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Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes' Little Red Riding Hood!

Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes' Little Red Riding Hood!

Katie Holmes and her adorable 6-year-old daughter Suri Cruise spend Labor Day afternoon playing at a park on Monday (September 3) in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y.

The 33-year-old actress let her hair down while Suri wore a red sweatshirt draped around her shoulders.

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It looks like Suri had a ball playing with some other children on a tire swing and going down the slide.

40+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise‘s afternoon at the park…

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suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 01
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 02
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 03
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 04
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 05
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 06
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 07
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 08
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 09
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 10
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 11
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 12
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 13
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 14
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 15
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 16
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 17
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 18
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 19
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 20
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 21
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 22
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 23
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 24
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 25
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 26
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 27
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 28
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 29
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 30
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 31
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 32
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 33
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 34
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 35
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 36
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 37
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 38
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 39
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 40
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 41
suri cruise katie holmes little red riding hood 42

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  • addfd

    am i the only one who thinks this woman is boring??

  • Anne

    Her hair is such a mess! And it’s a little bit grey… At leats she changed those fugly boots..

  • JT

    She is such a great mom.

  • lissette

    Thery’re both cute.

  • Where are the watchdogs?

    Soon will come the two pedophiles perverts.

  • tina

    i never see Suri that happy, she is truly enyoying the time playing with those girls. Finally doing kids stuff

  • Tam


  • Sorella

    Am I the only one to think it’s insane that she even has a clothes line?!! She has no sense of style, dresses like she is going camping or gardening, barely brushes her hair yet she wants us to think she’s fashionable?!!

  • jmho

    Katie, you seem to be doing much better, but here’s a little advice: Unless you want your little girl’s underpantz photographed and all over the internet by slimy paparazzi, you should dress her with caution when she will be in a public playground, ie shorts or leggings. Otherwise, looking great !

  • .

    Overdose of Suri and Katie this site.

  • Laura L

    Katie should wear appropriate underwear for Suri. Or put shorts under her dress. The girl should not be taken with a low-cut panties as she is wearing. And the pattern is also inappropriate for a child. This is disgusting.

  • KC

    I don’t dislike katie but based on the way Katie is dressing herself lately I wouldn’t buy anything from her clothing line. Those jeans are all wrong for her legs. She has no fashion sense at all.

  • Jocelyn

    I’ve never seen anyone so utterly alone as Katie Holmes. Your child is not your friend, woman! Katie needs a playmate more than Suri does.

  • African Girl

    Wow…. you guys who scrutinize a child’s pix long enough to know what pattern her underwear is…are beyond amazing.

  • Interesting

    Jared bought over 40 pics of them in the park today and has been posting non-stop for a week? Who is paying him?

  • Sarah

    In what picture can you see her underwear? I don’t see anything. Why are you scrutinizing the pictures that closely??

  • Charlotte

    Third time that I see Suri with other kids. it seems that Katie is doing something well.

  • Ash

    Why do you guys hate them?

  • Laura L

    Sarah is not stupid. Enough to be blind. No need to see the picture closely to see her panties inappropriate. And I’m sure you saw, you should only be trying to imply. another sick

  • Suri and Katie sycophants

    Suri and Katie went to the bathroom. Suri and Katie drank water. Suri and Katie breathe. Suri and Katie whatever. Suri and Katie, Suri and Katie ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Someone must pay well to keep these two here constantly.

  • Suri and Katie sycophants

    Become a fan of an artist is weird. But being a fan of a child is pathetic. This girl has nothing special, nor is prettier than many other girls who live near you. It’s a normal girl and people treat them like mini goddess. Circus of horrors.

  • tSquared

    If those of you critizing Suri wearing a dress–all the little girls are in a dress for some reason.
    And no one is asking the obvious question. It apparently if you look at the other kids–is HOT outside. So why is Katie bundled up in long sleeves and a red sweater and WHY is Suri wearing that same red sweater?

  • Xiolablu

    Such a good Mom, Katie is awesome!

  • Xiolablu

    @Where are the watchdogs?: oh hello ASS and Anna, are whatever screen name you pick for the moment, the only watchdog I see is you.

