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Kristen Stewart: Balenciaga Paris Fashion Week Show Tomorrow!

Kristen Stewart: Balenciaga Paris Fashion Week Show Tomorrow!

Kristen Stewart keeps it low key as she arrives at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Wednesday (September 26) in Paris, France.

The 22-year-old On the Road actress is in town for a Paris Fashion Week event.

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Kristen, who is the face of Balenciaga‘s Florabotanica fragrance, will take her spot in the front row at the show’s presentation, scheduled to take place Thursday (September 27). Can’t wait to see what she wears!

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport…

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  • cara

    again fashion shows? lol predictable.

  • athena

    @cara: It should be, considering she is their new face.

  • Isis Lara

    She’s weird. When she looks trashy, I think she’s genuinely happy. When she looks pretty, she’s depressed. Go figure!

  • asa

    all this bs happy face is yuck to me. foh

  • Lauren

    She’s shameless.

  • j

    @Lauren: Lol. Why is she shameless?! Just because she’s showing up FOR WORK?! She’s actually more pro than you will ever be. You are shameless. You are a shameless harpy hiding behind your sh*tty moniker.

  • beauty

    So beautiful.

  • Tam

    Oh look at Kristen Stewart here.. She rocked TIFF, the NYC Screening of On The Road, her perfume for Balenciaga is number 1 on sales in the UK, her SWATH DVD grossed $30 million now, she’s in the position to choose a movie she likes to star in, and what’s better.. She still has THE LOVE OF HER LIFE. Oh, to be Kristen Stewart. I can understand why the haters are rambling right now. Lol. Rule the world, Kristen. Dress hot, be chic, and just keep on doing what you’re doing.

  • lena

    she could’ve at least worn a clean t-shirt.

  • LeeSeol

    Let me guess.
    She’s wearing another one of Robert Pattinson’s shirts.

  • John

    Her smile is creepy.

  • Ben

    Pretty sad if he did take her back.
    He should have some dignity and move on.

  • CLEO

    Don’t b mad, just because whatever bald fat schlub who’s stuck with your jealous bitter homely asss would dump you like a bad habit, because even you know, you’re not worth it. bahaha.
    Rock on Kstew! :)

  • intric8

    Go Kristen! Stay the course and keep plugging along. Sooner or later people are going to realize that we are all entitled to making a mistake or two. The important thing is to learn from it, and move on with a positive attitude.

  • A

    I wonder what happened to Kristen’s old BG who used to touch her A LOT.He was dubbed as “Handsy BG” by some of her fans and Kristen never had a problem with his creepy behavior.But he was replaced by a new guy when the cheating scandal broke hmmmm

  • Attalus Sienna

    Youth on display! Lovely face.Bless you girl!!!

  • A

    @CLEO: Calling other people names won’t change the fact the Rupert screwed the shizz out of Kristen .I bet both of them had a really really good time ;)

  • Liam

    @CLEO: so I guess you don’t mind being cheated on since youclearly condone it. Great for you.

  • Yup

    I feel like Kristen Stewart is the Winona Ryder of our time. She’ll fizzle out like she did and try to make come backs, but nothing will come of them. Winona can kind of act so there is that. And Rob will be the Johnny Depp in this scenario and his career will soar…

  • Tessa

    Yes people make mistakes I don’t think she’s the worst person ever. But She can be a better person for someone else.
    Once you ruin something in this way, u can never go back.
    Even if he did take he back, the trust is ruined.
    He will dump her again in moths time.
    Just being real.
    Cheating is hurtful.
    That’s what happens.

  • Just me

    It’s a rumor that they are back together. Not a fact. Should not forgive what she has done. Need to move on like he is doing. Going back with your ex is a mistake. Nothing good come of it. Only more problems. Also it could be her own shirt that she is wearing. Al she not begging him back or trying to use him like other people still trying to use their ex for publicity.

  • James Franco

    She looks dirty. Should take a bath and wash her clothes every now and then.

  • Honey

    @Tam: You are right she still has her LOVE OF LIFE Rupie safely tucked in her underwear.Idk why but I feel that karma will be joining them soon for a menage a trois.Lets see how successful she is when that happens

  • Honey

    @j: The legend says that trampires are ALWAYS shameless and.. they like to suck…..things but that’s a whole different story for another day

  • intric8

    Yeah, but if Kristen was your daughter or sister, all you hating losers would be singing an entirely different toon right? Some of you would still praise others who have fooled around like Angelina Jolie or Jada Smith, or others who sleep around like maniacs, like RIRi or manaj, and in the same breath condemn Kristen right? You unforgiving hypocritical bitchez are a joke. I bet some of you have screwed around yourselves.

