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Ashley Greene Covers 'Nylon' August 2012

Ashley Greene Covers 'Nylon' August 2012

Ashley Greene is casual and chic on the cover of Nylon‘s August 2012 issue.

Here is what the 25-year-old The Apparition actress had to share with the mag:

On her past modeling days: “I knew I was never going to be a supermodel. I mean, I’m 5’5″—it’s not going to happen unless you’re Kate Moss, which I’m not. And until you hit a certain level in the modeling world, it’s really rough: You’re never tall enough, you’re never thin enough, there’s always another girl. It just wasn’t for me anymore.”

On her instant Twilight stardom: “Right when I was cast, my IMDb STARmeter [a chart that tracks actors based on how many searches are done on them] went through the roof—all of ours did, and we hadn’t even done anything yet! Now I have to remind myself that not everything is always going to be like that.”

On dating and the paparazzi: “Imagine going out with a girl one night, then the next day she’s like, ‘We’re hooking up! This is serious!’ It’s this overload of someone saying, ‘This is what this is, even though we’ve only been on one date and I don’t even know your middle name.’ Everything has a title immediately.”

FYI: Ashley is wearing a Moschino vintage blazer, a What Goes Around Comes Around t-shirt and bandanna, Element shorts, and Dsquared2 shoes on the cover.

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  • rue

    i think she thinks she’s 10 times more famous than she actually is.

  • Sarah

    Pretty girl

    Her first lead (The Apparition) is coming out in a couple weeks, not gonna lie, I can’t wait to see what she’s about.

  • xxxx

    she’s beautiful.

  • FluffBall

    If her acting in other movies is the same as twilight then please help us and dont cast her in any lead roles, her acting is horrible in the twilight movies and she only has to say a few words.

  • Malena

    @rue: I think you think you’re 100 more important than you are. Because you’re not.. so

  • lina

    her legs in this picture are SO photoshopped !

    Everyone knows they look horrible in real life…

  • Malena

    @lina: Right, because your legs are the one of a model. Her legs are amazing. Yes, she has scars and she has not intended in fixing them; why would she? So you can all say how plastic she is? Please, just go get a life all of you already! this is the most you can do? Go on all Ashley’s posts to hate on her? what a pathetic silly life you have

  • Malena

    Also, @justjared You’re a shame! I’m trying to defend this girl, because all these people know shit about her. That one who commented on her acting has only seen Twilight, where YES, she has a few lines because that movie is focused on the trio, so how would you know how her acting is just for that? Try her other movies and then tell me, please. They’re nothing like Twilight.
    God, you people …really. You have no shame, you are all great hating behind a computer, don’t you? I’m guessing all of you are just PERFECT.
    I can’t believe you. Just leave her alone for once.

  • rue



  • Malena

    Just Jared is not posting my comments defending her and is letting haters do their shit? That’s just awesome.

  • Malena

    @rue: You make no sense here…

  • @malena

    calm down…you sound crazy.

  • Malena

    @@malena: Yeah, I’m the crazy one who’s running around JJ hating on random celebs. Okay.

  • @malena

    no, but you’re like defending her to the death. people have and always will like and dislike celebs. you b itchin on those people who don’t agree with you won’t do anything to change that.

  • Tamy

    I don’t know what are u trying to get from all of these bad comments abour her seriously, i think she’s absolutely amazing and talented, and she can’t do whatever she wants, or be in any magazines she wishes, don’t judge her just because of twilight, she has more films c’mon!, you should informe yourselves before insulting her.

    Really i can’t wait to see her Seventeen photoshoot

  • http://Rona_ronnie Rana

    Ashley Greene is really amazing. I don’t care what people think of her, but she is so adorable and down to earth. She is extremely stunning.
    I’m an Asher and I’m proud of it. She inspired me in so many ways. I’d like to thank her for that.

  • Camila

    Ashley is so pretty and talented, i’m really glad she’s doing good in her life cause she deserves it. and everyone who hates on her is just jealous that she’s having success and you are only behind a computer screen doing hate.

