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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Soccer Camp!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Soccer Camp!

Ben Affleck and his leading lady Jennifer Garner spend some quality time with their two adorable daughters — Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 18 months — at a park on Saturday morning (July 31) in Los Angeles.

The Affleck-Garners came out to support Violet, who is part of a soccer training camp. Seraphina cheered her big sis from the sidelines!

The family of four later hit the playground before heading home. Ben and Jen even snuck in a kiss while their kids weren’t looking!

Yesterday afternoon, Jen treated her daughters to a magical afternoon at the Magicoplis magic shop in Santa Monica.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck‘s family fun at the park…

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jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 01
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 02
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 03
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 04
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 05
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 06
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 07
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 08
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 09
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 10
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 11
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 12
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 13
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 14
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 15
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 16
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 17
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 18
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 19
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 20
jennifer garner ben affleck soccer camp 21

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  • jake

    cute family…I’m glad Ben was able to escape the hag known as J.Lo

  • sarah

    Ben looks bored as hell! lol

  • Liz

    Man, could he look anymore UNhappy to be with his wife & family?? Even when she kisses him, he doesn’t even hug her back!

  • hana_

    one of my fav.celeb family:) the kids are so cute!

  • Jem


  • lennu

    Why do people after so many years that have passed have the constant need to mention J-LO??? Move on folks,Ben and Jenifer have a long time ago

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ you need to stop paying for photos of celebs kids when they are having private time. This is a disgrace! Perverts can come to your site!!

  • Lisa

    Maybe cause she was just on a VH-1 show talking about him! Like she never was broken hearted over anyone until he dropped her! BTW, I don’t think Violet was at soccer camp if she was wearing sandles. Does anyone else think that was strange? othewise I hope the papz don’t show up every Saturday to take pictures of her soccer game (like they did with TomKat when they first got together. They don’t want the attention unlike TomKat. LEAVE THIS FAMILY ALONE!

  • yrt

    Shocking! Accidents that have terrified the world! Some escape with life, others not

  • cookie

    He doesn’t look happy because he knows they are being stalked yet again. I hate the fact their sweet little girls are always targets for the paps, this is private family time. Give this family a break!

  • Tyler

    The body language doesn’t lie. Your an actor Ben you can do better than this at a staged photo op. I knew he would show up this weekend he had to with all the bad publicity the afflecks are getting over the sex harrassment claims he had to look get out and look like a happy family man, except he doesn’t look happy or into his wife.

  • Lisa
  • Cheery

    Looks like someone isn’t happy to be there. I’ll give you one guess…

  • Cheyenne

    Thanks Lisa #12 your set of pics are fantastic and paint a more accurate picture of what’s really going on in this family. Your pics are cute as well JJ but somehow a lot of sites including yours try to portray this family in a bad light.

    Anyway, it’s lovely to see this beautiful family together (even though Ben is not very forgiving when it comes to tabloid pics of his private life, especially protective of his children). Jen is more tolerant but she has also shown her displeasure times of invasion of private times with her family. She accepts it as a part of their job description, but does not like any more than Ben does. Their kids are handling it very well, I must say.

    Hands down my favorite celeb family. So low key and awesome.

  • Cheyenne

    Jennifer is such a kisser, if she ain’t kissing one of her babies, she is kissing her husband. She is a very affectionate person. I had to laugh whenshe caught old Ben by surprise. I was reminded when he said once in an interview that he doesn’t like it when every stolen kiss from his wife is analyzed in the pages of the tabloids (long before gossip websites got so popular. LMFAO

    As much I like seeing these pictures, I can’t help but feel sorry for them and their loss of privacy. On well, such is life. Thanks JJ

  • N.

    Lovely family but it’s a total invasion of their privacy to follow them to their little girl’s soccer practice. THAT is why Ben doesn’t look happy, once again everyone being negative about people they don’t even know. And, how is it that his daughter’s soccer game is supposedly a staged photo op? Yeah, staged by the paparazzi that are stalking them. Celebrity children should be off limits for paps. It’s just rotten.

