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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balenciaga Fashion Show!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balenciaga Fashion Show!

Orlando Bloom holds hands with his wife, pregnant model Miranda Kerr, during France’s Paris Fashion Week on Thursday (September 30).

The happy couple checked out the Balenciaga Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show!

Orly was recently made Glamour magazine’s Best Dressed Brits list. Robert Pattinson topped the list but other actors rounding out the top ten included Harry Potter stars Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe, soccer superstar David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, Ed Westwick, JLS, Jude Law, and Ewan McGregor.

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • FAB

    What a nice sweet looking couple in the most romantic city in the world…………….. i’m just not liking Miranda’s full rounded face on the above pics

  • samanthar


  • ==

    her face looks like she got stung by bees…

  • @1…fab

    Oh please, what a joke…..”full rounded face”…..sounds more like pure jealousy to me…..meow meow!!!……… know as well as I do that Miranda looks beautiful and glowing….you need to get over yourself….lol.

  • FAB

    @ #4

    That’s my opinion, am i not entitled to one? :)

    expressing an honest opinion (my opinion for that matter) isn’t exactly what you can call pure jealousy……… have a nice day hun

    off to Paris

  • Alaia

    Pregnancy does not agree with her…or maybe it’s the slicked back hair?

  • @3…

    I see the Delphidiots are out today!

    What’s the matter, is seeing Miranda and Orlando so happy and in love too much for you???

    So now you’ve decided to be even more embarrassing
    by insulting Miranda…lol….it’s so cringeworthy as everyone can see that Miranda looks gorgeous…….get over it, Orlando will NEVER be yours!!!

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    The Delphi psychos are embarrassing .

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Orlando Bloom is really handsome. Miranda Kerr is very beautiful. Is it me or is her face bloated? lol. Probably due to her pregnancy. She has the cutest dimples :)

  • @FAB

    Funny, she looked fine less than a week ago in Milan, but she does look a bit swollen here. Hope she isn’t going to develop pre-eclampsia.

  • yikes

    dang, she’s puffing up already? she’s gonna be an ugly preggo

  • @5..fab.

    Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion but yours is just a nasty comment about a pregnant woman, the reason of course is because Orlando loves Miranda….again get over it!!!

  • wow

    People commenting that they think her face looks bloated?
    She’s gained some weight, which is normal and healthy for a PREGNANT WOMAN!
    Next you will be calling her “fat” like some of the other idiots.
    She looks beautiful and radiant, and Orlando looks hot!
    Their baby will be gorgeous!

  • @11…

    You’re not fooling anyone by posting over and over again….Orlando loves Miranda and is very protective of her and you can’t stand it so you have resorted to insulting a pregnant woman, that is low even for Delphidiots!!!

  • @14

    Making fun of a pregnant woman IS low.
    But not as low as what that b*tch Nienna said.
    Did she ever retract that statement?

  • Looks healthy

    It’s natural to gain some weight, even retain a little extra fluid, during pregnancy. She STILL looks glowing and lovely imo. She seems very healthy to me. She has a naturally round face and with her hair slicked back like that, the roundness is more emphasized. In all of the photos of her pregnant so far, she looks very normal and very healthy. She’s certainly not ‘fat’ for being around six months pregnant either.

  • ?

    giselle looked great the entire preg
    no bloating at all
    this chick is gonna gain100+ by the time it’s over
    even her legs look FAT
    she fug

  • @17

    Gisels has much more angular features to start with. Her face DID get rounder during her pregnancy, it just didn’t show as much.
    Your insults are completely idiotic. Crawl back into your delphite hole, because calling a pregnant woman fat is beyond ridiculous.
    What a pathetic group of people.

  • LOL!

    Oh, I think that the idiots having to resort to calling her fat is the best proof yet at how DESPERATE they are.
    They have lost every other insult.
    They don’t have anything left.

  • @19

    Well, this week thay are calling her fat.
    Next week they will claim that she is putting the baby at risk because she hasn’t gained enough weight.
    She looks gorgeous and healthy, and they can’t stand it!

