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Beyonce & Jake Gyllenhaal: Dinner Party Pair!

Beyonce & Jake Gyllenhaal: Dinner Party Pair!

Beyonce flashes a smile as she leaves a private dinner party on Wednesday (April 25) on New York City’s Upper West Side neighborhood.

The 30-year-old entertainer was joined at the affair by Jake Gyllenhaal. Also reportedly in attendance were her hubby Jay-Z and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Earlier that day, Bey was spotted leaving an office building.

That same day, Beyonce was also announced as People magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2012. Check out her cover shot in case you missed it!

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  • tima

    Jake Gyllenhaal is not aging well.

  • casey

    I wonder what her real hair looks like…

  • Yo sista

    Most beautiful woman? Now that’s real funny.

  • AmberWaves


    Not crazy about Jake’s look, but maybe it’s for his part in The Enemy.

  • andrew

    NO BEARD!!! PLEASE JAKE!!! You are very handsome guy. Why beard????


    JLO making the list for the most beautiful woman was even funnier.

  • fbb

    hollywood is looking for an excuse to reward her with an Oscar for her endless support for BarryHusseinobama.

  • keli

    Jake always seems so lonely he needs to go back to Taylor.

  • losa

    Without makeup she looks like just normal as other women, not the world’s most beautiful woman.

  • Mikaela

    The beauty concept confuses me, JLo was last years winner, and in my opinion she only looks good when ready for an event and still she manages to mess up her outfit.
    Now, Beyonce here looks like she just got outta of rehab or something, wtf?? This is what the most beautiful woman looks like??

  • Lorraine

    JLO looks like a cheap motel six maid without her stylist and all the other stuff she covers herself with to look human. last year she was never what the most beautiful woman looked like and now that she is a year older she looks even worst and more manly.

  • lol

    At least JLO looks a lot better and prettier without makeup. Beyonce is really not pretty in natural and imagine her without thoese full fake lips. And her character isn´t exemplary either. What can she teach woman as to look fake and overdone and live a wasteful arrogant life.

  • Jayla

    She’s beautiful. People are so cruel. Everyone says she’s kind and beautiful on the inside. She’s very pretty without makeup, as is her mother. I’ve seen both in person and both are very beautiful.

  • lol

    Everytime this woman steps out she has gotten something done on her face. As per usual are always her lips which never look natural, always different sizes and now it looks like she has gotten new teeths. I guess she and her mother do every month some work done.

  • Lizzy

    why are women so critical of each other
    People really butthurt because of the people cover??
    Its not that serious
    Jake remove the beard!!

  • Gossipgirl

    Bey looks great without makeup. Jake, lose the beard, it is not doing a thing for you!

  • LMAO

    JLO does not look better with her elderly looking self. If you saw her without the makeup you would know that she looks like a man while Beyonce looks like a younger girl. Imagine JLO without all of the fakery she uses and you will see a dude. And don’t even mention the character of JLO who is a 3 time loser in marriage, she is so arrogant and wasteful she spends all of her money and time on a boy young enough to be her son while she neglects her sad children. She chose her boyfriend over her children that’s how arrogant JLO is.

  • lol

    I didn´t say JLO has a better character than Beyonce they are both to materialistic and arrogant. I just said JLO looks a lot more natural without makeup than a Beyonce with her pumped lips

  • jillyro

    Her face looks scary here and kind of greasy-looking. Does Beyonce darken her skin with make-up because she doesn’t look so white here and she loves to make herself look whiter than white. Looking hippy here too, like she has gained some of the baby weight back.

  • Alice

    It would be great if Jake could shave his beard, turns him into this homeless, unattractive man in his forties. He does age well, all he has to do is shave and buy new clothes and he looks young and handsome. He used to have cute jeans jackets, that suit his age. The green pants and blue jackets are ugly.

  • mythoughts

    I hope that doesn’t mean he’s going to be in A star is born because she can’t act AT ALL but HE CAN!!!!!!! JAKE PLZ DON’T!

  • annoying

    they can go ahead and make another beyonce shiteous movie.. I will certainly not watch it..the Iwoman cannot act. I am so over her and J-z they are becoming too annoying!!! she is trying to sound a little too like g Paltrow and it is not sounding natural. she is an african american who is light skin but she wants to now say she is creole, black people have alot of different cultures in their ancestry but you don’t hear some of them saying…I am french, I am Irish, I am etc. etc. she needs to embrace her blackness and she need to embrace her kinky hair too!!! she has a whole lotta straight hair in the back and in the front hairline a whole lotta kinky!!! she is so annoying.

  • joey

    omg jake looks soooo bad and old for his age. what the hell is going on with him anyway? he could look so hot and he continues to try to down play that and looks just awful.

  • Pandora

    Too funny to see the Bey haters getting riled up over a few unflattering pictures. If you’ve ever seen her in person, she’s insanely stunning without a touch of makeup on. Jealousy’s not a good look chicas

  • Andy

    Does Jake have physical or mental problems? He looks so old and desparate. As if he doesn´t care. Too bad, he seems like a nice guy, used to be so attractive.

  • Drugs are bad


    That is her real hair….You can tell by the way it “crinkles”. Weave doesn’t do that unless its cheap. Just sayin’.

    I think she looks good. I would rather get shot in the foot then to let you all see what I look like sans makeup. I would need counseling ….

  • Nate

    Be still my heart when I first saw this I thought “jc on a crutch they are together! that would be the weirdest thing yet.

  • ..


  • camillus

    She looks like a old hag, old wh_re of course thats what she is. Beyotch cu_t is a tramp, dresses like a tramp, can’t act, can’t sing, can’t do anything but fame her FAT a-s and her little monkey fake baby. Douch, lying bit_ch die you fat a_shole.

  • camillus

    JLO looks like a old hag, old wh_re of course thats what she is.JLO cu_t is a tramp, dresses like a tramp, can’t act, can’t sing, can’t do anything but fame her FAT a-s and her little monkey fake twins. Douch, lying bit_ch die you fat a_shole. Gained your pathetic career by sleeping with every manin Hollywood who would give you a break. You are no better than a prostitute and you can’t keep a husband interested in you for longer that a few years, now J-LOW has resorted to buyin the body of a boy younger than she is.

  • Watch and see

    Hollywood is forcing Clint to give her an Oscar winning role as payback for supporting Our Failed President.

  • Dev

    I don’t know why people are so surpised. Of course she’s going to look like a normal person without makeup on. She’s human. I’m sure a lot of woman could look particularly beautiful if they had the resources Beyonce does, but regardless, she, along with every other woman, looks beautiful natural as well.