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Demi Lovato Checks Out Cheesecake Factory

Demi Lovato Checks Out Cheesecake Factory

Demi Lovato grabs a bite to eat at Cheesecake Factory on Sunday (January 30) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 18-year-old singer and actress recently completed treatment at a facility and is now back in L.A.

On Friday, a smiling Demi grabbed coffee in Santa Monica.

A source close to Demi told that she’s focusing “first and foremost on her well-being” and is “so grateful to all her fans for their unbelievable support.”

10+ pictures inside of Demi Lovato at the Cheesecake Factory

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demi lovato cheesecake 01
demi lovato cheesecake 02
demi lovato cheesecake 03
demi lovato cheesecake 04
demi lovato cheesecake 05
demi lovato cheesecake 06
demi lovato cheesecake 07
demi lovato cheesecake 08
demi lovato cheesecake 09
demi lovato cheesecake 10
demi lovato cheesecake 11

Photos: Flynet, GSI Media
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  • t

    damnnn shes fat!

  • mika

    f u !!!!

  • mika

    @t: f u!!!!

  • theta

    baby girl <3

  • Brightside

    Hell, I thought that maybe she was visiting a real cheesecake factory hence the reason for the saggy, black bin bag she’s wearing. Hygiene you know.
    I guess she’s eating at a place called Cheesecake Factory…so no explanation for the saggy, black bin liner thing, then.
    She’s chubby though, isn’t she. Chubby face, chubby cheeks, chubby tum and chubby calves. Very definitely all over chubbiness and the black bin liner doesn’t make her look any less chubby.
    Maybe, just maybe, it might be a very good idea not to visit all those cheesecake factories….just saying that visiting a salad factory might help here!

  • emily h

    it’s actually sad that people feel the need to put down such a young woman who’s taken the initiative to get help and become a healthier person.

    also, anyone who goes through any sort of rehab will more than likely gain weight.

  • Ego


    Yes because your keen observation doesn’t take into account simple things like PERCEPTION or anything like that right? I guess Baggy Clothes don’t add to that as well. How dumb can you be?

    But hey you go ahead and continue being a superficial dumb ass. I get a kick out of general stupidity :)

  • Ego

    @emily h: Exactly. And it’s not like she gained THAT Much weight. Maybe 4 or 5 pounds at the most. Overall she still looks the same.

  • No shiiiit

    Sorry Demi was a drug addict .
    “Exhaustion” is a joke – That’s a nap – not rehab

  • http://gq gq

    time to hit the gym

  • ylinoooooaaaaaaa

    damn she got a little chubby…

  • lovatic

    Hm, yea? I think she’s kinda chubby, but that’s the effect of being in treatment center, they keeping ur stamina and they keep on give u enough nutrition, and beside that demi doing nothing in treatment center *i mean like singing, or acting* so she won’t losing any energy….hm, I love her.

  • Kiki

    It’s sad to read some of these comments, regarding her weight. She isn’t fat, and even if she was…in what way would that effect any of you. People have become delusional shallow bitches….

  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    She not in party

  • anon

    She isn’t fat nor is the clothes she’s wearing baggy! Some of you dumbasses need to get off the internet and consider getting some LASIK eye surgery. All her clothes is actually tight, minus her long scarf hanging off her neck and I have never seen a scarf being “tight.” She isn’t fat. Google “Demi Lovato Bikini” and you’ll see she actually has a fit body.

  • tabby

    Ahh she’s all smiles =) she has gotten prettier.

  • Annie

    The weight gain is pretty much proof she was doing looots of cocaine before! This is always what happens when someone was unnaturally skinny due to drugs and then suddenly quits. They end up bigger than their natural weight for a while. Remember how Mischa Barton blew right up when she had that stint in mental hospital/rehab?

  • lexy hates bilson

    How come when it’s Hayden Christian he looks “healthy” and “normal” but when it’s a woman she’s fat or she’s stopped doing coke???
    She looks fine and I’m sure if she had been on coke or other drugs we would know about it!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    How come when it’s Hayden Christian he looks “healthy” and “normal” but when it’s a woman she’s fat or she’s stopped doing coke???
    She looks fine and I’m sure if she had been on coke or other drugs we would know about it!!

  • Will

    Or maybe she was pregnant…

  • Zoe

    People need to watch what they are saying! She looks lovely and healthy! Leave her alone!

  • Lovatic4life


  • dee

    Im glad she has gained some weight, she looks happier this way, she is still pretty.

  • From Paris with Love

    @lexy hates bilson:
    “How come when it’s Hayden Christian he looks “healthy” and “normal” but when it’s a woman she’s fat or she’s stopped doing coke???”
    I don’t know, coz she just got out of REHAB maybe? LMAO rehab for tired people of course hahaha
    No shiiiit is right.

