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Taylor Lautner, Gus Van Sant & Dustin Lance Black: Downtown Dinner!

Taylor Lautner, Gus Van Sant & Dustin Lance Black: Downtown Dinner!

Taylor Lautner grabs a bite to eat with an Oscar-nominated duo at Italian eatery Bottega Louie in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday (July 13).

The 19-year-old Abduction action star dined with 2008′s Milk director Gus Van Sant and Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2009. Looks like these three have an exciting film project in the works!

Abduction, which co-stars rising actress Lily Collins, is due out in theaters on September 23.

Taylor recently starred in a new Funny or Die sketch, “Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout“!

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Lautner‘s downtown dinner…

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  • Lo

    They see talent in him?! I haven’t seen him in an Oscar worthy performance ever… He must have talent locked up behind closed doors waiting to come out.

  • elliott

    yeah tay tay is totally straight!

  • Anna

    Gus Van Sant worked with Keanu Reeves. Taylor Lautner has potential. He’s still a kid but he isn’t any worse than the other bad actors in Twilight. He is the only one that can speak correctly. No one wants to listen to Kstew and Rpatz ramble through speeches. Taylor saves them from looking even more retarded.

  • sweetness

    I love it, Taylor Lautner is a young star on the rise. That’s show biz, accept it.

  • TinyDancer

    The only project these three could be working on is a threesome. I doubt this union will end in a film, even with Van Sant’s work with Keanu Reeves withstanding.

  • doriiz

    Wo0w asii o mas sexy..!! O0o0..!! L0o am0o i ♥ ! Taylo0r lautner…♥!!

  • Hanne

    @sweetness: His career will be non-existent once Twilight ends. Also, Dustin Lance Black is an Oscar WINNER.

  • Gurl

    Taylor out with the girls

  • lissett

    if by business dinner, you mean date.

    never seen such a grin on lautner’s face

  • itziar

    awww taylor with joe jonas’ ex. cute.

  • B

    i love how most of taylor’s haters like to pretend being gay is an insult. NEWSFLASH PEOPLE IT’S NOT AN INSULT! if he’s gay, he should be damn proud of that fact, if he’s straight or bi or a-sexual then that’s cool too. it’s not anyone’s personal business, anyway, and good for him for getting to hang out with those two.

  • Redd

    Ugh he is sooo fake I just can’t with him and his big fake Tom cruise over dramatic smile for the paps….look at me I’m with a big director and writer. That is the difference between him and rob/kristen

  • B

    @B: so yeah, remember people it’s his personal life not yours. get over yourselves.

  • mrs butterworth

    Taylor is starring in the gay remake of “Deepthroat” with his long alpaca neck LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dore

    So much haters but for what? He doesn’t care about your stupid comments. Some critisize him because he’s way better than you will ever be. Now face it, there are a lot of teens stars in hollywood actually: HE’S THE BEST OF THEM ALL. Good behavior and amazing talent.
    Jealousy speaks instead of you that’s all!!!!!

  • Ronnia

    @Anna: You are so right about that, it’s just so many people are in denial about it are operating on a lower level. The older you get you start wanting to hear manors and politeness. Taylor is the only one I would want to listen to when he starts speaking. He’s much more mature.

  • Emily


    There is nothing fake about him. He is a genuinely lovely person. Stop putting your insecurities on him. At least he actually smiles occasionally, unlike your precious Rob/Kristen.

  • eliza

    that beautiful smile! *—*
    the opinion of some who hate Taylor will not change anything in his life! I’m sure Taylor will have a very successful career.

  • jj

    oh man, the comments where soooooo funny and then… the twilight fans invaded this post… bummer

  • may

    I love Taylor. All these Rob/Kristen fans dissing him can gtfo. I get annoyed when people compare him to Rob and put him down. Truth is most girls only like Rob for his looks and the guy is a really lazy actor. Taylor is so much more dedicated to his work than Rob is. Taylor does his own stunts and works really hard. He is wellspoken and a sweet young man. Rob never does any preparation for his movies and is always making a fool of himself at events. Taylor deserves a good career.

  • GagaisaSatanwhore


  • SarahC

    People are so hateful these days. Taylors’ not the best actor but he’s still young and learning. He looks good by the way. I can’t wait to see Abduction.

  • jenle

    @Anna: i agree

  • jenle

    @Redd: hmm…looks like you’ve been drinking haterade. Taylor seems like a very thoughtful young man and was just raised well. He’s not like most 19 year olds these days who act like they have no sense.

