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Angelina Jolie: World Humanitarian Day Message!

Angelina Jolie: World Humanitarian Day Message!

Angelina Jolie has written a special message to her fans to honor World Humanitarian Day, which took place on Sunday (August 19).

“On World Humanitarian Day we remember the aid workers who have lost their lives in the line of duty and we honor the extraordinary courage and dedication of humanitarian workers around the world,” the 37-year-old UNHCR Special Envoy wrote on Facebook.

“I had the honor and the pleasure of meeting one of these brave individuals before his murder during a visit to Pakistan, where I witnessed first-hand the incredible devotion of a very kind and gentle man. His name was Mr. Zill-e-Usman,” Angelina added.

Lend your support to the cause at!

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Credit: Dan Kitwood; Photos: Getty
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  • nani

    First? Love, love her. Amazing woman!

  • lurker

    great woman miss them so much,such an inspiration

  • yeh

    High respect for this women !

  • dd

    A very honorable woman!

  • somali girl

    I think she’s doing botox.

  • lana

    I love her. Wonderful person- So proud of her.

  • releka

    Love her!!!!

  • http://Justjarde Q


  • CopyCatJenniPooPoo

    Gosh I love her, hope she continues to do great in the world and pay the haters no mind.

    JenniPooPoo’s psychotic fans are pathetic, always first in every thread, how sad.

  • NWO Elitelina

    Keep selling out souless Beyotch :)

  • cheral

    Jared, this is the same pic you used on 7/30/12! Are you THAT lazy that you couldn’t pull a different photo?! Incidentally, it was the last thread for Angie. No effort at all. Step it up!

  • manny is a home wrecker

    What a lie- Angie’s no home wrecker – 8 years later, where is the proof? Yeah, I thought so. PROVEN home wreckers include Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea H, Tom Hanks, Rita W, Paul N, Joanne W, Kristen Stewart, Rupert the director, Laura Dern, Ben H and the list goes on & on. All of these people have admitted, been pictured cheating, and/or turned pregnant with their fellow cheaters baby.

  • Mr. Zill-E-Usman

    you steal my energy for your own
    you fraudulent vampire

  • shameless self promoter


  • akte

    I don’t understand why people who don’t like her, stalk her. It’s the weirdest thing. If you don’t like someone you don’t pay attention to them.

  • Latin Lover

    She talks the talk and walks the walk. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Love this Woman. Thanks Jared. Angelina deserves to be recognized for all the wonderful things she does.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    I want to say a big “Thank you” to all the JP fans all over the world for consistently thumbing down the idiot Trolls and Thumbing up the JP Fans’ posts. You fans are beautiful!

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thanks JPS

    crdt jps
    Gloria Magazine – Croatia — July 12, 2012
    24 hours with Angie in Sarajevo
    Angie and kids were in the Presidential Suite of the Hotel Europe. The hosts were willing to shut down the whole floor so that no one could disturb them, but she didn`t accept it. She didn`t demand anything special neither for her nor for her kids. Her lecture in Sarajevo Talent Campus lasted 2 hours instead of 45 minutes as it was planned. She watched two short films with students. Some ITLOBAH cast members were there – Zana, Branko, Boris, J. Ornela, Ermin, Vanessa. She was talking to everyone and was in a good mood.
    While she was in Sarajevo Talent Campus children played with toys they got as a gift from Hotel Europe – lego, puzzles, cars, dolls, they played in the hotel pool and were given T-shirts with the logo of SF Festival. When Angie returned to the hotel around 21 pm, she organized a picnic for her children on the terrace on the 7th floor, ordered the Bosnian barbecue specialties and they had dinner together, laughing, joking and enjoying the view of the Bascarsija (famous street in Sarajevo)
    Next morning, Angie organized brunch for ITLOBAH cast where they were joined by director Aida Begic and actress Mary Pikic. After 1 pm she greeted with them and left the hotel with her children. Although Brad couldn`t come to Sarajevo he was not forgotten. Herzegovina winery Gentille sent him a crate of red wine Barrique, the wine that he drank and liked when he was in Bosnia.

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Good job Angie. Keep up the good work.