  • DB

    Regardless of all the rest of the things that could be said about this outing, it is good to see that child smile for a change. For many of the pictures, she seems to be happy, and I hope that trend continues.


    Katie never smiles! She always looks irritated (or that stupid smirk) when ever her picture is being taken. Now Suri is looking pissed all the time at the camera. Here is a clue Katie, stop parading your kid around everywhere! Suri is gonna grow up a spoiled and complaining all the time “Oh poor me, they won’t leave me alone”. So friggen sick of these two. At least Tom knows how to be a star. Go back to your parents Katie! And stay there.

  • Andamentothat

    Thought Tom had generous visitation rights.. NOT!

    Katie’s jeans are horrid especially from the back and she does look older than her age but she seems content. Suri most definitely appears happy. Keep it up Katie, things will turn around..

  • tSquared


    Tom does have generous visiting rights. Haven’t you seen the pictures? He is out partying with the ladies in Croatia. Pics are out there for the last two days. So he obviously feels it is too great a distance to swoop in for a weekend visit.

  • Eeyion

    She has the legs of a pro football player

  • Mara

    OMG bad luck haters, Katie isn’t wearing her boots!

  • JennG

    Judging from the band-aids on their arms I’m guessing they got their tracking devices removed…

  • Just My Opinion

    Whatever its worth, that article on Vanity Fair is designed to coincide with Katie’s upcoming projects. And the news is old, its similar information from Andrew Morton’s book on the autobiography of Tom Cruise where he also states there was an audition process to become Tom Cruise’s next wife. I think this article will backfire on Katie because she was NOT a young ingenue woman but an ambitious actress who was dating Chris Klein and then suddenly started dating Tom Cruise and next thing you know she is pregnant with Suri. I really believe Tom Cruise is not Suri’s biological father but at this point in her life it would be cruel to be otherwise. But I don’t think he is her father, I don’t think anything matters more to Tom than filmmaking and Scientology and then his mom and sisters and then Connor and Isabella and all his other close associates. It must be VERY HARD for Tom Cruise to form honest, loyal relationships because most people are or were in awe of his celebrity, wealth, and influence that it would be VERY RARE for him to meet a woman or man (if he’s gay) who genuienly care about him and not what he brings to the table. That goes for any other wealthy or famous person. So fame and fortune become a Catch 22. As far as Suri, I think Cruise and the Scientology people are interested in her because they saw the papparazi magnet that she has been (don’t know if that will continue), but in the past Suri has attracted the press but for the wrong reasons, she is a curiosity because of her connection to Tom Cruise and the eternal question “Is Tom Cruise her biological father and isn’t he sterile and gay?” The answer to those questions are known by many Hollywood & Scientology insiders but not the general public. Being part of the public, I didn’t buy that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were in love and the happy couple. I think initially Katie Holmes was in awe of the wealth she was suddenly experiencing. She was always shopping at Barney’s New York, Sax Fifth Avenue, Maxfields, etc and she was shopping like if she had been given CARTE BLANCHE and she had. I don’t care what any other of her defenders say but Katie was NOT a wealthy actress before Cruise. She was NOT poor but she benefitted financially when she went into the marriage and going out. She received money upfront so when the press says she didn’t get anything, that is the story Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise want people to believe because the truth makes both look bad, terrible, materialistic, and canivers, sceemers, etc. I think Katie didn’t just have a crush on Cruise, she also was “bought at a price” to play the role of his wife so once again Cruise could TRY and make the public think he’s a heterosexual man and a father to a young child who happened to be photogenic. They wanted to be the perfect, successful couple who were in love and happened to be Scientologists. No one bought it especially the public. I think Cruise’s best box office days are behind him and I doubt Katie Holmes will become a successful actress NOR a fashion designer. Suri is the sacrifical lamb here because she did NOT ask to be born into this. Her mother Katie Holmes brought her to the table. Sad.

  • Kane

    Before they split up, did Tom stop Katie from doing all these fun things with Suri? Since he was rarely around, I don’t think so. So why all the recent outings and pics of the bicycle rides, the museum visits, the park play, etc.? Katie is working on changing our perception of her as a mother. OK. We get it. Now it’s time to get Suri out of the spotlight.

