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Ryan Lochte: 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' Guest!

Ryan Lochte: 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' Guest!

Ryan Lochte arrives at LAX Airport and is greeted by autograph seekers on Friday (August 24) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 28-year-old Olympic Gold medalist was interviewed by The Today Show about meeting Prince Harry.

Earlier, Ryan showed his appreciation to his fans. He tweeted, “Thanks Lochte Nation for everything. I had a great time in NYC & LA meeting so many of you. I have the best fans.”

On Friday, Ryan made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He wrote on Twitter, “I’m getting ready to take off. Hope everyone likes @latenightjimmy.”

Ryan Lochte – “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

20+ pictures of Ryan Lochte arriving at LAX…

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ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 01
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 02
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 03
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 04
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 05
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 06
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 07
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 08
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 09
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 10
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 11
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 12
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 13
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 14
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 15
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 16
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 17
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 18
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 19
ryan lochte jimmy fallon guest 20

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  • cindy




  • LOL!!!

    he’s not really my type, but i gotta admit he looks good in these photos.

  • ricku

    Why so glum chum?

  • ladyb

    I saw Jimmy Fallon last night – First time I have heard Ryan Lochte speak. Was not interested in the Olympics so did not get to see him. I was very surprise how young he sounds. In fact, I thought he was 18. His conversing ability was about a Grade 11-12. Surprise to read here that he is 28. With that said, he’s goodlooking and seems like a nice chap. He should not let the fame overhype get to him. One thing I notice about Olympians is that Hollywood grace them for about 6 months following the Olympics then don’t think about them till the next Olympics.

  • cuntina

    he is such a terrible interview. he is 28 and he sounds like a 12 year old

    what a dumba.s.s.

  • sheena

    His mother looks good for her age! Doesn’t look a day over 40….

  • james

    LOL – why does he need mama to go everywhere with him?

  • Dd

    He talks Like a pothead

  • Look it up!

    The black looks good on him. Makes him look hot BUT I am truly getting sick and tired of seeing him here. He’s no “celebrity” material to me……


    The way so many people on comment boards talk about his lack of intelligence, I would assume everyone holds a doctor’s degree. Smart or not Ryan is still more talented than any of us can imagine being. He is also good looking! It appears the green monster rears its ugly head when Ryan Lochte is involved.

  • Love The Shoes

    He’s knocked knee’d! and his legs are short with that long torso. Don’t like. But he is nice to look at and he knows it. He wasn’t Hollywood to love him SO BAD.

  • loelr

    What’s with that gloomy face? No more parties Ryan?

  • Lia

    Looking good Lochte!

  • Taylor


  • K

    Such a dumb beautiful man. His face totally makes up for his brain though, LOL!

  • Lexy

    That interview was incredibly awkward, what with Ryan’s failed attempts at telling a story without making much sense. The look on Jimmy Fallon’s face was like, “huh?”.

    Anyways, Ryan is easy on the eyes, but that’s really it.

  • Jo

    I like him. There is something very intriguing about him. So, very handsome.

  • Tatiana

    Ryan does not deserve the hate he gets. He was extremely sweet when I met him on Thursday in NYC.

  • cambria

    what a handsome man!

  • lilloo

    he has 0 ass loool and he’s dumb! Imean seriously have you heard him during interviews ? I couldn’t believe he was 28!!! Half the girls who are into that guy are letting their ovaries get the best of themselves!! Yes he’s a great swimmer and a champ but it takes a brain to go with it! Thanks I’ll pass

  • Bella

    He’s hot!

  • Villain

    He’s neither hot nor smart. Why do everyone get so excited about him? Maybe it’s true that women prefer dbags…

  • Billy

    I think he will be on The Bachelor.

  • PT

    That’s NOT his mother in the pictures, it’s his agent. I still don’t get how he’s a dbag. Crashing a wedding ala Taylor Swift would make him a dbag, being nasty to fans would make him a dbag. Again, what has he truly done to be classified as a dbag? The grills and some other stuff are stupid, but that makes him immature more than anything else. I find him cute and harmless.

  • Aline

    He’s hot, especially in these pictures. But I totally have noticed that he is bow legged. Not sure he’ll age well either.

  • Definitely Maybe

    I don’t really understand either where the dbag comments come from. The more interview I see with him the more obvious is while he is not the brightest he is a nice guy and as PT put it, harmless. Or in other words, he is not clever enough to be a dbag.

    He looks great in these pictures.

  • hmmm

    He’s ok. But yes, he seems like a deer in headlights all the time. He’s an athlete not an actor, so we should cut him some slack for boring stories.
    His sister on the other hand is horrible. Her racist rant on the talk show makes me sick she’s an American! And her “it was just a jokey character I made up” excuse is just so sad. Hope Ryan doesn’t think the same way.

  • Love Him

    Wow! He’s hot in these pictures.

  • Tia

    My brother is an asshole. That does not mean I’m one too. What Ryan’s sister does has nothing to do with Ryan. Every family has skeletons in the closets if you look deeply enough.

  • Lalalove

    He’s gorge!

  • Lochte Disgrace

    His sister Megan Lochte is under heavy scrutiny with her racist skit she did in 2008, uncovered by Jezebel, she uses the racial slur chink every 5 seconds, its really disgusting, and now she is explaining that the video was a comedic sketch she did in raise awareness of ignorance. I believe this was a bad decision, and now they are paying for it. You can see it for yourself, just google : Megen Lochte

  • Lights are one but nobody home

    Hey Ryan, whats 10 x10?? Answer quickly!


  • Lights are one but nobody home


    woops, my bad. His dumbness must be rubbing off on me

  • Durp Nation

    Yay, congrats! You can swim fast. You get a medal and now is considered a hero. Who cares if you’re dumb, mom is trash, and sister is a racist s.k.a.nk. You’re hot in America’s eyes!

  • Deblock

    I think there is a genius in there somewhere…

  • Keith

    I have a guy crush goin’ on here…

    Ryan…you da man;)

  • LoveLochte;)

    I just love this bow legged dude!

  • Old Navy

    Needs to marry own kind..find a good Fl gal

  • Baldwin

    Looks like he has a lot
    on his mind


    He’s 28 but talks like a 15 year old:
    “The reason why I love swimmng is because racing” – Ryan Lochte

  • Andamentothat

    Jeah!! Lochte nation!