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Blake Lively & Taylor Kitsch: 'Savages' Poster!

Blake Lively & Taylor Kitsch: 'Savages' Poster!

Check out the official poster for Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch‘s new film, Savages!

Synopsis: The story centers on a pair of young pot growers Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Kitsch) who run into trouble when their shared girlfriend (Lively) is kidnapped by a very dangerous Mexican drug cartel and must work together to get her back.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Based on the novel by Don Winslow, the film also stars Benicio Del Toro, John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman, Emile Hirsch, Joel David Moore, Demian Bichir, and more.

Savages will hit theaters on July 6!

Bigger pic inside

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  • Kevin

    so excited!

  • 2

    Where’s the mention to Oliver Stone?

  • Trends

    Do I have to mention the poor ho (turned into a star) in this film?? When will this era end??? Pleaaassee

  • Naya

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Chace

    Thats a really cool poster. Loving It

  • Dave Franco

    Yeah, no mention of Travola, Thurman and Stone – all legends. Trailer comes out on thursday. Don’t think this movie will do well though.

  • Why

    Looks exactly the same as the poster for “BABEL” film from 2006.

  • Jack

    looking good

  • paul

    ugh, was it rly necessary to open yo rmouth seductevely for the POSTER, Blake? Really, girl? You want people to take you seriously as an actress and all you do is pose sexy and slu tty.

  • Message

    I’m surprised with all the actual talent in thisobie, you use Blake Lively’s name in the header. She is and always will be a gossip girl. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Message

    *I meant movie. Stupid iPhone.

  • Cleo

    Love the color scheme of the poster!! Super excited to see Blake, Taylor, and Aaron in this!

  • paul

    I can’t be the only one tired of being bombared with the same people all over again. I like Taylor and I will forever support him because of FNL but he was terrible in John Carter and this Blake lively chick wants us to believe she’s some supertalented actress. If I see this movie is because Stone , Uma, Salma, Beniciio and John’s greatness.

  • @paul

    I’m sure Blake did not pose for the poster but Oliver and the production team probably selected images reflective of their respective parts hence Taylor – menacing, Salma – badass e.t.c

    And if you’re “tired of it” why the f*** are you here making not one, but two comments cussing out Blake and others if it makes you so sick to be ‘bombarded’ with images of them, are you at gunpoint to click on the story as its not even a header dumbass?

  • frisbee

    @@paul: Are you that Miranda Kerr fan who only ever uses ‘@’ as name? If so, then Savages threads suddenly became more fun.
    Also, this will be a flop. Just a hunch, of course, based on the subject matter and the track record of the people involved. I’m willing to be surprised but not enough to actually go to the movies at this point.

  • @frisbee

    Miranda Kerr? Shes a cute model but I don’t go to her threads
    You must be hella sad/crazy to monitor her posters to see if they are on other threads, then seek them out on posts that have nothing to do with her.

  • samuel

    this is the same poster concept as the movie BABEL aha

  • frisbee

    @@frisbee: Aww, how cute of you to be worried about my well-being. However, I am indeed plenty crazy and do in fact enjoy monitoring/trolling whatever threads I please.
    I’m also planning to stalk Blake Lively threads, so I’m looking forward to hearing more about your galmorous life of not sadness/craziness.

  • paul

    @frisbee: Someons answered you and that message was written for me. I’m jelous lol. I’m not a Miranda Kerr fan, I don’t get her appeal tbh. Just another VS model.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    The plot sounds funny(for a drama) – “a pair of young pot growers.”

  • jenfan

    omg…which Jennifer Lawrence could have done this film..she was set to play the character tht Blake is playing..but she had to drop out to film The Hunger Games..still wanna watch it tho


    straight to VOD

  • barry

    Why is benicio de toro in the film i can’t take him seriously after having a baby with kimberly stewart…. No class he’s a dirty man i which he would dissapear.

  • Jerry

    ‘Shared girlfriend’? The caliber of roles Blake can look forward to for the best part of her career I suppose….

  • marie

    @Barry – there isn’t that much interest in BDT anymore because he has no interest in himself these days (even without makeup he looks old and bloated) he’s lowered his standards by having a kid with trash – serves him right. The poor kid now has flat head syndrome.

  • jackson

    @marie: Flat head syndrome well the baby didn’t get it from benicio.. It wouldn’t surprize me if nothing is wrong with the baby ks just wants to be in the press..and on benicio I agree he is a waste of space u pay for girls like ks not have kids with them what a way to finsh your career.

  • Chrille Chrill

    Benicio has no class and is not worth watching cause he has a baby with Kimberly Stewart? Some people should would be a better world if they weren´t allowed free speech,with statements that border on retardation n extreme jealousy. Benicio will always be 1 of the best alive,stating,”I prefer my women easy.”

    So he had a kid with a girl U call a slut,so funny when I know the%of females who would let a gang of crackheads gangbang them for the honor of some faceabuse from him. Its his life n queers n skanks,life happens…Lado is a GREAT character,watch…Grillo and Del Toro will be 2 of the 5 supporting nominees.

  • Chrille Chrill


    One more skullbanged then the next. So embarrassing. Despite that he doesn´t seem to care that much about acting anymore,if a kid with Kimberly Stewart,having a child with whomever,would sink his career,then mankind is really screwed. Funny thing is that both promiscous girls,”straight” guys and gay men are upset or affected…WHY? Is he a lesser actor? No,in a lineup with Kitsch,Johnson,Bechir and Lively AND Travolta,he is easily the most gifted.

    He is 21grams,Sin City and TUS but a part of me wishes his career ended cause of that kid,it says so much more about you and the world then him. What girl is classy,what defines that,fame? If she´s not famous,you think he won´t have his way,everyway with her n she´ll love it?

    What women is hard to bed if you´re him or if you use the right moves? Some girls are just more upfront about their sexdrive then others. He was always gonna have a kid but indifferent to the mother to be,fatherhood isn´t his thing. And you,a…”man” says it sank his career. Well…his sexlife is obviously more important to you then his acting….”Jackson”? How old are people with this mindset? Good God.

  • fact

    @Chrille Chrill – You’re referring to his previous acting roles it’s also about what’s current. BDT can only get Latino gangster parts and now he’s playing a American Indian (what they’re no American Indian actors?!?!). He played the lead in the Wolfman and that was shit!! . Women and gay men don’t like Benicio?? Benicio doesn’t like Benicio anymore. They guy has Peter Pan syndrome just like alot of Hollywood actors at least George Clooney and Leonardo are smart enough to date women with careers and haven’t been with half of Hollywood. No wonder he looks like Herman monster these days.