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Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Tie The Knot

Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Tie The Knot

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are married!

The country cutie, 27, and her 30-year-old hockey player love, married on Saturday (July 10) at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia. 250 friends and family members came to celebrate the wedding!

“We could not feel more blessed to have found each other and to have shared this day with our friends and family that mean so much to us!” the couple told People in a statement, signing “Mike & Carrie Fisher“.

Carrie and her bridesmaids wore Monique Lhuillier – the bride chose a Chantilly lace dress for her walk down the aisle.

The two are reportedly headed to Tahiti and Bora Bora for their honeymoon.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!

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Credit: Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty
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  • may

    she’s such a b i t ch

  • alicia

    I’m not a Carrie fan at all, but congrats to the newlyweds.

  • ALEX

    Sooooo happy for them! They are both good people who deserve to be happy. Congrats to Carrie and Mike!!!!

  • Courtney

    congrats to Carrie and Mike they seem so in love and like they could buck the hollywood trend and stay married for decades like Sophia Loren & Carlo Ponti did though they were actually married twice as the first marriage was annualed to save him from bigamy charges in Italy as his mexican divorce wasn’t viewed as leagal at the time then they remarried 4 years later when they and his first wife Guillana got citizaenship in france

    hopefully when Carrie & Mike decide to have children she doesn’t have to go through what Sophia did losing her first two pregnancies then having complete bed rest for the pregnancies with her two sons though with the younger one Edoardo it wasn’t so easy because she found out she was pregnant with him while she was filming the Man Of La Mancha in the Spring of 1972 as he was born January 6th 1973 about 3 1/2 months after her 38th birthday of course she also had two stepchildren from Carlo’s first marriage Alex and Guendolina granted in those days stars got privacy to grieve for an event like that where now it plastered everywhere in the tabloids and their forced to talk openly about it even if their not comfortable doing so that like Sophia Didn’t talk about hers until decades later when she wrote her autobioghraphy

  • the truth

    Don’t like her at all. She lied about the whole thing anyway.Why rush into it. She just got engaged.Could waited a year. No congrats here.Why people get married so quick anyway?Look like everyone got married this weekend. Martin l

  • A

    I do like some of her songs but not sure if I like her. There’s a few stories of her being a self-righteous B word. I just don’t see the two of them together either. I kinda think she was just desperate to get married and rushed into this. Why wouldn’t she have this extravagant affair somewhere in Nashville to help their local economy out? People can get married where they want I guess. Its their day. But she was just phony about this whole thing. Lets stay tuned to see if it lasts. I have a feeling that it won’t last more than 2-3 years, if that. Don’t know why, I just do.

  • flutters

    Congratulations and best wishes to Mike & Carrie Fisher :)

  • Callie

    She is so pretty.

  • Slig

    I dont care she .now i eating beef and busy

  • klutzy_girl

    I’m just LOLing over the fact that she’s now Carrie Fisher. I didn’t catch it until someone else pointed it out.

    Congratulations to her!

  • Slig

    I want t.. t .t

  • Amanda

    @the truth: Well aren’t you just a little b*tch — their wedding schedule is none of you business, so why does it concern you? Big deal if they got married quickly; they’re in love and wanted to get married as soon as they could. I think it’s great that they are that confident in their love for each other.

    I wish them a happy life together <3

  • lexy hates bilson

    Congrats to them!! I’m glad she was able to have a nice private wedding!!!

  • Nicole

    Congrats Carrie and Mike!!!!!! I wish you all the best!!!! and for people putting it down because they got married “to fast” hello he is a hockey player so if they didn’t get married this summer it would have to be next summer and why wait a whole year when you are in love and you can put a wedding together in a short amount of time. Glad she is married to Mike Fisher!!!! A Canadian Boy!=)

  • Ugh

    @the truth:

    She doesn’t lie and she is not a bitch! Jealous much?

  • amanda

    Congratulations to Carrie and Mike! Wish them all the best!

