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Blake Lively Leaves Ryan Reynolds' Apartment

Blake Lively Leaves Ryan Reynolds' Apartment

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds hop into an awaiting car early Saturday morning (October 22) in Boston, Mass.

The 24-year-old actress, carrying her dog Penny, tried to keep a low profile in a hat while leaving Ryan‘s apartment.

Earlier in the week, the Green Lantern co-stars enjoyed a night out with Sandra Bullock at NYC’s The Box.

The trio, along with a group of pals, “had a great time and stayed late” while celebrating Ryan‘s 35th birthday, a source told the NY Post.

Blake and Ryan were sitting downstairs holding hands and had bodyguards with them. They left together at around 2:15 a.m.,” the source added.

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  • pup

    Well she sure doesn’t waste anytime.

  • T

    She surely has the anyway to the top mentality down pat doesnt she?

  • damn

    i used to like him :(

  • anonymous

    What changed???

  • mary Jane Callender

    The last time she was in Boston was to film the movie The Town!
    Well wonder what they are filming together! Since Sandi and Ryan
    Are Just Friends for over 10 years it is nice that they had dinner
    Together…What is Ryan filming in Boston? Why not show the Birthday
    Bash, because Sandi has been in California…

  • Hnm

    i don’t like them as a couple !!!

  • Anna

    oh no, they are dating???

  • ace11


    She is 24 and single and enjoying herself

    She’s sure this isn’t serious

    If she wanted serious..she would have stayed with Leo

    Hope she is sexually protecting herself though

  • Hailey


    and what about ryan? scarlett to sandra to olivia to blake?

  • Cleo

    I’m looking forward to see where this is going to go. I think they look cute together!

  • Amanda

    Christ, how quickly does she sleep with these men? It’s like the first time she gets pictured with a guy it’s coming out of a hotel or coming out of his apartment. My goodness.

  • liv

    she’s on a non-stop way for seeking boyfriend:o
    and…from a gay to another?great choice blake.

  • Katie

    I’m sorry but If I was ryan, I would be a bit grossed out knowing that leo was just in that, very recently… ewww


    she’s just an escort girl for gay boys in hollywood. her parents must be proud and her pussy loose

  • Ash

    She’s full of energy and has a gay fetish period.

  • Ash

    @katie well said!!

  • KAKA

    The girl who is easy to predict..

  • susan

    LOL..maybe Leo was used to make Ryan make a move

    IT WORKED. Good for her.. Leo is weird.

  • Emma

    Its funny how so many of you are jealous of Blake. Lol you all know that you guys have no chance with those men that are lining up to date her. ryan gosling. Leo dicarpio n now ryan reynolds. you all know if yoi have a chance with those guys you would take it. Jelous b*tches lol

  • Yeah Amanda, but remember – she only kissed 5 boys in her life! Haha!

  • sarah

    Looks like Blake has a revolving bedroom door, turning into another Taylor Swift.

  • Stephanie

    Double standards for different genders. So she isn’t allow to move on with one guy but Leo is allow to with allegedly two girls? Stop judging.

  • Bamabelle

    I would hate to know that I was a woman in the Hollywood trying to date and have a life. SO many angry, bitter people in the world! Just be happy for them,or otherwise go to another website!

  • RTD

    @Emma: Yeah, people would be really jealous of her if it was a real relationship and not a excuse for US Magazine covers.

  • Blake Fan

    She’s been after him since they filmed The Green Lantern. You could see the sexual tension between the two when they looked at each other. Even when they promoted and premiered the movie, their body languages were too relevant to hide.
    He wasn’t free at the time, but apparently her patience paid off big time. WAY TO GO, GIRL!

  • Dieter

    I love her beautiful ass !!!!

  • Reina

    Bamabelle: TOTALLY AGREE

  • Alice

    Both of them are acting like whores. Relationships mean nothing to people anymore.

  • LV Down

    Who cares? Both of them are losers.
    Ryan: Scarlett Johansson → Blake Lively
    Blake: Leonardo Dicaprio → Ryan Reynolds

  • SweetGirl

    First of all Leo is not dating two models, at least nothing serious, all we hear are these rumours, but no pictures…
    I honestly think that Leo was very inloved with her, and she just broke his heart…now she is with ryan, and he is australia working. This is just sad, cause Leo left a long term relationship because of her, and she just betrayed him, even took ryan to have a dinner with them…She played with leo. Thats why she is b****, not because she is dating another guy but because she is a cheater.

  • ewww


    wow, I don’t understand why these celebs have to move on so soon and hop from one guy to another… Someone said that Ryan went from Scarlett to Olivia to Sandra…hello? Sandra Bullock and him are just friends. And he hasn’t been whoring himself around like Blake has, sorry to Blake fans but she is showing that she has some serious self esteem issues that she can’t be alone for even one week before sleeping with another man…
    I love Ryan Reynolds, I think he’s a really nice guy…but I wouldn’t want to be with Blake right after she slept with Leo and they only broke up but a few weeks ago…that’s just gross… these people have no scruples whatsoever.

  • Misfit.

    She is certainly taking her GAME to the next level. First Leo, taking his b@lls away with the split making him seem like the needy one in the split. Because ” he wanted to settle down and she just wasn’t ready”. Yeah right? Leo settle down? With who George Clooney? LOL But she did use the split well to land Ryan. Which is perfect because they are former co stars instead of current co stars so it is a little less cliche and spins much better for her. Sort of like Ben Affleck and Jeniffer Garner got together AFTER Daredevil. Both after big breakups.
    She is just trying to climb the latter as quickly as she can. Her film career has yet to really flower and take off while Gossip Girl is close to being canceled yet again. She is smart enough to know she needs a solid A list or A-/ B list lead actor in Hollywood to keep the wheels of her career turning because her own acting isn’t going to do it. She is better known for her legs, what she wears and who she dates than her actual acting. I doubt Ryan will stay with her long unless he likes having her as an accessory on his arm that will sleep with him at the mere snap of his fingers. It’s not a bad deal for him. Except that he looks like he enjoys Leo’s leftovers.