  • Piperwest12

    Designers are kind of like that, look up Betsey Johnson and you will see! Lol

  • Piperwest12

    This is sad to say, because a divorce is sad, but the divorce well and truly has been a better step for little Suri. I have never seen this child more stable looking, happy and acting like a normal child then in the last few months. She is no longer walking around hiding her face from everyone, she walks with her head held high and happy. Enjoy your first day of normal school Suri!

  • kboard

    Suri looks so normal, happy and even carrying her toy by herself.

  • Just My Opinion

    #33 – I don’t know if Tom Cruise stopped Katie from doing all these “fun” things because don’t forget our girl Katie has also been very busy in the 5 years she was married to Cruise. In that time it almost appears like someone got a STOP WATCH and a CALENDAR and put it in front of Katie and told her “try to shop and act in as many things as possible because your contract gives you access to shoes, clothes, cover magazines (In Style, Elle, etc), travel and stay at five star hotels, your very own fashion line, AND acting roles (on Broadway “All My Sons and get to live in New York City and be chaffered with bodyguards at your beck and call), appearances on television shows (Eli Stone, So You Think You Can Dance?, PBS’ “A Poem Is,” How I Met Your Mother, The Kennedys, etc.), movies (Mad Money, The Romantics, The Extra Man, Who’s Afraid of the Dark which filmed in Australia, Son of No One, & Jack n Jill. NONE of THESE PROJECTS were a big hit. So in the 5-6 years she was in a relationship with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes was a busy girl working, shopping, and traveling the world with Tom Cruise on locations: Spain, Praque, Germany, New York, Boston, London, Paris, etc. I bet when time passes and Katie begins to seriously reflect on her TomKat phase she is going to remember an extraordinary experience. And I’m not even touching her involvement with Scientology. There is a video where Billy Bush from Access Hollywood is interviewing Katie about Scientology and asks her if she’s taken the classes and all that stuff and she replies “yes, I like it and feel its helping me.” That means she experienced the purification rundowns and surely participated in the auditings, etc. REWIND 6-7 YEARS AGO and Katie Holmes was ready to experiment in all areas of her life to promote her career. She was raised a Catholic but was daring to go into Scientology for the love of Tom Cruise? No way! She had little conviction in her faith and was game to try something new. What makes Katie think Suri won’t feel that way one day. Imagine what her parents went through? Karma is a bitc% Good luck to Suri.

  • American Dreamer


    I have a friend who is a professional photographer who was contacted by Katie Holmes’ team to take candid photos of Katie and Suri shopping for food inside a Whole Foods in Chelsea. He was also contacted to take pictures of Katie and her daughter at the Central Park Zoo and then the Bronx Zoo feeding the giraffes.

    I am certain these pictures of Katie and Suri playing in a Brooklyn park were also staged for photographers,. The photographers do it in exchange for the right to sell the photos.

    Katie is manipulating her public image which would be her right except that she has drawn her little kid into her sick game. While Suri seems happy here she seemed terrified in many fo the other staged photo ops.

  • Just My Opinion

    I think 2 big factors influenced Katie to get out of this marriage contract now and not sign on for more years. Her career was NOT where she imagined it would be especially when you compare her against her co-star Michelle Williams of Dawson Creek who has clearly moved on in her career inspite of the tragic death of Health Ledger AND Suri’s education and medical attention were a bigger factor in Katie wanting to publicly end this sham of a marriage. I am thinking Suri has some kind of disability and Katie is focusing on getting her help for it via therapy or medication and Cruise & Scientology were against it and Katie being the biological mother decided it was time to end it. Of course I don’t know this to be a fact, but I think we have all followed Suri’s early years with TomKAT and have seen the pictures of her in cold weather and the stimming of her hands which is why Suri is always holding something in her hands. I think Suri was the primary reason Katie got out of this marriage contract.

