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Rihanna on Chris Brown: 'I Lost My Best Friend'

Rihanna on Chris Brown: 'I Lost My Best Friend'

Rihanna flashes a smile as she arrives at Narita International Airport on Wednesday (August 15) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 24-year-old singer is in town to perform at the Summer Sonic Tokyo festival this upcoming weekend!

Rihanna was recently interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for her OWN show Oprah’s Next Chapter, where she opened up about Chris Brown.

“It was a weird, confusing space to be in,” Rihanna told Oprah. “Because as angry as I was, as angry and hurt and betrayed, I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help and who’s going to help him? Nobody’s going to say he needs help. Everybody’s going to say he’s a monster without looking at the source, and I was more concerned about him.”

“I lost my best friend. Everything I knew switched … switched in a night and I couldn’t control that”

Rihanna‘s full interview airs on Sunday night on the OWN network.

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Credit: Louie Angelo; Photos: Wenn
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  • kitty

    I so love Rihanna.

  • Justina

    you can tell shes still in love with him:(

  • Rocky


    ITA. Hope he gets the help he needs because I’m sure he’s as much in love with her as well. Very sad.

  • Mila

    i dont believe her.

  • matt

    Love is so damn f**king beautiful!

  • CallieO

    She’s one dumb b#*ch.

  • PattyHearst

    Stockholm Syndrome many abused women suffer from it.

  • lisa

    Rihanna needs to be shown the exit door really quick by Hollywood. One of the worst if not worst celebrity females right now. You may not want to be a role model but you are by default. It’s a terrible message she’s sending to impressionable young people. Get rid of her. Time for a boycott!!

  • BEAN

    Wish she’d shut up about it now. No one is feeling sorry for you anymore Rihanna

  • LaCroix

    not shocked by her words..thoughts.. she was ignorant then & she’s ignorant now. Hasn’t even grown from her experience. Sad Really.

  • emm

    Chris Brown is just some punk that got lucky and made money. He could afford to get help but instead he has tantrums. He beat the crap out of a woman, threw a chair at a window at NBC because he didn’t like a question and yells at people that try to tell him anything he doesn’t want to hear.
    I don’t feel sorry for him and I hope Rihanna realizes one day how immature and selfish he is.. and probably always will be.

  • elle

    that is seriously messed up- I understand that even though he abused her she was in love with him and felt a loss of his companionship and couldn’t be with him if she wanted to. But to feel more concerned aobut the abuser show that she is ok with being abused- so sad- wonder if she was raised abused so that is her normal? sure chris needs help but he made the choice to beat her- she should not defend him, twisted. I appreciate her honesty but the core issue is that she is protecting and defending her abuser and that means she has serious issues and connects love with physical abuse- not her fault- maybe what she was taught, but not healthy.

  • lmao

    lol. what mistake he made? that was no mistake. he cheated. when confronted to be revealed he snapped. what he need help for there? and he deserved what he got. she got beaten and still tryna make him look good. riciculous weak and addicted persona and manipulated. the lord may praise some of her good nature, but the regular way she’s dumber than a bag of rice.

  • Doesn’t Oprah have a kid

    Wish that Rihanna asked Oprah about her rape when she was 14 years
    Old. And that it was a uncle that did it?.The pain that she went through!
    Make Oprah open up about it.. compare how you trusted someone that
    Would do such a thing! Inside of rehashing old news about Chris!

  • Maria

    Who are we to jugde someone else? The thing between Chris and Rihanna, is, was and we’ll be between Chris and Rihanna.
    We don’t know her, we don’t know her heart, so don’t judge. Peace.

  • prettydew


  • Justme

    I think Rhianna herself has MAJOR issues, maybe why she identifies with a wack-job and her former abuser like Chris.

  • lila

    For real, Chris Brown WAS A KID. Rihanna WAS A KID. Like I know 22 and 21 are technically considered adult, but think of all the idiots you know that are those ages – they’re like college student aged. Throw millions of dollars at them and some really crazy immature stuff is going to happen. She loved him, he loved her, he was really a sick guy, who definitely needed help. I think it’s great that she can recognize what no one else in this cruel world can – not everything is black and white. It’s never okay for a man to hit a woman, but Chris Brown is human and he made a mistake, and he will be paying for that mistake forever. Bruises fade, cuts heal, love is forever, and thanks to an immature mistake that he made, their love was ruined.