  • somali girl

    @intric8: mistake? She cheated on her boyfriend. She probably has done it few other times to get work but in the end got caught. Poor Rob he probably had to battle some demons.

  • Daisy Kenyon

    @A: Her security go to be an issue so the needed a new time,

  • Daisy Kenyon

    yes, the usual negativity on JJ

    Keep giving ‘em hell Kristen!!!

  • Casey

    Enough is enough! so now you fans have started cyber bullying too? Your idol must be so proud of you.You say don’t judge her but at the same time you judge every single person who express their feelings.Isn’t it unfair?

  • Peapo

    JJ, thanks for the close up of the stains on her shirt. That was necessary. Disgusting!

  • keka

    @intric8: Actually I think Rihanna and Angelina Jolie are just as big of idiots as KStew so don’t make idiotic assumptions, honey :)

  • intric8

    @somali girl: Defending her is no cup of tea. There’s no moral high ground. But forgiveness is a virtue; i believe in giving people a second chance.

  • Ruth
  • Roman

    She really annoys me

  • Tia

    Get over yourselves none of you are perfect. He who as no sin cast the first stone. Kristen is human get over it and stop hating. Kristen is awesome.

  • kingkayski

    I’m just glad Kristen seems to put on some needed weight,always be happy and healthy Kristen,you have millions of fans rooting for you,just ignore a few of your haters ,they’re just the same person using different names.They can’t accept the fact that Rob will always got your back no matter what,that’s true lurrrrrve baby,deal with it!

  • Barb

    Ha that is really funny. FASHION WEEK. Do they wear dirty clothes with holes in them there also?

  • spoiledkids

    I can’t stand her. Please get back doing blow jobs that’s what you are useful for.

  • Lida

    Interesting how she immediately replaced her last hot boyfriend right after the cheating scandal. He was with get 24/7. I’m pretty sure age slept with him too and dumb naive Rob still hasn’t figured it out

  • Xtern

    She’s a famewh0re who is only obsessed with her image, career, magazine covers, fame, and fashion now. Rob would be an idiot to be associated with such a vain and self obsessed Erwin who doesn’t care about him at all. It’s insane how much fake changed people

  • Mel

    Disgusting dirty person with a horrible personality.

  • Jolie

    She knows how to always get what she wants if Rob has taken her back. He probably still doesn’t know how long she cheated on him for or who else she cheated on with. I agree that she totally cheated without bodyguardabd that’s why she hired a new bodyguard out of nowhere

  • Lida

    Meant bodyguard*

  • Lula


    This is exactly what i meant. All those things are out there at a glimpse!! So clear and so many times. She is not good for him or for anyone.
    What worries me is how, why did he stands all of this. They are like water and oil. She even changed some really great aspects of his personality.
    She is so over controlling and he just let her do what she wants with him.
    He really needs professional help before he decides to take her back or to marry her, or to have her baby!! There are so many things so wrong in so many levels that it comes visible even for total strange people.
    And i don`t see me as a hater but i think Pattinson is a great guy and what this woman is doing to him seems just unfair. He needs true love around him, I wish his family were with him, that ways he would not feel soo needy for love, and take so many bad things from her.
    Sorry for my poor english.

  • Chloe

    Doesn’t she get tired of being everywhere. What idiot is she trying to fool by saying she hates fame and attention? Beotch please

  • Jenna

    @Lula: I think Rob is too nice, maybe a push over, that he will end up taking Kristen back or has taken her back already.

  • pippy

    @somali girl: you know f**K all about her life and her relationship with rob so shut up and get on with your you screwed up something in your life at some point,we all do but we learn from the wrong things we do.if you truly love someone you will learn to forgive them over time and respect to rob if he is willing to give the person he loves a second chance regardless of her indiscretion cos we all deserve a second chance when we screw up

  • Hollyhatesme

    Get over it. She’s always been like this. But she’s so dumb that some people started to feel sorry for her. That’s the reason she became famous including the silly favours. It’s so obvious!!

  • Bing

    I also think she slept with her bodyguard. They were so touchy and clingy!

  • nt

    Oh so many bitter people,she has a fragrance that is coming out and she is doing a little something called work for all you ignorant people.Don’t be jealous harpies because she is beautiful even after a 13hr flight and that big smile on her face says it all.She and Rob are just fine so get over it people and move on because everyone else has.