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'Snow White & the Huntsman' Sequel Happening?

'Snow White & the Huntsman' Sequel Happening?

A sequel to this past weekend’s box office champ Snow White and the Huntsman may be on the way!

Universal has hired Mission: Impossible scribe David Koepp to write the script for the sequel and the studio has plans to turn the film into a franchise, according to Deadline.

Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth both have options out for two more films, though it is unsure if director Rupert Sanders will be back.

Pictured inside: Chris keeping it cool and casual as he landed at Heathrow Airport on Wednesday (June 6) in London, England.

a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman?

10+ pictures inside of Chris Hemsworth arriving in London…

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  • lauren

    i cant with another kristen stewart movie or this movie in general

  • rachel

    Yes !! i would like to see another movie from Snow White with Kristen again

  • sam

    Wtf… what is the sequel even going to be about? I think the story has been covered in one movie and even that was kinda slow at times…

  • EMM

    I would love to watch the sequel, I just love the cast, and yea including kristen. But its kind of weird considering the story ended up there. Whats the prequel would be about?

  • tsquared

    Yes to Chris!!!!

  • robbie_boy

    YES! I knew they left the ending open for a reason.

  • pup

    When will people realize that Kristen Stewart CAN’T act.

  • Guy

    I really want to see it, it looks like a good movie but it’s Snow White. How much more can you do with Snow White? Maybe the Dwarfs become possessed and go on a rampage, I don’t know. I’m not saying its going to be bad, I just don’t know what else they would do with the storyline. Still can’t wait to see the movie though…

  • sj

    SWATH sucks! it was too slow, boring, plane… i really had hope in Kristen but this… killed my hope.. she can’t act.



  • rtms

    With out Charlize and the Evil Queen it won’t work. Stewart can not hold a movie on her shoulders. And if it turns into a silly love triangle than it’s just junk.

  • mary

    read the Deadline article. It’s Finke’s lame attempt to make it sound like the movie is doing well wnough to make a sequel. This article was obviously planted by Universal, every1 knows Finke is the hand & the voice of studio bosses

  • susan

    they left the ending wide open for a sequel.

  • S

    This movie convinced me that Kristen Stewart cannot act. She is pretty good at crying but all she does is stare. If you watch the movie, she doesnt even talk much! She had so few lines! The only thing that made the movie enjoyable was the queen. And she aint coming back

  • Lola

    Sorry, but why is Hollywood trying to make EVERYTHING into a sequel these days? Because Harry Potter and Twilight were successful means that everything has to be a sequel? What happened to just making ONE great, solid, academy award worthy movie? Production companies seriously need to calm down with the “sequel” concept.

  • LaCroix

    The movie made $118,026,056 world wide. The film cost was around 300 million to make with Prometheus coming out tomorrow & other block busters like Rock of Ages, Dark Knight etc. This movie doesn’t look like it will be remade being that you are suppose to at least double what it took to make it in the first place to be herald as a success. Also this movie doesn’t have a future story in it like other Trilogy movies.. beating a dead horse..

  • @LaCroix

    So glad you can read statistics. *golf clap*
    Snow White has been out for a week, just one and already made 100+ million. It is already
    considered a success.

  • Ariel

    I didn’t look forward to this movie , since many people said it was boring and disappointed. However, I think honestly SWATH is pretty good. Though in some scenes, there are lack of the plot and script. I really hope the sequel will be better.

  • Stan

    Honestly the movie was pretty good overall and Kstew was absolutely breathtaking. I can see a sequel happening. The marketing is huge as it should because they figure it will pay off in a franchise. That’s when the marketing pays off. Kristen is a great and fearless actress with a strong fan base. I could see ger pulling it off.

  • Denny

    The movie even though it was rushed because of Mirror Mirror was brilliant & Kristen was too, her accent was the best out of the bunch people need to realize she’s not Bella nor is it her fault Bella is one note she’s just like the book so take that up with Stephy Meyer.

    Kristen’s Snow White was smiling (when warranted), dancing etc etc so stop making up stupid shyt in your head its tired & just screams desperate. Its not her fault that Pattinson guy fell in love with her & not you.

    Women are viscous to one another for no reason & then have the nerve to complain about men.

    This time the script writer will be better but I’m so sick of sequels even though I really want to know her choice. I will be seeing this in theaters when its released. Needs more Dwarves they were a riot.

