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Kate Gosselin: Today's Rumor Control...

Kate Gosselin: Today's Rumor Control...

Kate Gosselin appears on The Today Show on Wednesday (December 1) in New York City to address rumors her kids were expelled from their school.

The 35-year-old reality mom denied those rumors, but admitted that her two six-year-olds were having trouble dealing with academics as well as their parents’ divorce.

Kate also said that despite Jon‘s admitting his mistakes on Twitter, “I have never been personally apologized to. I don’t really consider an interview on TV or a tabloid as an apology, unfortunately. But I have strangely and ironically forgive him for the sake of my kids.”

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin on rumor control…

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  • Zoe

    Go away!!!

  • rhonda

    I know I’m gonna be creamed on this site, but those kids would be better off with their dad.

  • what a nut

    They were asked to leave, as the school could no longer fill the children’s needs, which = gently kicked out , politely thrown out , nicely expelled

  • Susan

    No rhonda, you are correct. He may have horrible judgement and be immature but he seemed to genuinely love his kids and they love him back.

  • bubbaness

    How about you STAY HOME and tend to your children if they are having such a hard time adapting to their parents divorcing?


    She won’t go away until the media (I’m talking to you JJ) stops paying attention to her.

  • Lee

    What good could possibly come of going on national tv and talking about those poor kids? That serves her alone, the only person she has ever cared about. She keeps talking about the need to make money – if they lived modestly, I am sure they have plenty of money already. The kids don’t care about having fancy things or fancy trips – kids never care about those things until they are taught to care about them. They just want a mom and dad around, a routine, and a shot at a normal life. She’ll never be able to step aside and let her kids shine. She’s a sad, self-involved woman and I can imagine the kids will grow to resent her very much.

  • isHotr

    WOAH! That’s what she looks like now?! Ugh…agree with everyone on this. This is just getting ridiculous.

  • Vesper

    I agree with you Rhonda. I cant believe her show is still on the air.

  • Jokergurl

    This NARCISSIST has horns under her poufy hairdo I’m willing to bet money, what an awful excuse for a parent. And I agree at least Jon Gosselin acts like her cares about his children, Kate does not.

  • kizbit


  • dingdong

    Seriously, can anyone be more full of themselves!!!!! Kate Gosselin makes me sick.

  • My eyes!!!

    Remind me: While she is on morning tv griping about never receiving an apology, when did SHE apologize to John for all the years of treating him condescendingly, insulting and emasculating him in front of their kids (and America)? How did she become the sole victim of this divorce?

  • Mary

    Oh Kate, you forgot that Alexis and Collin were hitting the other kids, throwing things around that could hurt the kids and teacher. You would not sit still, you did not know how to socialize, so you kept hitting. This went on for a month, then Collin and Alexis ganged up on another child who was injured. The Counselors stepped along with the Private Attorneys for the School Board and had the children “refused to admit and cannot return to the school”

    Question Katie the Queen on that. Kate was accused of not bonding with her children by the school counselor as the other tups also have problems with socialization and not hitting.

    Very sad situation she has created, she should move out, give the children to Jon. She can take them to film and that way she stays in the limelight and out of their lives and they can grow up with a parent who loves them and bonded with them.

    Yes, the truth hurts you Kate lovers. More important that these little children get breathing room away from here. and how is that bodyguard who sleeps in the basement?????

  • Lillianne

    @Mary: He’s only in the basement until all the kids are asleep.

  • Concerned Parent

    The divorce was over a year ago. Stop playing that card. The kids are angry because YOU exude anger. They are mirroring YOUR behavior.

    You are divorced because YOU chose fame over family.

    Jon didn’t CHEAT on you!! He began dating after YOU decided to end the marriage.

    Kate, you got the house, the kids, the money, the fame. You should be happy. Instead you are an angry woman who is never satisfied.

    You are not a victim. Stop blaming everyone.

  • KC

    Her Today Show interview is proof that she is nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black! She basically ridiculed Jon, (yet again), for apologizing to her in an interview which she does not consider to be a sincere apology because it was played out in the media. Yet she discusses much more personal and potentially damaging issues about her children throughout the entire Today Show interview! Additionally she placed most of the blame on both “anger issues resulting from the divorce” and on the school for “not be able to meet the needs of the children at this time”. I think as the custodial parent she bears the greatest responsbility for her children’s anger issues. She is such a hypocrite.

