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Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy: Holding Hands!

Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy: Holding Hands!

UPDATE: Check out the pictures of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy‘s romantic weekend!

Taylor Swift seems to be getting close to Conor Kennedy!

The 22-year-old singer was spotted holding hands with the 18-year-old grandson of the late politician Robert F. Kennedy last weekend while spending time at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass.

The couple were seen “kissing, holding hands, and getting extremely touchy-feely,” a source told the New York Post, which has photos of the pair together that weekend.

FYI: Conor is the cousin of Patrick Schwarzenegger, who was rumored to be dating Taylor after being spotted with the pair at a Fourth of July party.

DO YOU THINK Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy make a cute couple?

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty, Twitter
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  • moss

    “cant wait for her new song”

  • jamie

    I know everybody loves taylor swift and thinks she’s such a cutie pie, but can somebody give me a body count of how many men this woman has been with in her 22years?! jheez, every minute she’s with a new dude! If this was rihanna, she’d been called a whore a long time ago but some how gets away with it, and we all know why…

  • rochelle

    Why do I think someone is gonna mention the word ‘beard’ LOL?

  • Hunger Games Fan

    Trevor Donovan hangs out with the Kennedy’s also

  • J.Taylor

    lol wtf Taylor gets around quick unless the Patrick thing wasn’t true o_O

    Conor is much better looking than Patrick tho, so watvr she’s young :p

  • Joshua

    you can’t say that without a pic

  • the truth

    It’s to do with the type of music she sings, and her image. She is an American sweetheart whereas Rihanna is a foreigner after all.

    People need to realise what a plotting fake bitch Taylor is. Fitting that she would be friends with Selena who is also using that dumb turd Biebs to get more fame. Sick of hearing how ‘sweet’ she is when she only uses these relationships to interest people to buy her sh*t albums. So far it has been, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer these are the ones that have been more or less confirmed, then her fling with that tall dude from Glee.. ETC. She is a dirty hoe, I hope more people are starting to notice her pattern. Guys like Adam Levine get called out for it, so should Taylor I think. Both whores imo.

  • Carlos Eduardo Alves Lopes


    most of the time, all the guys she was linked to were just stupid rumours! So….

  • hello1

    wow she is disgusting, she really gets around! its sad she would do this to herself just for the sake of having material for a new album. Pathetic really. That is why she is no Carrie Underwood, a real SINGER and artist. Taylor Swift is just like the Twilight series, it will be OVER SOON

  • No name

    I actually feel bad that she is more known for who she dates and who she is seen with…kinda

  • HarryStyles For ChristianGrey

    so he’s gay? lol

  • Gh

    Why does she always date the guys 4-5 years younger her? She is 23, but acts like a 15 years old teen. She must be annoying as hell.

  • jane

    I love her…..and he’s cute…..but has anyone ever seen an ugly male Kennedy ?

  • lola_uk

    I’m so confused by this woman. She’s 22-years-old, but has the lyrical depth and insight of a 12-year-old girl, she INSISTS on dating teenage boys but she dresses like my 75-year-old grand mum. Get it together, woman!

  • Andamentothat

    Add Jake G to her list too!

  • Roman


  • n.k.t

    @Joshua the pics are in the New York Post link he gave…

  • hey

    uhmmm you know Jusin Bieber is 18 and Selena (20) gets called a pedo…Taylor is 22 and Connor is 18…how would you like it if she was dating Biebs? loool this girl is too much! Never liked her tbh she uses men/boys for new songs!

  • tinamarie

    It’s amazing the amount of people who talk about how much she gets around. Give me a break people. She is 22 years old. It’s called “Dating” for a reason. What none of you have ever gone on dates with more than one person before. As far as you people know she’s not sleeping with them so I don’t see the problem here. Even if she was it’s no one’s business. As far as the age thing goes no one would be saying anything if he were 22 and she was 18 now would they.

  • Dana

    So has she decided to stop bearding for gay actors/musicians and really date a straight guy? Maybe she’s finally found the right guy for her to be able to hold hands and skip down the road and go to the prom together.

  • Harlie

    @Joshua: There’s so many pics xD

  • anon

    @jamie: She hasn’t had a boyfriend in over 2 years! The rest were just rumors or just friends. Taylor has confirmed Patrick was just a friend in an interview.

  • gemma

    Taylor, what the hell are you doing dating a Kennedy. Their history is well documented. The Kennedy are bad news. How much proof do you need considering Conor’s mom just ‘hanged’ herself less than 3 months ago.

