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Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gym Gals

Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gym Gals

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter Faith as they step out on a sunny Thursday (March 8) in Studio City, Calif.

The 44-year-old Australian actress, who is set to appear on the big screen later this year in The Paperboy, took her 14-month-old to a kids’ gym.

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Earlier this week, Nicole was in France for Paris Fashion Week! She attended a private party for Tod’s on Monday night.

Over the weekend, it was announced that Nicole will replace Rachel Weisz in the upcoming film Railway Man.

FYI: Nicole is carrying a Tod’s signature tote.

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  1. 101
    kidmanfan Says:

    @Been There:

    Why in heaven’s name does that meaningless inconsequential cr@p bother you SO much? Are you related to the Urbans? Surely they can afford to be rid of any real threat to them? Why need you?

  2. 102
    Been There Says:

    @kidmanfan (cough cough) – Just talking about the liars on a message board. Truth hurts, I know.

  3. 103
    Oh brother Says:

    @Been There: You are right about the story with the house and the kids having playdates. Another story was Leery was neighbors with Keith and Keith asked her “husband” to pick up the mail while he was gone. LMFBO! keithkitty’s another self-admitted alcoholic with big issues. What is she doing on the E board with Keith on her facebook page? nomorefan would tell her she isn’t a “real skeptic”! I’m certain she had reliable sources in CT for the brunette that was “threatened”. Morons.

  4. 104
    nomorefan is an a $$ Says:

    For your information Sue, rape and torture has NOTHING to do with a woman being naked. Rape and torture is about violence, you freakin’ a@@hole. Rape and torture is NOT sex. I suppose if your daughter was wearing a short skirt and got raped, she was asking for it? You’re a sick human being to even associate Nicole doing nude scenes as a reason woman and girls get raped and tortured. Maybe you should stop wearing blouses so low. You’re just asking for rape and torture, right? What kind of mother has absolutely NO respect for women of rape? You’re f-ing scum and as a victim of a brutal rape, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone but damn if you’re not close. Maybe you’d learn the real world isn’t childish fun on the internet. You hurt people because you think it’s funny. You need to stop. You’re a horrid, horrid, sick human being. You make dirty pictures out of fruit, you have anal beads as your picture and you blow crew members and wear shirts cut low enough to see everything. Yet you have the g-da mn nerve to accuse Nicole of contributing to the reason woman and children are raped and tortured. I hope to God your daughter never gets raped and has to experience fearing for her life and having every piece of her dignity destroyed. Although with you as her mother, I doubt she had much to begin with.

  5. 105
    duh Says:

    Your post says it all #104. nomorefan is the definition of embarrassment. She is sick, twisted, pathological, and psychotic.

    No decent human being would call children “Suro Thing” and “FU”.

    No decent mother would compare a sex scene in a movie to the photograph of a real mother with her child.

    No decent wife would try to parade around online as a moral beacon when she’s getting drunk, stalking celebrities, and blowing their staff.

    She thinks hate is funny. She thinks she’s scamming the world. You can’t expect anything different when her role model is a woman who got into bar fights, used people for drugs, and worked for a man who scammed cancer patients and their families out of charitable funds for treatment. That same man was the only one who showed up as her character witness in court!

    nomorefan you are an embarrassment to yourself and to women everywhere. It’s whackjobs like you that perpetuate the cr@p that has people saying “well she was asking for it”. Because you don’t know how to get attention any other way than skanking it up for the country music singers or being a b!tch to women who make something of themselves in this world. You are a disgusting excuse for a woman in every way and trust me when I say you’ll NEVER be able to justify your actions to whatever’s waiting for us on the other side. That goes for the rest of the sickos on E/Urban Myths too.

  6. 106
    Because Says:

    @watching you: SM:

    Now who do you suppose this hater is? LMAO

    Too easy, so you don’t need any guesses. LOL

    Do you actuaaaaaaaally think everyone doesn’t know about your games. SM does not even come here. There is no need.

  7. 107
    watching you: SM Says:


    Sorry to burst your bubble, SM, but I am not your darling Sue.
    I don’t even live in America. So you are way off the mark.

    I certainly agree with you, this person that you have exposed is beyond the pale. Difficult to imagine there are real people like that. But she isn’t here. Go to where she is and attack her there. Do what you like with her on her home ground. Report her. Get the law onto her. Just leave it out of JJ.

    You are clearly VERY angry about this person, but coming on here like a deranged animal is not serving your cause.