  • @17…

    You really are eaten up with jealousy and envy of the gorgeous Miranda…lol.

    She’s stunningly beautiful, is one of the highest paid models in the world with a hugely successful career. In the last two days alone, Vogue Italia held an exhibition in honour of her cover and today she just walked for Balenciaga. And of course Orlando is being very sweet and protective of his wife and baby which makes you even more jealous.

    No matter how many nasty things you write about her it will NOT change the fact that Orlando and Miranda are happy and in love, just get over it and move on!!!

  • Courtney

    please she’s about 6 months along so it was going to happen at some point and different people have different views of what a beautiful/ugly pregnant woman is keep yours to yourself. thankfully she gets to have her first child from her first pregnancy some stars aren’t that lucky Sophia Loren for example had 2 miscarriages before her two sons so she had to be on complete bed rest for the duration of her successful pregnancies which was easier said than done with her younger son because she found out she was pregnant with him while she was filming Man Of La Mancha in which she played the dual female lead Dulcinea/Aldonza.

  • me

    I think you cant talk about this…. she is great! and YES! they´re in love!… and I´m sure after this she will be the same beautiful girl… right now she is pregnant! It´s normal!…. about giselle?.. come on guys! we are not the same people!…. Don´t let it get to you!…

  • Converted

    They’ve convinced me. I think their love is genuine. He seems thrilled he’s gonna be a papa. Leaving the Dark Side behind me. It’s such a downer.

  • Yeh! More pictures :)

    She is glowing and Orlando is as handsome as ever! I love seeing them together.

    Nevermind the negative comments. Those people are simply jealous. They can deny all they want – but it’s obvious they are so jealous and bitter.

    If they put some kindness and joy into the world like Miranda (she’s such a sweetheart) then maybe they might feel better.

  • Addison

    she actually modeled in the show…take that all you people calling her fat! :)

  • Congrats to Miranda

    They didn’t just check out the Balenciaga show. Miranda modelled in the show!

    Go Miranda!! Good for you. Congrats!

  • zzzz

    Miranda is not fat by a longshot, and her face is not bloated. SHe was very thin and gaunt before and now she just looks normal. So what if she has a round face? Beautiful couple.

  • Hey Jared

    Miranda actually walked in the show.
    Orlando sat front row, so that he could check HER out.

  • kiki

    I think it is just the pulled back hair making her face look rounder. She looks so much prettier with her hair down. He is hot as ever, and looking very excited. That’s going to be one beautiful baby.

  • Better down

    Yeah, she really shouldn’t wear it all pulled back like that. It makes her face look bloated. She looks so much cuter with it down and framing her face. But I agree, she does look healthy.

  • Delightful Distraction

    Is anyone else getting creeped out by these Case 39 promos on the side of the website? I hate scary movies…

  • Jess

    Oh poor miranda, she doesn’t realize her face is not so flattering with her hair slick back, she looks like she got stung by bees.

  • @33

    Getting stung by bees makes you look like THAT? Where can I find these so-called ‘bee’s'? I’d do anything to have even half her beauty.

  • Cassie

    I am getting tired of the people that come on here and say cruel and mean things about Miranda. What has she done to them? Leave her alone. She is glowing and they both look ecstatic that they are going to be parents. they cant stand that they are happy. Sad and pathetic. I hope that miranda has never been on that delphi board full of the crazies.

  • Cassie

    I love seeing the two of them. I hope she has never been on the delphi board. she doesnt need to see the crazies. i think they went private again because they were afraid of being called out on their idiotic theories. pathetic that they go on there to put down miranda. she is a beautiful person and doesnt need that crap. i wonder how much longer they will keep up with their crazy theories? do they not realize that hes happy and in love? are they blind? great to see her in the balengiaca show.

  • Toni

    Love this couple – both genuinely nice and beautiful people – both inside and out. She looks like a child having a child… or am I getting that old :-)

  • Rosy

    She’s got ‘pregnancy fat face’. It happens, people. Pregnant women retain fluid. It’s just the pregnancy, stop being so nasty about something so insignificant.

  • Reality Check

    She has the wonderful-est dimples I’ve ever seen!

