mug bioooootch. please bend meez ova and stick yo manhood in my @ass. Hell yeahh.

  • Jcmxwa

    Hmm… Does anyone believe he is on steroids? His body just changed overnight. Overl weird…

  • Mona

    @Karen: Well said!

  • ++Logan++

    Zac is all man now. He was cute and chubby when he first started and now he’s so hot. yum yum.

  • vic

    it didn’t take long for karen to pipe in

  • ch3v4li3r

    He used to be hot, now his body just looks weird to me…

  • jennifah

    better than the situation’s, yes. zac has hit it hard to bulk up. looks like he worked hard for it.

  • Nes

    Their dad must be proud of them… lol

  • deb

    OMG, I want me some Zac Efron. It shouldn’t be legal for someone to be so hot. Can we find a way to clone him and give him to all of us? Yummy.

  • CanadaGirl

    His face and body don’e match. He’s overly developed and he had a baby face. He’s trying too hard to be a stud and it’s falling flat with me.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @KAREN, You are right on very thing you said!

  • ellen

    Looks like he’s doing steroids. Just doesn’t look natural.

  • lol.

    His face is ugly though.

  • kami


    and don’t you wish you were half as intelligent as karen? then you might have something important to say too.

  • Trina

    Zac’s body looks pretty much the same now as it did in the summer of 2007 when this pic was taken in Maui when he was there with Vanessa. He has just filled out more and gotten a few inches taller.

  • Eve

    sorry girls, but he is gay. totally.

  • http://yahoo e

    Zac is so hot ! I just hope he just maintains this bec more than this would not look good anymore bec of his height.He may concentrate more now on his legs to even out his upper body.

  • maria

    @Trina: It is probably just his maturing body. Guys look very different in their twenties than they do in their teens. Zac does look more “bulky” but I do think part of that is just becoming a man; he’s definitely not a boy anymore.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ EVE, That is not true, you could be sue for slander, you don’t date a girl for all most 5 years, and live at each other houses, and be gay i have a son who is gay, who has said , people are jealous, make up rumors, you don’t know want your talking about, plus i know and work with several gay persons. You don’t have a glue, you need to stop making up storys, because you could be sued. get a life! It will be 5 years on sept 1st. You don’t know anything about Zac or his life, or you wouldn’t say just a dump thing.

  • roadhouse

    @ewwwwwwwwwww: Zac is only 5′ 6 1/2″ and looks good . If only he could do something with his chicken legs

  • K

    Zac no longer has chicken legs. Anyway, when referred to this and said he had chicken legs back when he did Hairspray he was talking about his THIGHS, not his calves. As can plainly be seen—JJ doesn’t have those pictures—Zac’s calves are developed, toned, and firmed. And although we don’t see his thighs with all the maturing other parts his body had done, including his calves, it stands to reason so has his thighs. The guy has put on some muscle. He works out diligently to get that kind of body so if he was once thinking of his thighs as “chicken legs” wouldn’t it be safe to assume he has also been working out the legs to build musles there too?

  • LuckyL

    Wow, he got hotter

  • dung


    i’d say give him 2-3 more inches, 2 at the least. hes about the same height as amanda crew, and she’s 5’9 1/2, so there’s no way he’s 3 inches shorter than her. no way in hell.

  • Malia

    There are pictures on the Zanessa=Sweetheart site of Zac and his brother surfing. He grew up near Pismo Beach, so he must have started surfing young. I know he surfed a lot during the time he filmed Summerland because it was filmed near/on the beach.

  • karishma

    hot damn efron.

  • Aitch

    Looking great!

  • jwow

    LoL whatever….look if you women/guys think that size matters …you should GO find the BIGGEST CUCUMBER and place it up there…and use that as your boyfriend……or why not a BASEBALL BAT!!!!!

    If you think zac or other good looking nice guys have something to hide…..
    no…size doesnt matter..

  • deb

    “sorry girls, but he is gay. totally.”
    So, Eve, please share with us exactly how you know that Zac is gay. I mean, have you been in his bedroom? While in his bedroom, did you see him with man? Have you see him kissing a man, holding hands with a man, doing anything with a man that would lead you to come to the conclusion that he is gay? Have you even met Zac, or actually seen him in person? I’m just curious about you and all of the other people who say that he is gay. What are you basing this on? Are you using one of the ridiculous stereotypes like he “looks” gay or he “sounds” gay or he “acts” gay? Because you know there really isn’t any such thing. You know, there really is nothing wrong with being gay. If someone is, then someone is, and that’s fine. But I am baffled that there are so many people who think that Zac is gay. I also wish that people wouldn’t think that being gay is a bad thing. But I really don’t think that Zac is gay.