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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: T-Mobile Twosome

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: T-Mobile Twosome

Halle Berry leaves a T-Mobile store with her boyfriend Olivier Martinez in hand on Thursday (October 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Last weekend, the happy couple lunched together at Taverna Tony restaurant but left separately in an attempt to avoid the awaiting photographers.

The 44-year-old actress went grocery shopping with her adorable daughter Nahla on Wednesday (October 13). Earlier in the week, the 2-year-old spent some time with dad Gabriel Aubry.

FYI: Halle is carrying Rebecca Minkoff‘s Nikki bag.

15+ pictures of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez shopping for phones…

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halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 01
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 02
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 03
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 04
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 05
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 06
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 07
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 08
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 09
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 10
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 11
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 12
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 13
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 14
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 15
halle berry olivier martinez tmobile twosome 16

Photos: GSI Media, Fame Pictures
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  • r

    pretty lady!

  • kiki

    She sure does have good taste in men!

  • rori

    He used to be hot, now he is just old.

  • anoano

    They look like 2 guys together, they dress thee same, same hair,. They are sexy apart, but together, nothing sexy about them. To me Halle sets off a strong lesbian vibe anyway.

    Halle is looking tired and therefore very much her age in these pics.

  • c

    Seems she’s fallen for him than he has. Surely again..

  • Why Halle Why

    Halle what are u doing honey?

    I don’t even know why you broke up with ur Child’s father. Nahla is growing so well too…


  • Dasha

    I prefer Gabriel by far

  • mailey

    they’re cute tog.

  • MlleF

    Such good tastes…I was already in love with him when I was in high school a long time ago…I mean…not such a long time…:)

  • Halle, why?

    Why does she have such a talent for picking all the wrong men? I just can’t see that womanizer staying committed to anyone for long. But then again, maybe she’s been burned so many times she’s happy to keep things a la casual. I just hope she’s careful with her heart around this one. And I agree, I really liked her better with Gabriel.

  • the truth

    @Dasha: Me too Gabrel looks better too.

  • bill

    i’m no hater but she’s not wearing makeup and looks like she could have been up all nite…sometimes you just don’t know if people are leading double lives…i hope she does not have that skeleton for the sake of the daughter that it will all come out…occult stuff….oopps

  • trey

    let’s be real everyone. what does this couple look like to you? olivier martinez is nothing but an old queen and halle is an old butch lesbian. she used gabirel for his sperm. gabriel – do not sign anything! halle told oprah (you can look at the episode if you wish) that she will never get married again and when she wants a baby in the future, she will have a partner for that reason and then make him sign his parental rights away. halle is ugly and old. she looks like a man. olivier looks nasty. look at his teeth! french or not! and look at her daughter – always has a depressed expression on her face. never smiling. poor girl.

  • lala

    i guess halle is going to come on the oprah show when her movie comes out and talk about how much she hates men and that she has to go through bi-racial bulls**t with her daughter and blah blah blah….she is a pain in the ass!

  • bea

    why black guys get angry when they see a gourgeous black woman with a white guy?? Such a losers…

  • anonymous

    Halle looks rough and her true age in these pictures. To me she has a good body, but she is not sexy at all. Even when she wears a sexy outfit (lately she is very butch), shes does not scream sexy ever. I agree she is very mannish, so could be a closet lesbian. Olivier is sexy, but not with Halle, he has no sexy vibe at all lately. Looks like his hair is thinning too.


    I notice that every since Halle got with Olivier.She seem more happy and relax in the face.But when she was with Gabe she was more uptight and mad all the time.And even tho I don’t know Gabe, I just feel that Halle let go a Good one for a Bad one

  • J

    lol at the one person commenting over and over again under different names. get over it! she’s happy, you’re obviously not. sucks to be you. :)
    you’re probably a bitter black man who can’t stand seeing a beautiful black woman in a happy relationship with a white man.

  • Sihaam

    I wish a lot of people look like that without zip of make up….she makes me sick. Showing her true age??? LMAO she is his age and she looks like 10 years younger than him, I think we shouldn’t hate Halle for her good gne.