  • Yay!

    some give their lives
    others give photo ops
    with big sappy googoo eyes

  • plez

    Always remember those who give their lives to protect and help others.
    World Humanitarian Day

  • nani

    Why do haters insist on being here? Go away to lurk your old, fat and botoxed JA. Isn’t she the happiest, prettiest, smartest woman on earth for you? Don’t you think it as if it was true? Then go to her tread and leave AJ in peace. The world does know who is the best one in all senses….

  • akte

    @anna: \

    At least she has less exs then Jennifer Aniston. Don’t throw around accusations like she’s a home wrecker and has many exs when Aniston broke up a 14 year relationship and has more than double the amount of exs than Angelina.

  • plez

    UNHCR outraged at shooting of staff worker in Pakistan
    Press Releases, 16 July 2009

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, voiced his outrage at the shooting death of a UNHCR staff member at a camp outside the northwest Pakistani town of Peshawar today. Zill-e Usman was shot by unidentified gunmen in the Kutcha Gari camp on the border of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas in North-West Frontier Province on the morning of July 16. Another staff member was injured in the incident but is in stable condition in a nearby hospital. A guard working with the Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees, a government-funded agency, was also killed. Four to five gunmen reportedly opened fire on the victim as he was walking back from the camp administrative office to his car during a routine visit to the site.

    “Our deepest condolences to the family of Zill-e Usman,” said Guterres, noting that he leaves behind a wife and four children. “There is no justification for attacks on humanitarian workers dedicated to the protection and care of the most vulnerable people.” Guterres called on armed groups of all descriptions to cease attacks on humanitarian workers whose mission is to provide protection and assistance to the needy. UN staff gathered at headquarters in Geneva on Thursday at noon for a minute silence to honor their colleague.

    The killing was the third of a UNHCR staff member in Pakistan in the past six months. On June 9, staff member Aleksandar Vorkapic died in the bombing of the Pearl Continental hotel in Peshawar; on 2 February, Syed Hashim, UNHCR senior driver, was killed in the kidnapping of John Solecki, head of the Quetta office, who was later released. Zill-e Usman, 59, was a well-respected member of the local community and one of UNHCR’s most senior national staff members in Pakistan. He joined the UNHCR Peshawar office in 1984. At the time of the incident, he was working on the repatriation of people displaced by a conflict in Pakistan’s tribal areas that broke out in August 2008. UNHCR is providing assistance to some two million people displaced by more recent fighting in regions surrounding the Swat Valley who have sought shelter in the NWFP. “It is unacceptable that humanitarian workers doing such vital and selfless work are attacked in this way,” said Guterres. “We urge all armed groups to show respect for their countrymen and for innocent civilians as well as for the humanitarian workers who are providing life-saving assistance.”

  • akte


    She was part of the UNHCR and adopted a child way before Brad Pitt. Please if you’re going to make a negative statement at least make it something remotely believable.

  • Saffron

    Beautiful Angie….always thinking of others.

  • Horse Teeth

    We’re back too….lmfao

  • Rose


    She took lessons from Jen ASSiston. Jen has also been around the block and back. Just ask her new man’s ex if Jen is a homewrecker.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Trolls who are nothing but haters know nothing about honoring people who are kind, helpful and generous.
    They are like their idol Aniston who promised to donate $500K to Haiti and last I heard Haiti is still waiting for the donation.
    Where’s the money Aniston? At least say you did give it so we can stop asking and Haiti can stop waiting. It has been at lest two years since you promised to make that donation.

  • akte

    Does anybody else think the trolls are the same person. Because they sure sound like it.

  • http://cellphone Susan

    Empty vessels makes the most noise, not one original thought from the troll posting under different names.
    You’re too invested in Angie to be bored, as soon as new thread opens with B&A you’re on the first page. She don’t know you from a hole in the ground.
    Coming on a thread about World Humanitarian Day to talk your usual bull*hit just proves you don’t belong to the Human Species.

