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Jennifer Aniston & Chris Gartin: Just Friends!

Jennifer Aniston & Chris Gartin: Just Friends!

Jennifer Aniston gets leggy while attending a meeting on Wednesday (July 7) in Los Angeles.

Last Thursday (July 1), the 41-year-old actress dined with actor Chris Gartin, 42, at L.A.’s Sunset Tower Hotel.

Reports People, Chris is the “soon-to-be ex-husband of event planner Jo Gartin, a close friend of Courteney Cox and David Arquette‘s.”

Jen‘s rep says, “Chris and Jennifer have been friends for many years. She has had dinner with him dozens and dozens of times.”

30+ pictures inside of leggy Jennifer Aniston at a meeting…

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jennifer aniston chris gartin 01
jennifer aniston chris gartin 02
jennifer aniston chris gartin 03
jennifer aniston chris gartin 04
jennifer aniston chris gartin 05
jennifer aniston chris gartin 06
jennifer aniston chris gartin 07
jennifer aniston chris gartin 08
jennifer aniston chris gartin 09
jennifer aniston chris gartin 10
jennifer aniston chris gartin 11
jennifer aniston chris gartin 12
jennifer aniston chris gartin 13
jennifer aniston chris gartin 14
jennifer aniston chris gartin 15
jennifer aniston chris gartin 16
jennifer aniston chris gartin 17
jennifer aniston chris gartin 18
jennifer aniston chris gartin 19
jennifer aniston chris gartin 20
jennifer aniston chris gartin 21
jennifer aniston chris gartin 22
jennifer aniston chris gartin 23
jennifer aniston chris gartin 24
jennifer aniston chris gartin 25
jennifer aniston chris gartin 26
jennifer aniston chris gartin 27
jennifer aniston chris gartin 28
jennifer aniston chris gartin 29
jennifer aniston chris gartin 30
jennifer aniston chris gartin 31
jennifer aniston chris gartin 32

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Shaniqua

    Change your hair already!

  • KellStar

    A person going to “a meeting” is news because…

  • july

    just an effin’ attention-seekin’ wh☻re who used a man she never loved to jumpstart a movie career that went nowhere because she has no talent. pathetic.

  • Macedonian Girls

    Nice outfit, Jen.

  • Lilly

    Killer legs!

  • Amber

    She looks gorgeous as usual! I love everything about her, she is classy but sexy while Jolie is just pure trash and is classless. I understand why many people hate her, you know why? Because they want to BE her. I adore her. 41 and FABULOUS! Let’s see how Jolie looks in six years, I am sure she won’t be nearly as stunning as Jen

  • CanadaGirl

    Jen has the best minimalist style. Her style is classic and classy. Her new hair style looks great too. She’s cut off a lot of length and the colour’s brighter.

  • T pain

    Sorry Amber..Jolie has birthed 3 children, and STILL has a better body then aniston. She doesnt sun bathe so her skin in youthful and soft looking, not sun burnt and leather like. And for the record, I don;t think many want to be Aniston who at the end of the day,comes home to a empty, cold, lonely house.

  • Jen and Jolie

    I think JA’s appeal is that she is an everyday girl… she is the girl-next-door and we all can identify with her. She is a fairly ordinary girl that has cleverly made herself glamorous and attractive… she does have great natural charisma and likability. Many of us women have been “dumped” by a man, so we can identify with that too. On the other hand, Jolie is the woman that many of us women can never be. She is the woman we are jealous of… she is sexy, exotic, adventurous, smart, charitable and talented all in one…. a paradox of characteristics that we have difficulty understanding. Her appeal is almost impossible to achieve. But Jen is accessible and we all identify with her, while Jolie is enigmatic. I wish people would just accept each of them for who they are and not slam either of them.

  • Amber

    @T-Pain oh well, that’s your opinion, and I gave mine. At least Jen has never been in love with her brother but I guess people like you find that attractive? Makes total sense

  • Amber

    And I never said Jolie wasn’t stunning, I jut don’t find her as good looking as Jennifer (that is truly my opinion, nothing more) . To me, having class and elegance makes a woman beautiful something which Jolie lacks.

  • Amber

    Oh and I find it very amusing that people want to insult Jen for every littler thing but get very offensive when someone is not fond of Jolie. Take a chill pill for god sakes

  • Stop judging already!

    @Amber: C’mon, get over it. you can’t judge her past, like we can’t judge yours. None of us on these blogs know either of these women, so stop judging already. Plus, we only see what we want to see. Both of these women have had their share of boyfriends.

  • Slig

    My hair nice. Not old woman .hi jennifer why not come here and clean home

  • Amber

    Since I have grown bored of all of the immature comments and replies I have received, I am not going to post any more on this topic since I am only talking to a bunch of closed minded freaks who support a pure trash weirdo and I have much better things to do. LOVE YA JEN! And with that, I’m done.

