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Grey's Creator Shonda Rhimes: New ABC Pilot!

Grey's Creator Shonda Rhimes: New ABC Pilot!

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes was just given the green light on a new pilot for ABC.

The untitled drama centers on the “life and work of a professional fixer and her dysfunctional staff,” a network rep shares. The show will be based on the life of real-life crisis management consultant Judy Smith, who will serve as co-executive producer.

Rhimes is also the executive producer of Private Practice and Off the Map, a medical drama set in the jungle which premieres on ABC on Wednesday (January 12) at 10/9c.

ARE YOU EXCITED for another Shonda Rhimes-created show??

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  • lalala


  • Mary

    TOO MANY balls in the air Shonda! Grey’s is becoming more and more boring, Private Practice is getting better and is better than Grey’s, especially this season, but she just keeps ignoring it ..”Off the map” is already too much, she even twitted she will do less Private Practice and Grey’s episodes cause she is tired and now she adds a fourth show? Better do her best with the current shows, write better episodes and storylines for the characters that repeat her self over and over again!
    A little bit greedy in my opinion.

  • Whatever

    I didn’t know she was african-american. That’s why there are so many “black doctors” on ‘Grey’s.’

  • ella


    She should focus on grey’s and private practice, I want these shows, especially private practice, to last a few more seasons.

  • Michelle

    Actually I’m interested to see this medical drama set in the jungle. It could be fun. Haven’t watched Private Practice never really got into that show. Well it’s good that Shonda is branching out doing other projects because Grey’s can only last so long.. Who knows how much longer the actors and show will be around.

  • Marc


  • nikki

    THAT is Shonda???????? I always thought she was a white skinny b*tch! I only got right the b*tch part, lol!

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    Always have had great respect for her!

  • Lisa

    @nikki: You thought she was white with a name like Shonda…. In any case she is taking on a lot with an already full plate. I wish her the best though.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    Isn’t race fascinating? All some posters can concentrate on is the surprise that she is not white instead of the fact that she is someone who has had great successes in Television. Amazing. Race is an illness in America.

  • anon

    Not knowing Shonda Rhimes was African American is like not knowing Oprah Winfrey is African American.

  • Ana

    Another one? Aren’t GA & PP enough? Both shows are going to suffer…badly.

  • J

    just what we need – another fat black woman on television and movies.
    Why not show slim, attractive, beautiful black women like gabrielle union? too threatening? what gives? I’m personally sick of seeing Black women represented in a negative light in hollywood.
    most are obese (gabourey sidibe), ugly (monqiue who doesn’t even shave her legs!) or have an attitude problem (insert any black actress here) or just a comic relief (queen latifah).
    Tired of it. Show a beautiful, classy, sophisticated, slim and happy Black woman for once!

  • Soul Fly


    Uh, I see your point…but…I don’t agree with how the way it was sad. But, I do see where you are going and I agree with that.

  • hyoid

    @ J – Please don’t compare Shonda Rimes to actresses and comedians, it’s like comparing apples and oranges!! Unlike them, she doesn’t go begging for a job, she creates them! You should instead be happy to see that there is diversity on the business side of hollywood aka the people who make the real money!

  • Jasmine

    Wooo girl needs to spend less time producing shows and more time at the gym…

  • 90′s Dark Angel

    Woooowwwww interesting these comments are. People are so shocked that she’s black, she’s smart and successful. Feeling threaten?? You cave drooling recessive gene neanderthals should be, jealous losers.

  • Jessica

    What the what? I always thought Shonda Rhimes was the actress who plays Dr. Bailey. I thought she created AND acted in the show. WOW.

  • J

    I didn’t know a black women directed this show. It good see different people, of different races thinking out of the box, instead of using platform all the time.

  • hmm

    race doesn’t exist , only cultures & ethnicities. shonda is american, plain and simple.

  • Maria

    She’s a genius. I’m looking forward to seein “Off the Map”. I’ve been a favorite of Grey’s and Private Practice. Therefore, i’m betting “Off the Map” will be another hit, i’m sure…

  • hoo

    It’s a shame. I completely agree that Grey’s has gone downhill. I’ve been one of its biggest fans and a watcher since the pilot. The story lines have simply… gone awry ever since season 5. Oh well. I have always watched and will continue to watch no matter how terrible the episodes are. As far as her taking on too much… I think we can all see how the shows are suffering from lack of full attention.

  • Masoud

    I ADORE her and she is my idol. Super excited!

  • Leo

    @J , I agree. I would like to see a hot stylish normal black women for a change ! They shouldn’t have to stand for something to get a chance in hollywood !

  • sugarbabe

    Ref J — surprised you didn’t know Shonda was black; but then again black people MUST recognize whites and show them as desirable and stunning. I ABSOLUTELY agree with you –knockouts like Gabby Union, Nia Long and Taraji Henson should be the ones in these ( and other) shows. And NOT raising children by themselves, but with attractive stylish boyfriends, lovers, husbands, etc. ( we cal all dream, right?) Too many people believe that this these frequently second-rate white women are the only people who deserve to be seen as desirable.

