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Brad Pitt: Glasgow Becomes Philadelphia

Brad Pitt: Glasgow Becomes Philadelphia

Brad Pitt films scenes in the city center of Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday (August 18).

The 47-year-old actor is in town to film World War Z, a post apocalyptic zombie movie.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Brad, his family, and the crew arrived in Glasgow earlier in the week on a privately chartered train.

The crew of the film transformed the city streets of Glasgow into a makeshift Philadelphia, complete with taxi cabs and street signs.

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt filming in the city center of Glasgow…

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brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 01
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 02
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 03
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 04
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 05
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 06
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 07
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 08
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 09
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 10
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 11
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 12
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 13
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 14
brad pitt world war z taxi glasgow 15

Credit: Jeff J Mitchell; Photos: Getty
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    Brad Pitt was back on the Glasgow set of World War Z this morning, logging his second day in Scotland. He and his family arrived there Tuesday, and now Angelina and the kids have settled into the nearby Carnell Estate. While Brad was filming,Angelina played with Knox and Vivienne on the beautiful fields surrounding the rented property. It seems locals are excited to see Brad in action, as Scots have crowded around where they’re shooting to get a look at Brad — a downtown sandwich shop even named a menu item in his honor!

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  • annon
    Angelina Jolie spent this afternoon playing at the Carnell Estate in Glasgow today with her kids Knox and Vivienne. The Jolie-Pitts are together in Scotland at the moment as Brad continues working on World War Z in the city’s center, which has been made over to look like Philadelphia.

  • CK

    Brad is always the sexiest man alive.

  • from JJB

    Fans seeing stars as huge case of Pitt fever hits city

    IN recent days a contagious, non-discriminating virus has spread rapidly throughout Glasgow: Brad Pitt fever.

    No-one, it seems, is immune. As filming for Hollywood blockbuster World War Z got under way in the city’s Cochrane Street yesterday there was only one question on everyone’s lips: “Have you seen Brad yet?”

    By early morning the area surrounding the set throbbed with activity. Crew members strode around efficiently clutching clipboards, barking orders into walkie talkies.

    Coffee was being drunk by the gallon. A couple of awe-struck looking extras stood nervously smoking cigarettes as technicians wandered past carrying gaffer tape and spaghetti-like bundles of cabling.

    On the corner of George Square a young woman was rooted to the spot, speaking excitedly into a mobile phone. “I cannae believe it,” she shrieked. “I am just metres away fae where Brad Pitt is standing right noo. Naw, he’s on the other side of the building, I cannae actually see him. I dinnae care, though. It’s a dream come true.”

    Well, almost. Knowing Pitt is in the vicinity wasn’t enough. I wanted to see him with my own eyes.

    “Is Brad Pitt on set?” I casually asked a man straightening up a pile of American road signs. He regarded me with a weary look before turning back to what he was doing.

    Having spotted a man dressed as a US police officer complete with leather motorcycle jacket, knee-high boots and jodhpurs, I sidled up next to him. He refused to be drawn when asked if he had seen Brad.

    Unperturbed, I looked around the growing melee. “Has anyone seen Brad Pitt?” I said to no-one in particular. “Who?” asked one crew member. I skulked off as everyone guffawed with laughter.

    After a few laps around Glasgow City Chambers, finally a breakthrough. A friend agreed to let me pop by his Merchant City flat overlooking the set. Prime Pitt-watching real estate, below the window lay a perfect Philadelphia street scene depicting the intersection of Broad Street and John F Kennedy Boulevard.

    Tightly packed rows of yellow taxis, vans and cars bearing Pennsylvania number plates filled the road two and three deep.

    Halfway along the street stood a black pick-up with a tarpaulin-covered trailer on the back. From the frenzy of worker bee-like activity, it was evident Pitt was behind. Bingo.

    “Rolling, rolling, live,” boomed a man with a megaphone.

    The extras began moving around, crossing the road, meandering along the pavement, pretending to window shop amid the faux traffic jam scene. Seconds later a police motorcycle screeched past.

    My mobile phone buzzed with text alerts as “Brad-spotters” nearby swapped information about rumoured sightings on social networking sites.

    By late morning a crowd several hundred strong lined the barriers where Cochrane Street meets George Square, camera phones held aloft. Teenagers, mothers, husbands, babies and grandmothers. Every so often came a collective gasp, fevered neck craning, followed by disappointed mutterings.

    At the front stood friends Gillian Forgan, 38, a personal assistant and Esther McAusland, 20, a receptionist who had devoted their lunch hour to trying to catch a glimpse of Pitt. “It’s so exciting. I have seen pretty much all of Brad’s movies,” said Ms Forgan from Hamilton. “I would probably be overwhelmed if I saw him in the flesh. I don’t think I would be able to speak, just stand and stare with my mouth open.”

    “I would scream,” added Ms McAusland from Rutherglen. “I’m hoping to pop down in my lunch hour most days on the off chance of seeing him.”

    Retired care worker Mary Clarke, 62, from Bishopton said she planned to dedicate the next fortnight to Brad-spotting. “I would go daft if I saw him. I’m a huge fan. I can’t believe he is here,” she said.

    Back on my window perch overlooking the set I concentrated unwaveringly on the tarpaulin-covered trailer until spots danced before my eyes.

    Then came movement. A leg. An arm. Then the ruggedly handsome jaw and tousled golden locks of Pitt appeared into view. As he walked across the set, cast and crew alike parted like the red sea in front of him.

    For a few short seconds he was almost within touching distance, albeit from behind glass like a rare species of animal in the zoo.

    A sleek-looking chauffeur driven car purred onto set, the rear windows blacked out. Pitt climbed inside. Then he was gone. And my fever broke.

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