  • Evan

    Can’t wait for her perfume to come out

  • I agree

    Amber, I could not agree with you more. Jennifer is simply stunning and like you, I am not the biggest fan of Jolie (although I will keep my opinions to myself since I have noticed most people posting our fans) All I can think is, BRAD, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! I do think it is funny that Jen and Brad remain very good friends and Brad has yet to marry Jolie.

  • sav

    Uglyyyyyy as usual.

  • lover11

    Have you ever heard of if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all? Jen haters get a life. Can’t wait for her perfume!

  • Evan


    You too? I loved Jen’s description of Lolavie, and as someone mentioned, she is a minimalist (like Mondrian), so the perfume is intriguing to me, cant wait to get it!!!

  • meagan1122

    Jesus, do you bloggers not have anything better to do than try and argue with someone over their opinion? Who cares if she dislikes Jolie when you obviously have a problem with Jen if you are putting rude comments. I guess people that blog have nothing better to do than get on here and get into arguments with people since their lives are completely pathetic and sad. Oh well.

  • lover11


    Her perfume sounds fantastic and as a perfume obsessy (guilty as charged) I am eagerly waiting for more on the perfume! I just hope it isn’t a fail like some celebrities perfumes have been

  • Ugh

    Its summer, perhaps people should do something with their families instead of bashing JA. It’s tiring and it’s sickening the way people do it 24/7.

  • Tay

    Right on schedule. Leak out the lie then deny it. When is she going to change up her lame pr game, It’s so tired and wore out.
    I agree please change up that boring hair.

  • new jordan


  • Dawn

    @Ugh same for you. Do something with your summer instead of bashing Jolie/Pitt. Most people that make that comment nest at Jolie/Pitt site bashing. Lol.

  • Evan

    I know what you mean with celebrity parfums and I am not usually fan of that either, but Jen’s description sounded intriguing, non-perfume perfume :) She said something like I want people to ask what is that, you smell great! Lolavie must me something different, simple and natural, but different. Can’t wait!!!

  • sav

    Ugly, go back to Greece for more sunbath.

  • African Girl

    Ok what is up with the security Blanket? A 3 yrs old with one is ok, a 10yrs old with one is kinda pushing it but a 41yrs old woman? Now that’s just all sorts of sad.
    KellStar @ 07/08/2010 at 1:41 am

    A person going to “a meeting” is news because…
    ….A certain someone she feels the need to compete with is in the news.


    She is pregnant! just wait for the news!
    Who could be her baby dady?
    I hope someone good looking, because i adore her, but to be honest, she dosn´t have the best genes.
    But i wish her the best.
    ho, all the world gonna be over the moon with that!

  • Evan

    Agree with you, it’s sick to read all the filth either on Aniston or Jolie threads. Both actresses are wonderfull in their own right and don’t deserve IMO to be called horrible names on JJ.

  • BS !!!

    Yeah, that’s why this beotch was hiding her face in shame in the car.
    They probably f*cked for years while he said to his wife that he had a so called ‘business meeting’ with America Sh*theart.

  • JEN

    LOVE JEN!!!!!!!

  • No way !!!

    Jen and Jolie @ 07/08/2010 at 2:33 am +4

    sorry that’s a myth, a motto spouted without any thoughts.
    i don’t identify with Jen. I am tall like Jolie, i am brainy multilingual more than Jolie (college educated and MBA beholder), I am eloquent as Jolie, i am cosmopolite driven as Jolie, i am beautiful (former model) and have Halle’s skin. I practices a job where 95 % are male engeneers and i love to be considered the whole package because like one male colleague said ; “you look like a brasilian supermodel and speak lke an executive’, a knock out combination.
    So no i don’t indentify to the likes of a 41 years old short legged woman who barely speak correctly her only language, who is as immature as my 5 years old niece. Who likes to be urinated by a guy who disrespected her, a guy who is nearly 10 years younger than her, a guy she ran after like an inexperience girl that has an high opinion of herself and yet play the lolitta in heat because of douche . I tell you very few women all social classes included can indentify wth that type of behaviour even in their 20 !
    Sorry but MOST women just by having a job and raising their children and being 30+ are exactly like Jolie….beautiful inside, maybe even beautiful outside, mother, partner or even single and professional…no whining involved but going on with thier life, growing mature and certainly not pursuing a douche and having a 4 hour a day a physical routines because it’s the most important than them (for most women, thir family, children are the priority) while hanging out with girlfriends all the time at this advanced age.
    Women in their 30 and plus financially aside live and experience the Jolie way raising theirt family and having other priorities than girlfriends and pampering. They can’t possibly identify to the Aniston way…that’s what we do at 14 !