  • Ted

    Kate is trying to blame this on academic pressure and the divorce? Come on Kate … because you were away so much and not paying any attention to your children, they are REPEATING kindergarten. Get real! How the heck much academic pressure could be placed on a child who is repeating kindergarten! This has NOTHING to do with school or the divorce. You are the one who needs counselling.

  • Tired of Kate



  • Bridget

    I am 43 years old and haven’t resorted to name calling since 9th grade.
    But I have to make an exception for Kate. She is the biggest twat in America. She has absolutley no class and is just a big bully herself. It’s pathetic a mother would throw her children under the bus and expose their private struggles on national tv just so she could be pampered with hair and make-up and shack up in a hotel in NYC with the married bodyguard for her grand appearance on The Today Show. Each time she bashes Jon just reveals more of her own stupidity and hateful self. Shame on Meredith Viera for treating her with kid gloves and not calling her out on her chit, and for giving her a platform to continue spewing her venom and lies.

  • Cheryl

    I am 32 and I would never dress like a hooker like Kate does. Kate needs the professional help or nut house. The kids are doomed with her. She has all those kids and dresses like she is going out to do a few men for a living! She is full of hate and anger for Jon and everyone but will not except the fact she is the one who left Jon high and dry before the seperation ever happened. She said it herself, different goals-Kate wanted to continue to sell her children-Jon did not want to. Kate divorced Jon so she could have it Kate’s way and she lies all the time. If Kate’s mouth is moving she is lieing. Give the kids to Jon and Ellen. Kate is worse than that woman that put her kids in the car and drown them. Kate seems to be hurting these children daily! In my opnion only

  • Kelly

    I did not think that Kate Gosselin could do anything to make herself more reviled but her Today show interview showed me that I was wrong. She is a bully in every sense of the word. She is literally the most selfish and self centered person I have ever seen. Her children are having severe anger issues and rather than dealing with them in private, she goes on a national tv show to discuss it and keeps on filming them? Are these children not entitled to any privacy or dignity in their lives at all? Also, mocking Jon when she should be the one apologizing was even more sickening. What a horrible human being she is. I hope that she gets her comeuppance in a big way and soon.

  • Anon

    @Bridget, Cheryl, and Kelly: GREAT COMMENTS AND GREAT JUDGE OF CHARACTER!!!!!!

  • dingdong

    @Bridget,Cheryl,Kelly: GREAT COMMENTS, GREAT JUDGE OF CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbra

    I am 71, a mother, grandmother, have lost a husband, mother, father, brother, sisters and am NOT rich, HOWEVER, I have tons of friends from 50+ years ago and tons more made within the last 10 years since I’ve been on my own so I AM richer than that broad. I have grandkids that like and WANT to spend time with me and they are 8-21. She has NO ONE (unpaid) who can stand or wants to spend time with her. I am the matriarch of my whole family and enjoy that position. She won’t even have anyone that will claim her as family by the time she reaches my age. Although, at the rate she’s aging that doesn’t look too far off!

  • dingdong

    @Barbara: Way to go!!! That’s what I’m talking about. I’m 53 and have very little in my life but my life is rich. Rich with family, rich with friends. My husband, two kids and I are close and love each other. I have gone through cancer and survived. All the material crap means nothing. People don’t get it. Your health and your loved ones are all you need. A roof over your head and food on the table. Live with less, have more life!!!

  • Original

    WOW. While I could care less about her clothes or hair or shoes, I really find it hard to believe she is actually giving interviews at 7 AM in NYC about her children’s FAILURE so far in their young lives. I WOULD BE SO ASHAMED I WOULD NOT BE RUNNING AROUND FLASHING MY FAKE HORSE TEETH. Where is the shame, embarrassment or humility? As a mom, I would feel responsible and instead of TODAY I would be talking to mental health professionals.

  • Samantha

    The absence of bonding with her 6 youngest has been readily apparent since the first show aired. There have been many articles in the Reading area newspapers detailing how many state paid “helpers” she had in the early years, as well as film of the youngest children either being cared for by their father or in their cribs for long forced naps (when Jon was at work.)

    Now the lack of bonding (and nurturing) by this horrible woman appears to be manifesting itself in behavior issues in the children with horrible consequences (being separated from their siblings at school and being made to feel “different”)

    I cannot for the life of me understand why the State of Pennsylvania has not stepped in to appoint a guardian for these children. They desperately need one to advocate *only* for them.

  • TV genksta


  • lena

    Kids defenetly would be better off with their dad.

  • elena

    kids defenetly would be better off with their dad.