    Shonda should insist; but may be if she did, they wouldn’t taker her shows?

    By the way, the real-life Judy Smith is black.

  • jaye

    J @ 12/19/2010 at 9:05 pm
    You have a point? People come in all shapes outside of Television and Movies, why shouldn’t they inside? There obviously are, as you say, slim attractive, beautiful black women in tv and movies, you just want them ALL to be what you term slim, attractive and beautiful.
    Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I bet you’re more concerned that they’re not SLIM because obviously fat people can’t be classy or sophisticated (yeah, that’s sarcasm). Are people being who they are ‘showing black people in a negative light’? The people you see on television and movies ( white or black) are representative of people you see in real life; don’t pretend they don’t exist. If you have a problem with what this woman or any other Black celebrity looks like, maybe you should find your own light rather than trying to define it by other people.

  • LoveLeeR

    yay yes yes yes !

  • s_n_t123

    Shonda Rhimes, Jenna Banns and ABC Network Hates Your Guts, Black Women:

    In this day and age of Michelle Obama and her beautiful daughters, who needs a Shonda Rhimes?

    Yes, that’s right. The Shonda Rhimes in charge of creating “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Private Practice”, “Off the Map”, and a soon-to-be-produced movie based on the book “B*tch is the New Black”.

    Producer Shonda Rhimes and her evil minions (producers Jenna Banns, Betsy Beers) at ABC either refuse to portray Black women on their shows in the TV lineup – consistently eliminating them from roles, as in “Off the Map” – or continue to stereotype Black women as (arguably) successful, but dysfunctional with sterile roles, as in Grey’s Anatomy and, to a degree, Private Practice.

    And although, yes, Ms. Rhimes is a Black woman, the typical pattern for her shows is to
    1. systematically and completely exclude Black women, or
    2. In the rare cases where Black women are portrayed, cast them as less-desirable than their non-Black counterparts (i.e. out-of-shape, harsh, mean, emotionally barren – feel free to pick your stereotype as Shonda Rhimes and her crew uses them all), unable to be involved in healthy relationships with any man, and definitely not a Black man.

    At best, Ms. Rhimes and her crew may cast a Black woman as the “best friend” to a white or non-black cast member, as if that is some special compliment. At her worst, Black women are portrayed as “the b*tches” she wants America to believe them to be, stark and humorless.

    Let’s hope that her upcoming movie based on “B*tch is the New Black” gets canned before production.

    Black women of all shades look great, and are romantic, and sexy. And with so many struggling Black actresses looking for parts, I know she can find some beauties that fit the bill of smart, beautiful, friendly, and can play the “hot” roles, all rolled into one.

    Who needs to support a Black woman who routinely eliminates us from the shows she produces, and thinks that the only time we’re worthy of portrayal is as b*tches? Who thinks that Black women, and Black women alone, are not worthy of portrayal in romantic relationships? Who thinks that an equally attractive Black woman should not be cast among equally attractive co-stars? Who is OK with producing a movie casting Black women with the gumption, discipline, and standards to become highly educated professionals, as b*tches? Obviously, in her self-hating mind, Black women are not of “the beautiful people”, thus we deserve to be marginalized, eliminated or maligned and scorned.

    Do we want our daughters and the next generation of Black girls growing up believing that they are not as beautiful as anyone else? That the best they are is a b*tch? That they are less kind, intelligent, and sexy than other women on this planet? That they cannot be human and have days like everyone else when they are angry or frustrated or even feeling mean without being cast as a “B*tch”? That they have to trade in their standards and success for fear of being denigrated?

    I think NOT.

    So who needs a Shonda Rhimes? If this is the best she can do to portray Black women, then we certainly do not.

    And who needs Jenna Banns, Betsy Beers or the ABC network?
    Yes, that’s right, the ABC network. Who needs to support a TV network that has recently shown that it supports producers (such as those above) who would willingly eliminate Black women from its popular primetime programming altogether rather than show them in non-stereotypical roles? And yes, this is the same network that gained some of its highest ratings ever, gained millions of viewers – and millions of dollars – all because of the work of another Black woman, Oprah Winfrey.

    So much for being appreciated.

    Do we want Black women and girls believing that they can toil away to produce original material for a network only to then be completely written out of the script? That they should support a network that really wants to see them disappear? Who wants to benefit off of the media power of a Black woman, but not give the legions of young, beautiful Black actresses a chance to work and prove themselves?

    Who wants to keep up the status quo in popular programming of either eliminating Black woman characters or stereotyping then in unflattering portrayals? That tells our young Black girls that they are less than others? That they are mean, etc?

    Again, I think NOT.

    If producers and the media want to eliminate Black actresses, or portray Black women and girls negatively, it’s time that we use our combined voices to eliminate them. Don’t support anyone or any entity that will not support you.

    Send a clear message to Shonda Rhimes, Jenna Banns, Betsy Beers and the ABC network that you will not watch their shows or support any of their productions.

    Contact ABC:
    ABC, Inc.
    500 S. Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, CA 91521-4551
    (818) 460-7477