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Rachel Bilson: J'Adore Dior!

Rachel Bilson: J'Adore Dior!

Rachel Bilson goes out for some luxury shopping as she arrives at the Christian Dior boutique on Friday (September 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress recently shared her newest obsessions with InStyle.

One of them is an Alpaca sweater (310-276-0663). “All of their sweaters are so soft layering,” Rachel told the mag. “And I’m into the stripes.”

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson going to the Christian Dior boutique in Beverly Hills…

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rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 01
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 02
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 03
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 04
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 05
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 06
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 07
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 08
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 09
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 10
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 11
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 12
rachel bilson christian dior beverly hills 13

Photos: WENN
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  • Jessie

    Gorgeous Girl!

  • Viper

    OH PLEASE shopping again burning a hole in that credit card the non celebrity that is better known for her walking the streets then her acting talents.

  • Brightside

    More shopping. The girl has a serious shopping problem. No one needs to shop this much. Anyone who shops this much does so because they have nothing else in their life, which is very sad.
    But JJ, do we need to know every time that she’s going shopping? No we don’t.


    She has great legs!

  • http://VerySexy!!!! sharyllee


  • Not impressed.

    As above.

  • summer

    One Word: PATHETIC!!!!!!!

  • oy

    Oh. Another DAILY POST from Jared about the INSIGNIFICANT LIFE of this B-Lister.

    WHO CARES about where she goes to eat and shop every freaking day. How many paparazzi does she have on her speed dial, and how much does she pay Jared to give her dome attention on this site?

    Why why why why why does Jared wast time on this out of work narcissist?

  • Former OC Fan

    I know the popular thing on here is to hate on her. But I feel sorry for her. She’s irrelevant now and everyone knows it. So she tries to keep herself out there by doing this and everyone can see what’s really going on. It’s pretty sad. It must suck going from a teen idol who was once the talk of the town, to doing columns for a magazine, answering questions for Sunglass Hut and tipping off the paparazzi so that your picture is on blogs and in tabloids every week.

  • Mandy

    This is probably why she can’t get a “real” job. Sure all the pics keep your name out there. But producers and casting agents probably think all she does is shops and doesn’t do anything more. So it’s having a negative effect on her. I think she just wants the fame. She doesn’t really want to be an actress like she keeps saying. It’s hard getting acting jobs as an actress because of the competition. But she’s moving further and further down the call list with every staged pap shot.


    Alpaca sweater?
    Oh god talked about staged. Her ex Hayden has talked several times about wanting to get Alpacas for his farm, When he was on Jimmy Kimmel Last month Hayden talked about it. This is like when she wears Sliverlake named shorts while walking in the city of sliverlake and acts like that just happened lol
    She is so obvious its pathectic.
    @Former OC Fan:
    Dont feel sorry for her . She is so delusional about her own life that she thinks she is still the girl she was back in the OC days. Yes she is that delusional lol I use to be cool with her back when the OC was popular but I cant stand her now. You can tell she wasnt ready for her photo op here she looks thrown off and confused but in the very next picture she is smiling that evil little pressho smirk of hers.
    Once she finally goes away for good which she almost has everywhere but a few gossip blogs then we all get to look forward to the new 90210 kids like Shenae Grimes becoming the next out of work Rachel Bilson. Now that is scary.

  • Jasmine

    For someone who contributes nothing to the world, coverage of her life is quite thorough.

  • emmyoscar

    I officially nominate Rachel Bilson as one of the most worthless people on the planet.

    Hey, at least she’s nominated for something!!

  • overr

    That’s a good title for a Reality Show starring Miss Bilson.
    The Insignificant Life of Rachel Bilson. Or how about…
    How to Live an Empty life and Stay Fashionable at the Same Time

  • Shy

    Our favorite Nobody is here again. So Just Jared – i have money but i’m not famous or anything. But i want to be. How much will it cost me to appear daily on you site like Rachel Bilson does?

  • Sammy

    Haydens date from the Rally tonight.

  • http://Tja Slig

    Go go in jail shit

  • lizzie

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!

  • lizzie

    @oy: Learn how to spell first.

  • whatever

    @ 16 Hayden looks high or drunk. Rachel looks like in the photos above her normal self ie: shop till you drop do nothing and act surprised when paps show up.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Could you imagine what a great actress she would be if she put this much effort into her acting abilities?

  • Lida

    She likes shopping what’s the matter i like shopping toooooooo

  • i

    She is scrawny looking with short legs, still an ugly duckling who will never be a swan.

