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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Quits

Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Quits

Lindsay Lohan‘s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, will no longer serve as Lindsay‘s counsel.

TMZ reports that Lindsay will be represented by Tiffany Feder-Cohen, a lawyer admitted to the bar in November of 2009.

Earlier today, Shawn released a statement to Check it:

Ms. Lohan and I are extremely disappointed in the sentence handed down by Judge Revel. We believe that the penalty is far harsher than what others would have received under similar circumstances.

“The reality is that Ms. Lohan, like most defendants, had to balance work commitments with court requirements. To be punished so severely for doing so, particularly in light of the fact that she substantially complied with each of her probationary conditions, is harsh and unfair. That said, Ms. Lohan is prepared to serve her jail time and to comply with the Court’s orders.”

“With respect to Ms. Lohan‘s nails, the fact is, the words could barely be seen by the naked eye. That a courtroom camera, purportedly there to accurately chronicle the proceedings, would use a telephoto lens to zoom in as it did to Ms. Lohan‘s fingernail is a commentary on the entire issue.”

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  • Emily

    She better be in jail for at least a month. And as for the nails, I don’t think she’s brave enough to have had it done in defiance of the court system. It was probably just done in silliness without her remembering she had it. Her method is being ‘badass’ and screwy outside of court in her actual life, while in court she plays the part of an honest girl and a lost puppy dog combined. I’ve had enough of her.

  • Jack

    Isn’t it interesting that in America, someone like Chris Brown who managed to reconstruct a woman’s face with his fist only gets Community Service whilst an (albeit stupid and irresponsible) girl gets sent to jail for breaking the terms of her probation. I know which case is worse.

  • Sacha

    Lilo probably got her nails because she thought it looked ‘cool’, doubt it was for the Hearing.

  • ask the Count

    oh boo hoo hoo, in other news, it’s hot outside!

  • Mattew

    @Jack: Our System is messed up.

  • Londoner

    She won’t last 2 weeks.

  • Amelle

    I really, really, really hope this will help her start afresh. I really do want to see her change for the better. I hope she serves the full 90 days and the 3 months in Rehab. We’ll see.

  • 100mph

    and Justice for all… NEXT!!!

  • Cam

    her rehab time should have been longer than her jail time

  • Todd

    I had a friend do 6 months in jail for getting a dui 3 times. Sure enough if she can do the same thing why wouldn’t she receive the same thing. Just because she WAS a celebrity doesn’t mean she should have a lesser punishment than everyday hard working ppl. All she does is party, drink, and do drugs…she deserves a full 6 months at least and jail time. Shame on anyone to feel sorry for this screw up.

  • Lillianne

    The fact that Lindsay got those words put on that particular finger is an even bigger commentary on the issue, Shawn.

    Also, why did you quit her?

  • BellaC

    I was wondering how long she’d stay with her.

    I am surprised it took her this long.

    When your client doesn’t listen to you, it’s hard to remain by her side.

  • girlstragedy

    Oh yeah, I guess Lindsay had bad luck not that chris brown had good luck lol. You sound ridiculous this is a Lindsay topic. This girl has been in the News for months or even for years for not attending the courts, taking drugs, and etc etc… Thats all I know about her. She shows off that shes a good girl but she looks like a witch. And am I supposed to feel sorry for her??? Sorry, but NO. She has never acted like a normal person. She’s antisocial and I think she believes that we have to get used to her rules when she’s incapable to adapt herself to society. She’s dumb and all she’s doing to the world is proving that she can be dumber. She never had education and now the society has to bear her and try to bring her up as an adult. Pure TRASH

  • BellaC

    @Jack: You’re comparing apples and oranges.

    If Brown violates his PROBATION, he goes to jail.

    Lohan has violated her probation, the reason she’s going to jail.

    Besides, why the eff do you care if Lohan gets sent to jail? Are you here friend, publicist, agent, family member?

  • missy


    do you not understand “probation” ????

  • Brightside

    She needs the jail time first….she’s been in and out of rehab and showed no commitment to turning her life around. She is the only one who put herself in this position…she has only herself to blame. She has lied, cheated, manipulated and partied her way into this mess so presenting a repentant face to the Judge when, all along, she’s been presenting an unrepentant face to everyone else isn’t going to work. The term isn’t a harsh one and maybe it will make her realise that, if you treat people as fools while you’re lying to them, then they will treat you sternly by way of return. Serves her right.

