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Mariah Carey's 'Triumphant' - Listen Now!

Mariah Carey's 'Triumphant' - Listen Now!

Check out this first listen for Mariah Carey‘s latest song “Triumphant” featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill!

“Stay #Triumphant, keep on living!” the 42-year-old singer and new American Idol judge tweeted.

“This song is kind of inspirational. It’s close to her heart, and I think her fans are going to really, really be emotionally attached to this song,” the song’s co-writer and co-producer Bryan-Michael Cox told MTV about Mariah‘s connection with the single.

Look out for a digital download of “Triumphant”, which will be available on Tuesday (August 7)!

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  • Mimi

    I’m sorry, I love MC, but this is horrible! It sounds like she’s guest starring on a rapper’s song. I want the 90′s R&B Mariah back with songs like “Slipping Away” and “Vanishing”. I am so disappointed, I wanna cry!

  • Ashley

    Love, love, love it. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it premised. It’s the perfect song for right now with all that stuff going on the world right now. From triumphant Olympics win to come adversity from the horror of shootings

  • Mika


  • lori

    Does she actually sing anywhere in it? I listen for a bit and only heard her sighing occasionally?

  • Beth

    @Ashley You got all that from listening to this song? What are you smoking? lol Does she even sing in 10% of the song? If so, I don’t hear it! lame song is lame.

  • Mika

    Much ado about nothing. eeeeh, Mariah…

  • ashley

    @Beth: You’re probably on whack out on weed truly listen to the lyrics. I’m surprise your able to type.

  • Katie&Xenu

    MC is very talented but she stuck in the ’90. Visually, mentally, and musically.

  • jazzmen

    its ok

  • Johnny

    I have never been so let down by a Mariah Carey song in all of the years I’ve been a fan. I own every album and every single. While I will still purchase the song to support Mariah, I know I will never listen to it. I am shocked that this is the best they could come up with as a lead single for her “comeback” album. What a waste of time and money. Not only is it hard to understand her, but the rappers are more featured on the track then she is. Her vocals are week, the lyrics are generic, and the production is a mess. It is going to do terrible on radio and therefore terrible on the charts. :(

  • Renee

    Where is classic Mariah??? Release an album with real vocals, not a bunch of rap music.I’d buy it if she went back to what she was good at.

  • Johnny

    Completely agree. I find her vocals to be extremely annoying and unpleasant on the track. I’m actually in shock. This is a first for me. I’m so sad. :’(

  • ella

    Biggest MC fan ever! Heard it all, own it all! I was so excited I could hardly sleep waiting for this single and what a complete waste. Completely agree that she sounds like a guest on a rapper track. All she sings is the course.
    This song is ok to be included on the album, but not as the first single off a new album. Such a huge disappointment.

  • lori

    I think its a shame really. This woman can really sing. And she markets herself as back up singer on rap songs. Why isn’t she at least trying to take her Diva crown back from Adele. Radio is so desperate for female singers that they play songs off 21 that aren’t even singles.
    Mariah could out sing anyone out there…….and this is what she puts out? For shame.

  • MCFan

    Beautiful chorus but why the hell would she want to make her first single a song she is FEATURED on with two rappers rapping through 75% of the song? This isn’t 1997. Total disappointment MC.

  • jenn

    wait im confuse who song is this again??? mariah sound like she the guest artist on this song.

  • jenn

    wow this will probably be the worst comeback ever! come on mariah!! we know you can do better then this,

  • Rae

    LOVE IT!!

  • solecito

    Remember the days when she used to sing those beautiful ballads without a trace of rap on it? I miss the 90′s Mariah.

  • t s

    Amazing song! Mariah is the most gifted and talented singer and an excellent songwritter! The lyrics are so wonderful! And her vocals… just heaven! Mariah is in her own league, far above the others – she is always taking music to another route and she just leads the way!

  • TOTALLY agree!

    Mariah is one of the last great voices out there! She hasn’t done anything good in over a decade! She’s to busy trying to make hip/hop and show she’s cool by collaberating with stupid rappers on everything. Her last good album was Honey and even that was pushing it. she needs to go back and let Tommy Motola have his people write some real music for her again. I still miss songs like “Can’t Let Go” & “Dream Lover”, ahhhh the good ole days!! also, she needs to make a Christian/Gospel album, it’s time Mariah!

  • Heaven

    Emily Sante is now the greatest singer.

  • TOTALLY agree!

    I’m sorry just sitting here reminiscing on some of her past beautiful hits and they just bring tears to your eyes! her voice is awesome and the emotion you get from her is stirring. I really miss that Mariah! Those older songs are the ones that make her fans emotional and connects them to Mariah, not this or any of the new stuff.

