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Blake Lively: Edit New York Shopping Spree!

Blake Lively: Edit New York Shopping Spree!

Blake Lively hails a cab after shopping at Upper East Side boutique Edit New York on Wednesday (October 5) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress indulged in some retail therapy – picking up two Proenza Schouler bags, Fendi booties, and almost every Isabel Marant piece on the shelf!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Blake also took time to check out the “Dare to Check-in” Halloween Suite at the Renaissance Hotel.

Earlier in the week, a rep for Blake confirmed to that she and Leonardo DiCaprio had split after a brief romance.

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  • ali

    very pretty .

  • Yuck!

    Ugly!!!!! All of a sudden her horse face is all over the place. That`s what you do after you get dumped and you have no talent and you are ugly craving attention!

  • So&So

    The Fauxmance with an A-Lister plan NEVER fails.

    Thanks for NOTHING Leo.

  • Oh!!

    Know she’s pictured every where after breakup LMAO!!

  • gggg

    So she’s showing the world she’s just fine after Leo dumped her? or she is fine because they were never together and it was all for publicity? Hmmm

  • T

    She has the paps on speed dial I see.

  • Blake Fan

    What? No hat to cover her face? No long dresses to cover her legs? Post breakup desperation! As soon as GG is over she will be forgotten… if not sooner!

  • lold

    Those legs.

  • Sue Denim

    Young hollywood’s number one hustler imo! Don’t hate the player hate the game! Nah but seriously, I’m actually impressed by her game. I don’t like her, don’t think she can act or that she’s that attractive but she knows how to play her cards. Hopefully she can sustain it. She doesn’t bother me, call me when she actually hurts someone.

  • Abby

    Well, this is a post about Blake!! Not about Leo!!! Duh, can you desperate people just move on. As we can see BLAKE IS DOING FINE SO JUST GET OVER IT!!! She’s a good lady, stop hating

  • ace11

    I thought she was supposed to marry Leo

    what happened?

  • Frances

    She’s gorgeous! Love her style!!! and those legs are GREAT!!!

  • Rana

    Always lovely!

  • munn

    i thought it was Courtney Love

  • JEN

    FUG to the max.
    This girl is supposed to be some fashion icon? She can’t dress herself for s hit! Shes wearing a short mini skirt, a leather jacket, and what appear to be two heavy (and butt ugly) winter scarfs. Oh and some uglyass stripper shoes. Fashion icon, PSH!
    That plant looks better than she does.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s looks cute! Love the hair!!

  • Gossip

    Whoever thinks she ever had the upper hand with Leo is living in a fantasy world, no matter how HER rep tries to spin it.
    And trying to use Ryan Reynolds to prove she’s all that is so lame. Who’s buying it? She’s starting to get a reputation and not a good one. At this rate, she might just end up like Kate Bosworth, prostituting herself in Hollywood.
    Maybe she should try hooking up with Ben Affleck again. He would gladly hit that since his wife is boring him to death and seems to be pregnant more often than not.
    Not ready to settle down with Leo is why the relationship didn’t work? Riiight…. so why drag Ryan into this? Why not just stay single?
    You wanna prove you’re not ready to settle down? Go become another notch in John Mayer’s belt. Don’t create rumors with someone known to be monogamous like Ryan Reynolds.

  • Jen

    Ryan Reynolds and Blake look great together. They look like plastic Ken and Barbie dolls.

  • Miss Ellie
    And her reps are such liars, they even pretend she went to NY with a girlfriend and stayed in a hotel with her….How ’bout that!

  • li

    she seems so pathetic.

  • Miss Ellie

    … sorry I meant Boston.

  • MaisyRL

    she’s shopping today, she’ll be out at dinner tomorrow, at lunch this weekend, shopping for grocery’s next week….Blake Lively is the new Rachel Bilson. her PR is going to make sure the tabloids and online gossip sites chronicle her EVERY MOVE. too bad photo ops, brown-nosing, trying to get linked to A-list actors and A-list movie’s, don’t count as acting. Blake Lively would have that coveted Oscar by now.