  • [marie]

    ‘Bout time. What took her so long..?

  • Sadie

    Shes too good for Lindsay :D lol
    Lilo, next time you could hire someone from craigslist?

  • Dieter

    Lindsay has been working so hard her entire life and she surely was in need of a better lawyer than that quitter !!!

  • Slig

    Enjoy in jail hahahahahaha . U nasty woman and bitch hahahahaha go in hall .but iam in the best

  • Slig

    Ooh baby

  • http://h Kaz

    Hey lindsay u crazy nasty go in jail

  • pete

    No one gets 90 days jail for this? Ironic. No one gets 100 000 news media stations to dissect a spoilt 24 year old girls life either. In some parts of the world Lilo would be getting stoned for her indiscretions. How ironic that Lilo would claim that Judge Revel is trying to make an example of her when in fact Lilo has been doing and continues to do her best to make an example of her. I look forward to reading Lilo’s ‘While I was behind bars,’ memoir and Judge Revel’s ‘While I secretly cried when Lilo was behind bars’ memo.

  • lola_uk

    good riddance!

  • lola_uk

    …to lindsay, that is.

  • CanadaGirl

    The sentence is NOT harsh. Had Lindsay complied with the courts orders, she would not be in the predicament she’s in.
    This is a list of her offences:
    1) DUIs
    2) possession of cocaine
    3) endangering the lives of passengers in a vehicle
    4) not adhering to the court’s alcohol mandates
    5) set off SCRAM
    You cannot do the above and expect to have LENIENCY. To expect this is immature and delusional!
    I also suspect that whiney Lindsay is on JJ complaining about her sentence. Suck it up b**ch and take your lumps. No-one feels sorry for you. Perhaps you think that being a drunk, drugged out loser is cool. In your world perhaps it is, but when you put other people’s lives in danger and attempt to circumvent the law, you have to suffer the consequences like any other individual.

  • CanadaGirl

    PS – Why don’t you let your lawyer do her job and get off Twitter. Your sense of entitlement about the sentence not being fair is outlandish.
    Time to face reality and grow up, Lindsay.

  • rhonda

    If I got in trouble I would be happy to have Shawn Chapman represent me, but she didn’t seem able to handle Lindsey (not that anyone can)

  • lola_uk

    @Jack: let me first say that i think that chris brown is a monster for what he did to Rihanna.
    secondly, let me say that at the very worst chris brown’s actions could have/would have ended the life of one human being. BUT, ms lohan’s repeated wreckless behaviours (drink driving) could have ended the lives of MANY innocent human beings. So, by comparison i think it is fair to say that she deserves this sentence (which is not to say that mr brown does not deserve the same).

    you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to minimise the severity of lindsay lohan’s actions!

  • hi

    lindsey is so cute she doesn’t deserve this :(

  • jaye

    Harsh judgment? Even the judges in California don’t read the law. Lindsay had MULTIPLE DUIs and other violations. Dui/Dwi is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; these drugs can even be prescription drugs. The more convictions you have the harsher the sentence can be. Even at that, Lindsay got off easy. She could have gotten up to a year in jail just on the dui charges.
    People driving drunk should go to jail. If they are fortunate enough not to have injured or killed anyone the FIRST time, they should get probation as a warning. How much time given within the criminal guidelines of each state is at the Judge’s discretion, which means don’t expect everyone to get the exact same sentence for the same crime. Given it’s California, she’ll probably spend 30 days or less in jail.

    BTW stupid attorney, “substantially complied” is not COMPLETE compliance which was required. If Lilo cared so much for her career she wouldn’t have gotten herself in this mess in the first place. She’s only saying what any defense attorney is expected to say.

  • Channy

    she’ll be in for 4 days tops! :( I really think they need to be firm in the 90 days and stop letting celebs out in just a matter of hours or days. You break law, you should do the time

  • Ginger

    She was totally disrespecting the court system by wearing that F U on her finger nails. That was stupid and i don’t blame the judge for sentencing her for 90 days in jail. I don’t feel sorry for LiLo at all. She think she is above the law.