  • austine

    A No-talent dumbo & D-lister with paparazzi addiction problems.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Ms Barkson is not a star (not that its going to happen) nor a somebody in HW.
    She only plays one in her own mind.
    She badly needs to be confine on a very long term in patient fame-rehab.

  • comrade

    An OVER-EXPOSE OVER AT NOTHING BORE BARF. It’s high time to throw in the (beach) towel, Lil’ Moe… Your ship had sailed light years ago already.

  • the truth

    @whatever: He was not and he look like his normal self too. Rachel didn’t go to her event at all in ny. At least he’s doing something with hisself besides shopping.At those event you have drinks there. He was having a nice time and enjoying himself. Don’t see her doing nothing but what she’s doing.Either she with a gal pal.So why are her boyfriends at. She got to have aboyfriend somewhere.@Sammy: The girl with hayden was cute. So we need tosee rachel with someone soon.

  • MissAnthropica

    LOL That girl wasnt Hayden’s date people lol
    Do you honestly think he would let to girl he is on a date with take a ” twit picture of him”
    Umm… NO.

    Its a fan picture lol Its what he is there for as the host of the event to pose for pictures with the people that raised money for the cause to enter their cars.

    Otherwise he must be dating these four dudes too lol

    Pic of Hayden from the Rally for Kids Celebrity Draft Party tonight.

  • MissAnthropica

    She is on the people particapating in the Rally For Kids Event in Toronto. It is a rally with cars combined with a scavenger hunt in Toronto that is being held today. To raise money for kids with cancer.
    Each rally car team that entered had to raise atleast $25,000 or more to enter in the event.
    Then last night based on which team got the most pledged for the event for their team got to pick the celebrity of their choice to be their CELEBRITY NAVIGATOR and drive their car during the event ,

    Hayden isnt one of the celebrities that people can pick to drive their car this year but he is the Honorary Co-Chairman of the Rally for Kids event along side Eva Longoria
    Eva is hosting the event taking place in LA next month Oct 23-25th
    Hayden is hosting the Toronto event since he is from their.


    List of celebs that were up to be drafted to a persons team last night.

    Hayden has become extremely private since the split with Rachel and would not pose for a twit pic with a girl he actually brought as a date lol
    I dont think anyone will see him with a new girl for awhile he will most likely hide it when he does for sometime. I think he may have learned his lesson after his public split with Rachel and will go back to being a private person again.

    So like I said unless he is dating the four dudes in the other twit picture as well he isnt dating that girl either lol
    Although she is cute.

    But most likely either a fan that waited outside the Celebrity Draft Party for him or is one of the people that donated to enter their teams car into the rally/scavenger hunt this weekend.

    It is a great cause and its nice to see they were able to find a good host( Hayden) for the Toronto event his year.
    While Eva handles the LA hosting next month.
    A win win for everyone and the kids I think.

  • MissAnthropica

    LOVE Rachel’s shoes they are so CUTE.
    Not so sure about that shirt with those shorts.
    I think the look would of been completed better with some nice skinny jeans or a skirt instead of those dreaded shorts.
    Her hair down would of been really cute too I think.
    But she isnt looking to shabby now is she ;p

  • MissAnthropica

    Hayden looks just fine here and not ” drunk or stoned” lol
    Drinking isnt allowed for many of the people involved in the event, the drivers and the sponsors etc etc and smoking is banned from the event unless your given permission,
    As Co-Chairman thought since Hayden wont be driving the cars involved in the scaveneger hunt today he is one of the few people that can drink.

  • Brightside

    I do wish she would stop wearing such short shorts. They just look so cheap and tacky and do nothing to hide her cellulite. Poor girl’s short wearing days are over and someone should have the kindness to tell her…and do a big favour for the viewing public as well. Not a nice look.

  • MissAnthropica

    I wouldnt say she looks bad in the shorts.
    I would just say it isnt a very polished look and wearing them almost everyday is a little boring and plain after awhile.
    A skirt would of been much more cute.

    Girls who wear shorts like those that often makes me think either A they are still trying to be a teenager or think they are one or B they are channeling Britney Spear’s personal style. Neither one are a good thing.

    Less tacky short shorts more skirts please.

  • laurie

    thank god she is not with hayden anymore!!!

  • hoho

    love her outfit! she is such a beauty!!
    yeah rachel rocks!
    and thanks for posting JJ!!!!! forget the rachel haters!

  • sophiaB

    Why do people get a minus if they say something nice about her and plus if it is negative. This site should get rid of this stupid rating.