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Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Set in England!

Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Set in England!

Angelina Jolie gets into character on the set of her latest movie, Maleficent, on Wednesday (June 20) in England.

The 37-year-old actress wore the title character’s famous horns and bloody red lipstick – just like in the film’s official first look.

The day before, Angelina enjoyed some downtime with her kids, stopping by the Early Learning Centre in Camberley.

“She was unbelievably nice as were the children and bodyguards,” an employee told E! Online. “The bodyguards said no to photos as it was [Angelina's] day off and she had the kids with her, but she was beyond lovely and polite,”

“They kids were carrying thin, large children’s books,” a witness added. “[Angelina] had a couple of thicker hardbacks in her hand. Nothing crazy! They weren’t [spoiled] with books; they had one each, which was nice to see.”

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  • LOL

    Where is BP?I heard he is biking in Europe away from her and those kids.Doesn’t AJ look sad?Is the engagement off?

  • Young at heart

    Meanwhile I’ll park myself on this thread until the next AJ or BP thread comes along.

  • Don’tFearThePsychiatrist


    so let me get this straight — you don’t just stalk these 2 celebrities you will never ever know, you also keep track of the movements of the people who work with them.

    nope. nothing psychotic to see here. move along move along

    /locks doors and windows and brings dogs inside in case some of you crazy mf’ers live in my neighborhood

  • Young at heart

    @Ako si Gladys:

    Hi Glady’s. Glad to meet you.

  • Yakasuri

    @Young at heart:

    It’s gona be worth the waiting

  • Agatha

    Angelina looks amazing as maleficent

  • Don’tFearThePsychiatrist


    you ignore because that’s all you can do without looking worse than you already have, Rose. you are too stupid and quick to be angered to write a reasonable rebuttal to anything we say without resorting to name calling and profanity. you have proven that time and time again that you are incapable of responding to anyone on the merits of their statement.

    enjoy your silencing, loon

  • Yakasuri


    She does, it’s unbelivable

  • Bridgett

    Tamsin, Whamo and Crabby Patty are so entertaining. did Anjo even have to act for this role?? Art imitating life

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    All Angie fans, I am not a troll I am a big fan, why is everyone rating minus on my posts?

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    I don’t bother to open messages from haters but let’s thank them for all the hits they make and just thumb them down.

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    i’ve always had the idea that all of these trolls; Whamo, Tamsin, Free Speech, Lisa, Lola, etc are all the fun filled work of only three or four posters. so tonight, i’m going to talk with a friend of mine who works in iIT security for a large corporation here in NYC.

    see if i can get him to humor me and spend a couple of nights reading the posts from all the trolls in this tread and the past three Angelina threads. and then when he’s finished tell me which post he thinks are actually from the same troll. my friend is very good at his job. the end result should be a lot of fun. although, he will be absolutely stunned at the hate filled posts directed at a woman who has not personally harmed any of the trolls.

  • Tess

    Love you Angie….go girl!

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    New thread!! aaahh

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    I love movies like these.

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    so, you are so obsessed with this website THAT YOU DO NOT OWN that you are going to ask a hard working friend to volunteer his precious time off — that he could spend with his wife or girlfriend or family or friends or just with himself doing nothing and resting — to investigate who is writing what in the comments on a site that YOU DO NOT OWN.

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    So all these “trolls” are JA fans? Did not know she had any.

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    did not mean to be gender biased — i should have said with his wife/husband or girlfriend or boyfriend

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    Sending to AJ lots of love and positive vibes so she can continue to help others in the world.

  • Yakasuri

    @Young at heart:

    Always and forever, she’s the best.

  • Lily

    It is going to rain for the rest of the week in London. They better make use of today to shoot outdoor scenes. She looks good.

  • http://cellphone Susan

    It is going to be a tough road ahead for this troll, same crap every day.
    As soon as i see the name, dont waste my time reading ficton, the thumb is utilize.
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  • fyi

    The director of cinematography for Maleficent is Dean Semler who was the DP for ITLOBAH.

  • Don’tFearThePsychiatrist


    you forgot the kids who run to 4th period computer lab to post comments before they have to go to remedial English

  • huh

    I am not sure I like what they did to her cheekbones. Maybe they will look better in the film.

  • Don’tFearThePsychiatrist


    if she asks him, i suspect she’s going to lose a friend . . .

  • theresa

    CrabbyPatty @ 06/20/2012 at 1:11 pm

    I see you’ve set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public. Please keep going.

  • Wow

    Angie you are the best …. Long live the queen of the World!!!!!

  • Ms. Marla

    I have never before seen such natural makeup on her,…it really captures her personality…don’t u all agree.. I am sure that is how J.A sees her.

  • Passing Through

    Man…the trolls have spent the last 12 shitttin’ themselves. It’s World Refugee Day and I think the Duh-Listed dimwits thought they said World Refuge Day. For the world’s refuge like te trolls that’s like their birthday, Christmas and Easter all rolled into one.

  • So

    According to sun uk, Brad and Angie will have a midsummer party this weekend.

