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Bar Refaeli: Rasputin Nightclub with Lindsay Lohan!

Bar Refaeli: Rasputin Nightclub with Lindsay Lohan!

Bar Refaeli makes her way into Rasputin Nightclub during a night out in Paris, France on Friday (September 30).

The 26-year-old Israeli model is currently in the City of Light to check out all the new styles during Paris Fashion Week.

Bar was joined for her ladies night out by her pal Vale Micchetti. The gals tweeted back and forth with each other during the evening!

Also pictured inside: Lindsay Lohan getting out of her car as she entered Rasputin Nightclub on the same night as Bar!

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bar refaeli rasputin nightclub with lindsay lohan 01
bar refaeli rasputin nightclub with lindsay lohan 02
bar refaeli rasputin nightclub with lindsay lohan 03
bar refaeli rasputin nightclub with lindsay lohan 04
bar refaeli rasputin nightclub with lindsay lohan 05
bar refaeli rasputin nightclub with lindsay lohan 06
bar refaeli rasputin nightclub with lindsay lohan 07

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Aria

    Lindsay looks beautiful! <3

  • Christine James

    Bar Refaeli has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

  • Delilah

    This is such a misleading headline, jared! A nightclub is a public place. They both happened to be at the same nightclub. They weren’t “with” one another.

  • Merson

    Love Bar Refaeli, very attractive and sexy. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. There’s a lovely gentleness and sweetness to her. With her blonde good looks and voluptuous curves, this ultra-gorgeous and sensual woman is pure Israeli perfection.

  • *

    WOW! Bar looks like a beast! She only looks semi-pretty with loads of makeup. Even alcoholic coked out Lindsay looks prettier than her.

  • SMH

    ahaha “classy” Bar….nightclubs,partying with Lindsay Lohan. Yeah she is such a role model.

  • *

    @Christine James: just curl up and die!

  • ferri flynn

    wow Bar could be a bigger model but all she seems to care about is nightclubbing,yacht trips,red carpet events and cheap anonymous brand catalog shoots. Leo is long gone, now shoo fly.

  • Naomi

    Thanks Jared! Raspoutine is the place to be when you’re in Paris. Bar looks stunning and as always, very classy. Unfortunately, we can not say the same about the poor Lindsay.

  • BarbieErin

    Beautiful Bar! Love her cute feminine dress.

  • Fun in Paris

    Cool! Long tan legs, and a figure to die for.

  • Fashiondream

    I wish I were in Paris too. Bar is beautiful.

  • Sasha

    It sure is good to be reminded that DiCaprio once dated a gorgeous natural beauty who didn’t need plastic surgeries….

  • http://dju slig o lambert ^______^cute

    i love rosie h w and genevieve pantano and emily didanton

  • XXX


  • Calista

    She was tweeting with another woman at the club who was with her – how stupid is that??? What is her function in life – to just appear at events and clubs so she’ll be photographed? No one cares to see her photos anymore tho – she can only get Jared to post her pics. She and Lindsay make good role models – LOL!

  • Q

    Walk with lindsay lohan?? Fake you lohan

  • Just call me cute

    Adrobale ^_^

  • Mary

    Bar is very Beautiful.. Amaising.. Stanning.. Gorgeous woman

  • jack

    Lindsay looks so hot! doin great Linds, love you girl!

  • richard

    Never heard of Bar but I have heard of Lindsay Lohan and Linds looks AWESOME! We love you Lindsay!

  • Ka simply amazing

    Bar so much better then lindsay

  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    Clubbing with Lindsay Lohan is sooo classy…. (rolls eyes)

  • Camcam

    she is beautiful…

    30 Prison Masturbation Techniques that Feel Better Than the REAL Thing .. <- lol

  • @Sasha

    … speaking of “Miss plastic surgery”. It’s still hush hush, but she is now in Boston with Ryan Reynolds. Don’t tell anyone, especially Bar’s ex-bf.

  • Gorgeous

    Bar – the most amazing beautiful woman in the world. Natural, sexy & stunning.

  • stubbss

    wow what a contrast, a REAL model like Miranda Kerr is in Paris too, but instead of club hopping pics you actually see her where REAl models belong; the catwalk. Bar is a boring,fake,cheap catalog girl only known for dating a movie star. she is one of those celebs who are hyped up but with nothing to show for it. aka Kim Kardashian,Paris Hilton etc,,,yes,one of “those”.

  • Love Bar

    @@Sasha:I was wondering where fakey disappeared … Perhaps more plastic surgery program? or an erotic film production on mobile phone?

  • smartnesspattern
  • http://smartnesspattern.blogsp


  • @LoveBar

    LOL! I thought Miss Plastic Surgery would also be in Paris for some fashion show, but it looks like she opted for Boston instead. Where is the blogger who saw her with RR having breaksfast….? Things happen.