  • Blah

    LOL. She is just a complete #%€e. Sometimes I don’t get those actresses. They change men like their clothes.

  • Marie

    I really love Blake and I want her to be happy… but her and Ryan dating totally NOT convince me

  • ilk

    i don’t know any of them personal but Ryan always comes over as arrogant. Well they deserve each other. Trading Leo for Ryan. funny.

    And she sure didn’t waste any time. #anotherfail.

  • Bamabelle


    So, hypothetically, if Ryan Gosling, Leonardo Dicaprio and Ryan Reynolds all asked you out in the course, of lets say a year and a half, you would say “no”?

  • BEAN

    noooooo WHY RYAN WHYYYY

  • Delilah

    This is fake. Ryan seems so desperate to couple up. We hear he went to dinner with his ex wife, but never saw pictures, then he goes with Olivia and now HER? I have no respect for him. I understand her. She is young a desperate to be famous and get more recognition. He’s older. What’s his problem?

  • G

    So the girl dates like a guy. As long as she’s having fun and playing smart, well then good for her. How come I don’t see as much hate for Olivia Wilde who’s been dating one guy after another since she left her husband? Whether you love or hate Blake, you gotta admit the girl’s got game and I can’t wait to see who’s she gonna play next…..or maybe this thing with Ryan is the real thing and she used Leo to bait him, in which case I’m LMAO at Leo. Considering his history with women it’s about time karma hit him in the face.

  • Ann

    I think we should all be thankful that she’s not with Leo. Let’s be honest he has how many connections? And Lord knows that’s what she wants but directors are smart enough not to cast her just because she was Leo’s gf. Now she’s after someone who she will look good with on the red carpet and will take her to the Oscars. She has a better chance of going public like that with him than Leo that’s for sure.

    What I don’t understand is why he decided to date her soon after she broke up with Leo. Didn’t he go out with Leo and Blake once? Aren’t he and Leo friends? How could he do that to a friend? That’s what I don’t understand. I’d be interested in knowing if they’re still friendly after this. If they’re not, it’s just another poison this girl brings to relationships. If Leo and Ryan aren’t friends he will never get cast in a Marty or Chris Nolan movie. Directors are smart but they’re also loyal.

    Her career: not going anywhere. She’s just going to be a tabloid girl but she’s going to run out of people to date considering she’s been through half of hollywood’s leading men already. Oh, wait, she could easily go through the other half because she goes after married men as well…Damn this girl.

    His career: Will never be on par with Leo or sadly, even Mark Walhberg. He could have been something but now he’s just another tabloid guy himself.

    The difference between Leo and Ryan? Leo became an established actor YEARS ago. He has always had a George Clooney like rep so no one will look down on him even if he dates 3 girls at the same time. Ryan was married to Scarlett and was married to her when he worked on Green Lantern with this chick. Ryan doesn’t know how to separate his work from his personal life and that will be his downfall.

  • Reina

    Make up your mind, guys. Either she is slut sleeping with everybody or she is bearding for gay actors. I like her. She is a spontaneous young girl. I think she bearded for Gosling and DiCaprio. Reynolds is another matter. She has been after him since she met him. Go get him, girl, and treat him gently. He deserves it.

  • Blake Fan

    Sorry, but for how long did Blake and DiCaprio date exactly? That relationship could have been counted in weeks, actually. It was more like a summer fling. It was nothing compared to the long lasting relationship she had with Penn. I think like I said above, she felt an authentic attraction to Ryan while filming GL but both were taken at the time. At least she was honest with herself and realized the guy she loved was not DiCaprio.

  • ewww


    oh please, leaven Ryan alone.. she’s the one who looks bad here, Ryan is just getting used to make Leo jealous. It’s so obvious.

  • mkhay

    are you guys telling me that if you had the chance to do leonardo dicaprio and ryan reynolds, you wouldnt?

  • Ann


    You’re telling me she’s the only one who looks bad? How smart is it for him to be with the girl who tried to break up his marriage and costarred in his worst film ever? Please. If you want me to leave Ryan alone the least you could admit is that he lacks taste and is kind of stupid.

    Ryan is getting used to make Leo jealous? LOOOOL that’s hilarious. Her people went to the tabloids and said that SHE broke up with HIM which was a lie. Do you think Leo would ever take a girl like that back? Everyone knows all Leo wants is a good pair of T*ts and A*s and that’s all Blake and every other woman he dated is. He already found two replacements to bang. He doesn’t give a crap about her. They’re over.

  • Chuck Bass

    the way some of you get so worked up over a stranger’s dating life is CRAZY

    seriously look at yourselves

  • Dasha

    Eww what a wh@re, hope he’s using protections, Leo’s d*** was in her a few weeks ago!

  • LadyB

    I think Leo dumped her and that’s why she has to be seen as the one that moved on first/quickly. Maybe Leo has that effect on girls. Look at Bar Rafaeli, ever since Leo ended things, she can’t stopped posting “Look how happy I am” pictures on her twitter account.

  • Elle

    She gets around

  • Bamabelle


    Here in the South we call it “Wishful Thinking”