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Jennifer Aniston: Waldorf-Astoria Arrival with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston: Waldorf-Astoria Arrival with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux arrive back to the Waldorf-Astoria hotel on Monday (June 27) in New York City.

The 42-year-old Horrible Bosses actress and the 39-year-old actor exited their SUV from separate sides as they headed into a private entrance of the hotel.

Earlier in the day, Jennifer stepped out at The Daily Show studios to make an appearance on the show to promote her new movie.

The salon owner who charged hundreds of thousands of dollars to her famous clients’ credit cards, including those of Jen, Anne Hathaway, and Liv Tyler, was just sentenced to nine months of home confinement and five years of probation.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux arriving at their hotel…

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153 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Waldorf-Astoria Arrival with Justin Theroux!”

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  1. 101
    dwed Says:

    There’s two(or three?)haters
    but we love jen and that’s all

  2. 102
    Shhame on You Jen!!! Says:

    Poor Heidi Bivens ! My heart goes out to her. Her and Justin Theroux were madly in love ontill Jen came into his picture shortly after Oct. 2010 when they were doing a movie together.
    Jen decided she wanted him right off the bat. And so what he had a 14 yr relationship. Jen is supposed to be the kind of woman who thinks woman who break up relationships are bad HO’s.
    Well obviously NOT!

    Jen had him in her bed from the first night . She told her friends she was going after him, she was going to own himk.. NEVER ONCE did she think of Heidi Bivens.
    Biven’s confronted Jen and she laughed and said ‘Noooo that’s the tabs and they always say i am hooking up with any guys i do a movie with. Heidi believed her.

    Justin told Jen he thought they were going too fast in May
    so he was still ******** both of them in April. There are plenty of pics to prove Heidi and Justin were at premier parties in April on line. Very loving photos.

    Jen moved him into her place and Heidi was thrown under the bus.

    Heidi just finished moving the last of the furniture this past weekend out of their 15 yr home they built together .

    Jen got what she wanted , and as far as Heidi goes Jen could care less. That’s the real Jen!!

    That was all one big Pity Party crying over Brad. Never shut up about

    him and AJ b/c it made her relavant. Her movies as of late certainly havn’t. Every guiy she screwed ran. She better get him down the aisle soon after ruining a long term relationship.

    What a lying sneaky ****!!

  3. 103
    qd Says:

    Jennifer could be making films, she could be shopping, she could be buying a private island somewhere, she could be doing virtually anything she wants to be doing!she will not care about your words.

  4. 104
    Michale Says:

    Jen looks old , we only see the photoshopped Jen.

    She can’t do any better than that fug midget she is banging .

    It’s too bad she had to hurt another woman to nab this piece of crud.

  5. 105
    lafa Says:

    She is low-key, humility, beautiful. I love her
    People do not angry. The real family destroyer fans not angry. They just use it.

  6. 106
    quntus Says:

    Look. She did not die. She regain a new life. Now, she wants to live her lives. Let the gossip can go to hell!!!!!

  7. 107
    mia Says:

    LMFAO Oh yeah let it go AND lets forget she ruined another woman’s love of her life. Such BULL!!!

    What a phoney biitch!

  8. 108
    hocaa Says:

    I just think you these people really are too hypocritical. That year if you can stand out and help she accused angie then today you can condemn her, if you have not made that, then stop your stupid mouth.

  9. 109
    alli Says:

    OMG!!! Jennifer is really old looking Now i can see why she picked up a nasty looking Charles Manson looking midget er type.

    Too bad she didn’t tell his long time lover of 14 yrs that she was taking her man home to her bed.

    Can’t blame Heidi Bivens for being devastated.

    After all Charlie Manson was banging both Heidi and Jen at the same time only in separate beds.

    Heidi Bivens did n ot deserve this,

    Bless You Heidi.

  10. 110
    alex Says:

    Pics of Heidi and how Justin and Jen blindsided her.

  11. 111
    mda Says:

    I’m sorry .I have to say that my feelings .If you really hard in the accused her of the love story, so I can understand ,but I can’t understand you made it clear that she is in your eyes is only ****, then you have to play the role of justice. I’m sorry. It seems to me your behavior is quite shameless.

  12. 112
    fangzong Says:

    I don’t know english ..and i just want to say i am a fan of her.
    i only can say i love her and foever…and i will support her for this time.she is amazing .she is my goddness.we have a site for her but i don’t wanna tell you the url.ok.i just know simple english and i can’t explain more for you .if you can use chinese to chat with me then i can tell you what do i think about jen.yeah yeah. we know about this site of jen and we usually get photos from here.we know all the words in here.we have over 2000 members for her.and we chat everthing about her.we usually can’t see her photos over 20 days.but we still love her.she’s not always be happy but we love her .even if myself,i don’t always feel good at all.we can’t be happy forever.we just love her.and that’s what i can tell you.we don’t care about what do you think about her but we hope you can just leave her alone .yes,she has some news not very good but she’s a star and that’s her life. oh gosh. i don’t know english so i don’t know how to talking about her with you.but i wanna say that she is real.y nice.she has so many friends .jennifer kristin and ellen .adam ….they said she is very very nice always and care about them .sorry.i realy don’t know how to say.yes.i just love jen .and i will love jen forever.In our site we have over 10000 number topics about her.we miss her everyday. she’s fine.she just need love and she get it.My eamil is .if you wanna chat with me ,i will be very happy . thanks .

