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Jennifer Lopez's 'Goin' In' - Listen Now!

Jennifer Lopez's 'Goin' In' - Listen Now!

Check out Jennifer Lopez‘s latest song “Goin’ In” featuring Flo Rida!

“Tonight feels like we can do anything we like / Tonight feels like the best night of my life / I’m goin’ in.” the 42-year-old entertainer sings in the song.

“Goin’ In” will be featured on the Step up 4 soundtrack, and will be available for download on iTunes beginning June 17!

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer performing the song on American Idol‘s season eleven finale last night!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lopez’s song “Goin’ In”??

Jennifer Lopez – Goin’ In
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  • KN

    What a terrible song, there is not even a good dancing beat. And the lyrics, “tonight” rhymes with “like” and “life” in JLo’s world I guess, too funny! She is best as a dancer (and ever her moves are the same all the time now). Amazing that JLO has had such success when all she touches be it movies, music, her Kohl clothes are so mediocre. She gives others with little talent hope that they too have success if they have a good PR strategy.

  • Sophie

    All her songs these days sound the same..

  • Rico

    Jlo for step up. Hmmm

  • Lillian

    That song was so terrible that I had to plug my ears to get through it. Even Jessicas final song was better than that. All those kids she criiqued should give her singing lessons ,and what a joke that she is named #1 celebrity. It goes to show you how deaf thiscountry really is
    when a no talent like Jlo can dominate and make the kind of money she does.

  • Sorella

    Sounds like every other song she sings. Her songs need major production why she lip synchs live. I bet her record people are like “add a rapper, we need a rapper!! Any rapper!!” . It’s so obvious they need that to disguise her thin voice. On The Floor had a good beat (stolen though I believe) and what a a fluke that it was a hit, her first in a decade. It went to her head but everything she’s released since is awful. I would stay stick to acting, but that is painful for the public as well. Perfume maybe, yes, stick to perfume JLO!!

  • She Stinks!

    Typical JHO garbage – all sounds like the same trash from before. She has no musical talent or ability. Fingernails down a blackboard sound better than this dreck. Who keeps telling this no talent trashy b*tch that she can sing and dance? She’s a sloppy unfocused mess. Go raise your kids instead pretending you’re in your early 20s. We all know you aren’t, and its just pathetic.

  • stacy

    terrible song. FLOP

  • snort

    I dont like this song.

  • Karen

    why is she releasing so many singles
    every month there’s like a new Jennifer song #toomuch #goaway

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    “Goin’ In” – is this the song Jennifer dedicated to Casper Smart?

  • bam

    I heard on the radio yesterday that Casper smart is cheating on J-Lo, forgot with who, but it’s some nobody..hahahha Karma is a bitch J-ho. That’s for abondoning your kids in search of d i ck!

  • lol

    hahahahahaha What a horrible song! WTF i swear

  • Steve

    The only talent J-LOW ever had was sleeping around and finding the right doctors to gie her cosmetic surgery. This old woman is a joke, but hey! Anything to get out of the house and away from her neglected, abandoned twins.

  • Peapo

    I agree with all the posters. that is nothing but utter trash. I wish she would just go away. she can’t sing, dance, act, be a good mom. After hearing that dreck I wouldn’t care what she said to me if I was a contestant on AI. She has nothing about music to teach. She would probably get,kicked off the show if she tried out.
    she tries to act like a girl in her twenties but we all know she’s near 40. She looks a fool trying to play music that is way too young for her. She neglects her children because dating a young punk is better in her eyes than taking care of her kids. They are the ones suffering. More than the people that listened to her new song.
    It makes me so angry when I see other actresses or female musicians that still make movies and music and still spend plenty time with their kids. It is her choice and she has chosen her career and her boy toy over her children. She should have made a choice before getting pregnant. I don’t know why she even tried to get pregnant. They are not at all a priority in her life.

  • kojoto

    She can’t sing and is so predictable and boring. She is NOT a singer!! Please STOP

  • rono

    Wow unbelievable how much hate is on this comments! You people are just obviously jealous of Jennifer’s fame and success!

  • nan


  • Lola

    shit song

  • Daniel Frost

    I love the song. It is like a contemporary incarnation of 2001 urban J-Lo.

    Sooooo good. Can’t wait to hear GOIN’ IN in a club.

    Would be so amazing to have Rihanna on this track as well. I want a feat.

  • bellamalaika

    Gosh why so many people hating for…The song is contemporary, a great dance song, I personally Love it.

  • ney

    LOVE the song, it’ll be a SUmmer smash…all u haters will shut up when it’s number 1


    WOW… now this is a summer smash!!!


  • J1

    Lol haters gonna hate!!!

    U idiot haters can suck a ****
    No one can touch our queen…

    She’s the best!!!
    I love u Jennifer <3

  • Raffa

    Stay pressed haters …. You can kiss her ass :D JLO is the BEST and this song is FUTURE SMASH so f.u.k U

  • GaGaFan

    ALL THE HATERS BACK OFF! There must be something wrong with ur life people if you criticise her like that. ‘GOIN’ IN” IS a F*CKIN’ SMASH and you all just have to deal. Bye.

  • Eve

    GO J.LO!!! Absoutley LOVE her!!! Cannot wait for her tour!!!!

  • Shoug Abdul

    Love this song so much … Next !!

  • Sable

    Please, You People just hate, Jlo has ton of talent and i would bet my life the only people hatting on her are ugly !!! grow up let her be, she done no drugs, she been working hard and this is what you people say… really grow up

  • Presumido

    Nice Song!

  • Elena

    Another terrible song from Lopez. And what is this string of bad singles? She can’t sell records that’s why she releases one hideous single after the other. Hopefully we won’t hear from her for a while after her flopped movie and record.

  • http://Facebook HONEYWEST

    It’s a good song! You’re just totally jealous of her fame and fortune thats all! All you haters you can suck it okay! This is a good contemporary rock song and its got a good beat to it. I ccould dance to this song, I like it. Of course her movie flopped at the box office, it wasn’t the right movie for her but maybe the next one will be, you’ll never know. She don’t do drugs, she drinks to a limit, and you never hear anything negative about her outlandish really! Only the stupid men she dates, she has terrible taste in men period! Especially this clown she is dating right now just irks me, he’s nothing but a freeloader and drifter. She just cut off his weekly allowance ’cause she feels being used by him, I would too! Its about time she steps up to this boy toy, he is hardly a man, he’s a young punk using her for money and connections thats all. And most of all he ask her to quit American Idol, for what? To babysit him and the kids for 24/7, not part of the package, sorry! If there’s anybody that needs to go is Casper the ghost himself! GOOD RIDDANCE! Goback to where you came from, don’t let the door hit you on the way out! He’s arrogant and cocky thinking he’s got it made with J.LO, NOT! You need a reality check Bro.!

  • LuLo

    Yes she’s such a has-been loser, yet ranked as currently the number one celebrity in the world. Hmmm…

  • vibhasini rawal

    i dont get it. it’s a gr8 song i love it