  • henri

    i think taylor is gay

  • Sabrina

    Cool! Hope they make an awesome movie together :-)!

  • American Dreamer

    I got to admit I saw Taylor Lautner get interviewed on Leno and Letterman and he is incredibly effeminate–very gay.

    Its kind of ironic since so many girls are into him.


    Seriously guys, whether he is gay or straight doesn’t matter. He looks incredibly happy here, probably because he is going to work with a great director and have a great script to show the haters there is more to him than a pretty face. Either that or he won the toss and gets to be on top in the threeway : ) (oh wait, that’s my fantasy)


    P.S. He looks damn good here, finally growing into his looks and what a great jawline. He’ll get better with age, just like Matt Damon.

  • sweetness

    So haters you think these two accomplished men director and screenwriter need to go on a date with Taylor Lautner in a non professional manner? They just really need to be seen with TL for the public to think threesome? REALLY?

  • sweetness

    So haters you think these two accomplished men director and screenwriter need to go on a date with Taylor Lautner in a non professional manner? They just really need to be seen with TL for the public to think threesome? REALLY?

  • max

    i saw pre screening of Abduction .the movie was bad and the acting was worse am sory to say that but the kid cant act ,the movie will bad a lot of monet was put in this movie.and they say young tom cruis yeh hhhhhhhhhhh more like young rob shnider he cant act either

  • Paulie

    A gay director, a gay screenwriter and a gay actor. It really does get better.

  • Mandy


    Oh really? So, since you’ve seen the movie, perhaps you could talk us through it, scene by scene? I’m very interested to know what happens. And since you saw the movie not long ago, that shouldn’t be a problem for you. You should remember most of it.

  • Chica

    LOL! It really makes me laugh to see how so many people come on here to bash him. Why? Because he is talented, handsome, charming, nice and above all SUCCESSFUL?! Leave him alone! he is young and has the bones to build on. He may not be the best actor just yet but there are loads of actors that started young and were mediocre. Whether he is gay, straight, bi or a monk is his business!
    Oh and @max you must be one of the very few that thinks that because the movie was screened at Cannes and those who saw it gave it the thumbs up and by those I mean industry members, not teenage girls! :)
    He is doing something he loves and doing well, sad to see it bugs most of you.

  • aquarius64

    Unless he’s banging every girl in sight, bragging about who he nailed, having a slew of baby mamas or catching a rape charge he’s gay. For those throwning the gay meme – you don’t question the sexual orientation of a guy who has ONE of the traits I mentioned. I’m glad he acts like he has a mama; and I think that’s part of his appeal to many females. He comes off as respectul.

  • Kevin

    I bet they can see themselves in Taylor…literally. Looks like the power gays just added one.

  • denise

    taylor is awesome, he’s the only one of the twilight actors that can speak incrediably well and is very intelligent but there is one thing>>Boyfriend need to change his shoes LOL..but other than that he has a brillant future ahead..Stay sweet TAYLOR.

  • raven

    How Many Cars Those This kid have?? Like Seriously??? I’ve Seen Four Already…What’s the Point???

  • keller

    He is 19 years old, works hard, doesn’t get drunk and do drugs. Why all the hate? I don’t care if he is gay, straight, bi, tri. He is a good kid working on being a better actor. Haters just got to hate cause they have miserable lives not Taylor’s fault that you’ll are losers.

  • raven

    @denise: LMAO… I gues He Likes Dem… Everytime i watch a pic of him i have to scroll down to see if he’s wearing them shoes…. and brava he is!!! LMAO

  • robin

    he looks great with facial hair.

  • lo

    @may: how do you know anything that rob does or doesn’t do for his movies?


    All the gays are out on the town tonight!

  • Daniel

    so damn tired of people saying he is gay he isnt if he was he would of said something by now. since when is it not ok for actors to eat or hang out with directors.

  • http://vinz6 vinny

    i loooveeee tayyyloorr………….go tay go…….!!!!

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Hope Taylor Is Gay Very Sexy :D

  • jj22

    And just like that let the gay rumors begin!

  • just a question

    wHo’s that guy in blue shirt :) maybe he is a new love interest of Taylor.

  • Kitten

    @may: Why do you assume it’s Rob and Kristen fans dissing him? All three of them are friends and show support to each other so it’s okay to like all three. By the way, I find Taylor adorable. He seems like he’s very refreshing to be around.