  • eli

    LL prob started yelling at the attorney saying it was her fault and said she wasnt paying her because she did speak up enough or argue enough or whatever……
    I am sure that she is blaming this ALL on the attorney and therefore she wont pay any legal fees. So the atty quit.
    Good for the atty.

  • Jeff

    Oh please… what adult would write that on their finger nails anyway?!

  • Times a tickin

    Its about time this entitled Brat has to face some real consequences. No sympathy from me. She hasn’t shown any remorse for what she has done or respected the law itself. Missing court dates to party in Cannes REALLY showed that she could care less. I don’t see why anyone would feel sorry for this hag.

  • teri

    I read so many stories about celebs abusing alcohol and drugs on a weekly basis. Some even brag on tv stations that they are pot smokers or have the weed on them waving it to cameras. Even though it’s illegal to smoke it they so happily brag about it as if to say you can’t touch me. It’s not only Lindsay doing this so many celeb parents are doing this with thier children present, Bobby and Whitney were doing crack cocain and nobody really said anything even though little Bobby was right there in the home. I think Lindsay should recieve something but I see much worse out there. She’s not even out drinking and driving, she has a driver. But if she’s on drugs I do hope she gets cleaned up.

  • lily

    I guess she’s gonna see Alexis Neiers behind bars

  • vittoria crispin

    LILO is no longer a teen struggling with academic, emotional, behavioral and psychological problems that her parents simply write off the symptoms as “normal” adolescent growing pains. She is a troubled adult person that needs best intervention possible. What can you expect from having parents like hers who also needs to see a family doctor or a mental health professional?

    The viewing public has seen her mood swings persisted through the years that interfered with her everyday living – it became a serious state of depression. She is emotionally stressed for the reason that her experiences of failure of being a struggling actress and the lack of support from everybody resulted to her feeling of worthlessness and self blame. Her substance abuse changed her brain chemistry too!

    Y’know, genetics can predispose a person to depression when the illness runs in the family.

    I’m just saying……….

  • longchamp

    nail or not, that judge nailed her as_s, and if lohan knows what’s good for her, she’ll do the 90 days and take the time to reflect. what is amazing about this whole thing is that there is not-a-one person in lohan’s life who will tell her the truth – that this is the best thing that could’ve happened to her, given the path she’s been on.

  • Go Ask Alice

    CanadaGirl, Times A Tickin, jaye and Ginger,
    you all said it best and I totally agree.

    Also, this is a blessing in diguise for her if she wants it. She needs 90 days jail, to think, reflect and dry out.
    She needs SOMEBODY in Hollywood, to help her after. Is there anybody, a producer, director, adult costar ,somebody, Samantha Ronson seemd ok even, to then get her to a rehab celeb clinic again and Lohan just needs to be gone for a whole year drying out, getting therapy,new friends, better surroundings, getting rid of her parents, getting better.

    Only time will tell if she serves her 90 and then after.

    This girl is on her way to 6 feet under.

  • conniegray

    well I love her and want to be her lover

  • anny

    Shawn should have told that dumb cunt to take that shyt off her nails before they went into the courtroom don’t try to sugar coat it now.

  • craig

    Damn her lawyer is one ugly ho. Hopefully her new lawyer will be more pleasing to look at. Lindsay should not have went with a negro lawyer anyway because everybody knows that negroes are not as smart as white people.

  • heroinaddictforlife

    Lindsays old lawyer was worthless. I am glad to see lindsay is changing attorneys. Stay strong Lindsay with your fine @ss.

  • italianforlife

    Lindsay Lohan is a very sexy woman. She makes my d!ck hard.

  • cheerleader

    omg her lawyer is so ugly. damn.

  • In The Know

    What she did.. no debate… was like pissing on the leg of the court. Courts take this very very seriously and her behavior has been consistent…….end of story.

  • mikethemechanic

    I dont see what the big deal about driving drunk is. I drive drunk everyday and have no problems with it at all. That is the only way to handle the los angeles traffic—GET SH!TFACED AND HIT THE FREEWAYS.

  • bebe

    @Brightside: totally agree with you…… is what you make it…..she is to blame really…