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Taylor Swift Heads Home -- Sans Jake Gyllenhaal

Taylor Swift Heads Home -- Sans Jake Gyllenhaal

Taylor Swift and a bodyguard head back to her car after visiting a house on Sunday (November 28) in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 20-year-old country star and rumored new boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, 29, spent time together during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The two first grabbed lattes in Brooklyn then were spotted at another coffee shop in Nashville.

“So thankful for so much. And also for the NBC special Speak Now that comes on at 8/7c, and all the fans who made it possible. Check it out?” Taylor tweeted.

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  • luu.mos

    Taylor and Jake

  • marq

    Yeah, well she’s got more candle power than General Electric.

  • chandni

    oh dear god nooooo! jake you should know better!!

  • Cammie

    Taylor doesn’t wear slutty clothes, sing sexual songs…So she is immature. Please, she seems like a professional, level headed young woman…

    If Jake likes her then the Negative people can eat rocks..

  • sunflower

    Wonder who took this picture! LOL!!! All this stuff is staged to look like it is not planned, but the people taking the pictures are hired help.
    Guess Jake was outa there once he got his photo op. Jake. You don’t need to do this. Really.

  • Nina

    Jake flew in, did his photo op and left. Just like his photo ops in his showmance with Reese. Taylor is such a young girl to already be a professional beard. Doesn’t she want a real boyfriend or is she not allowed to go on dates with boys by herself without a chaperone yet.

  • yaz

    i’m sure the paparrazi are now in nashville the minute they found out jake was there…for all we know, jake could still be in the house or in the backyard waiting to be picked up….lol

  • eva

    she still acts like a bloody child!

  • Gogirl!

    Jake is still in Nashville. They were just spotted grocery shopping. All you haters going to have to get over it cause he’s here to stay.

  • MichaelBoston

    LOL, come on now, who really believes this?? Jake (or Toothy), everyone knows, just come out and be honest with yourself… you’d be a great example for the younger gay community that it’s not OK to be silent.

  • http://deesymons Dee

    I love Taylor, I really do.
    But Jake is like, what, nine years older than her? What if this is John Mayer all over again? Well, if the girl is happy(and I think she is) we shouldn’t complain. What happens, happens, and Taylor is still being loved by fans(like me).

    She looks a bit tired in this picture. Oh well:)

  • Next song

    It’s funny how she is taller than her own body guard. She’s like 5′ 11″ and has HUGE feet. She falls in love with every guy who gives her a second look. That’s called being an insecure girl with daddy issues. Guess she didn’t learn her lesson about dating older men from John Mayer. So we will wait for the next “He is a jerk” song about Jake. Joe, John, Jake. Hilarious.

  • happy couple

    Good girls usually take it up the butt so they can tell everyone they are still “virgins”. We all know toothy a.k.a. Jake likes to give it in the butt so this could work out just fine. She can go around saying she is still a virgin while bending over and getting it from a gay man who will show up just for the pictures. LOL going to a coffee shop near Vanderbilt University for a “low-key” date. Kids are VAnderbilt can pick her out of a line up but couldn’t tell you who the president of the U.S.A. is. She knew they would take a picture and release it. This is her peeps.

  • Love This Couple!!

    I love this couple. I have never in my life got into a celebrity couple until this one. I guess I like it because they are the unpredicted couple. They are both beautiful, down to earth, and just want somebody to love. I don’t think the age difference matters. They see something in each other than what people sitting behind their computers see. I wish them the best of luck!!

  • Lauren

    Honestly guys, in this day and age, age is nothing but a number. She’ll be 21 soon, so let’s throw that out the window. Taylor seems like a sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders. She’s grown up a lot. If her and Jake make each other happy, then who cares?

    If he were dating Miley Cyrus then I would understand the outrage. Taylor’s a respectable girl. She’s 20 and you don’t see her walking around half naked, drinking, and partying. Just chill. -_-

  • Gross

    Other couples have a large age gap but no other couple has the woman pretending to be a 14 year old little girl. That’s what’s creepy about this relationship. Taylor Swift acts 14, makes hearts, does glitter projects for fun, sings about highschool type relationship. Jake Gyllenhaal looks like he is in his 40′s and acts older than his age. It’s like an older guy going and picking up a little girl from the junior high school playground. It’s gross. Maybe if she acts her true age it would be different.

  • Julie

    Chicago marathon, eh? If you check her twitter account, she started running way back in August – Jake’s an avid runner. She also tweeted about reading cooking books – Jake’s a self-proclaimed prolific chef. These two have known each other longer than everyone realizes. Wonder what else she’s changing in her life to attract/keep him.

  • RJ

    I saw them myself this afternoon in Whole Foods in Nashville around 3pm. So, if it was a photo op, they screwed it up because there were no paps anywhere around at all. But, if she left this afternoon, what the heck were they shopping for? Snacks for the trip? Jake was wearing sunglasses inside, which was kind of silly. I mean, everyone knew who they were. She had tremendous bedhead. Or she brushed her curly hair which should never be done.

  • ***Paula***

    For a chance to win the Koini Club contest to meet Taylor Swift or JB in Europe click this link :

  • Cute!!

    @Julie: I agree. I also think Jake has changed some things about himself too. I don’t know if you watched him on Regis and Kelly, but he said something that caught me off guard. He said he has a sensitive side and that he “loves to hug.” He then proceded to hug Regis and Kelly. As we all know Taylor is the most hugging celeb in the world. I seriously love this couple. They are too cute for words. I wish them the best of luck.

