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Jennifer Aniston: New smartwater Ads!

Jennifer Aniston: New smartwater Ads!

Jennifer Aniston flashes a smile in this new pic from smartwater‘s latest ad campaign.

“Simplicity is delicious,” “Good taste travels well,” and “Live a life well hydrated” read the three black and white photos, which will appear in June issues of magazines.

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Late last month, rumors surfaced that Jen, 43, was scouting locations for a wedding on the Greek island Crete.

Her rep shot down the reports, calling them “a total fabrication … How is it that one of the most photographed people in the world supposedly goes to Greece to check out a hotel she never heard of and is not spotted or photographed?”

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  • yes

    what a beauty

  • Marissa

    Hello Photoshop, hello airbrushing…

  • johnjohn

    She looks beautiful. as always.

  • seriously?

    @Marissa: yeah? like every photoshoot is airbrushed and photoshopped why is it worth mentioning do you honestly think any celeb looks this good without photoshoot?

  • solecito

    I really don’t get the whole “bottled water” craze. Tap water works fine for me and it’s free!

  • :)

    @solecito: Keep drinking disposed prescription medicine, fluoride, chlorine, lead, nitrates etc. I’ll drink my spring water :)

  • Ace

    Not even photoshop can make this hag look decent and feminine. Go away! I still can’t get over how nasty she is letting Gerry finger her butth*le in that pic, yuch.

  • Holy Photoshop Batman!

    Geez, it still can’t hide that manly, unattractive face!


    Smart water IS tap water, coca cola already admitted it. It’s a scam and a half. She’s just greedy scamming her poor fat walmart cows, first with her 19 dollar Kmart/walmart perfume, sooooo not classy, but very trashy…now with bottled Tap. Really pathetic.

  • Aurora

    Her rep is stupid

  • Correct #9

    None of the water from Coca Cola bottlers are what they claim. All have been tested to be no better than tap water. I even had an cc employee that was stocking his product while in the store where i was purchasing water told me to buy anything except for nestle water or his brand Dassini or whatever it’s called he said it was nothing but pure tap water.

  • an opinion

    Both pics are photoshopped but the first one is ridiculous.

  • jentheho
  • Nothing But Love


  • aug

    does Jen know her haters even exist?

  • Annie

    It looks like the old ad nothing new and yes their a lot of photoshop going on she gaind weight and is not that small anymore, not saying she big.

  • lisa

    Could there be any more photoshoping !!

  • The Real Emma

    Look, everything is photoshopped now, it’s not her fault. Even if she looked good they would still do it. I would definitely not want to endorse bottled water though, it’s not good for the environment, that’s all.

  • danielle


    And do you have any idea the harm these plastic bottles bring to the environment? Not everyone recycles so they go into the landfill. In third world countries you can often find huge swaths of garbage with the plastic bottle being the prominent item. There is so much plastic, much of it bottles, in the ocean that it is destroying the ocean life. Over 60 scientists feel that the plastic breaking down (and it breaks down really slowly decades, maybe centuries) in garbage dumps, home-made dumps and as litter is contributing harmful carcinogens to the environment and that the plastic will be releasing these carcinogens for CENTURIES? These carcinogens filter down into the water tables where your water and bottled watered comes from. You can test your water to see what is in it. You can buy a filter. So enjoy your water which most likely comes from a tap and when you throw away your bottle if you are too lazy to recycle, YOU are harming the environment which in turn is harming YOU.

  • The Real Emma

    Oh yeah . . . don’t be surprised to see these ads published in magazines that have interviews with Brad for his upcoming Killing Me Softly, due out in September. No doubt about that.

  • Juggee

    Sure she can look good (not beautiful) after after she spent a boat load of money on botax, laser treatments and pureed food, nose job, jaw adjustments, fake blue contacts, bleach blond hair treatment…
    where’s here original looks?????


    @Correct #9: Well duh Dasani has it printed for you right on the bottle “purified water”..can you not read?. no where does it state that it’s spring water. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which bottled water is just tap water. There is bottled spring water and bottled your labels! God, people in this country really do have super low IQ!

  • Juggee


    yup…yup…Angelina Jolie!!!! needs to photoshoppe or airbrushing.
    because she is beautiful and stunning without outside help.

  • Juggee


    you don’t know what beauty is obviously….because if you think Aniston is beautiful then nobody is ugly.

  • :)

    @danielle: No,. actually I don’t buy bottled tap water, that’s just stupid, who’d do that? I only buy spring water from one trusted brand because you actually have access to information regarding the contents in their water and where it comes from. I do recycle all of my bottles since I buy it regularly, it’s worth recycling, plus I’m not contaminating the environment. The trash that you mention doesn’t come from water bottles only, more people drink soda, which is packaged in plastic. Also, plastic bags, helium balloons, shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes, tampons, disposable razors, snack wrappers, plastic garbage bags..I wonder what you put your household trash in, a paper bag?

  • @

    @danielle: did Al Gore tell you to say that?

  • jilly

    Beautiful pictures! Jen is looking better and better everyday, unlike Jolie. Some people don’t age well some do, that’s all there is to it.

  • its me

    Here we go again DumbWater management promoting somebody Dumb enough to promote DumbWater.