  • Kali

    She was raped by her Dad, introduced to prostitution and drugs by her Dad, and her Mom sat by and let it happen. Of course she thinks Chris is her best friend.
    Chris had child abuse too of similar nature which is why he doesn’t know what he did wrong. Everyone in his family is the same way. His Mom got regularly beaten up by his stepfather. The persistent rumor that the stepfather liked Chris just a bit too much sexually just adds to Chris’ rage and homophobia issues.
    These two are going to have a homicidal ending.

  • Bad Feeling

    I have a very bad feeling that she’s laying down the PR groundwork to change/manipulate public opinion into “forgiving” him so they can get back together (publicly).

    There have been a lot of rumors about them back together. Am starting to believe them…

  • metoo

    @bad feeling they don’t even need that pr construct. i think lots of people see that already coming.

  • keka

    @Justina: so? he’s taken. i’m tired of these damn rihanna/chris brown fans failing to see the fact that HE HAS ANOTHER GIRLFRIEND. I think it’s hilarious there’s a double standard – when people hear stuff about chris brown/rihanna they get excited but when kristen stewart is caught cheating with her married director she’s a tramp. cheating is bad no matter who or what the circumstances and no one should condone them getting together, especially seeing the horrific results their relationship led to.

  • keka

    crocodile tears. she just wants sympathy for both of them. put on your clothes and work for your money then i’ll feel bad for you.

  • Effy

    Why are we still talking about an incident that happend THREE years ago? It just seems dumb to reopen wounds…

  • Mina

    @Kali: the hell are talking about???? What rapes? You are sick.

  • Ginger

    I think everyone should forgive Chris Brown cause Rihanna has… It is not their books that we live in. I feel after three years, Chris Brown has taken steps that many many abusive men hasn’t. He has gone to classes, community work and hasn’t been abusive towards any women, not even the women he’s dated.
    When you love someone, you have so much compassion that everything they do small or even smaller, will cause a reaction.
    What happened that night could have been prevented but both parties should stopped and not going any further. I know women tend to say things and get all over a man’s face cause she wants a reaction out of him and when he does, it gets ugly. I’ve been an abusive relationship. Each time I get upset, I would not stop yelling and screaming at him even though he’s walked away. I would still yell and curse at him. He’ll explain his situation of why I was mad in the first place but it seems it was never a good enough answer. I will get in his face until he hit me. But it didn’t stop me, I would swing back. I was young and didn’t know how to fight my battles. I did leave but that does’t mean, I hate him. He didn’t want marriage counseling nor did he try to see why he gets violent. I’m not violent but I can be verbally abusive. We may love each other but it’s best we find our own balance in a relationship. I need someone patient and he needed someone patient. Two hard headed impatient fools cannot be in a relationship.

  • KissThis

    Why can’t people just let it go?? This is old news, sick of Rihanna’s drama.

  • janina

    @lila actually they were 19 and 20 when it happened and i seriosuly don’t understand why she’s crying only now. if that was the way she felt then why didn’t she do anything about it back then? she watched while he was getting bashed on. feels like she just now is realizing that he is in a serious relationship again with a girl that isn’t her and that scares her because she clearly isn’t over him at all. she didn’t give a damn about him during the time he was lonely but now she does? i’m just sick of her keeping this incident more relevant than it should be at this point. it’s crazy even how it’s just as much of “breaking news” as it was 3 years ago every time it’s brought up.

  • tt

    @BEAN she’s talking about it because oprah asked her about it! -.-””

  • Jessica

    omg people stop hating , let those people do whatever they want its not ur life …

  • joho777

    “Chris Brown doesn’t know what he did.”

    What a load! Chris is just a wannabe thug who hits women.

    I loved how Chris acted when Drake challenged him. Chris squealed like a little girl and ran sobbing for the protection of his entourage. So he’s also a coward which is no surprise.

    Of course Rihanna is attracted to him – he made her famous.

  • katy

    she looks good i love her

  • Tina

    damn you riri, what a good actress

  • Storm

    It’s amazing that she had the grace to forgive in order to move on…I don’t believe that was the first time he put his hands on her..but obviously the first to go public. She is young and there is nothing wrong with forgiving..Chris must have seen violence in his own home and Rihanna admitted seeing in her home. Overall they were young, it’s not our lives…Forgiving is a good. I applaud Rihanna for going on national tv with Oprah…and being honest enough to say I forgive. “Role Model” In America there is no such thing anymore…Some parents are not role models for their own kids…even celebrities these days have the right to live life as they please…