  • Malena

    @towhoeverthehellyouare You’re not disagreeing with me, you are bitching at her and talking without even knowing and If I’m defending her it’s because apparently you have no other mission in life than going around hating just because. If I defend her if because I know her work and I had the awesome luck to met her personally; so I do know what I’m talking about. I don’t know where you came up with she thinks she’s 10 times famous than she is, because if u’ve read her interviews you’d know how down to earth she is. It’s obvious that people is curious about her when she landed the role of Alice Cullen as they were curious about all the freaking cast. I just… can’t understand from where you people take all that stuff, really.
    If you’re going to say you don’t like her or hate on her, then you at least should know about her movies, her acting and how she is. And you don’t know anything

  • @malena

    Um that was “rue” not me. All I said was that YOU sound crazy. That’s my opinion and I’m allowed to have it.

    I said no hate about Greene. AND how do you know i’ve never seen any of her movies? I never said I didn’t. I’ve seen the Twilight series, LOL, and some episodes of Pan Am…so don’t assume things.

  • thighmegatampon

    Her comments regarding the modeling world…. Can’t they apply to acting sd well? As in youre never thin enough, pretty enough, and there’s always another girl..

  • Nat

    she should gain some weight for her face so thin

  • wow

    how does this C lister get so many magazine covers?

  • Koree

    she’s pretty and she can act in some things like that movie Summer’s Blood. I hope she does well

  • LoriLori

    She’s beautiful no one is really required to act in the Twilight movies, they just utter a few stupid lines and stare at each other.
    I hope her next project is a success.

  • Whatever

    Just something about her face that’s starting to bug me. As she gets older, it’s thinner, and her nose looks pinched. She’d look better with some weight back on. She looks like she’s got an eating disorder. And sorry, but she really is a VERY mediocre actress, IMO.

  • Malena

    The incredible amount of crazy that I see here… For the girl who is not rue, there’s no way I can know who you are if you don’t put your name in here, as from a nameless person I can’t really take you seriously. If you’re the one who said that she was terrible in Twilight, I assume that’s the only thing you saw about her so I don’t believe you’ve seen the other things.
    And I don’t know why you people feel the need to point out all her defects in her body… ? Do you have a kinky thing about it or what? And another thing, she’s started working for DKNY, so the made her lose some weight, she lives in the gym and she’s pretty small, she can’t gain so much weight neither; she’s fine by now, she doesn’t look like having an eating disorder because she’d be way worse. But of course, now all the thin people in the world is anorexic and if you don’t have curves you’re awful as shit. So yeah, that’s what they teach you now, when in reality all bodytypes should be fine and this is hers.
    To the C lister comment… you’re complaining how much she thinks she’s an ‘a’ lister, so let her be a freaking C lister then.
    And whatever, think whatever the hell you want. You’re still being pathethic people behind a monitor with nothing to do in life than point out other people defects. And call me crazy, again, I’m not doing what you do.

  • @Malena

    are you ashley greene?

  • rikki

    i don’t find her to be hot. she has a weird face, weird square body (no curves), and a forced/pretentious personality

  • http://unite_and_fight Bret

    She played completely different personalities in completely different types of films in Summer’s Blood and Skateland was perfectly believable in both.

    She’s quite good for her age range and amount of time in the business and is working on various different types of films, different genres, independent and mainstream…to improve as she goes long.

    Anyone that thinks she’s a ‘terrible’ actress hasn’t really seen what actual terrible acting looks like.

    Her body type fluctuates depending on what work she’s doing at the time. Sometimes she’s toned up for fitness photoshoots and sometimes she’s toned down for something like DKNY. She’s far from eating disorder level even at her thinnest.
    I think she’s the most beautiful American woman I’ve ever seen (I am American btw) and the most attractive actress I’ve ever seen other than Monica Bellucci.

    I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting her and she was quite gracious and welcoming, extremely appreciative of everything I said to her and as sweet as anyone you could ever hope to meet.
    People that work at work the venues that run these types of meet & greets consistently say she’s among the nicest celebs they’ve ever had there.

    If you just aren’t a fan, that’s up to you, but there’s no rational reason to have some passionate disdain against Ashley…and if you honestly don’t see why she’s widely considered to be gorgeous, there appears to be a serious problem with your eyes and/or your hormones.

  • A

    @Bret: Are you her agent?

  • minah

    This basic bitch has fans? Well, I’ll be damned.

  • Harlie

    Loved or hated, everybody’s talking about her.

  • Liz

    @Harlie: lol uhh.. hate to break it to you, but there’s a 99% shance that half of these comments were all from the same person. i think some people on this site still don’t know who she is

  • amanda

    im not defending her acting, but you can’t judge anyone’s skills based on those craptastic movies….seriously, everyone is terrible in those