  • ellie’

    Jen great to see these beautiful pictures..your gorgeous!!!

  • ariella

    She almost looks like a cartoon – the photoshop is over the top.


    New York smells better
    Aniston w#ore soil NY
    screws dogs
    rats too
    all garbage
    super stinky fjwp
    vile rotten
    horrible stench
    Aniston biggest w#ore ever
    fawp thick on ground
    toxic biohazard
    use thickest rubber
    use gas mask
    use long pole
    use tong
    disease 4u
    upuke everywhere

  • amhy

    shes gorgeous and so sweet.

  • gfd

    We love Jen!

  • sullivan

    Poor old girl has to keep shilling her water. And her perfume. Her monthly maintenance is ridiculously expensive. Now she’s got to pay for tiny Mr. Aniston’s maintenance as well.
    I wonder if she’s convinced herself that she actually looks like the woman in these ads. They’re so airbrushed that they’re more like paintings than photos.

  • de Cosmos

    Meanwhile, Brad Pitt looks at Skeletelina and eats his heart out.

  • caliny

    Endorsing bottled water..what a stupid move.
    she probably just liked the ‘image’ and ”sound’ of the brand without giving much thought.
    plus, when you read the interviews and such, it is hard to miss the fact that she is very insecure about her look and self-abosorbed in hollywood.
    remember she said “I am not into’s not my thing”
    considering so much money in her appearance and properties
    I don’t know..she just seems so DULL and uninspiring. that’s all.

  • sdhll

    get that money hunny.

  • leena

    that woman is increidble.

  • Whatthehickey

    The more I WILL NOT be buying this water because of Jennifer Anistoned. Brita is fine as it is and tote it around with my collapsible/reusable cool Vapur container.

  • Whatthehickey

    Will not be a party to lining up the bank of JAnistoned.

  • For all the tea in china

    @de Cosmos:
    BP dump the sorry MANfuglyton Chinnifer almost eight years ago, If any Walmart check out chick would look ten times better with all that excessive excercise, airbrush, botox, nose job, fillers, bleach hair, contact lens to name a few…. Why would BP be eating his heart out, he’s know more than to well, how your Rachel Green looks like in the morning… What photo shop of the BIG CHIN got to do with eating his heart our, AS IF, BP has NOTHING BETTER TO DO, mhuahahaha3x!!!!!!!!!!
    Dream on loon…… and Get OVER IT…. Yes,It’s O-V-E-R…..and I sincerely hope her lil midget draculla JT is EATING HIS HEART OUT… cos that WHERE your Idol at RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

  • wow

    She is still gorgeous

  • ellie’

    Jennifer gets better and better with age..Just love her ..Looking at her face just makes me smile…

  • malibumom

    Ok so I’m resurrected-why isn’t I am the only in America who knows she’s knocked up? I started posting to Jared way back when it was a lowly blog-I have NEVER seen her sooo photoshopped. She is Pregnant-They totally airbrushed the belly out-You have NEVER seen her walking around since the Tom Hanks Dinner-She was hiding then-She is waiting for Jessica Simpson’s baby pics to come out (MHO)-or maybe she just wants to have the baby without being hounded to death-ALL I KNOW IS SHE IS PREGNANT!

  • jentheho


    No Ellie. This is better with age. 41 and 3 kids.

    You idol is getting better and better with photoshopped. Well, maybe.

  • Kikicohen

    When is everyone ( ok, some of us have) ,going to catch on to the fact that JA is a total poser- she’s talentless- “Wanderlust”,anyone?, vapid,
    Grossly overrated and overpaid???
    This mindless endorsement is proof of her lack of good judgement- on many levels…

  • JL

    She is reach enough to promote just good things.
    If you care about your health the quality of water is a point #1.
    Who prefers the tap water has a TAP THINKING.

  • danielle


    Only 27 percent of the bottles are recycled. So if you are drinking spring water–there is every chance that the poisons from the non-recycled plastic are leeching into it. And if you Google water bottles in the landfill or water bottles – environment you’ll see your argument fails. As for garbage I have one bag a week–yes in plastic because our community decrees it. And most of mine is cat litter. My recycling bin is full. As a rule I don’t buy anything in packaging that can’t be recycled. It is nice for you that you can afford the more expensive waters, but many can’t and buy the cheap ones which are mostly filtered tap water. I test my water regularly and will continue to drink it as long as it shows a lack of carcinogins

  • Sheila

    Didn’t she once say she took 5 minutes showers to conserve water or something? Yet she is schlepping BOTTLED water?? (in this environmental day and age, how odd). I wonder if she looks at these extremely photoshopped pics and delusionally thinks “man I look good!” or thinks realistically “boy i wish I really did look this good”. I see LOTS and LOTS of ads for stuff in her future, she will need the ad money to stay on Forbes most-money made list and the movie role are drying up so she’ll be marketing many other things soon (whatever happened to her perfume…was it a bust? Anybody know?).

  • anonymous

    She must get final approval on these ads but LOL I think the photographer or photoshop people must have not liked her that much because in that 3rd picture Jennifer’s all chin and it’s shot at such a weird angle that it makes her whole face shape look odd so looks like no photoshopping on that one. Kinda as if they threw in one real untouched chin-pic as a “haha, this is what we had to work with people!!”