    You posted at 10.10am, 12.45pm, 3.08pm, 8.14pm, 1.35am and 1.44am: either you are unemployed, not doing your real job properly, or this is your job, or you have no life of your own, or you are insanely obsessed. You talk to your other pseudonyms to make it seem like you are a team, perhaps to give yourself more muscle. Who knows.

    Yes, maybe you posted as ‘SM’ in the past, but that doesn’t mean that you, SM, aren’t posting here under other names. That is clear as daylight. If you were to submit all your posts under one name only, you would be seen as crazy, which is why you don’t.

    I would give my eye teeth to know who you really are. What you are. What your connection to the Urbans is. What you yourself look like. Such fanaticism as yours is intriguing. Fanatacism that compels you to have an entire blog devoted to outing this “Sue” of yours. You probably spend every waking hour thinking about her. Is it worth losing your life over? Do you think she affects Nicole and Keith on a personal level? Is that your concern? That she is upsetting the Urbans and their children?

  8. 108
    watching you: SM Says:

    @nomorefan is an a $$:

    “as a victim of a brutal rape”

    if you are saying that you were that victim, I am truly sorry for you, and can understand why you feel so strongly about misinformation regarding rape, and I also see why you are so angry. I can understand then your bond with NK who promotes the campaign for saying ‘NO’ to violence against women. I just feel there are better ways of going about your cause, because the way you are doing it, is not working. You are undermining all of your own good and really making it worse for yourself. I am truly saying this out of empathy.


  9. 109
    we know you Says:

    @watching you: Seriously, shut the hell up. You have no right to tell #104 what she’s suppose to do or how she’s suppose to feel. Who cares if YOU think there are better ways of going about her “cause”. She’s a victim of a horrendous violation, you idiot. It’s not about her “cause”. And listen, the haters are dumb as stumps but we’re not. Nobody’s falling for you. You post this: “Keep it about the thread and NOT the commenters … we don’t need you to spin the thread out of control AGAIN!” and then you give big monologues about SM on every thread. You know exactly who Sue and the rest of the haters are because you’re one of them. How do you know Sue lives in America? How do you know “she isn’t here”? Who are you to tell anyone to leave her out of JJ? Why do you care? If you don’t like it, stop following the thread to page 5. And really, if you seriously think we think Because is a fan, then you get the award for the dumbest.

    @Nomorefan is an A $$: I hear you. There’s nothing I can say to make that kind of pain go away but just know there are women who support you and care about you. If it helps, consider the source when it comes to anything nomorefan says. <3

  10. 110
    watching you: SM Says:

    @we know you:

    Seriously, you need professional counselling to deal with your trauma. Clearly, you are angry as hell, which is understandable. Attacking every Tom **** & Harry will not help you in the long run.

    I don’t know who Sue is, and sorry to disappoint you, I am not a “hater”. You yourself have said Sue lives in America. Take a chill pill.

  11. 111
    we know you Says:

    @watching you: Classic wrong, lying skeptic. I’m not #104, ‘nomorefan is an a $$” although I agree totally with her username. I also never said Sue lives in America but since you’re so familar with SM, then I’m positive you know who Sue is. Sorry to disappoint YOU but you haters are so shallow, we can see through every game/username/personality you come up with. You’re just not smart enough to fool anybody. You’re also insensitive pigs and by your flippant, disrespectful remarks to #104,’nomorefan is an a $$” , it’s clear you’re one of them. I don’t give a rats a $$ which one. You’re all liars.

  12. 112
    Raul Says:

    @watching you: SM: Don’t squander any air expressing sympathy to these people. These are the same people who make fun of a skeptic who is open with her addiction problems as well as ridiculed the deaths of a couple of skeptics. I have never heard of a rape victim having such anger management issues over the topic; usually the complete opposite, so I would take that story with a grain of salt.

  13. 113
    Because Says:


    Since there are only 4 , take your pick on this one .
    Like you said #111 doesn’t matter, they are talking to themselves again!

  14. 114
    Been There Says:

    @Raul – You’ve never heard of a rape victim having anger issues about the subject of rape. Oh that’s rich “Raul”, the yet another username who just happens to know all about the fans and the skeptics. Talk to a lot of rape victims, do you? I guess no nomorefan is too much of a coward to show up as herself. That doesn’t surprise me. As for the pretend funerals you hold for the death of a username, bahaha. You all have addiction problems be it alcohol, lying, or your obsession with Keith and Nicole.

