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Jennifer Lopez's 'Dance Again' Video - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lopez's 'Dance Again' Video - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lopez gets hot and heavy in this new music video for her song “Dance Again“!

“I love the message of the song. That when something bad happens, your life is not over. You have to get up. You’re gonna live. You’re gonna be okay. You’re gonna dance again,” the 42-year-old entertainer told THR about her song.

“#DanceAgainMusicVideo is trending!! Amazing…maybe have some more photos from shoot if we keep it up haha!! Cmon #LOVE!RS #Let’sGetIt !!” Jennifer tweeted after premiering the video on American Idol earlier in the evening.

Also featured in the video is JLo‘s beau, Casper Smart!

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  • Emma

    W….tf did i just watch?

  • nicky

    Barf!!! How many ways can I say it stinks.Looks like a bad perfume commercial
    We know your sleeping with the k-fed wanna be no need to force it down our throats.The only good thing about this video is -the end of Caspifer is coming soon ..YES!

  • Sam

    Feeling a lot of deja-vu… last year idol live shows… JLo new music Vid… featuring Pitbull…inappropriate music vid for a family show.. etc etc Only the song and video were better last year :P

  • solecito

    I hope to look that good when I’m 42.

  • stacey

    BORING, she’s desperate to show the world her new golddigger.

  • Melissa McFedries

    i actually don’t think she looks that good… she looks insecure….

  • Beta

    I love J.Lo and her songs ! J.Lo feat Pitbull is perfect ! I wanna dance so many times with this song.

  • opinionated

    I found it too boring to sit through the whole thing. J lo looks good but also sort of plastic. She has a rocking body! I wonder how much time she spends with her kids. She has a nice voive and the song is okay but kind of lame.

  • Fry Samy

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  • Kevin

    I lost all respect for JLo about ten years ago but I kind of loved this…going on the guilty pleasure/shame playlist

  • good hit

    That was insanely hot.

  • val

    sooo boring!!!!!!!!!!! boring video..boring song…..i like jlo but this song pppffff nooo i prefer on the floor

  • HowdyHo

    She looks like a cat in heat.

  • twins

    Both are amazing dancers but hard to believe she has that body after twins.

  • Laurel

    Why does it look so cheap?

  • Ellgy

    She and Madonna need to start acting their age.

  • Lynn

    like music is catchy but the clip is… no comment there

  • NYC chck

    love jlo but it’s sad that she hasn’t learned anything from any of her relationships.



  • Guy

    I thought it was pretty good I mean she is 40 and she looks great! Also, that was some pretty good animation they had going on with the glittery sparkley stuff. I like the song actually, at first it was a little too happy but I guess that’s a good thing. Good luck J.Lo hope whatever your panning to do in music turns out alright….

  • aimee

    what happened to her music?

  • Marie

    Disgusting! Her music stinks and the video is nauseating.
    I can see why her marriage failed; no way she would have made a video like this while still married to the classy Marc Anthony. Marc deserves better!

  • diane

    That was one of the worst music videos I’ve ever seen.

  • bebe

    I thinks she looks great…
    Parts of the song are catchy/parts do not seem to flow…completely over these orgy scenes in music videos blah/didn’t like the end as it came as nothing more than a commercial for her perfume…not necessary.

  • Natasha Stasyi

    Orgy scene-kylie minogue (all the lovers video), glittering dust-kesha (take it off), lilac mist-lady gaga (edge of glory).

  • crazy

    @Marie: mark anthony is freaking scary as hell!! you are just jealous!! or maybe you are in love with him??

  • agnes

    She doesn’t even dance !!
    The bottle of perfume at the end… ah,ah,ah !

  • Bimba

    She’s always danced with a kind of heaviness in her body. She’s not agile.

  • Rita

    I really just think the way she is flaunting this Casper guy all over the video is really tacky. Actually, the whole relationship between him and her is tacky. Okay, yes-the way that she allows him to use her for her money is tacky, and pathetic, but the most tacky and pathetic thing is that she exposed her children to this ding-dong when she only knew him for a couple of weeks. J-LO STOP PUTTING THIS MAN BEFORE YOUR CHILDREN! What kind of example are you setting for your son and daughter? You are WAY too trusting of this stranger around your children. It’s terrible, and if you ask me-if I were Mark Anthony, I would be fuming over you exposing my kids to this man so soon in your relationship and being so trusting with him around them!! Not very good parenting skills on your part J-LO.

  • Marla

    Well I liked it. I prefer On The Floor, is a bit more catchy and the video is a lot cooler but this one is quite okay. I like the song, maybe next time she should find a better director for her music videos.
    Wish her the best for her upcoming projects.

  • XYZ

    How could this cheap ghetto Rican possibly think she could marry above herself to an Affleck? She is a disgrace, a horrible mother and a joke trying to copy the great Madonna.

  • Kitty

    After hundreds of cosmetic surgeries to look more like Jennifer Garner and less like JLO she still looks like a man in full drag.



  • jieuhhuairka

    Well, I have to say that this guy (Casper) looks very in love.

  • She Stinks!

    Boring. Its been done in the past by real singers and 100 times better. Is that even JHO? The botox and skin tightening are so obvious here. She can’t dance either, with those chubby stubby legs. Its edited so fast that you can’t tell. All flash no substance at all. Her ‘singing’ is horrifying! Marc is so glad to be rid of her.

  • mchammer

    Pittbull is wak.Shimmi shimmi wtf! Jlo needs to lay low on the fillers.botox,and young cock. She dances stiff. I can’t believe she’s latina with those stiff corny dance moves.

  • Jane

    Am I the only one totally nauseated by this video? God, I don’t think I can even eat dinner right now. Disgusting!

  • http://none blondie

    Wonderful!!! I finally got to see this video that everyone is talking about.

    I loved it. Sorry, Marc Anthony, but The J-Lo fans can not do without
    her. She has people who love her and enjoy her talent very much.

    You can not put this wonder woman on a shelf and keep her all to yourself….no, no. We love her dancing.
    We love her singing. We love her movies. We love her personality.
    DEAL with it. We love her parenting. Sorry that she had to leave you,
    but….WE fans love her. Learn to share!!!

    This video is excellent, and anybody who does not agree
    is nuts, imo.

  • Jonah

    I felt like I was watching an extremely long bad perfume commercial…

  • She Stinks!

    JHO Bag has to blindfold her boy Casper so he can’t see all her nasty cellulite on those fat stumpy legs.

  • haha


  • elia

    jennifer looked good and the song has a special meaning. anyway she is always overdose in beauty. G0 J LO.

  • No comment


    Uh… Marc cheated on her! HELLO