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Oprah Def Will See Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never'!

Oprah Def Will See Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never'!

If Gayle King‘s review of Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never is any indication, her BFF Oprah Winfrey will no doubt be watching the singer’s new movie!

“I tell you, I am now smitten,” Gayle said in a video posted on her Twitter page. “[The movie] is not just for teenage girls because there are so many messages and so many lessons.”

“What I’m so impressed with him about is that he’s a normal kid … [but] he’s still very mischievous, and he’s not just flavor of the month. It is such a great lesson for everybody who has a dream who thinks it can’t be done,” Gayle added.

The radio talk show host admitted she was “sort of on a crusade, a campaign,” to get the word out about this movie because “there is so much more to Justin Bieber than ‘Baby, Baby, Baby’ but oh baby is he good.”

WILL YOU WATCH Never Say Never when it hits theaters this Friday (February 11)?

Gayle King is a Belieber
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  • mailey

    Ok no, it is def just for teenage girls. Gayle is a sicko.

  • Ana

    What can I learn from a movie of a singer that won’t be so popular in 2/3 years when his fans grow up and see that there’s something better?

    I guess the answer is, no, I won’t see that craptastic excuse of a movie. Just Go With It looks so much better, and that’s saying something.

  • maahem

    ew gag me. Gayle was paid to say that lol. It was made JUST for little girls and teens.

  • Zoe Moon

    I am too old to watch this movie. I think it is for teenage girls. But I do have to say, Justin is a cutie pie!

  • she’s not just sayin’ that

    Gayle is not a very sophisticated liar.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Justin b have more pics

  • hsh8383

    is that the only pic for JB on this site?? they’ve been using it for almost a week now

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Why put always this pics 1

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    I think jj love same pics

  • Impulse Magazine

    I just think this is just a way for Oprah to get some more media coverage for her new network

  • pork Chops

    IF he had lived on his own for 10 years working as a waiter or dishwasher and struggling on his own to survive while still pursuing an artistic endeavor before getting a big break in show biz i would have more of an appreciation for his success, but not soo much as he lived at home with his parents i’m assuming … soooo where is the big sacrifice people ? where is the struggle ? seriously lol

  • DarkEmpress

    This has nothing to do with Oprah! Gayle is her closest friend but it doesnt mean that they have to like all the same things!

  • anon

    Why don’t you go see the movie and judge after that? There is no way for a grown woman to say something like that if it wasn’t true but I doubt she will able to change people mind about his movie.

  • laverdadduele

    Let me get this straight, a grown up and supposedly mature woman loved the Bieber movie. That only shows how stupid this freeloader Gayle is. The only lesson Bieber can teach is how to look like a teenage lesbian when you’re really a boy, and I’m using the term “boy” very loosely. Unfortunately, I’m sure the freaking movie will do well because of the teenyboppers and all the other idiots out there.

  • Ketchup and Mustard is good.

    Oprah must have paid Gayle to say this nonsense.

  • http://Ja Sligo ^__^ cute

    Good justin complet song

  • http://Ja Sligo ^__^ cute

    Im there

  • Marta

    I’m sorry but who Justin Bieber is??

  • Marieme

    Oh Gayle…Just STFU!! Gawd, this heffer is not only riding the best gravy train in life, but she also thinks her opinion matters. Shut the piehole already.

    That said – I agree there is more to this film than something for Bieber fans. It’s a film about heart, family, talent and drive. So yes, people, go see it. Justin’s a super great kid!

  • 20 year old fan and aspiring a

    Everyone needs to shut up. I am completely sick over how much hatred there is on Justin. People can have their own opinions but, half the people who hate are riding the damn bandwagon. Leave him alone already! I’ve heard grown adult say the sickest shit about him along with everybody else. Before you open your mouth give him the time of day and go see the movie. Its not made for little girls and another thing he is not an artist off disney!!! It just goes to show how much people really know about him. Before you talk anymore shit do your research people.

  • http://Switleo Bandzile Nhleko

    Well i thnk people are simply jealous of Justin Bieber, they must get a life. JB u rock big time nd evrythn u do comes out best!

  • http://lucydeaaaan ReginaGeorge

    @pork Chops:

    Have you actually any idea what he did to become famous? He used to busk outside in his local area and performed at charity events. His mum put videos on Youtube for his friends and family to see. Come back when you’ve done your research and then give me a valid reason why he shouldnt of achieved the fame he has! kbye.


  • No No No

    No way – I’m for sure watching The Eagle with Donald Sutherland, Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell. Anything than this kid.

  • Kimberly Searson

    @mailey: It is definitely not just for teenage girls. I’m the parent of teenagers, I can’t wait to go. I want my teenage son to see it too. It is about following your dreams, making things happen. I guess you don’t get it.



  • alejandra

    le qeda re lindoo ♥

  • http://KaleighBaby14o kaleigh S

    Oh trust me that movie is gold< 3 really he has so many life lessons on not giving up. dont diss it before you see it. its truely amazing.

