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Jennifer Aniston Switches Up The Daily Show

Jennifer Aniston Switches Up The Daily Show

Jennifer Aniston arrives in a stunning Dolce & Gabbana dress at The Daily Show in New York City on Thursday (August 19).

The 41-year-old former Friends actress was promoting her new film, The Switch, which opens tomorrow August 20.

On the show, Jon Stewart shared that he asked Jen out and they went on a date in 1994 at a New York City Italian restaurant. He thought it was a real date but she “brought a lot of friends”! Poor Jon!

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston switching up The Daily Show

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  • Dani

    She looks fine.. But i’m getting tired of her!

  • Dr. Adell

    GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Damn look at those legs. Yum! :)

  • Belu


  • BEAN

    Wow she looks very pretty here.

  • bar jolie gaga

    Nice body. Nice legs. Horrid career.

  • Nanci T

    Her hair is pulled back , a lil different …… She needs to change things Up !!! Play the Bad Girl for once do things different besides being Rachel from Friends . Its getting Boring .

  • Armenian lover

    Jen looks good here and I am an Ange fan!

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    @shallow hal:

    You have serious issues, not Jen. Better take care of that.

  • I hate snakes

    Gorgeous Jen Aniston.

  • bar jolie gaga

    Great lets. Great new shoes. Same old movie rehashed. How many times will she remake “Rumor Has It”? Formula is not working Jen. It’s a DERAILED formula. Move on.

  • Rai

    i love her ;D

  • shallow hal

    @Not Impressed by AJ: Hi Jennifer! Is that you?

  • Not Impressed by JA

    The Switch bombed…what else is new, all her movies bombed. Film critics are short of saying, “CAN YOU JUST GO AWAY JEN AND LET REAL ACTRESS DO MOVIES. YOU BELONG TO SMALL SCREEN, NOT THE BIG ONE. GO ON, MOVE AWAY. TSU!

  • Catchy

    pretty wooooomaaaaan walking dooown the streeeet… :D

  • Sarah

    Proving every appearance she’s a damn knock out at any age. Love those legs! She looks gorgeous. =)

  • dee

    finally a good fashion choice that she looks good in… and not the same borig hairstyle…she looks good

  • zoz

    She didn’t seem high in this interview.

  • sea

    She looks fresh, toned and young

  • koolyo

    She’s beautiful!

  • Jenny needs speech 101

    She looks like a ‘Retard’. (Jen’s own words)

  • Marieme

    “Poor Jon?” Huh? You mean “Lucky guy!”

    Who writes this sad crap anyway? Oh that’s right – her paid workers.

  • xax

    Can someone please explain to me why is she always getting bashed? I’m not that up to date with gossips about her. Why does everyone hate her so much?

  • Uncool Actress

    She complains about the media, and being ‘pushed into the spotlight’ (her owns words) But here, she is loving the camera, loving the attention, doing anything to get her name in the media!?! Just GO AWAY MANISTON!!! WE ARE SICK OF YOU!

  • meme

    just perfekt stunning love her

  • http://oxygen PAGGIE

    Lots of people have bad relationships, that’s no reason to hate them. Lots of women lose a boyfriend or husband to another female. It’s not their fault. Sh1t happens, we can’t control every aspect of life. That don’t mean they’re bad people. I’m sure Aniston didn’t set around praying that somebody would steal her husband. It’s not her fault that he got the hots for some sexy chick. Don’t try to pretend you believe that baby stuff. That’s right up there with ” my wife don’t understand me.

  • ummahyk

    wow..nice change..the second time that i like how she’s dressed..and she actually looks fresh.

  • Bonnie

    Jen is Glowing.She is not going away unless it is with TEXT<TEXT<TEXT!!!!!!!!!

  • Kriss

    so fresh,so lovely….

  • Emelia

    she is a zero, non talent and does the same crap in those boring movies. give another real actress a chance to be in a movie and go away you orange orangatan. FUGLY AS HELL!

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ you got it right this time – she looks stunning!

  • michelle

    Why is she so pretty? Gorgeous….

  • john

    I love you, Jen


    Has she apologized yet for her shameful use of the word r.e.t.a.r.d. on Regis?
    There is an entire campaign devoted to stopoing the use of that word – it’s sponsored by the Special Olympics and it’s called Spread The Word To Stop The Word.
    It has a Facebook page and they are not happy with Ms. Aniston joking about the use of such an offensive and cruel word.

  • Fan
  • peaches

    She does read the blogs and see what’s written about her. Here, she changed a couple things: hair and shoes. Continue changing, Aniston. Next time, try wearing age-appropriate outfits like ones that go down your knees sometimes.

  • Laura N.

    We saw a preview screening of The Switch. Movie is boribg andJennifer is not good, needs to either work on her acting skills or rethink her career. She is playing the same character again. Also, not natural at all with the kid who plays her son. Jason Bateman carries the movie. He is funny, endearing and very cute. The kid is also adorable.

  • bet

    perfect 10

  • juniper

    She looks great here.

  • julia

    It bothers. Fact. Let her live her life … Bunch of jealous. Here in Brazil it has a name: ReCalc! and yes my Brazil loves Jen!!

  • Mary from Russia

    Why so many negative comments here? Jennifer is georgeous woman. She didn’t do any harm to you, she didn’t steal anybody’s husbands, her films are funny, at least not so stupid as Salt. Besides she has great healthy body, great legs, and a good sense of style.
    No comparison with old-looking Jolie with her terrible body and bad hair.

  • Mary from Russia

    Jennifer your sense of style is a great example for many russians. We love you.

  • Mary from China

    Jennifer, your slutty style is the worst example for many Chinese. We can’t stand your guts. Please disappear.

  • zoia

    she is amazing,positive,smart,funny,down to earth…. number one celeb in USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she’s got it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go jen,U ARE MAJOR. :)))))


    BOTOX!!!!!!! yeah that’s all you can praise her Legs!!! The face is so effing manlyface with full of botox. She has to produce her own movies because she can’t act and it just doesn’t click. When doing an interviewes, she acts and talks like a 16 yr old girl. No common sense, so d*mb, immature, stu**pid, brainless, annoying, in short very CHILDISH and BRAINLESS!!!

  • JA on Daily Show
  • Maria From Russia

    @Mary from Russia: your a liar. i dont love her. I love Angelina Jolie.

  • Kary

    Jennifer looks beautiful. Her dress is ok for her amazing body!!

  • Tess From Russia

    @Mary from Russia: Dont speak for everyone. I dont love her. I love Angelina Jolie.

  • dust

    She’s been appearing in almost every show to promote her boring movie. Not worth it.

  • Mary

    It’s a fake “Mary from Russia”. Blahhh