  • Denny

    @LaCroix: What are you talking about? The movie was made for 170 million no need to up the price to fit your agenda.

  • Reality Check

    From what I’ve read, the movie is absolutely awful and the audiences laughed at moments that were supposed to be very serious, indeed. Kristen Stewart gave one look only throughout the entire movie and her mouth gaped open all the time. The Evil Queen was far more beautiful than her, so the story made no sense. And last but not least, Snow White was studying martial arts. I am sure the Grimm brothers are turning in their graves. How come Hollywood can never bring an established fairy tale to the screen without making changes to what’s already perfect and doesn’t need to be changed? Why a sequel to such a travesty?

  • vodka

    The movie wasn’t that great and Charlize DIED! What are they doing to do for the sequel because they killed off their only interesting character. Whatever. Universal is desperate for money so I can’t blame them.

  • louise

    I don’t understand the fascination with sequels – especially ones that have enough story for just one film. Leave it and find something original to make!

  • Emma

    I was looking forward to seeing this for months – I literally watched the first trailer about seven times in a row. But seriously, this movie was a hot mess. And really? This girl’s been locked in a tower for a decade and is suddenly able to wield a sword? She’s the titular character and has about five lines? I kept waiting for Snow from OUAT to come in and take her down.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    I had high hopes for this movie and was one of it’s biggest champions leading up to it’s release. After I saw it, I was underwhelmed. Kristen didn’t even look convincing when she cried, it looked like the crew gave her something to sensitize her tear ducts so tears would come down… because the expression on her face was always blank. I’ve said I liked her performances in Panic Room and Speak but now I know why… she’s only good at playing someone who is similar to herself.

    Now that Charlize has gone they’ve lost a big chunk of the movie and I don’t know where else the story can go.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    P.S What I took from it as that I love Chris Hemsworth now. He was outstanding and his emotional scenes were so believable. He’s come along way since Home and Away!

  • Jen

    I don’t understand the complaints. Is it because this is kristen stewart and everyone has such high expectations for her outside twilight? She is supposed to save the movie with her acting, deliver an oscar worthy performance, outact a veteran actress with a showy role?
    If we looked at the character description and abilities needed for the role it was most likely very minimal ( black hair, pale caucasian, beautiful, can ride horses, speak in a rp british accent). Kristen fullfilled them quite well i may add, with or without twilight to bolster her chances.

  • terez

    It will probably be about her choosing William or the Huntsman. Snow White and the Decision!

  • Hemsworth

    The only reason to want a second Snow white, is to see Chris as the huntsman! It would be awesome if they will make one about Huntsmans story, and how he got here…But if they are going to make a ‘love triangle’ then no are going to destroy it!

  • Hemsworth

    @terez: that is going to be a disaster!

  • http://singapore anna

    i like kristen so if have one more go a head we love it

  • Intric8

    Give kristen the lead in a dark role and watch this girl display a whole new realm of acting chops. Nobody delivers anguished better than she does. And with hemsworth as a love interest? Im seriously looking forward to it. Perfect film for kristen to widen her range.

  • Liz

    I would definitely see it anyway!

  • Martin

    Kristen was perfect as Snow White!!! Honestly she did nothing wrong at all! I just think it is funny to watch her detractors clutching at straws to try and slate her again! Kristen did very well…Snow White did very well. FACT!

  • lottie

    Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth were fantastic in this movie! They both surprised me by how well they did! They are definitely not just Thor and Bella! I like them now!

  • Meg

    I have seen so many people saying that they were wrong about thinking Kristen could not act! After this movie they have changed their opinions and she has gained a lot of new fans! I’m so happy for her!!! Would absolutely see a sequel!

  • Molly

    Kristen is the reason I went to SWATH and I would watch a sequel if she is in it! Love that girl.

  • jennifer

    The whole of the movie was amazing. I was truly impressed with the creative special effects.

  • yep

    Loved SWATH and YES! to part TWO!!!

  • whitey

    When I first saw Twilight, I wasn’t a big fan of Kristen Stewart. Then I sort of got used to her and now I think she’s just lovely! They could’ve chosen so much worse person to be Snow White, someone too sweet and just a pretty face. I personally think Kristen is breathtakingly beautiful, and she rocked the role! And Chris Hemsworth… <3 I would love to see a sequel happen.