  • LenLT

    Ummm just wanted to see her pictures but I guess I’ve gotta comment on your silly comment. People say she’s fat or chubby because they see the double chin on her face. DUH. And yes the clothes are supposed to be loose but she fills them in nicely. What does it mean to you? What’s it with you people? If she’s fat or chubby, she’s fat or chubby. No matter how much you defend her or put her down she still looks like what she is right now unless she wants to change it. To me, there’s nothing wrong with saying someone is fat or chubby if that person is. Depression and stress affect people’ mood. They do thing/s more than they normally do. Some eat. Some sleep. Some work. Et cetera. That’s how people deal with their own problems. If she wants to come back she’s gotta lose that double chin. She looked fine before. All she needs to do is hit the treadmill and she’ll be back to her normal weight in some months. Stay away from Cheesecake Factory. Their food sucks a$$$$ yet they’re so overpriced for their $$hitty quality.

  • Mariana

    Why people are being so mean? She wasn’t skinnier before because of drugs, she had EATING DISORDER! Now she is fine, eating well ( I hope), and she doesn’t look fat at all! Are you guys crazy? Leave Demi alone.

  • Federico

    very beautiful! i love Demi!

  • Lise

    Demi is an example of when you need you can ask for help! she not is as Lidisey using taking drugs! she is perfect!

  • Meriane L.

    Demi is amazing! i love Demi!

  • Gardenia

    i love you Demi! very beautiful and amazing!

  • Pari

    I don’t get people. So what if she’s a bit chubby now? Is there anything wrong with being chubby? She looks so healthy and happy, and I hope it continues this way for her. I really respect her for checking into rehab and getting help before it was too late.

  • Jocasta

    Demi is the best!

  • lexy hates bilson

    What does being in rehab have to do with her looking chubby?? She was in rehab working on her problems – it’s not a restaurant where she was constantly served food nor were they pumping her up with steroids. Hayden Christiansen has been home sitting on his butt and doing nothing BUT eat and yet he’s HEALTHY?
    What’s with the double standard? She looks fine to me but then again so does Kelly Clarkson!!

  • Gardenia

    i love Demi!

  • http://deleted lovelydee

    Woohoo Demi
    she’s looking nice and healthy

  • Allison

    She looks good! I’m glad to see that she’s feeling better.

  • http://deleted marimadness

    for real some people are freakin PATHETIC. Get a life so what if she isnt a size -0??? Most of us arent. She ist chubby shes flawless and perfect. Some of u r cyberbullying this young woman recovering from a rough time are ur lives that pathetic? Im probably youger than u and i know how to respect more than u and thats sad. I bet u use the web as a mask becuz if this was face to face u wouldnt be sayin this chiz ur saying now. Ive been through some of the things demi has and it hurt imagine how she feels. Shes brave and ur part of the reason shes been to rehab cuz ur so hostile and igorant. Get a life grow a mustache do something better with ur time than bash ppl…itd probably be a lot better that way. And u idiots wont get how much it hurts her til she snaps worse than before…pathetic.

  • Talan

    I am very happy! Demi is fantastic! i love you Demi!

  • Danielle

    Love Demi… she is soooooooo talented, so funny!! Hope the best for her =)

  • Cherry405

    She didn’t take drugs. she has an eating disorder!

  • http://@Indhy30 Indhira

    she is a little bit more voluptuous now cuz she had an eating disorder u dumbasses !! it is not because she was on cocaine before! she said she is now eating 3 meals a day and that it was pretty challenging for her cuz she suffered from bulimia and she was only eating one meal a day and that she would throw up like 5 times a day just to lose weight when u do that, u actually get slimmer but not in a healthy way AT ALL so once u star eating even if it’s 3 meals a day u gain more weight that u suppose to cuz your hormones go crazy and metabolism get slower ! im happy for her and this photo is just a proof that she is EATING !! and that she’s HEALING ! she is exercising and doing things the right way so it’s just a matter of time, i know she will find the way to stay fit, healthy with the right method!!

  • Heather


    its not a trash bag
    its a scarf

  • Alissa

    @From Paris with Love:
    Or MAYBE she gained weight because she’s finally eating instead of starving herself. I’ve been there, one of my friends have been there too, when you start to eat healthy again you’re gonna gain weight, and probably end up heavier than you were before you stopped eating. Just because she’s part of Hollywood doesn’t mean she’s on drugs. She was in rehab for anorexia. Rehab DOES exist for problems other than drugs, ya know.

  • dee

    you guys are some terrible people. This is one of the reasons she is a cutter and have a eating disorder trying to pls the eyes of your stupid
    comments. How dare u talk about someone who is fighting for there well-being. instead of supporting her u guys tear her down even more
    the weight is probably of what stress meds they gave her in the treatment center those anxiety meds can put a lot of weight on u like 20 pounds within a couple of months. You guys are ignorant plus heartless
    I hope she strides for much success. That is the best revenge for all of you.

  • ELLE

    wtvv she is fat but who cares man, honestly if i could find the courage in me to go get help like she did then i would be happy fat too!!!!

  • Vincentia

    All her clothes is actually tight, minus her long scarf hanging off her neck and I have never seen a scarf being “tight.” She isn’t fat.

  • sdfgtyu

    @Brightside: You do realize she just got out of rehab for an eating disorder, right? Asshole.

  • 6At32

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