  • Ann


    I wouldn’t call her the new Rachel Bilson considering Rachel is willing to settle down and has dated the same guy for a while. Blake and Kate Bosworth are exactly the same. They go after married guys and rebound quickly.

  • why??

    its so pathetic how she is obviously advertising that store for a paid photo op…these people need to get real!!!!

  • lina

    blake is so gorgeous!! just look at those legs!!!

  • duncey

    flakey could be like dakota & elle fannings mother, flakey looks like that she’s a 40 year old.

  • unknown

    What’s with the Carrie Bradshaw hair lately? Embracing the single life trying to be like her or something.. lol

  • ahem

    Wow. Meredith Baxter looks great!

  • devaney

    She’s another version of Rachel Bilson on the category of endless/obvious pap-tipping and nonsense mediawh*ring tactics.

  • Fez

    Blake should win an award for that great look on her face on this fake set up photos

  • meh

    She’s following the same Refaeli’s post split pattern. Papz on speed dial, vapid lifestyle / retail therapy / promotional walks / one night affairs with d list celebs…so predictable and desperate looking.

  • Go Blake

    Recently voted style icon by both People and Elle Magazine
    Voted Britains number 1 date
    The lies and rumors that Bar Refaeli fans who ALWAYS viit her forums and spin about her make no diff obv
    Suck it haters

  • @meh

    I would agree with you but the paps have been looking for her for AGES now
    If anything she has been low key no pictures I think for almost a month
    And what d listers is she hanging out with?

  • Chace

    No wonder most of the GG fans have left these forums.
    Full of ……ah never mind

  • nun

    wow you’re all a bunch of stupid and no life haters! I’m sure a lot of people including you, would be happy to be as ‘fugly’ as she is! she’s hot! go blake!and great style by the way!

  • priscila

    love her hair!

  • luc

    blake you should be with a real man, not with leo teenage face dicaprio

  • From Michael.K

    In one of the rooms of his multimillion dollar eco-friendly hybrid penthouse, Leonardo DiCaprio is crying all over the Australian model nipples of Alyce Crawford and only presses pause on his bawl bitch session to ask her to mutter like a Novocained up Mumbles with a peen in his mouth just like the love that got away Blake Lively! Now that Amy Winehouse is no longer here to do the honors, I guess somebody has to stick their head out of their apartment window to let out a woeful BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AKE as their hearts break like my nerves whenever I watch Blake Lively try to act.

    Blake and Leo’s 5-month-long whatever ended recently and UsWeekly says that it wasn’t him, it was her. An “anonymous source” (If those quotation marks were wings they’d fly straight into the BlackBerry of Blake’s publicist) tells UsWeekly that Leo was all ready to make the modeling world mourn the loss of their biggest man whore benefactor by turning in his DiCatchAHo membership card to settle down with Blake, but she just wasn’t ready to domesticate. Today, bull shit smells a lot like Blake Lively’s breath. The source put it like this:
    “Blake wasn’t ready to move to the next level. It was just too much, too quickly. Blake wasn’t ready to settle down. He’s looking for someone to eventually start a family with…That’s not where she’s at. She’s only 24! He’s more mature. They’re not in the same place right now.”

    After Blake gnawed on the edges of Leo’s heart and spit that shit out into the compost pile on his roof top deck like the cold-blooded, man-slurping (FYI: it’s hard to eat when you’ve got a jaw made of Gummy Worms) bland widow that she is, she went off to Boston to make Ryan Reynolds her next victim. Once she turns Ryan into a puddle of sad tears and broken heart pieces, she’ll get George Clooneyto change his name to George Lively when he breaks his anti-marriage oath to marry the mumbler of his DREEEEEEEAAAAMS. Yes, that’s all going to happen.
    Full Disclosure: The last part of this post was taken straight from the dream journal of Blake Lively’s publicist and has been republished here with permission

  • Yes, Fake Lively is Ugly


    She UGLY , that’s why she got her nose re-done and Silicone Breast…Her style sucks..ugly 80′s hair to hide that Horse Face…

    The Plastic Surgery didn’t work…Fake Lively

    Legs like a Giraffe..Face like a Blonde Horse..