  • Aimee

    This bodyguard looks exactly like Jake’s . . the one who’s always with him at premiers and such. I bet this is his detail sent to protect her.

  • ick

    I just threw up… hate them together, it will never last

  • carrie

    Who’s house is this and who was she visiting?

  • Jen

    I hope Taylor doesn’t mind watching her new bf get-it-on with other women in movies. He does that. Wonder if she’s even seen Love and Other Drugs yet….

  • ihatejake

    Can’t stand Jake, he is a arrogant ahole who hangs with women who have more money than him and eats up the publicity. He will always be a B actor most all his movies are terrible. He hung with Reese for as long as she could stand him and when she finally kicked him to the curb he goes out and finds another rich more popular than him girl. I hope Taylor wises up and dumps him too and I hope she hasn’t had sex with this creep yet.

  • uhi

    I wonder if they had sex,or jake played with her butthole and buy her lingerie like he did with reese

  • Listen to mayday parade

    How come no one cares about Taylors sex life? She’s like an under the radar sl. Ut. Love her though!

  • what

    OMG you didnt just say that
    ”jake is mature and acts old for his age”’

    he acts like a 15rold hes so immature
    I never knew people in their late 20′s were a childish as him

    he also says he likes madagascar and care bears

  • er

    @ihatejake: youre the terrible one with no& are life jealous of jake
    day after tommorow,brothers,jarhead,rendition,darko all good

    at least better then ledgers movies

  • Mandy

    I agree Jake is very c0cky and always finds the gals with money

  • Mandy

    @er: ummm the only good one in that would be donnie darko, the rest are average films. and why does everyone always bring up heath ledger like he and jake were joined at the hip?

  • 50cent

    Way to be Jake, you find a rich little babe you can control and you be the boss over her. 2thumbsup

  • Lighten Up Dude!

    @what: He was being sarcastic and funny in his interviews. Do you take life that seriously?? Lighten up. Jake is a funny guy who enjoys life. I guess you don’t joke around that much.

  • stupid u

    @Mandy: didnt he go and buy lingerie with reese in NYC 2weeks after ledger died dont assume they were close,ledger had real friends unlike that prick

  • uhi

    they werent close like some1 said in another post
    he buyed lingerie with reese in nyc 2weeks after ledger died not sad at all

  • Ciera

    LoL the bodyguard got in better pics than Jake..

  • madmax

    That is not Jake’s bodyguard. He is more muscular. I hope Jake wakes up and realizes he should be going for someone older than this one and maybe someone outside the industry. He claims that he wants to have a serious relationship and settle down and THEN he’s seen with this ‘kid’

    He is such a JERK, thinking with the head in his pants instead of the one on his head. I used to really like him but he is SO cocky and arrogant. I think he is losing a lot of fans. I guess he doesn’t give a shit.

  • Mandy

    @stupid u: Where did I say they were close?? I just commented on people who always compare Jake and him when it isn’t relevant.

  • Mandy

    @madmax: You’re right I don’t think he cares and his attitude is getting very old. I say let him move to Nashville, go barefoot ,pick guitar along with his nose and live off Taylor’s money.

  • Thank You

    Thank you! I am so glad someone sees this douche for who he is. Nobody cares about him or his pathetic movies. He uses women to advance his career. I hope she trashes this loser on her next release.

  • sucker

    Her bodyguard reminds me of Taylor Lautner’s bodyguard. Both bald with a dark tan. Well at least Lautner won’t have to suffer through any other songs by her, she has a new victim. I mean “boyfriend”. this girl is a user but plays innocent. Jake should know better, he thinks he is special and she won’t treat him like she did with her other ex’s. Bahaha. good luck with that Jake, you are a sucker.

  • brianna

    I think Taylor is just having some fun before she goes on her world tour. Jake can kinda be like her BFF er “boytoy” and they can go shopping and hang out. Every body talks about how much like a kid she is but I think Jake acts more immature to be almost 30. He kinda reminds me of the popular but dumb guy in high school who dates lots of girls then laughs to his buddies about it.

  • sky

    eveyone was up in arms when they though she hooked up with John Mayer, she sure is racking up the millage on her self. I think this is a bit gross, considering she sings about highschool boys. Reese was right to dump him. He is so immature if he’s hooking up with this.

  • creepy Jake

    This guy is a sexual deviant. First he is in a movie (Love and other drugs) where the love interest has his sister’s name (Maggie). He gets naked with her and does movie sex multiple times. Was he thinking about his sister. Sick. Now he is dating a girl that acts 14 years old with the body of a 12 year old kid. Gross. Mark my words they are going to find child po rn in his house one day. There is something wrong with him, he even has a pedo beard all the time. I know Taylor wants to play grown-up but this is not the way to go. You can find a NORMAL guy to date and write songs about.

  • stan

    i seriously love them both. I hope it works out and i wish them all the happiness in the world!

  • joe

    Jake is a closeted gay loser who can’t sell a movie and can’t keep a real woman for obvious reasons. I hope he leaves hollyweird and moves to hillybilly town, stays alone while his wife in name only tours the world and is never heard from again like that guy that married Dolly Parton.

  • Lizzie

    Maybe she will out him in her next song. That would be hilarious. Jokes on you perv Jakey!

  • sexual attraction

    Reese was right to dump him because Jake forced her to wear a school uniform when they had sex

  • Lulu Guinness

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