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Jessica Simpson Celebrates Friend's Upcoming Wedding!

Jessica Simpson Celebrates Friend's Upcoming Wedding!

Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson attend a rehearsal dinner for engaged pals Bret Harrison and Lauren Zelman at Las Casuelas Nuevas restaurant on Friday (March 23) in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

The 31-year-old pregnant entertainer and fashionista was joined by her sis Ashlee Simpson with boyfriend Vincent Piazza.

Also in attendance at the rehearsal dinner was Adam Brody, Donald Faison and his fiancee CaCee Cobb.

There were over one hundred guests at the celebration that evening!

Jess recently threw her baby shower! Be sure to check out the pics of the happy day, where she was joined by some of her family and pals including Jessica Alba and Odette Annable.

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  • “You Mad?”

    OMG!!! That is all she can get into is Moo Moo’s!!! No make up either!!! She has got to weigh around 300 pounds now!! Hahahaha!

  • NICK

    HOLY COW!!!!!!

  • Steph

    Wtf is she wearing. Can she pop that baby out already.

  • lala

    seth cohen <3

  • bs

    Why was Beyawnce never this pregnant?

  • Human Gargabe Disposal

    She has to be having twins or she is eating everything that doesn’t get up and run away.

  • Ker

    @bs: because everybody has a different body jackass… for example how come jessica simpson looks like she’s delivering triplets compared to hillary duff who looked normal

  • frisbee

    That’s it, I’m saying it – she’s wearing a tent. As in an actual, factual tent. As in she went to an outdoors equipment store, bought a tent, cut a hole in it, put some ornanments on the front and now she’s wearing it. A Tent.
    Sweet deep-fried Oreos, Jessica! My eyes are burning!

  • Human Gargabe Disposal

    Correct Hilary really watched her weight and now only has a few pounds to lose. Jessica will be fighting that bulge for the next two years she looks ridiculous.

  • Lard Butt

    Let’s hope she doesn’t require a C-Section so the doctors won’t have to cut though all of that blubber.

  • blah blah blah


    The same reson why Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Penelope Cruz, Selma Hayek, Nicole Ritchie and a lot of people didn’t get this big.

    Newsflash: Not every pregnant woman allows themselves to get this big by eating everything they can possibly get their hands on. Beyonce stated in an interview that she was still careful of what she was eating during her pregnancy, plus Beyonce was in extremely good shape prior to even becoming pregnant.

    Jessica was already big and continues to eat fried oreos covered in chocolate at this stage of her pregnancy. She has made no effort to exercise and fully admits that she eats fast food all of the time, which is extremely high in sodium and fat.’

    The recommended weight for someone who is healthy is only 25-35lbs; for someone like Jessica who was slightly overweight for her height before she got pregnant, the recommended weight is ONLY 15-25lbs. Jessica appears to be TRIPLE that weight gain recommendation.

    Also FYI, her due date has been pushed up because she has gained too much weight. Jessica is not the representation of what a healthy pregnancy looks like. Also, if you gain too much weight during pregnancy, that could also cause severe health problems to the child.

    Stop being an idiot and stop thinking that every woman experiences pregnancy in the same way. Pregnancy is not an excuse to binge on food because that could cause severe health problems for both mother and child.

    If you are active before pregnancy, stay active. If at all possible, try to stay within the recommended weight gain. The expression I’m eating for two is not an expression that should be taken too literal.

    With all that said, I wish Jessica and healthy and safe delivery.

  • Jane

    What one earth was she thinking???


    She looks like she swallowed a lake…disgusting fat cow. She ruined her body for life. Even if she loses the weight she will be stretch marked and have loose skin that will have to be surgically fixed – leaving surgical marks. She was a fat pig before she became pregnant so this one hit the bottom about 7 years ago.
    Even if you are 20-30 lbs overweight your skin stretches out and looks like shit. Let alone get 3x as big as your normal weight. So those of you saying “she will just lose the weight” are delusional. It doesn’t work that way. She will never have a nice body again because she can’t control her redneck mouth.

  • tvdb

    her figure seems a bit extreme…she must be so ready for the delivery…

  • ~S~

    Yikes…well, I guess she’s comfortable?

  • Maggie Mae

    Ah, yea, she is going to be working that off well into her 40′s.

  • plk


  • freckles

    Bless her. I ate very carefully during my first pregnancy and quite frankly I ballooned to the size of a whale in the last 2 weeks.

