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Jennifer Aniston Heads to Harrod's

Jennifer Aniston Heads to Harrod's

Jennifer Aniston heads out of town via LAX airport on Monday (July 19) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old actress (in a Market tank top) is expected to launch her new fragrance Lolavie at Harrod’s department store in London on Wednesday (July 21).

Jen will be making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday (July 29). Jason Schwartzman will also be there that night and Stone Temple Pilots will be giving a musical performance.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston heading to Harrod’s

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jennifer aniston harrods 01
jennifer aniston harrods 02
jennifer aniston harrods 03
jennifer aniston harrods 04
jennifer aniston harrods 05
jennifer aniston harrods 06
jennifer aniston harrods 07
jennifer aniston harrods 08
jennifer aniston harrods 09
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jennifer aniston harrods 11

Credit: Rachpoot; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • CanadaGirl

    Gorgeous! I love the way Jen puts together an outfit, and the new layers in her hair look great.


    Stop posting on this HAG! It’s a freakin stinkfume not a movie!!

  • Lucky Charm

    Good. London can keep her.

  • CanadaGirl

    Ps – Really like the second picture.

  • John Hopkirk

    * Awaits all the comments from fat, greasy women hating on Jen *

    Do you think she cares, you overweight swamp donkeys? She has millions of dollars and has a fantastic life while you spew your crap from your computer, whilst gorging on Cheeto’s and pizza.

  • okay

    @John Hopkirk:

    oooh John that’s cold (snacking on cheeto)

  • Dawn

    I don’t like what she is wearing here. Those boots have to go.

  • Ripple

    She looks gorgeous!

  • Robert

    My god, this woman knows how to put together an ensemble so well! She should definitely be voted one of the best dressed actresses in Hollywood this year! And so naturally pretty without a lot of makeup. Very nice Jen~~~~

  • queen bee

    Wow….this woman is sooo predictable. Naked picture, check. Papparrazi shots at the airport, check. Pity talk show appearance for a non-promotable product, check. LOL! Her only problem is, where do you go from Naked????? She keeps pulling from the same bag of tricks!

  • queen bee

    Wow….this woman is sooo predictable. Naked picture, check. Papparrazi shots at the airport, check. Pity talk show appearance for a non-promotable product, check. LOL! Her only problem is, where do you go from Naked????? She keeps pulling from the same bag of tricks!

  • queen bee

    ….also, her skin around the chest and arms are starting to look FRIED!….I mean really sun-burned. She’d better be careful, cause her Karma seems to be very bad…

  • Dawn

    LOL. The appearance on Leno is probably for The Switch, not the perfume. If it was for the fragrance, why don’t we know the US release date yet?

  • Nora

    Omg, she looks like Barbara Streisland…

  • Dawn

    P.S. And you are predictable, too. Angelina has a huge premiere right now where she looks great. Brad looks great especially now that he has shaved. Yet you are in here ragging on Jennifer. So, so, so so predictable.

  • bet

    the body is walking in airport. The other one try to wear mini just like jen, but not everyone can wear mini. It strictlyon for women with leg. she look like fish stick.

  • bet

    mini is striclty only women with leg. You know leg that have shape.

  • lol

    i like her outfit

  • first and only post

    Canada girl, you should scold some people here for their bad spelling ASAP!

  • Times a tickin

    @Nora: @John Hopkirk: I can so totally see Streisand in her face in this pic too. Good call!

  • Nora

    What’s with the mop vest and Peter Pan boots Ms. Streisland?

  • Pinkrose

    What I really want to know is why they changed the launch date of the perfume from June to July to coincide with Salt premiere. Do Jen and her people really think she can compete with angie. If only she weren’t so obvious.

  • Pinkrose

    What I really want to know is why they changed the launch date of the perfume from June to July to coincide with Salt premiere. Do Jen and her people really think she can compete with angie. If only she weren’t so obvious.

  • Times a tickin

    Oops, I dont know how John ended up in that post. My bad

  • Nora

    @Pinkrose: It’s her survival skill: to blood suck on the fame of Brad and Angie.

  • T pain

    OMG….after seeing these pics I don’t want to tan ever again!

  • goopydrawers

    Did I not say we would get the paps called today. A media kit launches with skin shots, a 2 year old video of a reading hits the web and we get the LAX departure photos. Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And overkill my dear, overkill.

  • Guest


    The media kit was released late last week, the book reading is not 2 years old it is new – there was an original Loukoumi book that was released more than a year ago, and this one is the next in the series, and the paps don’t get called to LAX – the place is crawling with them. Since she is flying commercial because she is going overseas, she has no choice but run into them there.