  • Pixie Girl

    To Cassie:


    I wouldn’t worry about the haters, Cassie. They aren’t going to stop until they truly Get A Life. (LOL – see, that’s all they deserve is a good LOL) I’m sure Miranda & Orlando wouldn’t visit their site or care what they have to say (nor on this board). They know that this negativity comes with being famous and they are both smart enough to ignore it and focus on the positive things in life.

    Meanwhile, we can relax and be happy for them because M & O are together, married, having a baby, and enjoying life. =)

  • Steph

    I love how the people commenting getting upset over people’s “opinions” seem to be kissing Miranda’s ass. So what if I don’t think she’s gorgeous? It has nothing to do with her being married to Orlando or the fact that she is a high paid model. In my OPINION, when she first came out as a Victoria’s Secret model, I didn’t get the hype. Her face is not gorgeous. She may photograph well, have a nice body, nice colored eyes, but her face shape and her nose are unattractive.

    I wish her and Orlando all the best with a healthy pregnancy and a happy marriage.


  • @41

    So saying something nice is “kissing her a$$”, but saying something nasty is just your “opinion”.
    Got it.
    Hmmmm, a hypocritical hater, who would’ve thunk it?

  • brenda

    Everybody is talking about her…,she is fat and all that things but the real thing is she is Beautiful..and Orlando dosen’t looks good…no no

  • @42

    I didn’t say anything nasty. I simply said I didn’t like her facial features. It would’ve been nasty if I said, “Omg, she looks like a monster!” I didn’t. I simply stated my opinion.
    And there’s a fine line between saying something nice and going,”Omg. Leave her alone! She’s gorgeous! And you’re just jealous. I want to be her. She’s perfect.” That is not being nice. That is kissing her ass. And it’s sad considering no one on this blog has ever met her.
    And I’m not a hater. I wish her all the best. :)
    And please use proper grammar if you want to addresss something I have said. “Thunk” is not a part of my vocabulary.

  • @42


  • @44

    I’m sorry.
    I guess that ‘colloquialism’ is not in your vocabulary either.
    Silly me for assuming that you would get the joke.
    In my opinion, she is gorgeous.
    Flawless, radiant complexion, full lips, gorgeous, wide-set eyes, slim, shapely legs, amazing body and a beautiful smile.
    And from all reports, her personality is warm, friendly and open.
    Now was that “kissing her ass”, or am I also allowed an opinion?

  • @46

    You don’t need to apologize for anything you’ve said. I don’t find your kind of humor funny, that’s all. Colloquialism is a part of my vocabulary. I just prefer to use it when speaking with people I am familiar with. Not on a blog full of strangers.

    You think she is gorgeous. Good for you. :) I still find her unattractive. Once again, that is my opinion.

    You are allowed to have your own opinion. I simply stated that there is a fine line between complimenting her and taking it a step further and arguing with people who have a different opinion than your own.

  • @47

    Just as there is a fine line between not finding her attractive and making insulting comments that identify the poster as a ‘hater’.
    One of those identifiers has often been a ‘hater’ accusing someone of ‘kissing her ass’ if they say that she seems like a nice person, or that they find her pretty.
    Her fans are accused of “kissing her ass”, or being paid lackeys, or family members all of the time by haters who troll these boards. It gets tiresome, and people often have knee-jerk responses to comments such as yours.
    If you meant that comment to only refer to those posters who claimed people were “jealous” of Miranda if they didn’t think she was perfect, then you should have made yourself clearer.

  • Lala

    Can someone please tell me what exactly a “Delphidiot” and Delphi” is?

  • Beauty is in the eye…

    I agree that not everyone who doesn’t find her attractive is a hater. People have differing opinions and they always will. Some who come to these threads do so mainly because of Orlando. Others come because they really like Miranda. And of course many like them both – and like them both together. Personally, I think she’s very attractive but I know not everyone else agrees. I don’t think Gisele Bundchen is particularly attractive, but obviously many do. But I don’t hate, or even dislike her for that matter. She just doesn’t make me say “Ahh, now that’s a beautiful woman!”