    @nomorefan is an a$$ (couldn’t agree more) – I’m very sorry you went through that kind of violence. Do not ever blame yourself. And as we know you said above, consider the source. Reality tv shows aside, Nomorefan is uneducated and ignorant in most things. Healing prayers to you.

  15. 115
    Raul Says:

    @Been There: Great information from a resource site I use often.

    The second major RR-PTSD symptom for rape survivors is social withdrawal. It has been described as psychic numbing, denial and a feeling of being emotionally dead. They do not experience feelings of any kind. One way it shows up in the lives of survivors is a diminished interest in living. It is not that they are suicidal, but they have no interest in their children, in their jobs, and what feelings they do experience have a very narrow range. Victims experiencing RR-PTSD may not feel joy, pain, or really much of anything; many experience a kind of amnesia. In addition, victims with RR-PTSD may not remember the details of what happened to them.

    The third set of symptoms of RR-PTSD are avoidance behaviors and actions. Victims may experience a general tendency to avoid any thoughts, feelings, or cues which could bring up the catastrophic and most traumatizing elements of the rape. This may be characterized by refusing to drive near the spot where the rape occurred.

    But obviously, you are the experts in ALL areas.

  16. 116
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @ #104 nomorefan is an a$$ The responses by the haters are appalling. Know we stand with you. They are deranged.

  17. 117
    Raul Says:

    @Been There: Victims avoid talking about the event and will avoid any stimuli or situations which remind them of the rape.

    So now you tell me, would the experts agree with you that someone would go to a celebrity gossip web site and post to the world that they were raped? Would a real rape victim do this to stand up for a celebrity?

  18. 118
    This is a fact Says:

    @Raul: You are an a$$hole Sue!

  19. 119
    Just Barb Says:

    @Raul …. Wow, you are one hateful SOB. Did it ever occur to you that every woman is different? That not everyone falls into your nice little research boxes? What’s the first major symptoms you left out? Anger, maybe? Did it occur to you that nomorefan’s brash comments might have set a fan off? That it has nothing to do with Nicole? She is right: rape isn’t sexual and anyone who relates the two needs some education. Doesn’t it say something about that on that research site, aka google, you use so often? With every word and action, you define yourself and my God, your heart is pure evil.

  20. 120
    watching you: SM Says:

    @we know you:

    once again, SKEWER MISTRESS doing all the thumbing down and up; like there are 23 people here in the last couple of hours who would thumb down my post and 20 who would thumb yours up! You are nothing more than a con-artist, liar, and down-right ugly, filthy-mouthed low-life.

    your name says it all; you’re cooked!

  21. 121
    Just Barb Says:

    @nomorefan is an a$$…. I apologize in advance for posting this but there is plenty Raul conveniently left off. I’m also sorry you have to be victimized again by these idiots.

    @Raul…I can google too.

    Common Feelings
    Number one is angry. Rape victims are some of the most intensely angry people I have ever met. They are “mad as hell” and would kill their rapist if they knew who he was and if they could get away with it. But they are not just angry with their rapist. They are angry about people’s attitudes who look upon rape as a sexual crime instead of a crime of violence. They are outraged at injustice, as rapists are set free on bonds, given light or suspended sentences, or paroled early. They are furious at having been violated personally.

    And another..

    Emotional reactions include fear, humiliation, anger, guilt/shame and feelings of degradation and powerlessness. Mood swings and enhanced emotional liability may occur. Increased irritability with, and suspiciousness of other people may also be present. The issue of trust may be important in the counselling process. Given that the victim’s trust in people has been betrayed by the rapist, it may make it more difficult for her to trust others.

    And Raul, before you open your trap again, you should read this:

  22. 122
    watching you: SM Says:

    @Been There:


  23. 123
    Just Barb Says:

    @watching you….You can only thumbs up or down once. Deal with that fact.

  24. 124
    watching you: SM Says:

    @Just Barb: @Just Barb:

    yes, YOUR anger is showing!!! Get the proper help you need, spending 7 years online attacking anyone who says anything ‘negative’ about the Urbans is not going to heal you! GET PROPER MEDICAL ATTENTION AND GIVE THIS WEBSITE A BREAK!

  25. 125
    watching you: SM Says:

    @Just Barb:

    yes, but you know the way!!!! multiple emails??? multiple names????

    just because YOU think everyone is an “idiot”, doesn’t mean that they are!

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