    I didn[‘t for my 2nd and you wouldn’t know i was pregnant until I turned side ways.

    every woman, every pregnancy is different.

  • adambrodyrocks

    adam brody and bret harrison, ,cutest bffs in hollywood, wish there was a pic of them together, adam is looking great

  • Ahorseofcourse

    is she the house that dropped down in Oz? oy!

  • sdf

    How hasn’t she gave birth yet, but Hilary Duff already did?

  • sdf

    It’s amazing at the amount of ignorance that is shown to a PREGNANT WOMAN. They do gain weight, I bet that some of you are even shocked that her stomach is ‘poking’ out. Jerks!

  • Z

    Seems like the dress is pregnant along with her.

  • notafan


  • NYC

    I have never seen a more awful looking pregnant person….It’s like a whale a pig and walrus a buffalo and an elephant all in one… What a f#ckung site

  • dell


  • dell

    Moby D*ck!

  • Janice


  • diane

    Free Willie!

  • me

    wow she realy is huge, im sooooooooooooooooo curious if she will get thin after she gives birth
    she was realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hot in newlyweds!!!!!!
    wonder if she wants and if she CAN get back to beeing sexy and slim again

    i think its funny how britney, christina and jessica were so slim and sexy years ago and how they are all getting big.

  • Moo

    @me: ahaha isn’t it and they are still fairly young? But look at Kate Beckinsale, Sofia Vergara, Cindy Crawford, etc. All moms and all hotter than Jessica, Britney, and Christina.

  • Nika

    @blah blah blah: I so agree! Obviously, you cannot be on a diet when you’re preggo but you should still watch what you eat and whatever it is you put in your mouth it should be healthy, not junk food! There’s little nutritional value in junk food so you don’t help yourself or the baby. It such a misconception that women can eat whatever they want while pregnant. My sister just gave birth and she did a special pregnant women workout every day and ate healthy, nutritious food and she gained only 15 pounds. No diet, just keep moving and eat well. It’s sad Jessica let herself go because she used to be very beautiful.

  • Moo

    Those 3 fat ones I named are also blonde..hmm I wonder if that has anything to do with it lol

  • cococabana

    she seems like a really sweet girl (dim, yeah) but shouldn’t be judging people on some fashion show. even before she was pregnant, she never really put her outfits together well. this green dress shit is a mess jesssss

  • ew

    god, her boobs will be down to her knees now, poor love.

  • Dana

    He looks as awful as always and she is really just indescribable. Yes, pregnant women gain weight, but most don’t eat the constant, disgusting stream of junk that she herself admits to eating. She thinks it’s a joke, too. She’s really a sad, selfish, brat.

  • sharon

    who dresses this woman?

  • PopCulture

    lets address the elephant in the room i mean this woman looks like she is have six children at a time

  • Mia

    I dont know . May be Im wrong. but if I wereher I wouldnt have gone out of the house for now, until the baby arrives and she can get some good shape again

  • mrd2

    Omar the Tentmaker!!!

  • justme

    Ok people one of two things are happening here either choir robes are in fashion or she’s channeling Mrs. Roper..which is it?

  • whatever!

    @bs – because Beyonce’s doesn’t each shit like Jessica – everyone is different during pregnancy stop talking crap!!

  • huh?

    One would think as a clothing “designer” she’d find better, more flattering maternity duds. Her outfits have been hideous. Too much material.


    Pop a flag on that and the Navy could set sail.

  • CAZ

    The Price of Beauty…..

  • truthsayer

    please! you guys need to stop shes a woman and shes pregnant! some women gain 70 pounds! last time i checked its not a CRIME for a White woman to be alittle heavy! i wish her well! its exactly because of this young white girls cut themselves and starve because society has put it into them that if they are not a size 0 they r nothing!

  • Jaded

    She should stick to maternity clothing.That oversized frock makes her look like she’s morbidly obese. I think she ate everything that she could get her hands on…..not a very healthy approach. She has always struck me as basically lazy and lacking self discipline. Genetics is obviously not on her side. She was quite thin when she filmed Dukes but it did not come easy.

  • Bree

    what the ffffvck is that?!!!

  • Amanda Stauffer

    I think she looks amazing! and so happy.

  • wanderlust

    What is the matter with all of you? So what if she’s gained weight? She’s PREGNANT. I’m not even a fan of Jessica Simpson but all of you making these obscenely rude and hurtful comments breaks my heart. You are bitter, spiteful human beings and she looks better overweight than 99% of the population.