    The only thing pathetic is your need to perpetuate a triangle that is long dead. Instead of ragging on Aniston for her perceived crimes of living her life and doing her work, why don’t you go enjoy the pics of Jolie and Pitt and support her movie and her premiere? Jolie’s movie might be coming out on Friday, but she doesn’t own the rights to all press for the entire week, month, or however long you would like her to have it exclusively. And if Salt is a good film and Jolie the actress and celebrity you think she is, then nothing Aniston does or doesn’t do should have any impact on her. It’s not like they are competing here.

  • Whatever

    I feel sorry for her.
    Leave her the ******U****C****K*****

    Thank you.

  • siska

    Her launch date change cause the perfume name change to Jennifer similar to Marc Jacobs Lola and SJP lovely..
    I can not wait to see her in the talk shows..with her Switch movie promo.
    Her perfume launch in England..she is indifferent place than AJ..
    I just so jealous of her englan fans.

  • siska

    @Guest: very wise!!! thas the real jen fans..more wise and sensible like jen

  • T pain

    Only 31 comments while Angie’s Salt thread is buring up the site!! Where are all the Jen fans??? On Angie’s thread of course :)

  • lina

    the perfume photo looks young, in this photo showing real face she looks so scary OLD. actually she looks like an ARAB MAN.

  • rina

    damn, she looks so old already.

  • Marieme

    She’s trying so desperately hard to take focus away from Ange & her “Salt” premiere. As if! How convenient to release (leak, my as s) those cheesy, embarrassing and laughable topless shots. I groaned out loud when I saw them. But are any of us really surprised? Exactly. Now she’s running over to the U.K. -where even the Spice Girls can still draw crowds- to force these people to buy her Rachel Green/LonelyVee stank. What a tragic, predictable joke she is!

  • Marieme

    Btw calling out a resemblance to Barbra Streisand is an insult to Barbra. The woman was actually talented and beautiful. This one is neither talented nor beautiful and she knows it. Hence, the perfume and constant T & A flashing.

  • David

    Very sad that so many grown adults on here have nothing better to do than post vile comments insulting a woman they don’t know.

  • eli


    Yup! You are RIGHT! Jen changed from June to JUly—this week!!
    hmmmm, why, idk, she knows she is nothing without riding the coattails of real A-listers!
    She fakes romances—hey, where’s Gerard now? right- She fakes her body with smoking and 4 hours per day of yoga, cardio, etc, She fakes her skin with fake-tanning, fakes her hair with excessive highlights. SHE FAKES EVERYTHING!
    SHe is shallow, untalented, and USES others for her selfish gain. Not strong female role model.
    She is a snake-oil salesmen.
    I used to like her but IM soooo sick of her phony, self-centered, lame excuse of a celebrity. Yea, celebrity not actress!
    She uses all the ploys of reality tv people —she belongs with them.

  • melissa

    I don’t understand that fans of brangelina are on this thread go to the thread about brad and angelina from angelina’s premiere and

  • eli

    p.s. that outfit is awful! hahahaha wtf is she wearing?!?!

    like who she is waving to?? i see noone. I see the shadow of only 2 paps!
    Not like how it used to be when she was at the airport with 7 guards and rush of paps so bad that she would take her pashmina and cover her face!

    She is so pathetic. Prob crying all the way to London that there was no crush of paps for her to complain about.

  • melissa

    That outfit is great… you have no style

    go back to your idols thread, go drool

  • eli

    Ohhh, Ive got style!
    Ok for tomorrow, Ill wear:
    medium/dark brown suede boots(in July),
    white jeans,
    gray tank(cause its July!!),
    and a big red yarn oversized sweater-vest!
    OH, I won’t forget my cream purse and light brown pashmina.
    Wait, Melissa, do you know what a pashmina even is? hahaha
    Well I think Ive got every peice of my outfit a totally different and contrasting color.
    so I think Im ready! hahahahahahah

  • JenIsBeautiful

    Gorgeous!!! looking healthy!! muuuah♥ Xxxxxx

  • brenda

    She looks lovely, hope she has a great time in the UK

  • eli

    ‘I still want to be a Bond girl,’ says Jennifer Aniston…has revealed she has her eyes set on being a Bond girl.
    She told Elle magazine: ‘I get offered funny, quirky, pretty roles. I’d love to do an action movie. James Bond.
    Angelina Jolie, — who says that she never wanted to be a Bond girl, but rather, wanted to be Bond himself……”I jokingly said that I want to play Bond [laughs] when I was asked to be in a James Bond movie.”
    hahahahaha, Jen begs for roles and noone wants to give it to her…..Angelina is Offered roles she doesnt want and Hollywood changes for Angelina!

  • Gisele

    Her skin looks fried.You’re 41 now you cant get away with tanning like a 20 years old.She looks like a lobster.

  • Nora

    @eli: BRAVOOOO! Clap clap clap.

  • Nora

    on second thought…

  • jess

    Stay outta the sun, girl!!!

  • pattycakes

    Suede boots in the middle of July?? How odd. Her hair looks awful, she needs a new style and color. She bores me.

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