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Nicole Kidman Takes A Stand In Aussie Coal Movement

Nicole Kidman Takes A Stand In Aussie Coal Movement

Nicole Kidman meets up with actress pal Naomi Watts for lunch at The Winery restaurant on Sunday (March 18) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress and her family, hubby Keith Urban and girls Sunday and Faith, arrived Down Under a few days earlier.

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Nicole and Keith have recently taken a public stand against the expansion of coal and gas mining in New South Wales in Australia.

The couple bought a sign that reads ‘No coal or Coal Seam Gas’ and placed it on the gates of their house, according to an Aussie newspaper.

FYI: Nicole is carrying a Tod’s Signature bag.

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  • Asda

    Cute outfits! I hope one day they make a movie together!

  • oilolly

    Love these two.

  • Dieter

    How beautiful is that ????? Did they have a smoke and a glass of champagen maybe !!!!

  • Stephanie

    Girls afternoon! It would be so sweet to see Nic’s girls and Naomi’s boys together.

  • normaway

    The two of them look so chic and casual. Can’t wait for The Voice with Keith to start.

  • EEvergreen

    Naomi knows how to work the platform shoes. She must like them. Nicole can rock the skinny jean. Talented beautiful ladies.

  • L.A.Hottie

    it would be nice to see these kinds of celebrities at The Ivy instead of the hanger-ons desperate for attention. I need to fly to Australia!

  • tulip

    That’s how you do lunch with your friends.

  • kary

    Beautiful I love these two… nice outfit Nic btw

  • hopeso

    Nicole looks nice

  • Courtney

    talented actresses

  • tim

    An old botoxed granny trying to look young but that is not working..oh that awful bleached fried hair………

  • :)

    I hope we get more photos of them hanging out. Thanks Jared.

  • Eleanor

    From past photos I think Naomi like’s 90′s fashion. It’s making a comeback in stores. The floral prints are everywhere.

  • Hello Papa

    They look well put together.

  • Jada

    @tim: Oh tim you’re just a jealous old hag.

    It’s really nice to see a friendship last 20+ years between two women, especially when some women love to cut each other down – see tim’s comment.

  • Louise

    Whatever Nicole wears, she looks absolutely charming. I do wish the snarky people would stop the talk about her hair. They should try to deal with hair that is as curly as Nicoles. Trust me, it is a nightmare to have curly, curly hair. Love this woman, and really enjoy her talented, studly husband!!

  • turner

    Love Nicole’s bag she’s been carrying. It’s out of my price range but man it looks like butter!

  • Walker

    Lovely ladies lunching.

  • Alicia S

    So fresh! Love you Nicole!

  • juicy apple

    Great colors for the spring in the US. Great layering for the Australian fall. Nicole makes her outfits her own.

  • Just Barb

    It’s great the two longtime friends managed to be in Oz at the same time. I love them both. There’s nothing like lunch with a good friend. Love the scarf Nicole is wearing. I’m not sure about Naomi’s outfit but she still looks cute as a button.

  • Jealous

    I dont like to say this but I love them both. They seem so down to earth people jeez

  • ella

    beautiful to see beutiful women having enduring friendships!!! Love these 2 classy ladies!

  • Moh123

    Nicole is sooo beautiful

  • Luke

    Wishful thinking Nicole asked Naomi to costar with her in Danish Girl? Love them anyway!

  • Frozoid

    What’s her stand on Botox?

  • Frozoid

    @Courtney: Naomi is: Kidman is not.

  • http://Comcast Dee

    Two beautiful gals. By the way Tim, Frozoid and all the other names you use, they are still young gals who don’t dress like old women, even though it would make you happy if they did. They both are with two guys that adore them, that says a lot for them.

  • http://Comcast Dee

    Frozoid, (the Nicole Kidman hater) we must have been typing about the same time, I just new you would be back. Guess what Frozoid, Keith Urban is still crazy about his beautiful wife and two daughters, sorry. I also think that marriage will last forever.

  • Shirley

    Is it my imagination, or does her hair look blonder again?
    The red suits her the best.

  • Jackman

    Another bad hair day for Kidman. Her hair must be so damaged that extensions don’t even look good.

  • ellie’

    Nicole & Naomi look beautiful..and what great actresses…Love for them to lots more movies…I have no clue how some of you can say a bad word about them…

  • we know you

    They say bad words about Nicole because they’re sooo jealous that she’s married to their fantasy Keith. They envy her and her life and her thin, healthy look so much and they’ve sat on their big arses for 7 years bitc hin about it, making up stories about her and attacking her on every message board in the hopes that they would destroy her career or that Keith would read it and want to divorce her. But guess what? THEY’RE STILL TOGETHER!!! He’s NOT paving the way to them. He’s DIDN”T sign a contact making him stuck with her. They’re a big happy family with booming careers, lots of friends and buckets of money. They have EVERYTHING the haters do not and will not ever have and it’s eating them alive.

  • http://Comcast Dee

    @ We Know YOU—EXACTLY !!!!!

  • kathryn

    I’m a fan of both woman but Nicole is always classy. The scarf she’s wearing is beautiful. It’s nice they both found happiness and wonderful husbands.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Well……..maybe Nicole should go work in a coal-mine so she can see how the other half lives and works…….won’t need those fancy duds she’s wearing.


    @we know you:

    ON CUE:

    Skewer Mistress with her usual drivel: just watch her spin the thread out to 150 posts: all by her!!! Her hatefest that keeps her waking up in the morning; all energized to attack ANYONE who she thinks remotely fits her picture of a “H A T E R”.

    Poor woman; has no life outside of trawling the bottom-feeding sites; finding grist for her mill!

  • Silly

    @Dave from Canada… Is that where you work?

    Or is just these two great ladies who should work there ?

    What an odd statement !!

    Talk about crazy!!

    It sounds like one the haters spokesperson would make.
    Some nut is
    Doin them proud anyhow. !!


    SM’s thumbs going into overdrive!!!

  • duh

    @Silly: There’s a Dave who posts on many many threads. The skeptics lifted another name from someone else. Same $hit, different day.



    SM = “Same $hit, different day.”

  • Silly

    Ha that pretty funny. Don’t they have enough names to last 7 years? lol

    I guess maybe I got it wrong. In their thinking only Nicole should work in the coal mine!


    Lovely Naomi can go home to her beautiful family. lol

  • Silly


    I hope you are some silly teenage boy fooling around on JJ.

    If not……………… reaqlly are as stipid as they tell us here you are.

    No adult would write that crap.



    Like there is only ONE DAVE IN THE WORLD!!!!


    At least we know there IS ONLY ONE SKEWER MISTRESS IN THE WORLD; with many usernames so that everyone thinks she is a TEAM!

    Grab your popcorn; SM will be entertaining us right through to post number 150, or more, if she can squeeze more juice out of her one-trick-pony!



    go back to school, learn how to spell and type correctly, then maybe you can stay up past your bedtime and play



    good name: “silly”



    Kidman and Watts performed theatre and co-starred in a movie together when they were young, that’s where they met.

  • we know you

    @SM is to be pitied

    Sounds like you’ve got a little crushie on Skewer Mistress. Keep posting though. As usual, you slugs prove our point everytime you do. You know nothing now and you never did.
    BTW, why don’t you call Skewer Mistress by her other name, mychemicalromance? Bahahahahaha!

  • JessicaSanchez

    only dropping by at sydney! :(