  • andreanne

    cool congrats

  • meme

    much happiness to these 2!! can’t wait to see the pics!! carrie is a genuinely nice and very talented girl…..mike is a lucky guy!! i hope u 2 have a long , happy life together…and some beautiful children!!

  • Luke

    There’s only ONE famous Carrie Fisher in my book!!!

  • Ganymede

    Congrats to them! Carrie’s so talented and beautiful! He’s a lucky guy!

  • Congrats

    Congrats to the happy couple!!!

  • Alice

    beautiful couple wish them the best!

  • Beautiful!

    I love Carrie Underwood. I don’t know… in times where people are just going crazy… where people don’t seem to know where their heads are, along comes Ms. Underwood. She’s truly deserving of all her success. She’s someone that good people admire. She doesn’t get drunk in public. She’s not “flashing” the spaces between her legs to photographers. She doesn’t hang out at Hollywood parties. She loves her family. And now she has a gorgeous man. I think he is a hunk and a half. Just goes to show that good things do come to good people and it’s so nice when it happens. She’s not having a baby out of wedlock. Likely, her marriage will be a lasting one because of their faith. I am so happy for Carrie and Mike. God bless them in the most special way!

  • alyssa

    i just dont understand why she tries so hard to keep everything so private…then releases a statement the day of the wedding.
    something about her just screams bitch, and the stories i’ve heard make sense of that.

  • Ginger

    Dayem! I’m jealous where they’re going for their honeymoon!!!! I would love to go there someday!! congrats to Mike and Carrie!!

    Now I can’t wait to see the pictures from their wedding. I love looking at wedding pictures…

  • Alrighty then

    I thought she was religious and would get married in a church, this girl is so contradicting i cant stand it.

  • Jamie

    Wow look at all the haters up in here…”she married too quick” “didn’t get married in a church” and “she’s a bitch” ….great observations from people who don’t follow all the good things this couple does for others.

    They’ve been dating since November 2008 so no they did not rush into marriage. What’s the big deal about not getting married in a church? Her and Mike are very religious and had some of their favorite Bible readings recited at the ceremony along with a traditional wedding ceremony. Don’t make assumptions when you don’t know the facts, both of them are the most Christian and most dedicated to their faith out of anyone in the entertainment/sports industry and haven’t been in scandals in the media, haven’t had drug/alcohol problems, or anything like that. Why is it so hard for others to be happy for people that are truly in love? Get a life, all the jealousy, hate and/or negative feelings just tear you down, not anyone else :)

  • em

    Jamie, you said that perfectly. congrats to carrie and mike!

  • Tia

    I am such a big fan of both carrie AND mike. she’s such a great singer, he’s an excellent hockey player. Both wonderful, charitable, nice people with A+ personalities. I’m so glad they found eachother. Congradulations carrie and mike!

  • viper


    I know what you mean by now two Carrie Fishers I’m sure the original one is being he asked if she married the Canadian hockey

  • детска градина

    Благодаря за добрата тема :)

  • http://- Jean Lopez

    Pictures of the wedding!! I cant believe Just Jared has No pictures of Carrie Underwoods wedding!!!!!

  • gill

    countdown to another hollywood divorce.

  • Roseann

    Adding my congratulations. A week late – but nonetheless it is heartfelt. Good for them. Love never fails. Here’s to Mr. and Mrs. Fisher!

  • Amanda S

    I am so happy for Carrie and Mike! She is absolutely beautiful, and true to her Country roots! I wish them both happiness, and love in their life together. I don’t blame her for wanting a private wedding, I am getting married in Sept, and I too would not want paparazzi everywhere. All the best to Mike and Carrie! Love from Canada!

  • Callie

    Oh please she is just too perfect, dont you think. Everything is alway coming up roses for her First she comes out of some hick town and wins American Idol, which she deserved. Then she becomes sooo famous. Then she finds the perfect guy. But along the was the images he presents has become well a bit trashy. With the really short dresses and all the make up. She claims to be a role model for young girls. Not dressed like that. And the wedding, whatever it was ok. I have been to bigger affairs than that. She is just fake i my book