  13. 113
    Abby Says:

    Jaye #73 Excellent post.

    jaye @ 06/28/2011 at 11:20 am +7

    This guy looks like he has finally gotten in touch with reality and is probably saying in his head, “What the h*ell was I thinking”. lol. He’s going to forever have the taint of having dated Aniston. I’ve given Aniston her due in the past and she has accomplished something for someone with one trick, but I think she’s reached new lows for being desperate.
    She is part of this raunchy movie ( a first for her) and she’s deliberately gone after a man who was in a 14 year relationship, just to reinforce her new image. It’s reprehensible because I think Aniston made a conscious decision to do this. Gee, she seemed to have forgotten how she felt to lose her husband to another woman.. She must have used up all the sympathy cards she got for that. Yet, her fans still thinks she’s admirable. Even the usually judgmental rags are giving her a break.
    This woman so wants to be Angelina Jolie, she’s near choking on it lol. Her fans may deny it, but any psychiatrist will take her behavior over the past 6 years and condense it down to that one sentence. Jolie is everything that she wishes she could be. Yeah, I said that.
    Anyway, I’m enjoying the show and I’ll be sure to act surprised when it all falls apart. Adam Duritz said about Aniston, “Some people you really dream about dating. Then, when you get there, you think, ‘Wow, this is not the vacation I thought it would be. This is not where I want to spend my vacation’.” lol. He got a reality check too and got the h*ell out of dodge or in this case Aniston. He’s probably has been the only guy who has been honest ( in public) about dating Aniston. I think this guy, Theroux is finding that out now. lol. Ok, I shouldn’t laugh, I feel sorry for him, well sorta kinda lol. H*ell no! He’s getting what he deserves.
    I also get a warm feeling knowing that Aniston’s fans are so predictable when she has a ‘man’. They’re just so fricking happy that she has someone, ANYONE. Sheesh, I’m happy when she has a man too; where else can I get this kind of free entertainment? As for hating Aniston, she’s just too pitiful to hate. It’s just sad to see someone her age playing these types of games.

  14. 114
    lol Says:

    That’s quite interesting. I can’t believe they are shameless, I can’t believe that they so hate her for her new dating, perhaps they are more like her triangle love with jp. Let me guess, if she may be single, will they laugh? Yes, they will laugh and call her “poor old woman”
    all right i just can’t say anymore for them.that’s not worth with it.
    no matter what they say, believe what you believe, that is life.

  15. 115
    jjjjjjj Says:

    It looks like they have forgotten the six years ago has a “family separatists”, now she is called the virgin Mary. Ha ha, maybe they just want to irony angie. Oh, you! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! lol.

  16. 116
    see Says:

    i don’t like justin but i love jen.

  17. 117
    normad Says:

    She’s the coolest

  18. 118
    sisterm Says:

    Jen is an elegant, beautiful, healthy woman, she will not spend time in the silly things.

  19. 119
    Barbra Streisand Says:

    here comes the ho-ho-ho-!

  20. 120
    Loather Says:

    The world is laughing at this relationship.

  21. 121
    Ghost Says:

    What happened to my post you sick littlebitck.. Please don’t tell me it got lost again . you have it- now post it you little prich.

  22. 122
    Ghost Says:

    You keep censoring my posts you little prick… Post the rest of it you idiot…

  23. 123
    Ghost Says:

    JJ has censored my last posts and it goes against everything we have fought for in the last 200-years. My posts have been altered so that they don’t resemble what I typed. This is not Democracy, It’s nothing more than Communism.

  24. 124
    Ghost Says:

    The Hobag of Hollywood has paid Just Jared to censor peoples posts that shine a negative light on who and what she really is. I hope that JJ reprieves himself and allows my real posts to come through.. If so, I will apologize for my negative comments about him… If not, I will prove that this site is paid for by Steven H…

  25. 125
    Cartwheels Says:

    Hey There Ghost I read your post last night and it was excellent and i appreciated your honesty. Holy sh*t i can’t believe it’s been removed. Not like Jared or so i thought.
    I am sure i am not the only one who read your interesting post.
    I don’t think you said anything more than some others have said here.

    Good luck b/c it dam well isn’t fair if Jared has been boughten.

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