  • annon

    Angelina Jolie was in costume as Maleficent today in the English countryside. We had a first look at Angelina Jolie in Maleficent yesterday, and she continued work this afternoon out in a field with some large animals. She and her family are currently in the UK during the film’s production. Angelina, Brad Pitt, and their six kids are making a mansion in the London neighborhood of Richmond their current home base. Brad, though, took a day away last week. Brad went to Germany for Documenta, a once-every-five-years art fair based in the town of Kassel. He was home in time for a special family celebration on Sunday,

  • annon

    See More Pictures of Angelina Jole as Maleficent

    Earlier this week, we oohed and aahed over the first official photo of Angelina Jole as Maleficent, the infamous evil queen from Disney’s classic story of Sleeping Beauty. Now we’ve got even more pictures of Jolie on the set of the film, completely decked out in those horns and a long robe. Jolie may have cracked a smile between takes, but I’m willing to bet that she’ll be perfectly menacing when the film comes to the big screen next year.

  • CesarPortugal

    hello, to all fans

    Angie is incredible in this character.

    The look is powerful and imperial but her beauty is evident.

    Now she only have the cheekbones, nose and eyes transformations

    But i think they will increase the mutations in her face as the movie goes on.

    This will be a huge movie. it will surpass the success of the other movies about Evil Queen.

    Angie is doing a bad Queen in this movie but she is a good Queen in her real life. she is simple amazing

    Angie is each year more and more loved by all world.

  • OT

    That pic up there Mary-Kate Olsen smoking with her new boyfriend and his daughter is just wrong.

  • lurker

    she looks great looks like troll lunatic took over the other thread.what is wrong with this person? its beyond making us mad this is really crazy i have never seen anybody spend day and night doing the same thing change to 6 names something is going really bad with ticky and baldy

  • VB

    You know, I have always said that I think she looks like she smells like ground beef cooking.

  • fishyfish

    Glad she is being true to herself and letting those horns get some air!! Her cousins brother has said she sure does smell like ground beef cooking!!


    marksplaceuk ‏@marksplaceuk

    Brad Pitt has been been spotted in Hall Green, Birmingham. yes THE Brad Pitt!!

  • me

    Wow,so many posts to thumb down.I got tired though,so gotta go get some lunch.Hope to be back to thumb down some more.Go Angie,can’t wait for your new movie.It’s worth the wait mind you!

  • joliesvein

    WHO CARES…….the cows are lovely though.

  • annon

    HOLLYWOOD A-lister Brad Pitt caused a stir in Birmingham when he paid a secret visit to see an old friend at a Hall Green legal practice.

    The Fight Club star turned up out of the blue at Warwick Solicitors, Stratford Road, to catch up with Mohammed Hussain, the firm’s owner, who also counts Mike Tyson, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and boxing legend Joe Egan as personal friends.

    Dad-of-one Mr Hussain, 42, first became acquainted with Pitt when working as part of the security entourage on Guy Ritchie film Snatch, where the two quickly became friends.

    “He’s a lovely guy,” said the solicitor, “one of the most humble men you could meet.

    “Brad and Angelina are in the UK for the next 18 months filming back-to-back.

    “He loves Britain and he’s been in Harrod’s every other day shopping for the kids.

    “It was a surprise (he came), it was out of the blue.

    “The last time I saw him was in Cannes a couple of years ago.

    “We don’t publicise things like this. It’s a friendship thing more than anything.”

    Mr Hussain said Pitt was in the office for around 20 minutes and posed with staff for a group photograph.

    An eye-witness to the visit, who asked not to be named, said he was shocked when he saw Pitt emerge from a luxury car flanked by half-a-dozen minders.

    “I’d just finished work and thought ‘bloody hell I don’t believe this,” he said.

    “You don’t expect to see Brad Pitt in Hall Green.”

    Despite the unexpected appearance, Mr Hussain said his friendship with Pitt, and other celebrities, didn’t phase him and that it was possible to be friends with anyone.

    Heavyweight boxing legend ‘Big’ Joe Egan, is also a client of Mr Hussain’s, but said the solicitor was more of a friend.

    He told The Birmingham Mail: “I wish I had Mo in my corner when I was still in the ring, he’s been in my corner so many times out of it.

    “He’s a fantastic guy.

    “He doesn’t get phased by the fact they are celebrities, they are friends first and foremost.”

    Mr Hussain’s son Reece, 12, also keeps a level head when meeting his father’s celebrity friends and clients such as England’s Ashes heroes Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Strauss.

    The youngster said: “It’s really good to meet all these famous people.”

  • joliesvein

    lmao @ ground beef cooking! She does like her McD’s. Jen Anniston would never eat that garbage!

  • me

    Angie still looks beautiful no matter what they do to her face.Even the horns are looking lovely. Angie’s beauty enhances them all!!!

  • B

    It’s too bad that it’s just the way the wind was blowing because in some of those DM photos it looks like there’s a baby bump.

    I say too bad because I really would enjoy the hysteria that would cause the sheeple that worship Iggy and Squiggy.

    Not that they aren’t losing the last of whatever mind they had anyway.

    Wait until the party this weekend.

  • joliesvein

    Wow, the cows are totally upstaging her royal holiness. She looks like she wants to suck their BLOOD. Oh well, better than the refugee babies she normals drinks from.


    Blake Peterson ‏@blake2108

    I can’t get over the fact that Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was 15 minutes away from my doorstep earlier today. That is just insane.

  • joliesvein

    Oh I LOVE her………………………………………………………………………j/k!!!!!!!!!!


    Lisa Smith ‏@preparedpr

    “@News_Birmingham: Movie star Brad Pitt spotted in Hall Green, Birmingham. What Brad in my street and I missed him !!!!