  • sav

    @No way !!!:
    Great post.

  • African Girl

    Reading about security blankets/transitional objects and saw this, apparently these items are needed because
    “they help a child make the transition from complete dependence to independence
    Now it makes sense why she has it. She clearly hasn’t made that transition yet because with independence comes a certain sense of confidence. It is obvious to all and sundry she isn’t the most confident woman out there, that’s why she’s jumped from one man to another even after they’ve treated her badly (John Mayer) or disrespected her in public (John Mayer) or stuck their finger in her butthole with photographers present.
    I believe it is this lack of confidence her fans see which is why they are quick to believe she’ll still be best friends with BP……a man they claim isn’t good enough for her, someone who called his relationship with her a deadend, a man who had no qualms telling the world he never truly felt ready to have a family until he met the woman he’s with now. THIS man, is whom JA’s fans believe will come back to her and they have no doubt she’ll take him back with open arms. Boy! That’s truly sad.
    Anyway, I realize now that making fun of her because of her security blanket is like making fun of a crippled person on a wheelchair, so I promise it won’t happen again and I also apologize for my earlier post on the issue.

  • scarlet

    Awww.. how sweet..

    Jennifer has a security blanket.. She was carrying it the other night too.. Must make her feel better.

  • michelle

    Feel so bad for Jen because the media make up or assume everything that she does. Hope she well.
    Jen is as cute as usual.

  • nana

    nice pics, jen is cool as usual, dig the skirt, paps seem to follow her a lot

  • ‘tarded JP fan

    oh, Jen should be home with 6 kids,(half of them bought), her part-time baby Daddy, 6 full-time nannies, and assorted staff fictionally dancincing around in their PJ’s and then she would be fullfilled.

  • Amazed

    @Amber: @Amber: Give it a rest for crying out loud!!!! Why does a post on Jennifer have to involve Jolie!!! The two have clearly moved on WHY don’t you!!

  • yeah right

    Amber @ 07/08/2010 at 2:36 am -1

    And I never said Jolie wasn’t stunning, I jut don’t find her as good looking as Jennifer (that is truly my opinion, nothing more) . To me, having class and elegance makes a woman beautiful something which Jolie lacks

    When you date the douche bag Mayer which dumped you in public eyes then let him back again in your life and then dumped you again for the second time and let the WHOLE WORLD know (via inteview i a mag) that YOU ARE BORING AND STUCK IN 1998 … that is not a sign of CLASS .. MANISTON is classless .. she belong to PARIS HILTON CATEGORY .. … A S K U N K !! and another think when you let a man stick his finger in your butthole in PUBLIC that is not a sign of having CLASS and ELEGANCE. bwahahahhah!!!!

  • yeah right

    # 40 ‘tarded JP fan @ 07/08/2010 at 6:50 am

    I think ANUSton rather want to go home to NORMAN the dog (which tried to ran away) because as she said in one of her interview she loves her dog more than she love any human being…. stupid HAG!! No wonder every men she dated dumped her again and again.

  • yeah right

    i am a fat retard

  • Guest

    Isn’t that her older brother and father with her in the pics? You can’t really see her dad fully, because he is hidden behind her brother by the door in the pics where she is talking to them. But, you can tell by the hair. Doesn’t look like a business meeting and she seems serious and sad. Wonder what is going on? Is she just pissed by the photographers?

  • Dawn


    The place kind of looks like it could be a funeral home. I wonder if someone in her family passed away?

  • Dawn

    @No way !!!:

    You know instead of spending all your time criticizing Jennifer Aniston and actually reading somethink that doesn’t pertain to her or Angelina, you would know that more and more women are not having children.

  • Dawn


    That should be something.

  • gem15

    she’s done remarkably well for someone who is not beautiful (cute at best) and not particularly talented. Have to give her and her handlers credit for that. What bothers me about her is the “embracing the lonely girl image” to keep her career going. I understand that her career is the most important thing in her life (and probably always has been) but by projecting herself as the victim to get people to feel sorry for her (and therefore buy her movie tickets) lacks self respect and reeks of desperation. It is also an insult to the true victims of domestic unrest. the women who were left with little money, children, careers that were halted to start families and difficult to regain. the demonization of Jolie is another tactic she and her PR use ad nauseum. Can’t she stand on her own? Does she always need the JP association to stay relevant? As a “left” woman I feel she gives all of us a bad rap. We are nothing without the man (the one who’s there or the one who left). 5+ yrs after the break up and she’s still bringing Pitt up in every interview (and you know she does)? Presenting at award shows where he’s nominated? It’s really sad how bad she makes us look.

  • reply

    That is no business meeting that’s her family. You can see her father and her brother there. Leave her alone.