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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian look like one big happy family, holding hands his two sons — Mason, 6, and Jake, 3 — while strolling along the beach on Saturday (July 17) in Malibu, Calif.

“Skipped rocks on the beach this morning [with Eddie],” LeAnn tweeted. “Now off to do a show. Hope to see some of you on Phoenix tonight!!!”

She continued, “Watching a beautiful moment between a dad & his maybe 8 month old little girl. He’s walking her slowly into the ocean & she’s loving it!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian‘s beach family fun…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 12

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  • Kaz

    Hey jared i want tell u something

  • Kaz

    I’m kaaaz

  • Kaz

    Somebody ows you now


    The best place for a photo-op is Malibu, even if they did have to drive an hour to get there.

  • Slig

    my Family best

  • Slig

    Wow i love this place

  • gya

    Sweet looking four people. Cute kids. They’ve put so much into this hope it works out.

  • blue potatoes

    Skipping rocks is so much fun but they don’t have many to choose from on that beach. Eddie is so well-built and LeAnne has a voice to match.

  • lily

    thrilled your back leann…have a blast this summer…stay safe…never forget this fan luvs ya

  • Christy

    Love to Brandi and Deane.

  • Erin Renee

    Eddie, LeAnn and the kids all look great. Everyone seems to be having a really good time. Best wishes to the Cibrian-Rimes clan!

  • NMJ

    Never thought of them as a clan but it sounds good. Shes a fun girl that a kid could only love.

  • Smirkless

    Don’t see the skank smiling in any of theses photos. I’m sure she loves having the kids getting between her and Eduardo.

  • Eric Shinn

    Why are the kids wearing pajamas?

  • Ms. Anonymous

    Leann always bounces back, I admire that.

  • offtheproperty

    Wow, got to double figures and no hate. I love LeAnn and I hope she’s happy. She seems happy, but now she’s gotta try to make #2 work.

  • crazylove

    Edie looks content, kids happy. What more can a woman ask for.

  • Dr. Drew

    That dad with the little girl better watch out…sounds like someone’s on the prowl (again)

  • emmy

    Eddie makes for strong and handsome genetic material. The man makes me weak he’s so fine.She should go for it.

  • miss infamous

    I dont agree with what she did but they are happy together so what can you say!

  • They look better and better

    Goin’ on two years now , wow!, the naysayers said it wouldn’t last this long. They do look good on the eyes. She should sing to these kids and if they have any talent she could spot it.

  • babs vicious

    @Dr. Drew what are you talking about? Missing your point.

  • ddc

    Iooks like half these glowing reports are the same person and is Eddie looks like he is auditioning for a job.

  • The Donkey’s Son

    Thank you Jared for the cute family photographs!

  • rad dar

    You have to wish them well with those two sweet boys in tow. Better have been worth it and yup, they are pleasing to the sight.

  • ddc

    PR overload

  • Kamka

    Ah—I like that, that they do fun things with the kids. I really hope this works out for them.

  • natalien

    The paps are everywhere here and celebs can’t vacation like regular people….they even haunt them inside some places that expect privacy. & they do look very nice as a blended family.

  • happy vixen

    Thanks Just Jared!! Le Anne is such a great artist and I’m glad that is recognized by true music lovers. You got some really great photos of the kids. I love them.
    Jared, please keep these articles coming.

  • Laine

    @tim gunn… no it doesn’t take an hour to get to Malibu from Calabasas. And why can’t people go to the beach without you accusing them of a “photo-op”? HATER.

  • http://deleted Marie

    Forgive tim gunn for his stupid statements. It is his troll day to work and he just cannot come up with anything better. Mayb LeAnn will tweet in a while and you will have something to criticize.

  • http://deleted Nicki

    Guess the ex and fans are happy. LeAnn isn’t even touching one of the kids at all.

  • Jake

    Since others also notice that leann isn’t smiling at all, perhaps she just reviewed her new singles sales and ranking figures. Record exec’s have to be contemplating not even releasing the crappy old album material. There’ll be absolutely no interest by the time October roles around, given the song choice was her most likely to succeed- LOL!

  • Rumors r us

    Handsome family strolling the beach…looks like everything is well between them, and contrary to the lone crank pot or two, her concert was full so there doesn’t seem to be trouble with sales….except the problems affecting the economy as a whole…which many are feeling.

  • Listen to This

    Deane Sheremet moving in with girlfriend. UsMag

  • Casey

    They make a beautiful family. Bless them!

  • pip dismal

    happy going to dean and his new friend….so overjoyed LeAnn moved on to new pastures….sure she is as well…life goes on…..

  • http://deleted Cute Kids

    the only thing beautiful in thse pics are the two gorg boys..eddie is a cheater so i dont find him attractive and leAnn is fug and a cheater..Brandi and eddie make some cute kids though..dean’s new girlfriend is a def upgrade as well

  • Debra

    Why aren’t all you posters complaining to JJ that what EC and LR do in their private lives is no ones business like you do over on Perez web site? I quess its just no ones business if its a negative story instead of a “happy family” story……and shouldn’t EC be out looking for a job instead of frolicking on the beach every other day?

  • all is well

    Love how much they love one abother and those boys. Le looks like shes not appreciating the paps on their tails. Eddie seems supremely happy and why not – hes got his favorite people in hand. Bless you four.

  • Brenda

    Eddie looks so relaxed these days in his new life with his new woman . Lovely family.

  • betty

    La de dah–You Leann fans crack me up gloom and doom one minute and all it takes is a hand holding photo and you drop the Leann dump Eddie campaign with all the reasons listed. “Happy Family” is a misconception for this caption. Is that why Leann has that look of detachment on her face and she is not holding the other kids hand.she knows the score. If the paps were there its because they were alerted Leann can’t tweet so she and scumbag pose for photos this is the same old game.I guess they were the only celebs on the beach that day in Malibu. Leann can’.t stand being out of the limelight or her name being mentioned

  • http://deleted Give it Up

    i luv how its the same person posting under muliple names..give it up..the public doesnt like these two..leAnn does care about what the public thinks no matter how much her fans think otherwise because
    a( she stopped tweeting about her married lover and his kids b) she stopped the pda

  • Venus

    Eddie is such a lucky man. This woman is so talented.

  • sjaaks yum

    He is all smiles. A load lifted once he sold his house, his beloved boys are under dad’s eye, his love is on his arm and he could have some offers we’re not aware of

    Cutest couple of the moment.

  • riley good doggie

    Eddie’s sweetie is looking awfully serious like she’s gonna strike at the paparazzi….lol Or she’s got some important business she’s mulling over in her occupied brain, I hear she has a good head on her shoulders. 1

  • http://deleted Oh Please

    lol the last three posts are from the same person its so obvious..notice that no one has commented in over an hour and all of a sudden 3 diff ppl piost within min of each other..oh please

  • tala

    Whoa, they is still on. Now that is a surprise.

  • Gayle

    It looks like tala and Oh Please are the same person posting within a minute from each other.

  • Joey F.

    There’s this feeling in my chest that tells me my doll is to be Mrs. Cibrian-Rimes one soon day.