  • http://Carla hannah

    the dress bar refaeli is using is so kate middleton. she looks great btw

  • @Stubbs

    And her loser fans can only keep bringing up Lively cos Bar is worthless.
    No runway unlike Miranda Kerr, Candace Swaponel
    No front row unlike Leighton Messter only club hopping her thunder thighs
    And is she wearing short dresses all the time to copy someone.
    Still the Single White Female eh Bar??

  • Chace

    Anna Wintour worships Blake
    I’m sure she was invited to every front row like last year
    But she is on the downloe
    How bizarre Bar fans are following her movements and posting about it.
    Says all u need to know really.

  • Barbara

    I agree….Lindsay not with Bar….not even on the same page as Bar in looks, class and style.

  • wijnboodle

    no matter what Lindsay has gone through, at least she is talented – even Meryl Streep acknowledged Linds has talent. Whereas Barf, no talent, barely a model, and only is known because of her very famous ex. BTW, BARF is the oldest looking 26 year old ever – she looks more like 30. Yea, Miranda is an example of a naturally gorgeous, beautiful model who blows someone like Barf out of the water.And what is up with Barf fans bringing up Blake all the time? Yes, but of course it’s obvious – jealousy and the fact Barf is only famous because of the famous ex-BF

  • Beautiful Bar

    Lindsay looks bad.. Bar looks amazing! the two together in the same room is a bad idea

  • dwindlinglooks

    Bar was once a pretty girl. Before the 20 lb weight gain,fried yellow hair,greasy acne forehead,bloated face….what happened?????!!!! she does NOT look like a model now. Not a fashion model,not a swimsuit model,not a catalog model NOTHING. She looks like the “Bar” hopping bimbo next door. Quit partying and work a little harder Bar. Life is not about dating famous men and club hopping.

  • @Sasha: Beady eyes and a rat-like face is gorgeous to you? Makes me shudder to think about what *you* look like.
    Two ugly messed up people found each other at a night club…no surprise there.

  • tal

    love bar

  • daffy

    what’s wrong with Bar’s face? she looks like jocelyn wildenstein! MORE plastic surgery bar? how do bar fans get off saying Blake is miss plastic surgery—she and bar have had the same operations.

    all the positve notices are the same old fake messages–adi get a little more creative, please ! the same fake old people.

    Blake and Ryan Reynolds…but of course! The two buttafaces together like they said at VMAs !

    Im glad leo is learning to be alone, or taking time off from all the bimbos.

    Bar and Lindsay doing the exact same thing…who would have t hunk it! Duh. They are the same fame whores. This would have happened sooner except for rehab. Expect to see them doing photo-ops soon.

  • donna

    Bar is stunning! shes a natural beauty always was. How can they even compare lindsay to Bar, like apples and oranges, lindsay needs to do something with her bleached out blonde extenstions, she looks so much better with dark hair, but her face has aged terribly with all the drugs and drinking shes been doing, not Bar gorgeous even without makeup!

  • noni

    What are they doing exactly? What’s their job?
    Bar is losing all her contracts since there is no powerful BF to support her career anymore. All the other models are in Paris to actually perform well paid runways or photoshoot. She is only there “to check out all the new styles”. LOLOLOL

  • Chris

    I feel sorry for bar. such an empty and superficial life. From party to party without leo by her side. She is trying to make it up for the time she missed while being so disciplined and playing by his rules. She was so hoping he would propose to her. But it’s not going to happen and now she is just trying to grab it all as long as she can. It’s time for her to get some education a real one (not the shopping department, or nightclubs or red carpets). It is s00000 boring. Leo was much too intelligent for her.

  • bigbackbar

    I am not hating on Bar but let’s be honest. 1. We would not know who she was if she never dated Leo, because prior to Leo she was not even modeling. She was an anonymous Israeli model working for local anonymous brands. and 2. Be honest with yourself, its not like you can open a magazine now days and you will see her inside the pages. If it weren’t for the internet and Bar being posted about on gossip sites, she would be easily forgotten. end of story. She’s not even in my US weekly magazines anymore lol….

  • mac

    Think it’s really lame for a model to “check out” collections as an audience… Bar can be on Sports Illustrated but never used by decent designers.

  • Love models

    Bar is stunning whatever she wears, whatever she does, no wonder President Sarkozy’s son, Pierre wants to flirt with her.
    And for all the “Flakely fans” around, you should know that Miss Plastic Surgery seems to have a lot of fun with Ryan Reynolds in Boston. Apparently, they’re quite cozying it up. And Bar must be laughing her heart out, for sure.

  • sofj

    I was a incondicinal fan of bar, but I feel sorry for Bar. She lose Leo that was her patron saint and with the times, she lost groud for new supermodels, more beautiful and sexy, like Candice, Miranda or Rosie. Fame is temporary because each day appear new beautiful girls with same objectives.

  • next

    @sofj: and the ones who last and get great work are the hard workers, not the party queens.
    Supermodels: in Paris to walk fashion shows.
    Bar: in Paris to party.
    nuff said.

  • lafamepoma

    That kind of women can only do one thing, running around with a lot of men, very sad, they only party. Pathetic