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Brad Pitt - BAFTAs 2012 Red Carpet

Brad Pitt - BAFTAs 2012 Red Carpet

Brad Pitt looks dapper in Gucci as he arrives at the 2012 BAFTAs, aka Orange British Academy Film Awards, held at the Royal Opera House on Sunday (February 12) in London, England.

The 48-year-old actor (in a Dolce&Gabbana coat) is up for the BAFTA for Best Actor for his work on Moneyball.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

On Saturday, Brad hit the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey, which was directed by his partner, Angelina Jolie.

Be sure to check out Brad‘s 2012 Oscar Portfolio from Time if you missed it!

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Hannah Grafton @hannahgrafton

I have just seen brad Pitt. Brad Pitt has just waved at me. My life is complete

@britchappy Brad Pitt the American idea of good looks. #overrated #botoxed #frozenface #catman

Sim Khalifa ♡. @_SimSima_
“I cnt believe I’m in the same place as brad pitt” .. that’s a diss to every other actor/actress in that place lol

Brad thought he was being slick keeping ange away from tilda but while he’s away she found herself a new blond lesbianhonest looking chick
. Angie is having a midlife crisis that involves lesbionic blondes

Noriko @Glitterbaby90

Also Brad Pitt came over!!! dream come true #BAFTA red carpet

Trolls give a lot hits to Brad thread. hehehe

So brad Pitt lost and Angelina is off in Berlin holding some blonde chicks hand. She looks like she’s in love with her, who is she and why is she wearing that godawful leather outfit?

gucci @gucci
Brad Pitt looking dapper in our midnight blue one-button peak lapel ‘Signoria’ tuxe during the #BAFTA awards in London

Passing Through @ 02/12/2012 at 5:21 pm

Pardon me for a sec while I play catchup and answer some questions about my post in the wee hours saying Ticky had wrangled a job –
# 210 grandma @ 02/12/2012 at 4:13 am
# 211 POOR TROLL @ 02/12/2012 at 4:23 am
# 220 No Congrats From Heidi Biven @ 02/12/2012 at 5:59 am
# 222 Heidi , No Squigg can’t dance @ 02/12/2012 at 6:17 am
# 231 gogog @ 02/12/2012 at 8:34 am
So Ticky has landed a job eh. Is that movie really final? How does she get that role in the first place? I mean what happens when her Wanderbust movie flops? Will that movie still going to get made? I hope it doesn’t get made. I was hoping that she will slowly disappear! Gawd.
There’s great comedic value in the Deadline story if you know what to look for. The movie is being co-produced by Ticky’s lame-ass production company in conjunction with a BRITISH production company. Note that Deadline didn’t make the source of the financing known. Presumably it’s the British production company – The Salt Company – but I can’t be sure unless I can find a source saying it is.
Also, take note of where the movie has already been pre-sold (which is part of how financing was probably acquired) – Canada, Australia and the UK…all places where Ticky’s movies at least make a little money. Look for Germany to be the next country added. Notice what country you DON’T SEE on the list? THE UNITED STATES. That means they haven’t been able to pre-sell the movie to any U.S. distributor – shocking, ain’t it? Unless they are able to do so, on the concept and actors alone, that means the movie will most likely have to hit the festival circuit next year in order to find a U.S. distributor. Wonder if Ticky is aiming for Cannes? BBBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
And here’s my final observation and where the true comedic value is – and you can take this to the bank – Ticky is now coattail riding Mr. Skinny Jeans. Somewhere along the line there will be an association with him and his cousin Louis Theroux, who is a British documentarian and journalist and whose brother and father are writers, which means he has friends in both the tv and movie industries in the UK. Basically the only way Ticky was able to get financing for a movie was to go outside the country and coattail ride her boyfriend’s family. We always knew Ticky had to be getting something career-based out of that relationship. Cuz…that’s the way the ho rolls.

Nalân Burgess @Nalan_B

Praise for Adam Deacon for not even trying to be posh in his acceptance speech and giving Brad Pitt a mention. He is living the dream.

Ange was caught openly flirting with a woman again lmao

I hope Brad will go to shake hands with Adam Deacon.

Lmao @ 02/12/2012 at 5:23 pm
at least she didn’t do that in brad’s face like SAG.Look at the way she is looking at that chick and even Luc Besson.I don’t remember her looking that much in love with Brad at all.She must have found her soulmate.Let’s hope she will marry this one.

FYI: not that you’ll be shocked, but the person supposedly posting these nasty tweets that insult Brad, is LYING THEIR FAT UGLY ASSS OFF, and fabricating the shizz. Hahaha. Nice try, tv hackiston fan. Doing a search on twitter, there is no such twitter moniker (@renneLsinna, etc.), nor was there under any of the other supposed anti-brad tweets.
It’s hard out there, for a dustinhoffmaniston fan, when Brange s ruling the red carpet world. Muahahahah.
I will be glued to the Grammys tonight. Just think, had Maniston made it with Grammy winner John Mayer, and not been dumped 3 times by him…she could be there tonight soaking up undeserved press for yet another crap com. Sitting 5 rows behind fishyth and goofball martin. As is, she’s getting her bank account pilfered by a no-name struggling middleaged creeptastic looking poseur shrimp. Sux to be her. Hahahaha.

Passing Through @ 02/12/2012 at 5:32 pm

# 28 Media Wh@re MANiston @ 02/12/2012 at 3:00 pm

PT – I was at the supermarket earlier today. I saw the Star cover about MANiston having twins a boy & a girl. I was cracking up really loud. The people in line thought I was crazy.
LOL. I get that reaction a lot. I always take the mags from the checkout stand to the mag section and read them there. People coming through that aisle give me a look like I’ve lost my minds. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll just look at them and say, “This shite is hilarious!” and then they see what I’m reading and will comment that the tabloids are full of crap – and I say, ‘Yeah, that’s what makes it so funny.” Then they laugh and go on about their business and I can return to laughing at the ridiculous crap I’m reading.

Thanks fans for all the tweets, pictures and articles. Brad looks gorgeous. I am looking forward to JP’s red carpet. tomorrow.

Angelina is going to present at the oscars because she couldn’t stand Brad being the only focus of attention!

Brad PItt is trending.


Ahahah, you’re right!
But it’s so nice of her to attend. You know she could have another Q&A or another premiere planned for that day.
Supporting Brad or pimping herself….. decisions, decisions!!!!!

…nope, this tweet, never happened either…no such name as @britchappy. Better luck next time fuggiston fan. Aren’t you happy Maniston has a little limp poseur black shoe polished bald middleaged no name cretin to buy toys and houses for…why are you here bothering brad at his award ceremonies? Bahahaha. Poor poor trolls.

Vicki W-Breen @VickiWBreen

My ambition in life is now to win a BAFTA so that Brad Pitt can offer it to me.


LOL..I see the FFers or Dlist wannabe MK.. are here playing.
well when you have nothing else..

Yes Brad is trending..because he is Brad fcking Pitt. He looked great at the BAFTAs..

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Chloe Barry @x_CloBo_x

stephen fry = AMAZING! got to love his blatent flirting with brad pitt :) x

It’s obvious that Brad supports Angelina and the opposite doesn’t happen. I feel sorry for Brad. he is such a nice guy and i’m sure he says it’s ok you don’t have to go.

Brad has no luck with the women of his life. They get fame because of him and then think they are better than him.

@siobhancstylist brad Pitt has the same hairstyle as my two year old niece

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