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Jennifer Aniston: Perfume Launch in Mexico City!

Jennifer Aniston: Perfume Launch in Mexico City!

Jennifer Aniston is all smiles at a photo call for the launch of her first fragrance, Jennifer Aniston, on Thursday (March 10) at the St. Regis Hotel in Mexico City, Mexico.

The 42-year-old Just Go With It actress wore a Valentino couture dress, Fred Leighton earrings, and Tabitha Simmons shoes.

Jen launched the fragrance in London back in July of last year.

Earlier this week, a viral video featuring Jen and Smartwater was released. Be sure to watch it if you haven’t seen it yet!

FYI: Jen debuted her shorter ‘do at the end of last month – her hairstylist, Chris McMillan, told Allure that he’s loving cropped bobs and that he thinks it’s a sexy look!

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Credit: Victor Chavez; Photos: WireImage
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  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Scarlett .. Wher scarlett?.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Now Abou spiled

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    About spiled??

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Oops wrong room sorry guys . She now take shower dont visit now

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Dont open the door she take shwor

  • Raina


  • Manny

    I hope she is staying in a high-end hotel to keep the economy in Mexico employed like she said last year. She is such a giver…
    What is the name of the perfume? Ska*k Stank?

  • http://justjared cajun lady

    Jen is Glowing like Brad ;) I bet He is checking these photo’s Out :)

  • Dianna Knows Best

    I love her dress!

  • Desperate Maniston

    look at her lips. inflated.
    and she looks like she’s been crying.

  • Desperate Maniston

    i think she purposely used less filler around the eye area (and kept her hair super blonde) to distract from the obvious lip work she had done. she’s been trying to have full lips for a while now- but this is the most swollen they have ever looked. so insecure. lol

    look at her real lips:

  • Marcelo

    Jen looks so fresh and clean so beautiful.

  • fake

    Wonder how much those lips cost her?

  • pathetic

    she looks sad and her hair is so dry and flat.
    the dress looks like cheap material and most importantly- when will she go away???!!!???!!!

  • Amina

    Flat, fried and lifeless does not equal a sexy look.

  • Marcelo

    Jen looks amazing. I love her.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I troll. I loser. I fat and pathetic. I like Aniston. She pretty because I loser. Right Sligo Lambert? Hehehe

  • Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    I BIG loser. I fat like whale in Sea World. I troll. I like Aniston right Kaz?? Hehehehehehehe. I no life, no life at all.

  • vodka

    Drunk. It`s vodka, not perfume. We are not fools Maniston.

  • She looks old

    No wonder CameronD got the role in Gambit that Jen had been attached to for years in IMDB. It is a first class Coen bros film with Colin F soon to film. Goree girls still has no financing nor have any of her non functioning production company projects, so far no interest by anyone or any studio. Her hair is too blond and her face looks hard and weathered. She looks older than 42 in these pics. Jmo

  • Rough-looking face
    I don’t get the hype. Can you honestly say she looks younger than her age?
    Gwen Stefani, Rachel Weisz and Cate Blanchett look much younger. The tight clothes, blonde hair, tan, heavy mascara, nose job and plumped lips combo (she used to have no upper lip at all) make her look like any rich high maintenance middle aged woman from a coastal town who has had work done on her face, you just can’t tell how much exactly.
    She doesn’t look younger than Demi Moore and Sandra Bullock who are in their late fourties and Nicole butchered Kidman.

  • leigh

    she knows her star is falling. she has to try so hard to keep her name in the news (whereas her ex doesnt have to at all). so she is milking it for all its worth by promoting these products. soon smart water will find a new rep and the movie offers will stop coming and all she will have left is her perfume (and maybe copy angie and design jewelry, then hair products, etc.).
    people are sooo sick of her. she just needs to call it a day, enjoy her millions and accept that she aint movie star material. she has no shame in how low she will go for publicity. such a pathetic baby jane she is!!!!!

  • Marisa

    This pathetic and dumb. Who is going to buy some stupid perfume in the bad economy.

  • irie

    i love it

  • Chris


  • Ingrid

    Shel looks so good for her age., And she is so lovely!