  • Sky

    It is not an invasion of privacy when Jen’s people let the paparazzi know she will be at the park on saturday with her husband and kids. You can tell Jen expected the paparazzi to be there, firstly she’s wearing makeup, secondly she doesn’t look like the slob she does every day of the week. She’s a better actress than Ben who looks like he would rather be somewhere else. Poor Ben stuck with a fakey fame seeker for a wife.

  • Jello

    Staged, Ben has a movie coming out soon, Ben’s baby brother is getting sued for sexual harassment.

  • Casey

    I am so tired of people who claim that everything is staged in regards to celebrities being out and about with their children. What are they supposed to do, sit at home and never venture out- of- doors? This family seems to try to be as normal as they can be.

  • Boston

    What a beautiful family I love them definitely Hollywood royalty.

  • Julia

    Ben looks frustrated because the paps won’t allow this family to go out with their children like any other normal family. Ben gets better looking by the year now that he is with his soulmate.

  • cLASSY


  • j

    aw how sweet! violet & serephina are adorable! they look so much a like! I love Ben & Jen :) I think they are a very sweet couple, and I hope they continue to be happy!

  • Hang Tough Ben

    Ben is a very happily married man to the woman of his dreams but he is concerned about his little brother and the horrible allegations those golddiggers are making against him.

  • Queen Garner

    The bored look is because a stupid reporter screamed out a question about that ugly mistake known as JLO and Ben flinched and tried not to vomit.

  • N.

    Some of you should be writers because you have great imaginations. It’s ridiculous to assume that someone is planning things with their own stalkerish paparazzi. Paris Hilton, sure, assume it. These people are not that kind of trash, but you guys somehow make it that way in your head.

    Yes, Ben does have a movie coming out. Yes, his brother is being sued, but did you ever consider that the paps are aware of that and are using the fact that they are in the news to get pictures of them to sell for big bucks? This is win-win for the paps, THAT is why they stalk them, not because anybody is plotting some photo op. If it was a photo op, I guarantee you they would be dressed better and wouldn’t look annoyed that the paps are there.

  • JM

    Just curious but what is the temp in La? Why is everyone, except Violet, wearing long sleeves and a jacket or parka in the middle of summer?

    Other than that, lovely family time that should have been kept PRIVATE! Paps should be jailed for taking and posting pictures of these children.

  • liesa

    # 20, #22 your statements are ridiculous, “hollywood royalty”??? and “PERFECTION”??? that is hilarious, they are regular people just like you and me, only very fortunate that they make ridiculous sums of money, for doing nothing of any worth. I see cute kids and their parents around everyday.

  • bola

    They look cute but something of him seems not attached but it is a big improvment. Nice to see them together and kissing.

  • noelle

    i sooo love this family.

  • It’s Anybody’s Guess

    Maybe Ben is happily maried, maybe he isn’t. Probably miss he s-e-x with JLo, and the strip clubs as well. He COULD look more interested in his wife and still be mad at the paps.

    WHY IS JEN WEARING long sleeves and a jacket??!! It is the middle of summer and the other mothers are wearing loose T shirts. Jen has no fashion sense. Some Hollywood people have no clue about seasonal wear.

    Paps need tyo leave celebrities’ kids alone. Soccer camps should be of limits!!!

  • Pac Man

    Lopez is no hag, #1.

    Exactly, #6.

    You’re a moron, #11.

    Right, #19 and #26.

  • LOL

    Ben can’t afford to become a tabloid story again especially now because of casey and his sex harrassment problems and he has a movie coming out so it appears he’s sticking to his arrangement with jennifer garner looking like something sucked the life and light right out of his soul.

  • Cheyenne

    Wow, the internet is abuzz with pics of this gorgeous family. Jen kissed Ben in front of God and everybody and the world stood still.

    People really need to find their own soul mate (The Afflecks have theirs) and not be so concerned with celebrity couples. No wonder gossip sites and tabloids are so rich. They pick and choose a few select pics from a sh!t load taken and spin a story and you suckers lap it up. So many pics from this outing not posted here so that you trolls have a field day bickering back and forth playing physics and mind readers. No wonder your own lives are so empty.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Lovely real family being a family. No paps need to be there. It is wrong.I don’t see as red carpet.