  • Jellena

    Marta : you don’t know who is JB?? ahhahaah. OMGGGGG

  • Maddie

    Never say Neveer. lol

  • Jellena


  • Keeilaab

    Sortuda!! Pena que aqui no Brasil vai demorar um pouco mais pra passar #NeverSayNever3D , e eu quero um #purpleglasses ♥
    Com certeza, pra mim é o melhor filme e mais esperado do ano! I love u very very very @justinbieber

  • cloclo

    im really proud of justin and how he got this far :) and i cant wait till his movie comes out on valentines day ! it’s gonna be frickin awesome dude ;) love u justin ;)

  • maria

    speak the word gayle!!! :D

  • lisa

    i like justin and i think his story is inspiring. not only is he talented and sexy but he has a heart of gold. but at the sametime he’s still NORMAL, hes not trying to be something he’s not. a goodie goodie like the jonas homos.

  • QueSera

    the people (grown men mostly) who go out of their way to hate this child are much more annoying than his fans. Hes not my demographic but this kid seems quite humble and motivated from what I’ve seen. whatever.


  • zandria

    Well I am a big fan of justin and I can’t wait to see his new movie!

  • http://@crazyforsound/twitter Heloísa

    Well, I want say something, I think Bieber wants to show us who he is in fact, and he knows that he has haters and lovers, and he is trying to show that he is a sweet and nice guy like artist… for this reason he made this video…. suggestion, let’s see it…

  • kiki mellby

    everyone should see this movie its NOT just for teens.
    screw the haterz

  • grhajan wkwkehf

    seriously, people dont really get it. the movie is for all ages unless ur insecure and jelous. the lesson to be learned is that no matter where ur from, what age you are as long as you have a talent and you show it to the world you can become something. Its not the struggle people try to become something its the talent and how blessed they are to be given with such great talents.
    think about it, if he isn’t such a good person then why do you think hes friends with a lot of big stars?
    A lot of hollywood actresses and actors can relate to him because they also begun with nothing like justin bieber, he jst sang on youtube and got discovered.
    so to the hypocrits, stop hating.

  • Justin Bieber Lover

    We’re not going just cause he’s hot (but he is. :)) We’re going cause he’s a HUGE teenage success. His fame is score one for teenager girls everywhere. His songs are the best things to happen to music. Thanks, Justin, for being such a great person. :)

  • http://twitter Sabrina

    how is this movie for little girls ? are you serious now , its about following your dreams and jus a motivating story . so sayin its a movie for little girls is like sayin basketball is for black people ….. yall jus sounds stupid sayin that .

  • Kandy


  • christa

    idk y girls like justin biebre so much but im 10 and i think he is gay. just hearing his name makes me wanna barf

  • honey

    @pork Chops: i get wat u mean…but he does say his mum made most of the sacrifices..they were poor and she did any job she cod lay her hands on like being a waiter or summin so all respect to his mum for trusting in him and taking a risk for him, i suppose

  • antojustinteamooooo

    no entiendo nada de nada!!
    la verdaa jaja porq soy de “argentina” y sigo a mi bieber en tdoooo todoooo” lo kiero y lo adoro con todo mi corazon!!
    JUSTIN: !”en america latina te ama y yoooo con todoooo mi corazon”
    te amooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • John Goodman

    The only reason Justin Bieber is famous is because he is very good looking.

    There are millions of talent out there but none of them get a chance unless they are beautiful and that’s what marketing is all about. These music corporations only care about money and marketability.

    4 days until Justin bieber’s crappy movie is coming out which will be the same day he gets killed by someone with a sniper. People have had enough and this is going to put people’s anger high enough to kill that boy.

    He’s going to be the first popular celebrity to get killed since John Lennon.

  • Ala

    @Zoe Moon: you are never too old to watch never say never ! its a movie for ALL AGES. I’m pretty old myself..hahaha but im still gonna watch it! looks like a great movie! i wouldnt wanna miss it!

  • Taylor

    WOW. People are SO rude to Justin Bieber. Maybe you aren’t a fan of his music, maybe you aren’t a fan of his swagger… but that is no reason to be so straight up horrible to a 16 year old boy who is just trying to have a career in music. I’m a 21 year old guy, i don’t listen to Justin’s stuff, but I’m not about to call the kid names. That’s so immature. This kid puts up with so much abuse from people, I admire his confidence, and ability to just keep pushing forwards. Anybody else would have cracked by now under the amount of pressure and negativity Justin’s been put under. Props to him for that.

  • melissa k.

    It makes me really sad to see how much hatred people throw at Justin. He’s done nothing wrong. He’s not being rude to people, he’s not setting a bad example for his fans, his songs are age appropritate and some of them are motivational and inspirational… I’m not sure why people are so mean to him. he’s a great role model for kids and teens for working hard to achieve your goals. i’m not going to lie, I’m 19 and i actually kind of even want to see this movie

  • Rhoderick Gates

    Not necessary if it had credibility in the first place. Why would third party endorsement matter if he didn’t need a boost?