  • Just My Opinion

    The Vanity Fair issue with Katie on the cover hits the newsstands tomorrow Tues, Sept 4th. Whoever is behind that story is trying to give
    Katie publicity because this only reminds us the public that Katie’s Fashion Line will be in New York’s Fashion Week and she has an upcoming Broadway performance Dead Accounts so buy your ticket now. It will be sad if that show closes down early because there is no demand. All this, the way Katie is doing these “fun things” with Suri and the paps are snapping away showing us Katie looking very casual and at times shabby or sad reminds me of the time Tom Cruise was bouncing off Oprah’s couch declaring his love for Katie (and looking insane in the process) and his strong exchange with Matt Lauer, and his critique of Brooke Shields and the use of prozac, etc. it REVEALED how Tom Cruise’s inner circle of advisors were badly advising him on how to act in public interviews and his career took a dive. This brought to light the bad decision Cruise made in firing his previous PR lady Pat Kingsley and hiring his sister. When I see Katie Holmes these days it reveals that she definitely has some inner circle who helped her “escape” and divorce Cruise AND are now advising her to look casual, shabby, etc. And let me tell you her advisors are WRONG. This is NOT the way to look when you are trying to promote a fashion line and a pricey one at that. Its sad how when you become famous and wealthy you lose your common sense. Anyone can see Katie has gone to the other extreme and is dressing down. Maybe she wants the fashion line to fail so she can end her association with Jeanne Yang who is also Cruise’s stysit.

  • Hamlet

    Cruise was seen having fun with his daughter only a few weeks ago, #27!

    Holmes already always did that, #33.

    Suri Cruise still doesn’t live a normal life and already was seen having fun long before the divorce, #35.

    What does normal mean to you, #36?

    The marriage wasn’t a sham and her child was perfectly healthy and educated, #39.

  • Just My Opinion

    Believe it or not, when Sonny & Cher were a partnership, he made Cher sign a contract that if they ever got divorced Sonny Bono would always get a large percentage of her earnings because he “created” Cher. Cher hired a lawyer who found that resembled a “slave clause” and violated her working rights and the contract was revoked. Maybe when the Holmes and Yang fashion line was created it gave Tom Cruise a percentage of the net profit. I say this because Katie looks so sloppy, tired, NOT excited about anything these days and she’s got a fashion show coming up. Any new fashion designer (Victoria Beckman, Stella McCarthy, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, etc) would be photographed looking stylish hawking their wares (clothes) but not Katie. She looks exhausted, sad, pensive, and sloppy. A normal low to middle income person looks better groomed than Katie. And her partner Jeanne Yang was or maybe still is Tom Cruise’s stylist. Katie could be deliberatly trying to sabatoage the fashion line to get out of partnership.

  • rubyz

    Oh, look, the paparazzi just happened to be hanging around this park in Brooklyn to see whether Katie Holmes might drop by with her meal ticket. NOT. This woman’s attention-seeking is shameless! Her daughter is ready for meltdown, and she just carries right on with the daily photo ops. Reprehensible!

  • mac

    After reading Vanity Fair article, I almost admire Katie. God, it’s such a scary cult – I didn’t really believe what had been said about the group and Tom until I read the piece. If it’s really true, I wouldn’t be surprised that Katie never seems off guard, trying to stay physically close to her daughter. And ppl who criticises her clothes, get a life. You will be still criticising her if she is nicely dressed … to her child’s playground!

  • Melanie

    Laura L and jmho you sound like perverts. Little girls have accidents and yes sometimes flash their underwear. You’re very sad to put attention to such a trivial thing. Katie’s a great mom and that is a happy little girl. And I’d pick Katie’s casual wear any day over some moms in Hollywood who pimp themselves in a bid to sell clothes. She’s Katie The Designer, Katie the Actress, and here Katie the Mom which will always be her first priority.

  • Melanie

    JustMyOpinion – get a website. Too much arrogant know all posts.

  • Emmeline

    I don’t think I’ve vever seen Suri photographed grinning like that when she was on the tyre swing with other girls…

  • Kaley

    Coolt. & year old suri swinging with 3 year old. Finally made some friends..

  • Grandma of Four

    Great photos of Katie and Suri having a good time! Suri looks so happy to be playing with other children at a park! Katie looks like a mother who knows she made the right decision for not just herself, but, more importantly, her daughter! :~ ) Happy to see the new shoes! :~ )

  • Raquel

    Hamlet, perverted freak. Are you obsessed with a child, you must be pedophile