    JLo nay-sayers-she is too happily married and has a lovley family…made her career,has business ventures incl-shares in Miami Dolphins,etc.

    These people moved on a long time ago. Fans should too.

  • Mr. Burns

    LOL, all the positive and supportive comments get the ‘thumbs down’ but all the catty and negative ones get the ‘thumbs up’
    Everything is going to plan…

  • aeg

    I don’t like this family. I’m not jealous. I think Ben will turn out to be gay

  • Ash

    open toe shoes? Really! What idiots.

  • Hollywood Royalty

    Love this family! No matter how much haters wish they divorce and invent stuff about them .They’re still are going strong and better than ever.Jen has many projects in line and Ben has The Town and the Company men in festivals and already talking Oscar buzz..Bravo to them for being a great example how a Hollywood family should be .

  • Abby

    why is she dressed for WINTER??? what a weirdo.

  • Please leave Ben alone..

    Do us a favor and don’t bother with the Jlo comments..they r not needed and the Casey Affleck case has nothing to do with him..
    And Right.. does Barbara Streisand and James Brolin have
    to be on their best behavior with his son is arrested for drunk
    and disorderly conduct 2..Didn’t see that in any comment page.

    As for Jlo is this going to happen every time he shows up anywhere
    in the websites.. Jlo is a woman who wanted to marry a P. Rican
    and she did and proceeded get it now Ben and Jlo dated for over
    2 years and she ended up having kids with Marc Anthony the one
    man she wants to grow old with..As for soccer have you ever been
    to a soccer game.. and spent an hour while the cameras are there
    taking pix of you…and having Casey who has nothing to do with
    Ben but Radar got it in their site already attaching him to Casey
    what next …

  • longchamp

    his expression/stances speak volumes. white picket fence not the golden prize everyone makes it out to be, eh, Ben.

  • Not happy

    Look at those ugly troll kids. Sandals to a soccer game? Yeah, she’s a wonderfuly mom. NOT. You lovers of her are suckers and fall for JG’s fake pollyanna persona. She is a bitch behind the scenes. You will all figure it out eventually. That is why Ben is so miserable.

  • Please leave Ben alone..

    IN TOO….hEEEE JLO …RIGHT…!! dike city for Brad wait for those photos of Angie and Her ex yes the dyke of of dyke photos..

    He is at a camp not with Jlo’s kids but his own.. ok..dirty skinned
    Jlo should be where she belongs on the loser panel of American
    Idol…those who can’t sing end up on that show as judge..

  • AutumnM

    Adorable kids, but why do I always get the feeling that Ben is bored with Jennifer? True he could just be annoyed by seeing the papz, but I just have a feeling if they didn’t have kids, Ben would be long gone.

  • maria

    lovely family!
    i love them both :)

  • tuncay

    They look like so much fun to have

  • Harmony

    If Ben didn’t want to be there he wouldn’t be. If Ben didn’t have a movie coming out he wouldn’t be having pics taken.

    LMFAO As if Ben Affleck would be kissing beige-ie boring jenny if the cameras wern’t on him. Get real ain’t gonna happen. When is his movie coming out again?

    WTF!! Ppl talk about them being stalked if Ben and Boring Beige didn’t want their pics taken due to movie coming out you wouldn’t be seeing them so who is being stalked. PPFFFTTT!!

    Okay have we got the picture now. Now that was pretty simple wasn’t it.

    Don’t know why anybody is talking about J-Lo if she wanted her pic taken she would be out there too only with her hubby and their kids..
    That’s how it works baby ..Tis Hollywood. Don’t play stupid.

    Don’t worry as soon as JayLo has something big coming up and out she will be at the park. And yeah the paps will be there with their cameras.

  • ain’t afflection

    Ben is so bored he can’t hide it no matter how hard he tries. Hates the paps but needs them. After all,.. it is showtime.
    I went into a bit of a trance LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Cmon peeps Benny Blanco from the Bronx does not neck with jenny with her shopping list while some sap watches the kiddies and pappies snap their little piccies.
    But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And pretend it’s all normal chit .
    What a fcuken whiner. Makes millions thx to us and acts like having to kiss his old lady and have his mug snapped at da park is a problemo.

  • mintygi

    bore me