  • MaisyRL

    so Jolie wrecks a home *for the sake of argument*. ruined: 1 life, mb 2?
    how many has she saved/helped: thousands. only in the irrational minds of disgruntled women would the suffering of one women (Jen Aniston) somehow be greater than those of the countless others who live in inhuman existences in developing countries that truly suffer that AJ helps. crazy indeed. believe in God? Karma? why does Angie have everything? career, recognition, kids, Brad….and Jen Aniston withers away? shouldn’t GOD punish Jolie? or universal Karma? anyway you slice it….Jolie wins. Aniston loses. women feel threatened by Jolie b/c she challenges the standard. you can’t get married and coast on mediocrity and be secure in that. your partner WILL leave you for someone else who is challenging, inspiring, and a good human being. sit on the couch, eat your ice cream, and watch the pathetic Jen Aniston rom-coms….yeah, that’s inspirational stuff right there. ha!


    GREAT ROLE MODEL. More power to Angelina Jolie!

  • Queen Jennifer

    Aww, such an altruistic hobag

  • http://justjared babes

    I fell sorry for all these haters, they!re not gonna be happy for the rest of their life, so much hate as if ,they know this person they hated personally. They don!t educate themselves to read books, worth reading magazine instead they read tabloid and thrashy mag.,,,all of these things and words they said about Angelina only proves thar they are uneducated person just like their Manniston,,,Move on Man Move on,,,,,No matter what you said about Angie it won!t change a thing . We love and admire her . More :”karma” is coming to your idol and all because of you haters it! will back fire in your idol, you don!t love your Manniston,your putting her down on the toilet, and she will stink big time. People are recognizing who she really is…..More Power to Brad and Angie .God Bless Them.

  • Jezebelle

    She is an amazing humanitarian. I admire her passion in helping the displaced and oppressed refugees of all nations . God blees AJ .


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  • Rose

    I know you can be more creative, or are you so lazy you cannot think up a moniker for yourself, I’m talking to you #53.

    Someone is very upset, don’t you like SS bought and paid for man. Stop stalking Angelina and Brad. SS man has a thread on JJ, go give him some hits while he is out of the dumpster. He said one of his pass time is dumpster diving for clothing and utensils. The daily mail yesterday had a big writeup about SS man. They say he collects human teeth, and human skulls. Was arrested at age 12 for vandalism, thrown out of several schools. By the way he was a cocaine and heroine abuser. Now leave the JP fans alone. Be happy for your idol and her man. Hope he find a ring for her soon, that little one is not going to cut mustard.

  • Isis Lara

    When she starts adding Olympic athlete and musician to her expanding resume … what is left for us mere mortal wenches? She has been there, done that!!


    I’m so proud of her tireless work with the UNHCR. She is a role model indeed. I’ so proud to be a fan of a very caring person. More power to all her endeavors.

  • Passing Poo

    Here comes another big one.

    Have to quit eating all those pork rinds.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thank you for your post.
    May I add, Angelina is a mother of six children and the wife of Brad Pitt, a UN Special Envoy and the top actress in Hollywood. Her friends range from kings and queens to politicians and well know actors and actresses and Producers and Directors.
    Every actress in Hollywood would give their eye-teeth to have a career like Angelina’s. Especially the biggest Fraud of all time Jennifer Aniston who just had her mouthpiece admit Jen has been copying everything Angelina and Brad do – trying her best to stay relevant as her rapidly declining career sinks its way into oblivion.

  • BP

    Such evil and hate written by some of these bloggers. I believe you suffer from emotional low IQs. I love Angelina and Brad!

  • Rose

    I’m so proud to be a Jolie Pitt fan. Angle has been consistently doing good around the world, combined with Brad they make a powerful pair. God bless BA and their children.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    That is a troll in training. She is commanded by the head troll to spam Angelina’s thread. How can we tell? She repeats the same tripe the troll spews. Not an original thought in that little troll’s head.

  • Felicia

    Wow this/these hater/haters is/are ( I believe she is a single name changing troll) is so heartless spewing vile, malicious hate on someone she doesn’t know. Well, good always triumphs over evil and all these evil hater/haters will get what she/they deserve in the end. Continue the great work you’re doing Angelina Jolie.

  • vickifromtexas

    such an amazing and inspiring woman. God bless her and her beautiful family.

  • amensister

    wow this must be the most “hidden due to low comment rating” in one thread, GEE!!!

  • Love the JoliePitts

    We are all proud to be Angelina JoliePitt fans Rose. Angelina is the epitome of grace, graciousness, kindness and generosity. She and Brad consistently reach out their hands to help those who are truly needy and have no voice. They are most charitable.