  • Dooley

    One of the things I hate about Mariah and Aguilera songs is that there’s not one note of music that’s played without a vocal over the top of it.

  • Chocha


  • Sandy

    Sounds like all her other generic crap. HATE it

  • Chica


    Come on we can hardly acuse her of oversinging here, she barely sings!!

    The song is nice but Mariah should feature more on her own song!

    Her vocals are nice and the lyrics are meaningful, she just needs to sing more.

    The song has a nice 90′s RnB vibe which is a good thing.

  • William

    Great song! And if you count in seconds how much Mariah sings, it’s about 45% of the song. There are 3 people in the song she sings the most……Making it her song!!!

  • Bland

    I’m a Mariah fan but this song is AWFUL! It sounds out-of-date and all the rappers shouting on it is annoying. Plus it’s boring. She needs some new producers.

  • Randy

    Mariah is getting older and is losing her powerful voice…it happens.

  • Mike

    Sounds like she’s doing back up for the rappers, Terrible, hope it fails so she learns a lesson, Go back to basics, after Adele being so successful you would think she would have come out with something more plain and vocal, not this junk.

  • Bland

    Her album and single covers have all looked so bland and similar ever since Emancipation of Mimi. And that font needs to be retired.

  • Tom

    SO DISAPPOINTED. It sounds like an unreleased track from Charmbracelet has been artificially spliced into a crappy rap track. Oh MC, WHYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    Wow, I’m a little shocked…this is REALLY bad. No hook, no real vocals, and no originality. It sounds like it should be a b-side or bonus track. I doubt this song will even chart.

  • Bitchonwheels

    WTF. This sounds terrible. With Americas taste no doubt it will go to numer 1, sell 2 million and we will all be stuck with her flashing her overinflated tits in our face for the next year.

  • Callie

    Yeah, I also wanted to hear Mariah SING, not squeal and whisper. Come on MC you can do better! TURN UP THE VOCALS!!!

  • Gabby

    I have been a HUGE Mariah fan for at least 15 years now…and as soon as I saw Rick AND Meek were on this track it made me nervous….I don’t hate this song by any means…I just wish she was singing more. The thing we all have to remember is….Mariah can’t be that 20 year old girl singing Vision of Love forever…her music is timeless and that is why everyone wants to hear her sing it all again, which is great but Mariah has A LOT of competition now and not in a vocal way…but this generation wants to hear Rihanna or Pitbull with some crazy dance-techno beat or whatever it is! She is trying to do something different than what is out here on the mainstream because for one…it all sucks! and two because being accepted as an R&B artist is something that really means a lot to her so she tries to stay true to those roots. I will say that this may not have been the best choice for the first single…hopefully this is just to create a buzz? Having two rappers on ONE song and only singing the chorus and a tiny part at the end is not exactly what I was looking forward two either :/ Mariah still has an amazing voice and with the right songs and arrangements I know she can STILL kill it! No matter what, i’m always a fan and I love her, we just want the best for her because we know she IS the best!

  • Gabby

    @Tom: LOL From Charmbracelet! I just want her to sing more :(

  • Slyjester

    I really don’t like this new Hip-hop Mariah. She needs to bring that powerful voice back. Lately, your vocals have been sounding a bit strained. Just because you can sing in the whistle range, doesn’t mean you HAVE to. And stop whispering your songs! Use your beautiful voice and stick to ballads…you know, like the ones that made you famous!

  • David


    I couldn’t agree with you more!! im gutted with this!

  • THJ

    I LOVE this song!!!! Been a Mariah fan since 1994 now, and she has yet to cease to amaze! The vocal arrangement in this song is simply stupendous; and, of course, it is all her vocals stacked on top of one another. Mariah Carey is a true legend.

    Thank you for bringing us “Triumphant” during these times, Mariah. All of your true fans still love, support, and feel you!!

  • Rob

    *sigh* no Mariah, just no. I know Jermaine is a good friend but this is seriously a good 10 to 15 years outdated. She needs better production now.

  • Jess

    I love me some Mariah, but i’m with Rob, the JD production has got to go. She’s done nothing good sinceTEOM.
    Hip-Hop is not your niche, girl, so stop! Don’t you remember how big of a hit ‘Migrate’ was?…neither do we.

  • Vanessa

    Mariah, what happened to you babygirl?! I’ve been waiting for a new single for YEARS and this sounds terrible.

  • Bye Grandma


  • It Hurts

    Mariah Carey——-> Janet —–> RIP