  • LOL

    Style icon? Wearing scarf with sandals? Her hair is just awful and clearly she is showing off everything she’s got as talent ( = legs, fake boobs, her ‘fashion sense’ ) post breakup. No hiding, not being low-key… Pathetic!

  • Style Icon

    As voted for by mags Bar Refaeli would never grace
    The weasel faced bike of Israel with her botox and lip implants needs to give rabies shots to her fans!

  • Mole Icon

    Who cares about Bar Refaeli? Obsessed a little? LOL! She is Anna V`s pet ( she is good at kissing important b*tt`s clearly ) that`s all her `fashion icon` status is all about. She is useless, ugly with no talent. The typical `celeb` that annoys the h*ll out of you and needs to get lost!

  • benny

    Is she the the actress Ben Affleck was banging a couple of years ago.

  • @benny

    Yes, before going back to his wife.

  • @Mole Icon

    Her fans like U who are in this forum
    And its Anna W not V
    A woman of influence friendly with Gisele, Michelle Obama, Blake and who would not even let Israels **** bucket near her

  • Crazy

    Why do you choose to believe a completely unreliable tabloid that Blake hooked up with BA but you don’t believe the same tabloid when it reported she’s the one who broke up with LC. Same holds true for Kate B. That Star report was bogus and immediately went away. Wow the women who get the hot guys take a beating from jealous, pathetic fangirls.

  • anonymous

    Only the stories that support your theories of wild sexual escapades are credible. I don’t think these people have as much sex as the fans would like. This is a society that has been reared on “Soap Operas” and Drama, now that medium is gone, we can now live in the fantasies of our own minds. All the elements are there. 2 handsome, rich, famous men, 1 beautiful, rich girl. You create any story you want, but I bet if any of us had the real facts, we would go wow “how boring”. We like to imagine all kinds of kinky things going on in their lives because of what they can afford to do anywhere in world and WHAT IS MORE TELLING IS WHAT WE WOULD DO IN HER/HIS SHOES.

  • Mole Icon

    @45: Whatever makes you happy! If believing that everyone here who can`t stand Fake Blake is a Bar fan makes you feel better about yourself then just keep pushing it. Her Fakeness has no talent, no sense of style just a reputation as a casting couch actress. She is desperately trying to break out of her C-list league but it won`t happen.
    @Crazy: Fakey has a reputation as a casting couch actress and she is such a horrible actress that it`s not hard to believe those rumors. Why not believing that she dumped LC? Come on! Her Moleness all of a sudden makes LC smitten and then `it`s too fast` for her, Hollywood`s biggest commitment phoebe wants to settle down with her but it`s too fast for her so she dumps him? Who in his or her right mind would believe that? Are you kidding?

  • Cammie

    Hook Hot Guys…Really

    Leo was the only ” HOT” guy seen with her more then 1 time , but he got rid of her 4mths later…

    Besides..Leo with other ” HOT” actor claim this chick, not Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling…they denied her

    Leo only was with her as a PR Stunt..

    Lainey is crazy and so are her theories, she is just mad that her Leo is sooo taken crap provide to be FALSE…

    Nobody is jealous of the Plastic Surgery, she can’t get any major roles, and can’t keep the most popular actors interested more then …6 mths..

    Like I said before, until I see a “Hot” actor with this chick more then a few photo ops, like on a red carpet or aleast 1 yr….

    I know she is nothing but the Hollywood Bike…

    Take a ride with the desparate Fameho..but don’t take her on the red carpet..

    Interesting how she sporting her new hairdo ,not a big hat and looking into the Paps camera..

    It’s clear that the way she acted around Leo was nothing but an Act…


    She bother go back to dating c-list actors like Penn

  • Flee

    The same BATSHIT crazy Bar fans cant leave Blake posts alone
    And who is to sya she cant get rolesIs GG not on
    Or is it only in English speaking countries
    And Bar psychos call Lainey crazy
    But cant stop readin her
    Re Read ur 50 posts to see who is the crazy one!