  • leigh

    its funny that chinface pays allure mag. to run her stories. first the teddy bear pics and then the haircut news.
    and then on a recent 2011 poll, allure readers voted for angelina as having the “prettiest” face. that must hurt, chinface!!!! haha

  • Marcelo

    She is amazing.

  • shay

    she’s pretty like her dress, black is out lol

  • http://justjared cajun lady

    You Jen Haters are Just Jealous!!! Where is that Kook you all Worship???

  • Lidsa

    Without all the lighting, retouching and heavy make-up – she looks so old and tired. I also understand why she kept her hair so long for so many years – she looks quite unattractive without it.

  • tahoegeminii

    She looks like your average soccer mom-trying without success to look 10 years younger than she is-her hair is really flat and lifeless-I guess all the hair extensions and dye jobs have taken their toll-the thick bronzer is not covering the wrinkles and her pathetic delusional fame stalking is getting very old-obviously she made enough off friends re-runs to live comfortably and do whatever it is she wants-unfortunately she wants to force everyone to think she is a movie star-lucky ensemble TV show has-been is all she is -let’s play a game-name 5 actresses that would have been better than Anuston in ANY role she has had-I know it is to keep it at 5

  • http://justjared cajun lady

    I bet Brad is checking out that BODY???

  • Fay

    She looks super cute! love everything about her look…wow!

  • Hannah

    Jen looks beautiful! I love the fact that she is a business lady too! So looking forward to purchasing some perfume.

  • Mills

    She’s pimping everything she can to stay rich and relevant. She has little to no talent, can’t string a sentance together without a script and doesn’t have a charitable bone in her body..unless she gets paid or has paps put her in the tabs then she’s all smiles but forgets those kids in the hospital she was supposedly supporting quicker than you can say kerrrch$ing

  • Francis Frangipane

    To inoculate me from the praise of man, He baptized me in the criticism of man, until I died to the control of men.

  • lol

    @cajun lady: lol!

  • saywhat?

    Is ‘Friends’ showing for the first time in Mexico?

  • Jen

    When is she going to get her hair off her face?

  • celeb-er

    HA how funny!
    I just read at Future Celebrity Gossip that they are saying that
    Jen ends up with Bradley Cooper in the end!
    How funny would that be, she won’t have a problem remembering his name!
    Weirder things have happened in this town, like Jennifer Aniston having a successful movie career!
    Now that’s funny for sure!

  • Helena

    I used to think that Jennifer Aniston was really cute and she must work extremely hard to stay so thin but lately she seems kind of desperate to look younger and I dare say she is messing with her face with too many fillers etc. She seems to think that if she has to shove herself into the face of the public non-stop and rather than choose quality projects, just attaches herself to anything she can get. Aging in Hollywood must be hell. Especially for a seemingly insecure former “it girl”. Unfortunately with the path she is choosing, she will not be remembered for the quality for her body of work and for aging gracefully, but rather for clinging to her youth and making a lot of really bad movies. I think that is sad for someone who had a lot of promise earlier in her career.

  • ellie’

    Jen is gorgeous sexy amazing. Love her dress her hair is beautiful. I can’t wait till i get her perfume.. rated # 1 on style find. It should be arriving in a few days..

  • yep

    @Francis Frangipanejen sure has learned that! i am excited about her perfume! can’t wait!

  • Aiden

    There are so many lifeless on this board with nothing better to do but judge and hate. What wrong has Jennifer ever done to you guys? I’m just here to enjoy her work; I didn’t realize I’d have to defend a celeb from cyber bullies. Please get off your pedestals and realize nobody’s perfect, and just because somebody’s in the limelight doesn’t mean you have the permission to condemn them.

  • Ivermom

    I love her new shorter length hair, it does not make her chin look as long. That dress is stinkin’ cute !!!

  • Lucy

    I really think her haircut was a mistake. It looks so flat and unhealthy. Her age has suddenly caught up with her. It seems like she aged overnight.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    She looks sad!!And yes her lips looks different.

  • AJJA

    Jen looks really nice. It’s good to see her branching out and trying new business ventures.