    Run! Taylor, RUN!!!!!

  • kennedy curse is alive

    OMG! Taylor, geez, your boytoy just turned 18 a few days ago.

  • Gossipgirl

    18 to her 22?? Yuck!

  • Anons

    @jane: Actually, I never found most of the Kennedy men or women attractive at all. This kid is not bad though. The only truly gorgeous Kennedy was JFK Jr.

  • SophiaB


    Absolutely! Just look at the list of people she’s been dating –

    Justin Gaston, Joe Jonas, Lucas Till , Taylor Lautner , John Mayer, Cory Monteith, Toby Hemingway, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chord Overstreet, Garrett Hedlund , Will Anderson, Zac Efron , Tim Tebow , Conor Kennedy

    Found this on WhoDatedWho. These are 14 guys and she is only 22. Christina Aguilera was reported to date like 3 men for her 13 yrs. career and the call her w***e. I don’t get it.

  • MMM

    Finally !!! She find someone:!!

  • anna

    holding hands?! that’s madness!

  • stan

    lmao @the meltdowns. Girlfriend has been single for 2 years and still gets slutshamed? You guys are so ignorant and obviously read too much into gossip.

  • laura

    it’s ridiculous, she’s 22 and he’s 18!! Everybody knows that guys at that age are faaaaaaar more immature than girls, and if a girl stays with a 4 years younger guy she’s practically his babysitter..
    Just LOL!!
    And it’s true, she’s been hanging around with a lot of guys! We don’t know what happened but with a lot of them there were pictures of long romantic walks, holding hands and cuddles, so with some of them she DID do something.. I mean, she can do whatever she wants, but it’s kind of ridiculous that because of her image she’s always the sweetheart and never the slut..

  • kami

    a lot of the “rumors” about her dating certain guys were never true. if she’s seen having lunch with a guy or accidentally bumping into some guy on the street, the tabloids have them dating. i think a lot of ppl are jealous because she is such a nice, good hearted person.

  • dave Franco

    18 years old? Something doesn’t add up here. I think she is definitely using him. It’s a Kennedy.

  • dave Franco

    Is it just me or does he looks like Joe Jonas? hahahaha

  • dave Franco

    @kami Pictures don’t lie. She dates these peeps for attention, then when nothing goes way, she writes about them in her diary. She has rumored/dated to 10 male celebs in the past year, she’s not that innocent.

    Is she nice? Probably. But it doesn’t change the fact she is needy and vulnerable.

  • llws88

    Another relationship….another album….HA

  • ronnie

    @jamie: Yes, we do!

  • megan

    God will everybody leave her alone! So what if she’s 22 and he’s 18. Why can’t you guys just giver her a break. Quit being so MEAN!!!!!

  • daveinsingapore

    you can not just blame Taylor Swift for being a nice vivacious young talented artist….there are some relationships that are bound to work because there are supernatural forces at work, to the untrained eye this coupling of Taylor and Conor may seem a bit too close..but if you study their birthdates and compare them you will see they are the most natural of best friends….according to lunar calenders…as the chinese have recorded, these two can be more than just friends….go see this site and you will see what I mean…with Taylor’s birthdate of 13th Dec 89 and Conor’s birthdate of 24th July 94…they are good for each other..

  • daveinsingapore
  • Cammie

    Can she drop the whole innocent act now? I thought I get around and she goes out with 3x as many guys as I do.

  • Anon

    What a dingbat! The mountain trash trying to hobnob with political and social elite. Baaaahaaaahaaaaa! Buying a house on the cape…epic fail.

  • mardi

    I hope Taylor is a good swimmer. The Kennedy family has a history of disposing of their girlfriendd and wives. Watch out, girl!

  • Nova

    To all you haters, what if she really is just a sweet, true person? Is that so hard to believe? Yeah maybe she’s been with a lot of guys, but most were rumors and you should see the good, not criticize the bad. Plus, what if she just falls too hard? Oh and the Patrick thing was a rumor too, they’re just friends. Honestly, i don’t like Conor. Not only is he too young for her but he doesn’t even seem to be doing anything with his life. Seems to me like just another spoiled, rich kid.

  • Carmine

    She hasn’t had a boyfriend in over 2 years! The rest were just rumors or just friends. Taylor has confirmed Patrick was just a friend in an interview.