  • bill

    a word to the wise…if someone is using your likeness..either in face or voice…your celebrity is how you get paid…there are somethings going on she should be looking into and she’s not…she could sue in wide open…it will all come out as the processes wheel turn

  • Cookie

    Why do you people care about this classless w.h.o.r.e., she never could act, she just use people for attention like this old washed up bumb, who cares about him or her, neither can bring in people to watch a movie. Halle always been low class, all the other stuff is a fake elusion, just so you like her, the b.i.t.c.h is also a UNCLE TOM, FEMALE UNCLE TOM. I would never buy any perfume from her, not from a person who lies, MENTAL CASE. The kid looks like she has AUTISM.

  • Find engine batteries

    pretty lady!

  • Sam

    Halle Berry always wished she looked like Vanity, but she is a bootleg, never will ever have the beauty of Vanity, now she is just boring and ugly. She does look crazy. Is she going hunting for raccoon? What a mess, those women in hollywood are all ugly, botox, cheek implants and rack of bones. What happen to the old days, Joan Collins was right, they look a mess, the look like old a.s.s. men.

  • MsIrene

    Why does everyone end up going together, when they film a movie together? This is scary. It looks like Halle just grabbed the first thing that she could get close to! I thought she was going to cool it for awhile. What happened to that?

    And, by all means, this man (Olivier) can’t hold a candle to Gabriel! He looks washed out from too much partying. Gabriel looks rested up, and so gorgeous. He’s waiting for Halle to wear herself out so he can take his daughter!

    Just my opinion……but I believe she was better off with Gabriel!

  • Nicole

    If you look at a video of vanity being interview by Joan Rivers, she compliments Vanity on being voted with the most beautiful skins from some magazine, that is what Halle wants, that is why Halle comes on here and other sites to put compliments about herself complimenting herself on how her skin looks(allegitlly) but we are sick of her, old granny, she will never have the natural beauty that Vanity has. Halle has had all kind of platic surgery. lol, Halle give us a brake you phony b…………………………………….ch, get lost, plastic bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbitch.

  • see x17 for more photos

    Check X17 for more photos of Halle dragging him around, down the stairs etc. on their drunken shopping spree(wine/pasta for dinner). He’s actually laughing in the photo with his face covered. Seems he luvs the attention. Who’s more of the attention whore? All of this to promote a movie…LOL

    Hope Halle realizes one day folks aren’t seeing her movies because they can see her all over the internet for FREE.

  • oksana

    I will not give anymore donations to the Halle Berry fund! My last check was given to Catwoman and I paid emotionally! lol Good luck to all 3 people who will pay the $15 to see her swim in around pool with a computerize shark!

  • desparate maybe?

    He is not cute!!! He is aging terrrrrrrribly!!!!! Sorry Halle seems desperate!!!

  • coke maybe

    @bill: I feel you, she looks coked out!!!

  • truth

    @oksana: YOu just spoke the truth! Halle is so delusional that she would rather be in weak films so that she has the leading white male interest than be in upcoming quality films like “For Colored Girls.” SMDH @ Halle Berry….she’s starting to show her crazy a little more…this Olivier dating put the icing on that crazy cake!! It’s not attractive….Halle get back to the work…stop leaking all of these photos with you and these scrub looking dudes…..

  • ????

    @coke maybe: don’t know if she/they’re coked up. Do know they were supposedly drunk when they went shopping.

    Rumor’s Halle’s a closet alcoholic. Her drinking and drugging in Chicago/NYC is what set off her diabetes in the 80′s/

  • not considered

    @truth: wasn’t considered/despite rumor. That work is not within her limited acting range.

  • Pepe

    when she was with gabriel she used to look so feminin now she has that rock- punkish style that i don’t really dig !
    Her acting sucks ! but she’s a beautiful woman and she ages well…who looks good without makeup anyway !
    He is a successful french actor…yeah gabriel’s hotter but at least this one is her age and his face shows some caracter !